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  • 3 hours 15+ Of BTS Suga’s Most Badass Lyrics From Agust D’s “D-2” Mixtape Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Suga came back as Agust D with raw power and hard-hitting truths for his 2020 mixtape. Here are 15+ of D-2‘s most badass lyrics. 1. “I’m so thankful, I’m a genius / That’s your excuse for popping pills, cry me a river, you just got no skills” — “Daechwita” 2. “Crazy that you’d think that my success has a connection to your failure / Your delusions are first-rate, f**k you” — “What do you think?” 3. “With dreams as its collateral, the capitalism injects the morphine called ‘hope'” — “Strange” 4. “I hope you don’t forget that giving up decisively also ... more
  • 3 hours 30 Photos Of BTS’s Suga Killing It With His Visuals While Wearing Hats Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Suga is known for his duality in that he can be cute and savage at the same time. Don’t let those adorable eyes and cute mouth fool you. He’s got major savage vibes, especially when he becomes Agust D, and you just might never be able to come out of the rabbit hole! Here’s a compilation of Suga wearing an assortment of hats looking amazing as he always is. ... more
  • 3 hours These Are 20 Of The Most-Listened To K-Pop Instrumental Versions Of Songs For Relaxation Or Karaoke Koreaboo
    Whether you’re looking for something easy to listen to while studying or relaxing, or need some hype music to sing along with, instrumental and karaoke versions of K-Pop songs are really useful! Several of the songs on this list are the official instrumental versions, but others were created by talented musicians all on their own. Check out these 20 beautiful instrumental wonders! 1. “DDU-DU DDU-DU” by BLACKPINK This video has “easy” lyrics to help you sing along even if you’re not fluent in Korean! 2. “Whistle” by BLACKPINK This pleasant, aesthetic song is even moreso in its instrumental ... more
  • 4 hours TXT Picks The Three Members Who Cause The Most Trouble Koreaboo
    After one year into their debut, TXT made their first appearance on the variety show Weekly Idol. They were able to show both their charming side and funny side naturally. During one segment, they even exposed the members who tend to cause a bit of harmless trouble. Beomgyu was the one who set it into motion. He picked up a hat with the nickname “troublemaker” and had to place it on the head of someone who fit the name best. At first, he hesitated, “I think I should choose myself.” There turned out to be another member who fit the title. ... more
  • 4 hours These 10 Male Idols Have The Most Intimidating Glares On Stage…And They Will Make You Blush Koreaboo
    The moment these K-Pop idols step on the stage, they become instantly charismatic and intimidatingly serious. Here are the top 10 male idols whose intense gazes are enough to make you feel shy…even through the screen. 1. Jinyoung (CIX) Your browser does not support video.  2. V (BTS) Your browser does not support video.  3. Taeyong (NCT) Your browser does not support video.  4. Park Jihoon Your browser does not support video.  5. Hongjoong (ATEEZ) Your browser does not support video.  6. Jooheon (MONSTA X) Your browser does not support ... more
  • 4 hours BTS’s Jimin Started A 7-Year Mystery That Still Hasn’t Been Solved Koreaboo
    BTS‘s music videos are steeped in mystery, but so are many of their real-life moments! For example, it took two years for fans to find out that Suga‘s school snapshots were actually behind the scenes photos for the BTS WORLD game. There’s also the “what’s tasty in Busan?” incident, but that’s another story for another day. Speaking of Busan, let’s talk about Jimin! Your browser does not support video. Back in 2013, it took Jimin only a split second to spark questions that fans are seeking answers to seven years later. During the 2013 Melon Music Awards, a fancam ... more
  • 4 hours 9 Idols Who Hustled As Restaurant Waiters Before Making It To Stardom Koreaboo
    Often, working as a waiter or waitress can feel like a pretty dead-end job—but it doesn’t have to be. These 9 idols all worked in restaurants, cafés, and bakeries before making it big as the stars you see on stage. 1. Ong Seong Wu Many fans of former Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu know he used to work as a model before debuting. But on top of that, he was also a café waiter for a while. 2. Eunbi (IZ*ONE) Eunbi had a long journey to becoming part of IZ*ONE, even debuting in another K-Pop group several years prior. ... more
  • 5 hours Just 30+ Pictures Of SEVENTEEN Members Looking Like The Ultimate Soft Boyfriend Material In Pastels Koreaboo
    Recently the topic of SEVENTEEN members rocking edgy, dark, and mature looks was discussed. While they certainly pulled off such concepts gorgeously, they are still known more for their soft, flower boy aesthetic, and these photos are all about that! They’ve worn numerous shades of pastels over their 5-year-long career, and looked like such aesthetic boyfriend material while doing it. Here are 40+ pictures to prove as much! 1. S.Coups 2. Jeonghan 3. Joshua 4. Jun 5. Hoshi ... more
  • 5 hours BTS’s “Run” Editors Had Way Too Much Fun At Suga’s Expense Koreaboo
    In a survival game, there are two kinds of people: Suga or V. Which one are you? On May 29, BTS surprised fans with a “Survival Director’s cut” of Episode 101 of Run BTS! This hilariously chaotic video shows more of the members battling it out over balloons in a bouncy obstacle course. Like in any other game, there were big winners and big losers. Sniper V took the top score with the game’s highest kill count (32) and 13 deaths for an overall score of 19. Meanwhile, Suga placed last with -15 points (12 kills and 27 deaths). He spent twice as much time ... more
  • 5 hours 18 Photos That Prove (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Looks Flawless Regardless Of Camera Quality And Lighting Koreaboo
