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  • 15 hours 7 Times BTS’s English Was So Bad That It Made RM Cringe Koreaboo
    RM is the only accomplished English speaker in BTS. Although members such as Jungkook have made great strides in their English recently, this wasn’t always the case. These are 7 times that BTS’s English was so bad it made RM visibly cringe. 1. “What is infires?” RM tried his best to explain to Suga that it was “inspires” not “insfires”. Your browser does not support video. 2. Suga: “He’s like JayZ” Suga was once again the culprit as he repeatedly exclaimed “He’s like JayZ” after Jin‘s poor attempt at freestyle rapping. RM looked done with the whole situation. Your browser does not support video. 3. V: “I’m god” In ... more
  • 17 hours Mamamoo Solar Opened Her New YouTube Channel In The Cutest Way Possible Koreaboo
    Solar of Mamamoo is the next in a long list of idols who have opened up their own YouTube channels for more personal content. The channel is called “Solarsido” and her introduction video is the cutest thing ever. Solar managed to convince everyone to draw a circle with two fingers while exclaiming “Solarsido”. She dragged all of Mamamoo into her scheme. She convinced Moonbyul and Hwasa to do it… Your browser does not support video. She had her swarms of fans doing it… Your browser does not support video. Even Wheein enthusiastically recited “Solarsido” before collapsing into a fit of laughter. Your browser does not support video. Solar ... more
  • 17 hours Netizens Discuss The Exclusive Pros And Cons Of Being A Fan Of These 9 Groups Koreaboo
    In a recent discussion, fans of various groups revealed the pros and cons that only apply to their bias groups. Some of the replies were humorous and others genuine. These are some of the highlights. 1. BIGBANG “Pro and Con: Every time Seungri is in the news, it’s a coin toss whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing” This is a very true statement as Seungri is currently embroiled in a controversy regarding organised crime at his nightclub, the Burning Sun. He’s also been in the news for a lot of positive endeavours however, such as his charity work. ... more
  • 19 hours Mattel Confirms The Outfits Of Their BTS Dolls And It Has ARMY Already Emptying Their Wallets Koreaboo
    BTS are on a quest to dominate the toy market with the announcements of their Mattel dolls and more recently, the Funko Pop toys based on their promotions for “Idol”. The announcement of BTS’s Funko Pop line isn’t the only thing we learned at the New York Toy Fair. The outfits for the BTS Mattel dolls have also been confirmed in a special showcase. The mannequins confirm that the dolls will be wearing the outfits from BTS’s “Idol” promotions, just like the Funko Pop figures. This confirmation has ARMY even more excited to buy these new collectable toys.
  • 23 hours 12 Idols Who Overcame Extreme Hardships In Order To Debut Koreaboo
    Not all K-Pop idols come from an affluent background. For some of the most successful idols in the industry, it was their eagerness to escape poverty and hardship that helped push them to where they are today. Let’s take a look at a few idols who had to overcome hardships to get to where they are today.   1. IU When IU was a child, her parents were so deep in debt that they couldn’t afford to take care of both her and her younger brother. Because of this, IU was raised by her grandmother. She was also scammed ... more
  • 24 hours These 16 ‘Before’ Photos Of Idols’ Teeth Will Leave Your Jaw Hanging Koreaboo
    In the present day, most idols have pearly white smiles, with teeth like chiclets. But some photos from the past reveal that idols’ teeth weren’t always as perfect as they are today! Even though their teeth may have been less straight back then, their smiles were still just as beautiful and heartwarming. Of course, some idols have also embraced their unique teeth and opted not to alter themselves, and fans love them for it too.   1. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)   2. Onew (SHINee)   3. Daesung (BIGBANG)   4. Daeryong (DLXL, formerly TASTY) ... more
  • 1 day 11 Terrifying Korean Delicacies You May Be Too Afraid To Try Koreaboo
    From live octopus to giant worms and bug larvae… Korea definitely has loads of unusual foods! You’ll be shocked to find out what kind of delicacies Korea has! Here are 11 Korean foods that might seem weird (or gross)… or even intriguing!   1. Gaejang (게장, Marinated Raw Crabs) Your browser does not support video. Instead of being cooked, these little crabs are seasoned in various sauces and eaten raw. Baby crab’s shells are soft enough to be compared to biting down on a slightly harder M&M shell and are very popular in Korea. Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 1 day All BTS Members Rank In Top 10 Male Idols With Best Brand Reputation For February 2019 Koreaboo
    The KOOCCI released their ranking of the top male idols with the best reputation and score for advertising brands for February 2019, and all seven BTS members entered the top 10 ranking!   10th. J-Hope (BTS)   9th. Uknow Yunho (TVXQ)   8th. RM (BTS)   7th. Suga (BTS)   6th. Seungri (BIGBANG)   5th. Jin (BTS)   4th. Jungkook (BTS)   3rd. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)   2nd. V (BTS)   1st. Jimin (BTS) ... more
  • 1 day Famous Hollywood Director Hints At A Possible Collaboration With BTS Koreaboo
    Famous Hollywood Director, Baz Luhrmann, praised BTS and the bond that they share with their fans from all over the world. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Luhrmann talked about how K-Pop has found a way to “take away the border.” “It’s remarkable the way K-Pop has found a way — when you see BTS play Citi Field, that’s a stadium. And not everyone is a Korean expert, only about a quarter of the audience, so that means that K-Pop is able to speak to an audience with various backgrounds. So I really admire what they achieve.” — Baz ... more
  • 1 day The Final Members Of The First Ever Pan-Asian Idol Groups Have Been Revealed Koreaboo