    Many photos of this generation can be altered with a quick fix through filter apps and professional photographers, but there are some people that were just born to shine through regardless of the camera quality and lighting. (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon was born flawless as seen in her baby photos and her beauty continues to radiate on today as seen in these strange angle and bad quality photos. 1. Even with the stark light and bad quality photos her beauty shines through 2. Even in this strange angle and blurriness you can see her flawless visuals 3. Even with half ... more
  • 7 hours 10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Was A Powerful Visual In Suits Koreaboo
    Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona kills it with her visuals in every single outfit, whether fancy or casual! But Yoona’s visuals kick it up a notch when she wears suits, giving them a powerful and charismatic edge and vibe! Here are 10+ times Yoona wore a suit, and served legendary looks! 1. She owns in this boxy suit!   2. She gives such powerful vibes in this suit!   3. She’s serving looks int his outfit!   4. She’s ... more
  • 7 hours EXO’s Lay Snagged 9 Major Chart Certifications On QQ Music In Only 7 Minutes With His New Album “LIT” Koreaboo
    There are many, many reasons as to why EXO‘s Lay is known as the “King of China” including his ability to top charts, completely destroy previous records, and earn all kinds of awards each and every comeback he has. Image: @lay_studio/Twitter While Lay has already proven his kingly status more times than we can count, he recently took 9 major chart records on China’s largest music site, QQ Music, all within a matter of minutes! Lay has recently been preparing to release his fourth album 莲 LIT and on May 29, pre-ordering opened up for the new album. Within 7 ... more
  • 7 hours 10 Black Women Killing It In The K-Pop Songwriting Game Right Now Koreaboo
    While there may not be many artists of black descent on the K-Pop stage, there are plenty of them working behind the scenes to create the songs we all know and love. Take a look at 10 black women you never knew have been killing it in the K-Pop game as composers and producers. 1. Tayla Parx Some of Tayla Parx’s most notable K-Pop works include BTS’s “Mic Drop” and Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” 2. Rodnae “Chikk” Bell Some of “Chikk”’s most notable K-Pop works include EXO’s “Monster” Taeyeon’s “Why” NCT 127’s “Kick It” ... more
  • 7 hours BTS’s J-Hope Teased ARMY With His “Hot Body”, And The Thirst Is Real Koreaboo
    Somebody pour ARMY a tall glass of water because J-Hope has left them parched!  After seven emotional episodes, BTS’s Break The Silence docuseries has come to an end on May 28. In the finale, the members shared their sincere thoughts on friendship and the future, but there were plenty of funny moments too. Toward the end of the episode, each member revealed how he wants the rest of the group to think of him. One moment during J-Hope’s segment was, shall we say, distracting? While changing backstage, J-Hope had the audacity to look into the camera and say, “Everyone, do you know what ... more
  • 7 hours 10 Fan Songs Released By K-Pop Idols That Will Have You In Tears Koreaboo
    K-Pop idol groups release fan songs on their albums as a gift to fans to let them know just how grateful they are for their never-ending support and love. In turn, fans also receive strength and love from these songs and are usually fans’ most favorite songs! Let’s take a look at some fan songs released by K-Pop groups! 1. SHINee SHINee’s fan song “Honesty” is about the group thanking fans for always being by their side through all the hard times as they promise to sing for their fans forever. 2. Apink Apink is known for releasing a ... more
  • 7 hours TWICE’s Jeongyeon Reveals She Took A Part-Time Job As A Trainee Koreaboo
    Through TWICE: SEIZE THE LIGHT, all the members of TWICE have opened up about their experiences growing from trainees to idols. Whether it was tough situations or happy moments, they haven’t held back in recalling those memories. Jeongyeon especially opened up about a time where she didn’t think she would be able to succeed in becoming an idol and had to take precautions by pursuing a part-time job. Although TWICE is now one of the most successful girl groups worldwide, that doesn’t mean they had it easy when starting out. Remembering her time as a trainee, Jeongyeon revealed there had ... more
  • 7 hours Here Are Each Member Of (G)I-DLE’s Best And “Not-so Best” Stage Outfits Koreaboo
    (G)I-DLE‘s unique and bold stage outfits are often a splash of color on stage. Some looks, however, don’t do them as much justice as others. Check out each member’s greatest outfits and the outfit that maybe didn’t live up to expectations. 1. Soojin Best: One of Soojin’s best looks was her denim-on-denim ensemble. A cheetah bandeau top, hoop earrings, and ombré hair made her look totally badass! Not-so Best: This confusing outfit didn’t do the stage goddess much justice. 2. Yuqi Best: Yuqi is the definition of fierce in this white sweatsuit and ... more
  • 8 hours ABC7 Responds To ARMY’s Jungkook Graduation Prank In The Best Way Koreaboo
    ARMY pranksters love to play jokes, even on the mainstream media. Now, one US news station is responding to their fun in the best possible way. ABC7 recently featured viewer-submitted names and photos of 2020 graduates, to congratulate them. Little did ABC7 know, however, that Jungkook Jeon of Rowland Heights, California is actually Jungkook of BTS! This photo of Jungkook was taken at his 2017 graduation from the School of Performing Arts Seoul. On May 28, ABC7 reporter George Pennacchio addressed ARMY’s viral prank, which he describes as a “social media sensation”. Your browser does not support video. Someone, and we ... more
  • 8 hours BTS’s Suga Says He Puts Traps In His Music And Haters Always Seem To Get Caught In Them Koreaboo
    On May 28, BTS’s Suga, also known as Agust D, came on a live stream to chat with fans about the process of making his second mix tape D-2. He gave behind stories about each of the ten tracks and shared his thoughts on them as well. He starts his live stream with a small drink of whiskey saying that it is a time to celebrate. This could mean that he is celebrating his new album as well as celebrating his victory to those that have fallen into his trap once again. The whiskey Suga is drinking is called ... more
  • 8 hours BTS Releases The Schedule For Their 2020 FESTA Celebration Koreaboo
    Mark your calendars; BTS‘s 2020 FESTA is nearly here! Each year BTS celebrates their June 13 debut with FESTA, an event wherein they give ARMY gifts, including new photos, video content, and songs. The celebrations commence at the beginning of June and end midway through the month, just in time for their follow up concerts/fan meetings event, Muster. On May 27, BTS released the first teaser for 2020 FESTA that takes fans back into the Magic Shop for a new journey. Based on the imagery, the theme of this year’s FESTA is believed to be inspired by The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
    The ... more
  • 10 hours Red Velvet Irene And Seulgi’s Unit Group Debut Will Be Delayed By A Month Koreaboo
    Last month, Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi announced that they would be debuting as Red Velvet’s first ever unit group. They were originally confirmed to release their first mini album Monster on June 15 but posted an official announcement online that it would be delayed to mid-July. SM Entertainment revealed that they needed more time to work on the album for a more high quality album. “In order to work on the album a bit more, we have decided to delay the album release.” They hoped that fans would understand and thanked them for their constant love and ... more
  • 12 hours 10+ Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Served Looks With Her Gorgeous Red Carpet Dresses Koreaboo
    Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is a gorgeous idol, who always slays every one of her appearances! Here are 10+ times Seulgi looked like an absolute queen in her red carpet dresses, and blewt fans away with her visuals! 1. Queen Seulgi is serving looks!   2. This dress is so pretty on her!   3. What a great look on her!   4. Beautiful queen!   5. Seulgi’s amazing proportions are highlighted so well in ... more
  • 12 hours Fansite Master Who Scammed Fans And Disappeared Gets Sentenced To Prison Koreaboo
    Recently, a hot topic on Korean SNS was the story of how a fansite master was sentenced to prison after fans sued her for theft. In South Korea, this is considered a rare but victorious event. According to the netizen who shared the story, the fansite in question is known as Mellifluous_ws or LoveEffect1027_. The incident occurred from September to October of last year, and around ten people were scammed when they ordered merchandise that never arrived. After realizing the girl closed her fansite and ran away with all their money, they decided to gather together and sue her. The arduous ... more
  • 13 hours CJ ENM Reaches Agreement On Compensation For Agencies Affected By “Produce 101” Vote Rigging Scandal Koreaboo
    CJ ENM has come to an agreement with several of the agencies affected by the Produce 101 vote rigging scandals on compensation. According to an exclusive report from Joy News24, CJ ENM is in the process of working out agreements with some of the agencies who were affected by PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum‘s actions in rigging the vote results. The agreements are being discussed with agencies who had trainees in X1‘s debut lineup, but were unfairly removed as well as agencies of members who did debut with X1, but were forced to disband due to ... more
  • 14 hours Woo Do Hwan Is Preparing For His Mandatory Military Service Koreaboo
    One of Korea’s top rising actors, Woo Do Hwan, is reportedly preparing for his military enlistment. According to an exclusive report from Asia News Service, Woo Do Hwan was spotted taking his military medical examination today. As Woo Do Hwan was born on July 12, 1992, he must begin his mandatory military service by next year (2021). Following the news of his possible appearance, his agency, KeyEast, released a brief statement on the report. We are looking into the report about Woo Do Hwan. — KeyEast Woo Do Hwan is currently starring in SBS’s drama The King alongside Lee Min ... more
  • 14 hours 20 Of The Most Relatable Fan Reactions To “Hospital Playlist”‘s Season Finale — And Honestly, Can You Blame Them? Koreaboo
    tvN‘s Hospital Playlist just released their season finale this May 28 and avid fans of the show couldn’t help but express their reactions by turning to social media platform Twitter. Here are 20 of the most relatable reactions yet — and there are spoilers below, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! Your browser does not support video. 1. And the best in cinematography goes to…
    A heartwarming drama that is so flawlessly written, directed, acted, and executed is very rare to find. Every scene in Hospital Playlist was filled with easter eggs, and every shot was wonderfully crafted ... more
  • 16 hours 12 Delightful Times Park Min Young Served Us With Her Ultimate Girlfriend Look Koreaboo
    Her fans know that Park Min Young has always played the role of the perfect girlfriend in every drama she’s starred in. From a resourceful journalist who always wants to keep her boyfriend safe… …to an extremely efficient secretary who loves to take care of her vulnerable CEO boyfriend… …it’s a given that she’s got girlfriend vibes onscreen. But what about in real life, though? Well, we may not know for sure as we don’t know her personally, but at least, fans of Park Min Young can tide themselves over with these twelve swoon-worthy girlfriend aesthetics of their favorite ... more
  • 16 hours Actor Jung Kyung Ho’s Latest Kiss Scene In “Hospital Playlist” Leaves Viewers Screaming For More Koreaboo
    On May 28, 2020, the first season of tvN‘s Hospital Playlist has come to an end… … with an all-time high viewer rating of 14.1% nationwide. The final episode had the viewers on the edge of their seats… “Hospital Playlist” Viewer Ratings (%) By Episode, Nationwide vs. Metropolitan Areas … with this kiss scene between Dr. Kim Joon Wan (actor Jung Kyung Ho) and Major Lee Ik Soon (actress Kwak Sun Young) being an undeniable highlight! The two lovebirds start off with a soft peck… Your browser does not support video. … which then turn into a steamy make-out session. Your ... more