    Two groups, Z-Boys and Z-Girls are debuting with the intention of combining members from different Asian countries in order to become the first ever Pan-Asian idol group. Their label created a buzz when they announced the first ever Indian idols would be debuting with their respective groups. The two final members of the two groups, Mahiro from Z-Girls and Gai from Z-Boys were recently confirmed. Mahiro and Gai both hail from Japan. With these two announcements, we have the full 7 members for each group confirmed. The other six members of Z-Girls, besides Mahiro, are as follows: Bell (Thailand) Priyanka (India) Joanne (Korea) ... more
  • 1 day This Idol Is Such A Huge EXO Stan He Once Yelled At His Own Members For Turning Off Their Music Koreaboo
    EXO have fans all over the world. They’ve won hearts with their music, stage, presence, and personalities and many K-Pop idols have been found to be huge EXO stans too! But there’s probably no one like one famous idol who loves EXO so much he was even willing to yell at his own members!   Since his return from the military, Kwanghee been getting a lot of attention with his variety show appearances and the like so naturally older videos featuring the idol have been resurfacing. Among those, was one that caught the eyes of EXO-L.   In ... more
  • 1 day The Truth Behind K-Pop Stylists, And Their Harsh Working Conditions Koreaboo
    A study conducted by the Seoul branch of the Korean Women Workers’ Association regarding the working conditions of assistant stylists revealed harsh truths about the industry. More than 80% of 203 surveyed reported that they are paid less than $1,000 USD a month; 93.1% worked more than 8 hours a day, and 40.7% worked more than 12; 93.6% of the surveyed were women; 78.3% were between the ages of 20 and 25. The summary: some women in their early 20’s are working more than 8 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week, and not making $1000 USD a ... more
  • 1 day 10 Ways To Know If An Idol Is In A Secret Relationship Koreaboo
    Dating isn’t a sin, but in the idol world it’s difficult to have a relationship due to agency restrictions and, of course, being in the public eye. With many high-profile relationships breaking down once in the spotlight, a lot of idols prefer to date in secret – but hawk-eyed media companies like Dispatch and, of course, observant fans, have their ways of figuring out if a celebrity is in a secret relationship. Some of the ways idols date secretly have even been revealed to be true by celebrities.   1. They are spotted in basement parking lots The most popular ... more
  • 1 day 5 Idols Whose Image Has Changed Drastically Since Debut Koreaboo
    As idols become more mature and transition from trainees to public figures, their personalities often change. Most of the time they change from their “manufactured” image to their true selves. These 5 idols have gone through huge changes in personality since their debut. 1. IU At debut, IU cultivated a cute image to appeal to the Korean public. For this, she earned the nickname “The Nation’s Little Sister”. However, as she grew older she shed this image and became more candid, her song “23” is almost a representation of her change in image. IU now sings about whatever she wants and her ... more
  • 1 day 18 Amazing K-Pop Stage Saves That Showed Idols True Professionalism Koreaboo
    Not every performance goes smoothly but with a bit of quick thinking, some amazing teamwork, and outstanding professionalism, K-Pop idols have been able to avert disaster! While these idols faced some serious challenges from technical issues to wardrobe malfunctions and beyond, their actions helped them give an absolutely flawless performance, even if they had to deal with few flaws first!   1. When Girls’ Generation’s Yuri saved her members from mic problems Your browser does not support video. Yuri smoothly handed off her microphone to former member Jessica and to Seohyun during one performance of “Gee”.   2. The time ... more
  • 1 day 10+ Idols Who Met Their Doppelgängers (17 photos) Koreaboo
    It’s a popular belief that each person on this planet has seven dopplegangers. These K-Pop stars were lucky enough to meet one of theirs!   1. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) and Irene (Red Velvet) These two could pass for sisters, no problem.   2. Suga (BTS) and Woozi (Seventeen) Can you tell them apart?   3. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) and Xiumin (EXO) Your browser does not support video. These “twins” look so alike that Moonbyul discussed their similarities during Weekly Idol.   4. Baekhyun (EXO) and V (BTS) Some fans like to compare idols’ similarities by making up idol “families”. In ... more
  • 1 day ITZY Fan Explains In Detail What Each Members Are Like In Real Life Koreaboo
    A fan of ITZY went to support the girls at their first debut stage on M COUNTDOWN, and decided to explain every detail of what the members are like in real life!   The fan was able to experience the moment ITZY met their fans for the first time and the fans met the members for the first time. She gave inside information that the girls got emotional and cried on their debut stage. “We saw ITZY members for the first time when they came up on stage, but wow… I forgot how to breathe. It might have been because ... more
  • 1 day 15 Things That Drive International K-Pop Fans Crazy Koreaboo
    If you’re a K-Pop fan living outside of Korea, you know the struggle. Luckily, you’re not alone in it. Most international fans can relate to these stipulations that come with the global fan experience.   1. You can’t understand anything they’re saying. Your browser does not support video. Kamsa-WHAT? If you want to watch that new episode of that variety show you’ve been waiting for, don’t get your hopes up too much. The subtitles probably won’t be up for another 24 hours and, if you’re unlucky, those subtitles might not happen at all. This is especially true for international fans ... more
  • 1 day These Sensational K-Pop Covers By A Filipino Actor Are LIT Koreaboo
    Like so many K-Pop fans, Filipino singer, songwriter, and actor, Iñigo Pascual, stumbled across K-Pop on the Internet and became immediately addicted to the music. He just couldn’t stop watching.