  • 16 hours Produce 101’s PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum Sentenced To Prison For Vote Rigging Scandal Koreaboo
    Produce 101‘s PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum have been sentenced to prison for their involvement in the vote rigging scandals plaguing the series. In the first sentencing trial, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced CP Kim Yong Bum to 20 months in prison, and PD Ahn Joon Young to two years in prison, both without probation. In addition, another Produce 101 producer known as “Lee” and 5 entertainment agency officials were fined for their involvement. The defendants are guilty of all charges against them. We cannot take lightly that as the main producer, Ahn Joon Young ... more
  • 17 hours SEVENTEEN Concerts Are So Wild, Fans Can’t Get Proper Photos Of The Members Koreaboo
    SEVENTEEN is known for their impressive vocals… Your browser does not support video. …synchronized choreography… Your browser does not support video. …and entertaining personalities. Your browser does not support video. Besides variety shows, their constant excitement is best seen in concerts. In fact, Korean netizens have pointed out that the SEVENTEEN members have so much fun that they can’t stay still. Jumping up and down in joy, they give fans a hard time when they try to get the perfect photo. Even Seungkwan‘s POV-taken video is shaky as he’s running everywhere. Your browser does not support video. Sometimes ... more
  • 18 hours 15 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was Sexy AF In Juicy Red Lipstick Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK‘s Jennie can pull off a variety of looks. From high teen, to cute, to everyday pretty, to totally glamorous. Put on a smudge of bright red lipstick on her, and she easily becomes the sexiest person in the room. Check out some of the best times she wore red lipstick below! 1. Modelling an ad for Hera Beauty 2. Looking straight at the camera for Harper’s BAZAAR 3. Holding an O Lens product 4. Posing for an O Lens shoot 5. Being pretty in an Instagram Story 6. Wearing a sequined dress in the ... more
  • 19 hours BTS’s “ON” Just Got Its Best Cover With VERIVERY And TOO’s “Road to Kingdom” Performance Koreaboo
    VERIVERY and TOO teamed up for an explosive performance in Mnet‘s Road to Kingdom! They performed BTS‘s most recent comeback “ON” for the third round of the show. Performing a remix of the hit song, they went all in with their vocal, rap, and dance. Your browser does not support video. Their fellow contestants were in shock at their synchronization and changes to the original track. VERIVERY and TOO even wrote an additional rap part for the stage. Your browser does not support video. Their highlight was a human tower where both vocalists of the groups, Jaehyun and Gyehyeon, grabbed ... more
  • 19 hours BLACKPINK Is The First K-Pop Girl Group To Set These TWO New Records With “Sour Candy” — And BLINKs Couldn’t Be Prouder Of Them Koreaboo
    On May 29, Lady Gaga just dropped the audio-only version of her song “Sour Candy” in collaboration with popular K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK. The collaboration between these two talented artists came about when Lady Gaga requested to work together with BLACKPINK for her album Chromatica. According to Lady Gaga, in addition to BLACKPINK’s talents, she also wanted to work with the famous girl group because she wanted to empower women and they felt the same way. Just a few hours after Lady Gaga released the audio-only version of “Sour Candy”, she and BLACKPINK have already dominated most of the charts ... more
  • 19 hours Here Are BLACKPINK’s Top 6 Most Memorable Outfits, According To Koreans Koreaboo
    Whether it’s local or international fans, BLACKPINK is often praised for their outstanding fashion. Among their numerous stage outfits so far, it is the following clothes that have gone down as their most memorable and stunning for Korean netizens. Check them out below! 1. 2016 Melon Music Awards Jennie Lisa Rosé Jisoo 2. Gayo Daejun 2016 Jennie Lisa Rosé Jisoo 3. School Uniforms in “As If It’s Your Last” Jennie Lisa Your browser does not support video. Rosé Jisoo Your browser does not support video. 4.  Stage Outfits in Music Core ... more
  • 20 hours 15 Heart-Fluttering Moments When Jung Hae In Smiled And Took Our Breaths Away Koreaboo
    With his heart-fluttering eye smile and boyish charms, Korean actor Jung Hae In is definitely a wonderful sight for sore eyes. After all, his name has been on the most-searched list in Naver for several times… …and he’s been nicknamed as “Milk Man” because of his “superior genes”. Having made his debut in the acting scene in 2014, Hae In’s has been stealing the hearts of his fans for several years now because of his overall good looks and equally pleasing personality. Check out these 15+ delightful moments when Jung Hae In effortlessly showed off his aegyo simply by smiling and being ... more
  • 20 hours 15+ Adorable Pictures Of BTS’s Jimin Pouting Like A Sullen Puppy Koreaboo
    All ARMYs would know that BTS‘s Jimin is one of the cutest people they’ve ever laid eyes on, and he’s at peak cuteness when he pouts like a puppy! With his soulful eyes and penchant for pouting, you’d be heartless to not agree. Read on to see 15+ pictures and gifs of Jimin pouting like a sad puppy…and yes, he can’t possibly get any cuter than this! 1. Cute with a touch of bad boy 2. Extra cute with a rabbit hat on Your browser does not support video. 3. Double cute with the addition of RM Your browser ... more
  • 20 hours Passing Of “Terrace House” Star Hana Kimura Leads To Outcry From Fans And Celebrities Against Cyberbullying Koreaboo
    Last week, professional wrestler and Terrace House star Hana Kimura passed away at the age of 22. The cause of her death is unconfirmed, but it is believed her sudden passing was the result of suicide in the wake of cyberbullying she experienced. The athlete left a note for her mother that read, “Thank you for giving birth to me.
    Professional Wrestler And “Terrace House” Cast Member Hana Kimura Passes Away At Age 22 After news of her passing broke, netizens were horrified to learn about the abuse suffered by Hana at the hands of anonymous cowards on ... more
  • 21 hours 10+ Times Song Hye Kyo Proved She Can Own The Airport Runway Just By Wearing Casual Outfits Koreaboo
    There is a reason why Song Hye Kyo remains a popular celebrity in the Korean entertainment scene, even if she’s been active for more than two decades now.   Along with her talent and multiple acting awards…     …and several endorsements and brand partnerships under her belt… …Song Hye Kyo proves that her name deserves to be in the top rank for famous Korean actors because of her outstanding visuals and gorgeous looks. Perhaps this is why whenever Hye Kyo is pictured for her airport fashion, she always chose to wear a casual outfit. After all, she’s already ... more
  • 23 hours YouTuber Mom Under Fire For “Re-Homing” Her Adopted Son From China Koreaboo
    Myka Stauffer monetized the process of adopting a toddler from China through the use of her YouTube channel The Stauffer Life, and built a following of hundreds of thousands of followers. The adoption was prominently featured on the channel, which led to her receiving high-profile sponsorships. Myka Stauffer with her husband and biological child | Source: Buzzfeed & YouTube They uploaded 27 videos about the adoption process, with Myka touting herself as an advocate for international adoptions. Using her YouTube channel, she held fundraisers for which she said the money would be used toward her adopted son Huxley’s needs. (Though she ... more
  • 23 hours Almost Every NCT Member Has A Facial Mole That Only The Most Dedicated Fans Will Notice Koreaboo
    NCTzens—did you notice that across all NCT units, almost every member has at least one mole on their face? Take a look at the beauty marks on these 16 members and see if you knew all of them—only the most dedicated fans can get 100%! 1. Taeyong’s lip moles Did you spot it? 2. Taeil’s ear mole Did you spot it? 3. Johnny’s cheek mole Did you spot it? 4. Kun’s eyebrow mole Did you spot it? 5. Ten’s eyebrow mole Did you spot it? 6. Jaehyun’s cheek mole ... more
  • 1 day Here Are 12 Of The Most Jaw-Droppingly Glamorous Outfits Female Idols Have Ever Worn Koreaboo
    These female idols wore some of the most intricately detailed and glamorous outfits in K-Pop. From gowns to gems, detailed to simplistic, and the red carpet to the stage: Here are the 12 most beautiful and luxurious looks. 1. Jennie (BLACKPINK) 2. Sana (TWICE) 3. Chungha 4. Seulgi (Red Velvet) 5. Yeji (ITZY) 6. Lisa (BLACKPINK) 7. Nancy ... more
  • 1 day One Of The Biggest Mysteries In K-Pop: What Happened To Lucente? Koreaboo
    For as popular as it is, K-Pop is also a bit mysterious. For example, there was Ori, a singer who made her debut at the same time as IU before suddenly disappearing, and Bit Hit Entertainment‘s only girl group who disbanded almost as quickly as they debuted. In that same vein, fans have been wondering what happened to Lucente. Lucente is a seven-member group that debuted under NOGA Entertainment in 2018. Their first and only release was the mini-album The Big Dipper. Despite having a successful debut, even winning a “Rookie of the Year” award, the group essentially disappeared ... more
  • 1 day 10 Times TWICE’s Nayeon & Red Velvet’s Yeri Proved They Have One Of The Cutest Friendships In K-Pop Koreaboo
    The precious bond between TWICE’s Nayeon and Red Velvet’s Yeri is every TwiceVelvet stan’s dream. Take a look at these 10 times they showed off how close their friendship is. 1. When Yeri called Nayeon on her birthday live broadcast 2. When Nayeon accompanied Yeri to her fan-held event
    Red Velvet’s Sweetheart Yeri Shocked Fans By Showing Up To Their Café Event With TWICE’s Nayeon 3. When they got couple rings together 4. When Nayeon taught Yeri (and Seulrene) the “Likey” choreo Your browser does not support video. 5. ... more
  • 1 day SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Breaks Down While Opening Up About His Anxiety Koreaboo
    Back in November of last year, SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups took a hiatus from the group to put his health first. It was revealed that he’d been suffering from anxiety. While the news had been sudden to fans at the time, what was going on with S.Coups during that time has come to light in the third episode of SEVENTEEN: HIT THE ROAD. When idols see all the fans that have come to see them perform, it typically gives them the energy to put on their best performance to return the love they’re receiving. In S.Coups’s case, it made him feel the ... more
  • 1 day Suzy Proves She’s Beautiful Inside And Out With Her First Beauty Book With Lancôme Koreaboo
    Suzy is a truly beautiful person both inside and out. While she’s consistently leaving everyone breathless with her goddess visuals, she’s also always stealing hearts with her own heart of gold and recently she’s showcased every side of her beauty through a new beauty book project. Partnering with the beauty brand Lancôme, Suzy worked on a special beauty book which recently dropped for pre-ordering. The book, called OBSESSION WITH SUZY, is said to focus on presenting the different sides of her chic and elegant beauty. And wanting to show the different sides of Suzy, Lancôme revealed, “We tried various ... more