    It’s only been 3 months since i discovered Kpop. Ive been watching Got7, Seventeen, and EXO. I couldn’t stop… — Inigo Pascual (@ImPascualInigo) December 28, 2016   Iñigo soon began actively promoting his love for K-Pop groups and even gave a shout out to EXO in regard to their song, “Sing For You”. “It’s songs like this that speaks to the heart even if it’s in ... more
  • 1 day This Fanmade BTS Vinyl Record Is Everything We Want, And More Koreaboo
    Recently, BTS retro edits have been all the rage, but it doesn’t get more retro than this: a BTS song mix — on vinyl!   This past Valentine’s Day, Reddit user nihilistickitten (Angie) received this one of a kind BTS gift from her girlfriend, Brooke. The cover for this mix, entitled A+B Luv Affair, references BTS’s Skool Luv Affair album. The names of all 7 BTS members are printed at the top of the cover, along with a picture of BTS’s original logo.   At the bottom is the list of songs that make up the mix.   The back ... more
  • 1 day Suga Shows This Same Talent In Every BTS Birthday Video Koreaboo
    Birthday party videos of each of the BTS members have become regular installments on BTS’s YouTube channel. ARMYs love the behind-the-scenes looks at how the members celebrate. Suga has a hilarious habit when it comes to birthday celebrations and it showcases both his talent and his humour. In the most recent birthday video which showed the celebrations for Jin’s birthday last year, Suga can be seen doing his signature birthday move. Your browser does not support video. At Jin’s party the year before, Suga delivered what is probably his most impressive opera performance! Suga always sings “Happy Birthday” in an opera voice much to the delight ... more
  • 1 day 10+ Times BTS’s Members Injured Themselves Just By Being Themselves Koreaboo
    BTS are athletic and coordinated enough to nail some of the toughest choreographies in K-Pop, but sometimes that coordination just doesn’t kick in off-stage. Here are 10+ times when BTS accidentally hurt themselves just by being themselves!   1. Jimin, BTS’s King of Flexibility, kicked himself right out of a chair Your browser does not support video.   2. ‘Bunny Kook’ Jungkook once hit his bunny teeth on his mic Your browser does not support video.   3. That time RM, the God of Destruction, destroyed…himself Your browser does not support video.   4. One time, V hit his finger while ... more
  • 1 day Sandara Park Confirmed to Feature in Park Bom’s March Comeback Koreaboo
    Park Bom, who left YG Entertainment and joined D-NATION Entertainment last year, is preparing to grace her fans with a new album in coming March. What’s making fans especially excited is the fact that Park Bom’s last solo comeback was back in April of 2011, which makes this comeback the first in 8 years. In particular, rumors about Sandara Park featuring in Park Bom’s comeback has been circulating and drawing a great deal of interest. On February 15, YG Entertainment made an official statement to OSEN saying, “Sandara Park will indeed feature in Park Bom’s album.” This is especially ... more
  • 1 day 10 Important Korean Phrases You Must Absolutely Learn Before Visiting Korea Koreaboo
    K-Pop fans dream of visiting Korea at least once in their lifetime. It can be difficult, however, to get around without knowing some basic Korean. Here is a list of 10 Korean phrases you should know before you visit Korea!   1. “Hello (안녕하세요)” Your browser does not support video. First things first, the most basic phrase we can start off with is “Hello (안녕하세요)”, pronounced “ahn young ha say yo”. Knowing how to say hello can be useful, especially when trying to get someone’s attention in a store or a restaurant. Of course, it’s always nice to say hello to ... more
  • 1 day Suho And Sehun Sent Message Of Support To Apink’s Namjoo And Fans Are Ready For EXOpink Koreaboo
    With a single video, K-Pop fans are completely ready for EXOpink! A few days ago, fans were surprised to find an official video from EXO‘s Sehun and Suho on Sugar Please‘s Instagram page.   Not too long ago, Apink‘s Namjoo hinted on her Instagram page about the opening of Sugar Please, her own brand new clothing line! Since her first announcement, fans have been seeing all sorts of love and support from fellow idols and friends of Apink. But there’s been one video that’s been capturing everyone’s attention.
    ... more
  • 1 day SEVENTEEN Shares That They Want To Achieve This One Goal For 2019 Koreaboo
    SEVENTEEN sat down with the prestigious magazine, Forbes, to talk about their latest album and their goals for 2019.   Seungkwan revealed that they hope to win a daesang (grand award) at a music award show this year. “I hope we can win the Daesang! It’s something I really want to accomplish someday together with our members.” — Seungkwan   SEVENTEEN has won multiple categories at award shows and numerous music show awards, but have yet to win their first daesang since their debut in 2015.   Perhaps 2019 could become that year as Forbes highlighted the fact ... more
  • 1 day These 6 Idols Have Shockingly Low Alcohol Tolerance Koreaboo
    When it comes to alcohol, there are those who can keep drinking without being fazed and those who are gone after just once glass. Unfortunately, those who can’t handle alcohol often ruin the mood of gatherings by shutting down way too soon. Here are 6 idols who look like they can drink on the outside, but are actually lightweights who are often gone after just one drink: 1. IU Because IU was a model for the soju brand, Chamisulyou may have assumed she was a good drinker. But she once revealed that her tolerance really depends on her condition. On ... more
  • 1 day Past Video Of MOMOLAND’s Daisy Talking About iKON’s Yunhyeong Resurfaces After Dating Rumors Koreaboo
    Recently, MOMOLAND‘s Daisy and iKON‘s Song Yunhyeong were wrapped up in dating rumors that MLD Entertainment confirmed but YG Entertainment denied.   During the on going confusion of which agency is telling the truth and which is not, an old video of Daisy talking in great  detail about Song Yunhyeong’s attractive talent resurfaced!   Back in November 2017, Daisy confessed that her ideal type is “a guy who can cook“. She find “guys who know their way around the kitchen to be so attractive!” Your browser does not support video.   She described him as a man “who’s ... more
  • 1 day 9 Times BTS Questioned The Sanity Of Their Maknae Jungkook Koreaboo
    Jungkook is like an energizer bunny, overflowing with energy. Sometimes his hyperactivity had his fellow BTS members questioning his sanity, however. 1. “For those looking to date Jeon Jungkook…” Your browser does not support video. 2. “Jungkookie ate the paper” Your browser does not support video. 3. “Hey ARMY, today I will introduce you to this kid I adore… he is mentally unstable” Your browser does not support video. 4. Jungkook’s mukbang video had all of ARMY questioning his sanity Your browser does not support video. 5. When he blew out the candles with his nose Your browser does not support video. 6. ... more
  • 1 day Hani Shows Unexpected Response When a Fan’s Gift Is Denied at Customs Koreaboo
    On February 8, EXID‘s Hani was spotted at Gimpo International Airport as she departed for the ‘Valentine Japan Live Tour’, where she received gifts from fans who had been waiting to see her. But when she tried to go through customs with her gifts, she was told that she couldn’t pass through with one of the gifts she was holding. When she heard the unfortunate news, she immediately looked for the fan that gave her the gift. Once she spotted the fan, she said, “If you send this to my company, I’ll pick it up. I’ll just take the ... more
  • 1 day SM Entertainment Finally Announced EXO’s Concert…Just Not The One Fans Were Hoping For Koreaboo
    SM Entertainment has finally made an announcement in regards to EXO‘s upcoming concert tour series…it’s just not the one fans were hoping for.   EXO-Ls have been waiting for any kind of news about EXO’s fifth world tour and unfortunately, the news hasn’t been great so far. In January, fans found out that the concert that was scheduled at the KSPO Dome had been canceled by SM Entertainment.   Now fans have finally heard news about an EXO concert! SM Entertainment recently revealed details about an upcoming EXO concert. Or at least, a concert for EXO-CBX. The group is ... more
  • 1 day ARMYs Are Calling For A BTS Vampire Movie After Seeing This New CF Koreaboo
    A new BTS commercial is out, and its gothic, film noir aesthetic is calling one supernatural species to ARMY‘s mind: vampires!   On February 14, a black and white BTS ad for PLAY / UP cosmetic lenses went public.   In it, the members strike handsome poses while the Japanese version of “FAKE LOVE” plays in the background. Your browser does not support video.   Each member has close-ups throughout the video…   …that show off their cosmetic lenses…   …and their flawless, vampire-esque features.   Everything about this CF, from its black and white film to the ... more
  • 1 day Red Velvet’s Seulgi Makes Fans Cry with Her New OST Koreaboo
    Red Velvet‘s Seulgi recently announced the release of her OST for the drama, The Crowned Clown, and it’s receiving overwhelmingly positive responses from fans. The song is called “Always”, and it’s a slow tempo song that contains very sentimental feelings within. This isn’t the first time Seulgi participated in an OST soundtrack. She has sung OSTs for the dramas Uncontrollably Fond and Hwarang with fellow Red Velvet member, Wendy, which also received favorable responses. In response to the reveal of Seulgi’s solo OST, fans have been fawning over her beautiful voice and how it makes the listener want to ... more
  • 2 days BTS’s Airport Penalty Saga Continues At Gimpo Airport Koreaboo
    BTS have once again arrived at the airport dressed in their best “penalty fashion”!   By now, BTS’s Run BTS penalities have become legendary. Each time the members play a game on this variety show, the winners are given benefits or the losers are given a penalty. In some cases, that penalty means wearing something silly to the airport…   …or something extravagant!   More often than not, the members who receive these airport fashion penalties are VJiminJin, and J-Hope.   On February 15, BTS departed from Gimpo Airport to Fukuoka, Japan for their upcoming Love Yourself concerts, which will take place on ... more