  • 1 day This Is How 8 Idols Who Are Usually Blonde Look With Black Hair Koreaboo
    These female idols are known to rock blonde hair, but how do they look with dark hair? Scroll down to find out (Spoiler alert: They’re all totally gorgeous)! 1. Wendy (Red Velvet) Wendy sports a platinum blonde look from time to time… …but sometimes her black hair is a refreshing change! 2. Dahyun (TWICE) Even though she changes her hair color a lot, blonde might be the first you color you imagine Dahyun in. But she’s equally as stunning in black! 3. Yuna (ITZY) Yuna‘s visuals ... more
  • 1 day 6 Of The Most Iconic Makeup Looks From K-Pop Artists Koreaboo
    One of the many incredible things about K-Pop is the constant looks we’re being served.  Those looks aren’t limited to women either — the men of K-Pop really know how to bring it! 1.  Dawn Source: CUBE_PTG/Twitter Dawn isn’t afraid to take fashion risks, and that’s one of the many things fans love about him. His natural coolness allows him to pull off any look, but he looks especially cute in this vulnerable makeup look. 2. Jimin (BTS) Jimin is basically the perfect canvas for any makeup look, but his smoky eye look and pink lips are iconic and enviable. 3. ... more
  • 1 day V’s BTS Members Are The People He Can’t Live Without Koreaboo
    What would life be like without BTS? For V, there is no life without his members. After seven emotional episodes, BTS’s Break The Silence docuseries has come to an end. In the finale, the members shared their thoughts on friendship, the future, and more. To V, BTS’s members aren’t just his friends; they’re the people he wants to be with always. “Right, not only are they dear to me,” V said, in an interview segment. “but they are people I can’t live without…” “…because when we fall, I don’t get back up by myself.” Your browser does not support ... more
  • 1 day BTS Jimin’s Caring And Genuine Personality Stems From His Loving Relationship With His Family Koreaboo
    Fans of BTS’s Jimin know just how sweet and caring he is towards his family, fans, and members. This genuine and thoughtful personality however, doesn’t just come out of nowhere! If we take a look at the interaction and relationship he has with his family, you will be able to see just where he gets his loving personality from. Here is he talking on the phone with his father and the conversation they have is not how a typical Korean father and son would have. They talk to one another in a sweet voice as his father asks him if ... more
  • 1 day These 20 GIFs Hilariously Show Every Part Of Red Velvet Irene’s Personality Koreaboo
    Red Velvet’s Irene has many different sides to her. Each part of her personality is captured within these hilarious 20 GIFs. Can you name them all? 1. JudgingYou.gif Your browser does not support video. 2. VisualGoddess.gif Your browser does not support video. 3. DiligentlyActing.gif Your browser does not support video. 4. ExcitedPuppy.gif Your browser does not support video. 5. ConcernedForCryingFan.gif Your browser does not support video. 6. EndingFairy.gif Your browser does not support video. 7. ChoreographyLeader.gif Your browser does not support video. 8. CaughtSayingShe’sHungry.gif Your browser does not support video. 9. EyelashQueen.gif Your browser does not support video. 10. I’llShowMyHairWithoutAHairPiece.gif ... more
  • 1 day Jin’s Wish For BTS’s Future Might Make You Cry Koreaboo
    “Even though I like to laugh and may not look that serious on the outside. I want to be a person they can rely on emotionally. ” This is how Jin described the person he wants to be to his members. In the final episode of the Break The Silence docuseries, BTS reflected on their special bond while looking to the bright and beautiful future. RM described BTS’s relationship as one that can’t be easily defined. Since it’s in the space between family and best friends, he said that sometimes there is room for misunderstandings. I think they’re somewhere between family and best friends. Being somewhere ... more
  • 1 day The Real BTS: Here’s How Each Member Wants The Others To Think Of Him Koreaboo
    On May 28,  BTS‘s tell-all docuseries, Break The Silence, came to a close with Episode 7. After wrapping up their final SPEAK YOURSELF shows, each member opened up about how he wanted to be perceived by his members. Here’s what they said. 1. RM “I used to want that before,” RM said. “I wanted the members to rely on me and think that I’m awesome. But I think I projected myself onto others as a way to not feel lonely, especially to the members.” “In terms of what the others think of me, or how I want them to think of me, I ... more
  • 1 day TVXQ’s Changmin Reveals How K-Pop Has Changed In The 17 Years Since His Debut Koreaboo
    Whether or not you’ve been a K-Pop fan for a short time or a long time, you’ve probably heard of the legendary group TVXQ. Despite everything they’ve been through, they’ve been going strong for seventeen years and counting since 2003. With all of that experience under their belts, they’ve seen how much K-Pop has grown and evolved. Considering that, Changmin was asked to explain the changes he’s seen in the genre by Stacy Nam during his interview with iHeartRadio. The first significant change he noted was how fast anything related to K-Pop is able to travel the world. He ... more