  • 2 days 10+ Photos of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Looking Pure as Snow in L.A. and New York Koreaboo
    During BLACKPINK‘s visit to the States, Jisoo gave her fans a sneak peek into her daily life by sharing photos of herself in L.A. and New York. Her journey started at a candy store where she seemed thrilled to be surrounded by so much American candy. But the true focus of the photos is Jisoo herself. The way she is portrayed in every photo is full of youth and innocence. It’s hard not to smile along when Jisoo looks so pure and full of joy. And her beauty just can’t be described with words. In some ... more
  • 2 days BLACKPINK to Perform at the Biggest Music Festival in Japan Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK is set to perform at Japan’s biggest music festival, Summer Sonic 2019 this summer on August 18. The festival will be held at ZOZO Marine Stadium & Makuhari Messe. Since this is BLACKPINK’s first time performing at this event, there is great anticipation among Japanese fans. What’s especially exciting is that BLACKPINK will be alongside many big stars such as The ChainsmokersRed Hot Chili Peppers, and The 1975. BLACKPINK first debuted in Japan with a showcase that sold out to 15,000 fans. In addition, BLACKPINK’s first mini album ranked 1st on the weekly chart of Japan’s Oricon. With ... more
  • 2 days Funko Pop Unveiled New “BTS Pop” Figures, Here’s How To Get Them Koreaboo
    BTS fans now have one more merch item to add to their growing list: BTS Pops! On February 15, at the 2019 New York Toy Fair 2019, Funko Pop began unveiling their latest wave of 2019 series of Pop figures approximately every 15-40 minutes. The reveals started at 5:00 AM, with KISS Pops. BTS Pops were announced at 6:45 AM, following Funko’s Backstreet Boys Pops at 6:30 AM.   These adorable figures are styled after BTS’s Love Yourself: Answer concept photos, F Version.   Each individual figure costs $10.99 USD and is currently available for preorder on Pop in a Box.   A ... more
  • 2 days YGX to Release a New Song That Was Originally Written for BLACKPINK Koreaboo
    On February 15, YG Entertainment revealed a teaser poster for R.Tee and Anda “What You Waiting For” on their official blog. On February 12, CEO Yang Hyun Suk had announced, “On March 6, The Black Label will release a collaboration song of producer R.Tee and solo singer, Anda.” CEO Yang explained that although the song was originally written for BLACKPINK, producer R.Tee wanted to release it under his name, so they decided to give it to YGX‘s Anda. R.Tee has participated in the production of many hit songs such as BIGBANG‘s “FXXK IT” and BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. In addition, ... more
  • 2 days IU And Yeo Jin Goo Reportedly Co-Starring In Upcoming Drama Koreaboo
    IU will reportedly be starring in the upcoming drama Hotel del Luna alongside actor Yeo Jin Goo. It was previously announced that IU was set to appear on the series and an insider has recently revealed that Yeo Jin Goo has also been selected for a lead role in the same drama. Yeo Jin Goo has been selected as a lead role in tvN’s weekend drama Hotel del Luna, which will begin airing this summer. ㅡ Insider   Hotel del Luna is a fantasy drama based on a hotel for wandering ghosts. The glamor of Hotel del Luna can only be seen by the ... more
  • 2 days Former JYP Trainee And “Sixteen” Contestant Natty Has Grown Into A Beautiful Young Woman Koreaboo
    Former JYP trainee and Sixteen contestant, Natty, has transformed from the cute 13-year-old girl to a beautiful young woman. On February 14, Natty wished her fans a happy Valentine’s Day and shared a short clip of her gorgeous self.
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by NATTY (나띠) (@dc_natty0530) on Feb 13, 2019 at 9:43pm PST   Compared ... more
  • 2 days Yang Hyun Suk Shows Support For Park Bom’s Comeback Koreaboo
    Despite the fact that Park Bom is no longer with YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk has shown his support for the former YG artist. It was announced earlier today that Park Bom would be making her solo comeback next month.
    Park Bom Confirmed To Make Comeback Next Month   Not long after, Yang Hyun Suk took to Instagram to send an encouraging message to Bom and her new release in March.
    View this post on Instagram ... more
  • 2 days EXO’s Xiumin Was Mistaken For A High Schooler And Carded By A Restaurant Owner Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Xiumin was apparently carded by a restaurant owner due to his unbelievably youthful looks. An Instagram user shared a picture of Xiumin’s autograph and explained in the caption that her mother-in-law checked Xiumin’s ID card after thinking he was a high school student. “EXO’s Xiumin came to my mother-in-law’s restaurant but she didn’t recognize him and she checked his ID card thinking he was a high school student lol Luckily, my brother recognized him and got his autograph #EXO #Xiumin #Tongyeong #Daemuldajji #TongyeongRestaurant”   In fact, Xiumin was born in 1990 and will be turning 29 years old ... more
  • 2 days Top Visual Idols As Chosen By Hanlim Art High School Graduate Students Koreaboo
    On February 14, an online community post introduced the top visual idols as chosen by idols from the Hanlim Multi Art School. The Hanlim Multi Art School is a high school located in Seoul that is known for having graduated numerous famous idols, some of whom include TWICE’s Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Jeon Somi, SHINee’s Taemin, Ong Seongwu, WINNER’s Mino BTOB’s Sungjae and more.   According to the post, one of the top visual idols was none other than TWICE’s Tzuyu.   In fact, Tzuyu is one of the recent graduates of the high school, having graduated just this week alongside ... more
  • 2 days Fans Claim That ITZY’s Yuna And This Idol Look Like Twins Koreaboo
    After ITZY‘s successful debut, fans have been falling in love with the maknae Yuna for her exceptional visuals and it seems, there is another idol who looks just like her!   Numerous fans have been noticing that Yuna looks a lot like Cosmic Girls’ Bona.   Fans have found images of the two idols that almost make them look like twins:
    Yuna wsjn | Bona itzy — y (@yyy3626) February 9, 2019
    DONT @ ME BUT YUNA FROM ITZY REALLY LOOKS LIKE BONA FRLM WJSN — ☾ (@pepidefs) February ... more
  • 2 days Park Bom Confirmed To Make Comeback Next Month Koreaboo
    Former 2NE1 member Park Bom will be making a solo comeback with a new song next month. According to news media outlets, Park Bom has confirmed that she will be releasing her new song in March and that she is in the final stages of preparations for the comeback. This will be the first time making a comeback in 8 years since her last single “Don’t Cry” in 2011.   Park Bom made her debut in 2009 as the main vocal of the girl group, 2NE1. After releasing a solo album and single in 2009 and 2011 respectively, she ... more
  • 2 days Just 25 Photos Of EXO’s Baekhyun Looking As Hot As Hell Koreaboo
    Sometimes we just need a little something to help us get through the rest of the week and what better way to do that than by looking at pictures of EXO‘s Baekhyun! While every picture of Baekhyun is beyond stunning, we sadly cannot put them all here. So for now, you’ll have to make do with these 25 pictures of Baekhyun looking as hot as hell!   1. Baekhyun in glasses will melt your heart   2. But Baek in faux fur will make it flutter!   3. Baekhyun looks good in every selca   4. And somehow ... more
  • 2 days 20 Times Idols Suffered Rejection From Everyone And Everything Koreaboo
    It’s hard to imagine that anyone could reject an idol but unfortunately for some, they’ve been caught with their hands, hugs, and love hanging. From K-Pop idols to a few actors, here are a few times that idols suffered rejection at the hands of everyone and everything.   1. That time  when BTOB’s Changsub went in for a handshake and got a hand full of nothing Your browser does not support video.   2. When BTS’s Jimin just wanted a high five and was ignored Your browser does not support video.   3. The time MONSTA X’s Hyungwon was left ... more
  • 2 days Baekhyun Sold His Phone Number To Girls In High School, True Story Koreaboo
    As crazy as it might sound, during his high school years, EXO‘s Baekhyun actually sold his phone number to girls! Your browser does not support video.   The story of how Baekhyun came to sell his phone number was first came to light back in 2012 when an old classmate of the idol posted it and came with some picture receipts. Now the story has resurfaced much to the delight of fans!   Although it seems like it would be completely untrue, it really is true! One year, Baekhyun’s high school held a market to raise funds for the ... more
  • 2 days 10+ Things You’ll Never Hear A BTS Fan Say, Unless They’re Lying Koreaboo
    1. “I didn’t watch the Grammys for 2 hours just to see BTS stand on stage for 10 seconds.” Your browser does not support video.   2. “I have more than enough money to buy BTS’s new album, concert tickets, merch, The Notes 1, fast passes for the Save Me webtoon, BTS x Mattel dolls, a Vlive+ subscription, and all the BT21 things I want.” Your browser does not support video.   3. “Choosing a bias is easy.” Your browser does not support video.   4. “I never get bias wrecked.” Your browser does not support video.   5. “Once you Jim-in you ... more
  • 2 days Chanyeol Breaks Record On Instagram For Most Followers, Leaving Competition In The Dust Koreaboo
    The members of EXO certainly are not strangers to setting new records and Chanyeol has just done it again!   For the past couple of days, fans have been really watching the number of followers on each of the EXO members’ Instagram pages. While the numbers have been going up and down causing some confusion, within the past 24 hours EXO-Ls have seen Chanyeol’s numbers go from 16.5 million to 16.9 million.   Now Chanyeol has officially reached 17 million followers on Instagram and counting!   Not only did Chanyeol set a new record for being the first ... more
  • 2 days 17 Most Heartwarming Moments Between Idols And Their Managers Koreaboo
    Idols spend a lot of time with their managers, making it possible for a close-knit and sweet relationship. Oftentimes managers are more like family members than anything else and their interactions with their idols are like those of a big brother or sister. Whether it’s teasing, hugging, or just hanging out, here are some of the best moments between idols and their managers that are sure to warm your heart!   1. Singing with SHINee’s Taemin Your browser does not support video. Taemin made sure that his manager knew all the words to his song “Press Your Number”. And when ... more
  • 2 days Red Velvet’s Irene Reveals Her Shocking Alcohol Tolerance Level And Drinking Habits Koreaboo
    Red Velvet‘s Irene revealed her shocking alcohol tolerance level and her unique style in drinking on I Will Channel You.   Although many fans know Irene to be a lightweight drinker but she surprisingly can drink up to 3 bottles of soju! Your browser does not support video. “When I used to drink a lot, I drank up to 3 bottles. 3 bottles of soju. I realized that my tolerance level increased as I drank more frequently, so I ended up drinking 3 bottles.” — Irene   Although she drank 3 bottles back in her prime, she says she can’t ... more
  • 2 days These Male Idols Are Considered The 12 Prettiest Boys In K-Pop Koreaboo
    1. TVXQ!’s Changmin Changmin’s flawless skin and soft features have always made fans’ hearts flutter.   Changmin can be called handsome and pretty at the same time!   2. SHINee’s Key Key is one male idol who often has fans jealous of his delicate features and graceful beauty.   While at the same time he can exude his own unique manly charms.   3. Nam Taehyun Taehyun’s perfect smile and sweet features make him one of the most beautiful boys around.   He always managed to stun during photoshoots.   4. Kris Wu ... more
  • 2 days 10+ Of The Sassiest Things V Has Ever Said And Done To BTS Koreaboo
    BTS‘s V is one of the kindest people on the planet, but he can also be sassy AF when he wants to be…and, oh, he wants to be!   1. That time he told Jin to, “Stop talking. Dead cells are coming out of your mouth.” Your browser does not support video.   2. When he stole RM’s watermelon Your browser does not support video.   3. When he shoved Jimin over on stage
    taehyung was so done with jimin attempting to read the tongue twister which was too slow so he kicked him lol savage #iVoteBTSBBMAs @BTS_twt ... more
  • 2 days Red Velvet’s Irene Washes Off Her Makeup And Surprises Fans With Her Bare Face Koreaboo
    During I Will Channel You, Red Velvet‘s Irene lost a challenge and had to get her face imprinted with ink. Your browser does not support video.   Afterwards, she headed to the bathroom to cleanse off her face. Your browser does not support video.   She took a makeup remover tissue to erase the ink, and washed her face with soap to reveal… Your browser does not support video.   … her natural bare face! Your browser does not support video.   What was completely surprising was that Irene’s face before and after barely had any change at all! She still ... more
  • 2 days 12 Idols Who Have Known Crushes On Other Idols Koreaboo
    1. Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi Irene always stares at Seulgi’s lips, often times making her feel a little awkward, and it just may be that Irene has a little crush on Seulgi! Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video.   2. Super Junior’s Heechul & TWICE’s Momo Momo was known to be Heechul’s ideal type and this was confirmed when they ran into each other on Weekly Idol where Momo showed off her cutest aegyo and Heechul didn’t know what to do with himself. Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 2 days Hyunah Worries Fans with Bruise-Covered Body in Recent Post Koreaboo
    On February 14, Hyunah uploaded various photos of herself on her Instagram account, and fans are concerned about what they spotted on her body. The photos show Hyunah sitting on the floor with a colorfully stripped sweater and mismatched socks on. She looked beautiful as always with impactful poses and a powerful look in her eyes. But what many fans focused on was her legs and what was spotted on them. There were many blue bruises all over her knees which deeply concerned her fans. “Unnie, be careful with your body.” “You look so pretty. But are ... more
  • 2 days Red Velvet’s Irene Speaks Up About Kim Jong Un Being Her Alleged #1 Fan Koreaboo
    When Red Velvet visited North Korea to perform for a special concert, Irene became a hot issue when she was spotted in the center standing next to the dictator, Kim Jong Un, far away from her members.   Many speculations arose from the photo. Some claimed that Kim Jong Un was a big fan of Irene. A North Korean escapee said he placed her there on purpose to show that he know the current trends in South Korea. But Irene says it’s all false rumors. Your browser does not support video. “It’s not true.” — Irene   She gave the ... more
  • 2 days BTS As 90s Heartthrobs Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day Koreaboo
    Hold onto your hats, BTS fans, because we’re about to go back in time to the Golden Age of Boybands, the 1990s!   The 1990s was a glorious period in pop music history. In the west, it was the time of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. In the east, it was the time of Sechs Kies and Seo Taiji and Boys.   Now, nearly 30 years later, it’s the time of BTS, but ARMYs have recently found a way to send their boys back to that golden era: 90s heartthrob edits!   That’s right, BTS fans have kicked off a new trend ... more
  • 2 days These 5 Idols Are Seriously Scaring Fans with Their Dramatic Weight Loss Koreaboo
    It’s no surprise that most celebrities feel the pressure to go on extreme diets and exercise regimens in order to be competitive in the entertainment industry. But there are times when celebrities worry their fans by going a little too far. Here are 5 idols who are seriously worrying their fans with their dramatic weight loss: 1. AOA’s Jimin In recent days, Jimin‘s Instagram post of herself caused quite a stir in the online community. In the photos, the fat in her cheeks is completely gone and her legs look much too thin. Following the shocking reveal, FNC Entertainment spoke ... more
  • 2 days 7 Idols Who Are so Gorgeous That They Modelled Soju Koreaboo
    In Korea, soju companies only use the most beautiful stars as their models, which is why people say that if you want to know who the hottest stars are at the moment, just look at the soju advertisements. Here are the 7 beautiful stars who modeled for various Korean soju companies in the past and present: 1. Irene – Chamisul Last December, Red Velvet‘s Irene became the face of Chamisul soju. In the TV commercial, Irene appeared in the trademark green cape and showed off her pure and elegant charms. 2. IU – Chamisul The singer and actress, ... more
  • 2 days Lay Was Asked About His Relationship With EXO…His Answer Is Bringing EXO-L To Tears Koreaboo
    OT9 interactions seem to be few and far between these days since Lay and the rest of the EXO members having their own very busy schedules. This may be why when they do get to interact or talk about one another, it seems even more special. So when Lay was recently asked about his relationship with EXO, it was incredibly emotional.   Lay recently sat down for an interview with Access Hollywood and covered all sorts of topics. While he covered things like who he would love to collaborate with in the future… Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 2 days TXT’s “Hint Fairy” Beomgyu Has Been Dropping Clues About TXT’s Debut Koreaboo
    Details about TXT‘s mysterious, upcoming debut are scarce, but thankfully TXT fans can count on at least one member to give them hints.   Beomgyu has recently earned the nickname “hint fairy” for leaving subtle clues about TXT’s debut.   So far, most of Beomgyu’s hinting has been done through the strategic use of emojis on the TXT members’ Twitter and in his diary entries. In Beomgyu’s first-ever tweet to fans, posted January 23, he ended his message with a star emoji.