  • 1 day VERIVERY’s Kangmin Looks So Similar To Red Velvet’s Irene That He Could Pass As Her Younger Brother Koreaboo
    An online community board gained much attention after photos of VERIVERY’s Kangmin was posted. VERIVERY is a rookie idol group who debuted under Jellyfish Entertainment in 2019. Kangmin takes the position of the maknae being born in 2003 as well as the vocalist. Your browser does not support video. Photos online were posted revealing that Kangmin and Red Velvet’s Irene looked similar to one another. Although they might not exactly the same in terms of features, they do look really similar at first glance. They both have fair skin and their smiling lips look the most similar according to online ... more
  • 1 day TWICE Have Broken A Personal Record With Half A Million Pre-Orders For “MORE & MORE” Koreaboo
    TWICE have already broken their own record with the pre-orders for their upcoming ninth mini-album MORE & MORE. As the highest-selling girl group in South Korea with over 4.4 million albums sold as well as being one of the most loved groups the world over, TWICE have not only won many awards but they’ve broken all sorts of records too. Their last album, Feel Special, alone broke multiple records and reached platinum status in record time. Now they’re making new records with their upcoming album. Although TWICE isn’t set to have their comeback until June 1, they’ve once again ... more
  • 1 day 15+ Times TWICE’s Jihyo Said F*ck Female Beauty Standards & Boldly Showed Off Her No Makeup Visuals Koreaboo
    Female beauty standards around the world push women to wear makeup if they want to look beautiful, and the pressure can be even higher for makeup idols. That’s why it’s so important when stars boldly say “fuck you” to those expectations and step out brazenly barefaced. Take a look at 18 times TWICE’s Jihyo showed off her stunning visuals with no (or very minimal) makeup. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. ... more
  • 1 day BTS’s Jimin Is The Perfect Example Of How An Ideal Interaction Between Idol And Fan Should Be Koreaboo
    BTS’s Jimin is the perfect example of an idol that interacts with his fans in a positive light, thus bringing happiness to both Jimin and the fans. It is this type of idol-fan synergy that makes K-Pop special and more of a strong bond more than anything else. Let’s take a look at what type of interactions Jimin has with fans! 1. He is able to grow and accept himself through the support and words of his fans “I like what ARMYs like.” Your browser does not support video. In the beginning of his career, he admitted to what he ... more
  • 1 day MAMAMOO’s Solar Danced To Doja Cat’s “Say So” And Here Are 10+ Thirsty Fans’ Reactions Koreaboo
    MAMAMOO’s Solar released a dance choreography video with Redlic Han to Doja Cat’s “Say So” (feat. Nicki Minaj) and fans are loving her sexy dance moves. Here are 10+ reactions from fans that will make you think “same.” Your browser does not support video. 1. Which part touched your heart?
    Solar saying “grab my ass” really got me. — Giulia; 門𝕆𝕆ℕ • 𝖆𝖇𝖘𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊 (@Y0NGSUNYEBA) May 28, 2020 2. On a scale of 1 to Solar’s button, how strong are you? 3. Officially using “Yongsinning” on a daily basis.
    Please forgive me, I'm Yongsinning… ... more
  • 1 day BTS’s Suga Gives Full Details On How “Burn It” Came About And Working With MAX Koreaboo
    On May 28, BTS’s Suga came on a live stream and spent two hours chatting with fans about his second mix tape D-2. He talked about the process for each of the ten tracks and also revealed fun stories and facts about the whole journey for his second release. For the song “Burn It” featuring singer MAX, he revealed how happy he was with the final product. “Burn It” was actually written in early 2018, around the same time he wrote the song “Seesaw.” The verse and melody for “Burn It” was finished from the beginning and was just ... more
  • 1 day 10+ Times ITZY’s Lia Made Fans Fall For Her In Her Gorgeous Casual Fashion Koreaboo
    ITZY‘s Lia is a gorgeous idol, with a great sense of style! She always looks great on stage, but when she’s offstage, her casual outfits always have a touch of high-class energy, and compliment her well! Here are 10+ times Lia was seen in her casual fashion, and had fans praising her top-notch fashion sense! 1. Lia’s sexy casual fashion is everything!   2. She’s slaying this outfit!   3. This sporty vibe she’s giving with this outfit is perfect! ... more
  • 1 day Taeyang Covered TREASURE Bang Yedam’s “WAYO” And Gosh Dang His Vocals Were Dearly Missed Koreaboo
    BIGBANG‘s Taeyang hasn’t released a new track in years – 3 to be exact. But everyone around the world was reminded just how much we missed his legendary vocals when he gifted fans with a new cover video! For VIPs, TREASURE fans, and YG fans all across the globe, Taeyang uploaded a teaser for Bang Yedam‘s upcoming solo track “WAYO”. And just the few seconds of Taeyang’s voice made us realize why Taeyang is a vocal KING!