    안녕하세요! #범규 입니다!!!인트로덕션 필름은 잘 보셨나요??여러분들과 조금이라도 빨리 소통하고 싶어서 이렇게 트위터를 하게 되었어요!!앞으로 자주자주 ... more
  • 2 days Red Velvet’s Wendy Showed up in L.A. Looking like a Big Box of Chocolates Koreaboo
    On February 7, Red Velvet was in L.A. for the “Red Velvet Second Consert ‘REDMARE’ in USA”. On this day, the Red Velvet members showed off their distinct charms as one of the top K-Pop girl groups. It’s hard to say which member shined the most since they all looked beautiful as usual, but Wendy drew the fans’ particular attention. Wendy showed up in a huge white ribbon and a heart shaped outfit that made her look like either a cute doll or a big box of chocolates. What complimented her look even further was her short hairstyle. ... more
  • 2 days NU’EST Releases New OT5 Group Photo For The First Time Since Wanna One Koreaboo
    It’s been 2 years since NU’EST promoted together with all original 5 members, and to celebrate the return of Hwang Minhyun, the boys took a new group photo! It was the first full group photo since Hwang Minhyun won a place to debut with Wanna One on Produce 101 Season 2.   NU’EST also dropped new profile photos for each of the members! Baekho looked stunning in a oversized sweater as he beamed at the camera.   Aron looked adorable in his loose wavy bangs and a beret hat!   JR looked like the perfect Valentine’s ... more
  • 3 days Here’s Why Fans Think Hwasa Made a Tribute to JYP at M Countdown Koreaboo
    On February 14, photo time took place before the Mnet’s M Countdown rehearsals. Various K-pop groups participated including GFRIEND, ASTRO, and ITZY. What drew particular attention was MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, who recently released her solo track, “Twit”, and the outfit she was wearing. Hwasa sported a blue jumpsuit and wore a plastic attire on top. In addition, she pulled her hair up into a high ponytail and shocked fans with her unique look. Many who saw this mentioned Park Jin Young and how he would have liked this look very much. Some even assumed that this was a tribute ... more
  • 3 days BTS Went Wild On Twitter One Valentine’s Day, Here’s What Happened Koreaboo
    BTS recently wished fans a Happy Valentine’s Day with this video clip, taken at the 2019 Grammy Awards, but veteran ARMYs may remember a very different greeting from 5 years ago.
    이건 발렌타인초콜릿같은 선물영상 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ — 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) February 14, 2019   From debut until now, BTS have gone wild on Twitter countless times with Dubsmashes, hilarious song covers, and much more. Valentine’s Day 2014 was no exception. Valentine’s Day Puma promotion, 2017.   On that day, each of the BTS members tweeted out selfies of themselves holding chocolatey treats. Their captions parodied the lyrics from BTS’s 2014 hit, ... more
  • 3 days Watch ITZY’s First Music Show Debut Performance With ‘DALLA DALLA’ Koreaboo
    JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group, ITZY, made their long awaited music show debut with ‘DALLA DALLA’ on M COUNTDOWN!   The girls put on a perfectly synced performance, proving just how hard they worked for this moment. Your browser does not support video.   They exuded fierce personalities in powerful dance moves… Your browser does not support video.   … while also sprinkling in the cutest charms with adorable gestures! Your browser does not support video.   Not only were the girls great with their vocals, they incorporated intricate dance breaks that showed off their dancing skills! Your browser does ... more
  • 3 days Red Velvet’s Seulgi Exhibits Childish Behavior When Eating Food Koreaboo
    In recent days, one of Seulgi‘s childish behaviors has been receiving overwhelming attention in online communities and social media, and fans are surprised since Seulgi is normally known for her serious and mature role in Red Velvet. The childish behavior that netizens are referring to is her hatred of vegetables. Seulgi hates vegetables so much that she even confessed it on an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros. She has a habit of picking out vegetables every time she eats a dish, and it’s been shown on various TV shows as well. In particular, she caused a roar of ... more
  • 3 days ITZY Fans Are Shocked By Yeji, Chaeryeong And Yuna In Latest Japanese Video Koreaboo
    The ITZY members released a video that they shot for Apple Music Japan, and fans were blown away by Yeji, Chaeryeong and Yuna‘s particular skill!
    今週デビューしたばかりのガールズグループ @ITZYofficial から #バレンタインデー のメッセージ — Apple Music Japan (@AppleMusicJapan) February 14, 2019   Yeji started off by commenting on Valentine’s Day but she did it all in Japanese! Your browser does not support video.   Chaeryeong then went on to introduce their latest release of ‘DALLA DALLA’ in superb Japanese skills! Your browser does not support video.   Then Yuna finished off by asking for the love and ... more
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