    View this post on Instagram ... more
  • 1 day BTS’s Jimin Had ZERO Chill While Gaming With ARMY Koreaboo
    If there’s one thing Gamer Jimin doesn’t tolerate, it’s disobedience! Whenever a BTS member logs into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), it’s usually V. He often invites fans to join him in this online battle royale game during his free time. So, when fans saw V’s player ID (“TATA.”) pop up, they assumed V had come to play with them once again. It didn’t take long, however, for players to notice something off about V’s gameplay. (It was much worse than usual.) It turns out that Jimin was the one behind the screen! I am, Jimin-ssi — TATA. (Jimin) At one point, players say that Jimin gathered ... more
  • 1 day BTS’s Suga Shares A Snippet Of Jungkook Singing The Guide Vocals For “Dear My Friend” Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Suga popped on a live stream and chatted with fans about the behind stories of making his second mix tape D-2. In this two-hour long session, he went into depth for each of the ten tracks and also gave some details about the making of the “Daechwita” music video. The track “Dear My Friend” featuring Kim Jong Wan from Nell was intentionally put last on the track list as Suga wanted it to sound like a “curtain call” style ending song. The original title for this track was “Friend” but was later changed to “Dear My Friend” after ... more
  • 1 day 12 Male Idols And Groups Making Comebacks And Debuts In June Koreaboo
    If fans thought the month of May was full of killer comebacks and debuts, June is ready to give just as many new releases. Here are the twelve male solo artists and groups that are coming back and debuting. 1. E’LAST E Entertainment will be debuting their first boy group, the eight-member E’LAST. 2. Super Junior K.R.Y The longtime Super Junior unit that’s been promoting for over ten years will finally be releasing their first-ever mini-album When We Were Us in Korea. 3. SEVENTEEN SEVENTEEN recently confirmed they’re in the final stages of preparing their album and ... more
  • 1 day Here Are Each Member Of ITZY’s Best And “Not-so Best” Stage Outfits Koreaboo
    Regardless of what the girls of ITZY wear on stage, they always slay. However, some looks were a bit more practical than others. Here’s an in-depth look at each member’s shining fashion moment, as well as the outfit that maybe needed a tweak or two. 1. Yuna Best: An all-red outfit makes Yuna’s blonde hair pop and the criss-cross detailing on the crop top accentuates her athletic figure. Not-so Best: The gloves are cute but add a little too much to this outfit that already has a lot going on. The baggy cut of her top accentuates her ... more
  • 1 day BTS’s Jungkook Fact-Bombed RM, And His Reaction Was Priceless Koreaboo
    With an IQ of 148, BTS‘s RM is a certified genius, but even geniuses don’t know everything! In Episode 4 of BT21 UNIVERSE, BTS continued where they left off in the previous episode: brainstorming storylines for their BT21 characters. As always, things went from calm to chaotic in the blink of an eye. Your browser does not support video. Each character needed to face a crisis such as, as Suga suggested, leaving to go care for an ailing family member. Your browser does not support video. RM’s crisis for Koya involved Koya falling into despair and eating his eucalyptus leaf friends in a mukbang eating show. Borderline-cannibalism aside, there’s another problem with ... more
  • 1 day BTS Fan Pranks US News With Jungkook’s Graduation Photo Koreaboo
    Right now, the world is in lockdown, but BTS is still making surprise appearances! Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, students are missing out on attending graduation ceremonies with their classmates. As such, virtual celebrations are taking place online, like YouTube‘s “Dear Class of 2020” event coming up on June 6. BTS will be attending this virtual graduation ceremony as speakers, along with other celebrities and political figures. This isn’t the only graduation event Jungkook is involved in though. Thanks to ARMY, he is reliving his 2017 graduation from the School of Performing Arts Seoul in 2020! Recently, ABC7, a US news station, featured ... more
  • 1 day BTS’s Suga Reveals A Timeline Of When All The Songs For “D-2” Were Made During Live Stream Koreaboo
    On May 28, BTS’s Suga (Agust D) popped on a live stream to give some behind stories about the process of making his second mix tape D-2. He revealed that he kept a record on his laptop after every song he made. “Moonlight” and “What Do You Think?” were written on the same day, September 1, 2019. “What Do You Think?” was also originally supposed to be the second track on the mix tape but was later replaced with “Daechwita.” In “Moonlight” the lyrics in the beginning says “Honestly, I don’t know how many songs to put in” but ... more
  • 1 day 10+ Times Red Velvet’s Wendy Was The Queen Of Toned Abs In The Prettiest Crop Tops Koreaboo
    Red Velvet‘s Wendy is a powerhouse visual and vocalist, whose infectious energy is always making fans fall for her more and more! With her cute looks, fans often don’t notice just how toned Wendy actually is, and when she wears crop tops, her fit, toned abs take their moment in the spotlight! Here are 10+ times Wendy wore a crop top, showing off her incredibly toned muscles! 1. She’s so pretty in this outfit!   2. She’s gorgeous!   3. Queen of fit physiques! ... more
  • 2 days IZ*ONE Have Opened Their Very Own Official TikTok Account Koreaboo
    IZ*ONE has finally opened their own TikTok account! On May 28, IZ*ONE put up a post on their official Twitter account, announcing that they had opened their very own TikTok account with the username @officializone_ !
    [] IZ*ONE의 틱톡 계정이 오픈되었습니다!오직 틱톡에서만 만날 수 있는 IZ*ONE의 모습 많이 기대해주세요 #아이즈원 #アイズワン — official_IZONE (@official_izone) May 28, 2020 The group has since uploaded an adorable video of themselves on TikTok! @officializone_[] IZ*ONE의 틱톡 계정이 오픈되었습니다!오직 틱톡에서만 만날 수 있는 IZ*ONE의 모습 많이 기대해주세요#IZ#ONE #아#즈원 #アイ#ズワン ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – official_izone And ... more
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