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  • 5 hours Universities Around The World Will Soon Be Teaching “Learn Korean With BTS” Koreaboo
    Learn! Korean with BTS has been a big hit with ARMYs so far—so much so that several international universities are adding it to their curriculum. Launched in March 2020, BTS‘s free language learning show has been helping fans understand more and more of what the members say on a weekly basis. It aims to teach Korean through short clips of BTS content, focusing on targeted vocabulary and grammar points. After the series’ successful start, Big Hit Entertainment announced on August 11 that BTS will be the stars of a successful university-level Korean language course in partnership with the Korea ... more
  • 6 hours A Teenager And A Professional Makeup Artist Went Head To Head—Who Did It Better? Koreaboo
    YouTube channel 파우더룸& POWDERROOM& recently uploaded a video comparing graduation makeup done by two people: a teenager and a professional makeup artist with 10 years of experience. Although the latter appeared to have the upper hand, the teenager didn’t go down without a fight! Your browser does not support video. The two had notably different techniques. The teenager, for instance, skipped out on the skincare stage while the makeup artist made sure to use two products. Your browser does not support video. The teenager’s makeup routine emphasized youthful products and trendy techniques. She used BB cream instead of foundation, and she ... more
  • 7 hours Netizens Prove Kim Soo Hyun And Seo Ye Ji Look So Alike They Could Be Siblings Koreaboo
    Remember that famous half-and-half shot of EXO‘s Suho and Red Velvet‘s Irene that had been making rounds on online communities for looking so alike? | theqoo Well, it seems like netizens have done it again, finding the likeness between the actors from hit drama, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay! They have combined Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji‘s faces to realize that they look absolutely alike. | theqoo Netizens claim it would’ve matched up perfectly if Seo Ye Ji had gone for lighter eye makeup or if Kim Soo Hyun had brushed on some eyeliner. What’s uncanny is ... more
  • 7 hours EXID’s Hani and Actor Song Jae Rim Confirmed For New Drama “Not Yet Thirty” Koreaboo
    With CNBLUE‘s Kang Minhyuk being confirmed for Kakao M‘s new webseries, Not Yet Thirty (working title), our cast is now complete as drama representatives have confirmed that EXID‘s Hani and actor Song Jae Rim will be joining as the second leads. | Beauty Plus The drama, Not Yet Thirty, is centered around women that have just turned 30, and how they balance their career and love lives. It will be about a webtoon artist, Seo Ji Won, who meets with her first love from her middle school days, Lee Seung Yoo, who becomes her publisher. In your 20s, you would feel ... more
  • 7 hours 6 Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Had The Prettiest Makeup In The Room Koreaboo
    A perk of being a celebrity is having your makeup done regularly. Like many others, TWICE‘s Tzuyu switches up her makeup with every photoshoot, and it always looks amazing! Here are some of her prettiest looks to date! 1. Pink Eyeshadow Her bold eye look with jeweled stickers is one of a kind! | Allure 2. Bright Red Lip This time Tzuyu’s lips were the highlight! They made her look even sweeter than usual. | @queentzuyu/Instagram 3. Long Eyelashes Doesn’t everyone want to have lashes as long as hers? | @queentzuyu/Instagram | @queentzuyu/Instagram 4. Shimmery Eye Look She’s unbelievably gorgeous ... more
  • 8 hours Choreographer Matthew Bourne Has Fallen For BTS Jimin’s Dancing And We Don’t Blame Him Koreaboo
    Long story short, famous English choreographer Matthew Bourne (we’ll get into the details about him later) posted a heart as he tweeted a video of BTS’s Jimin performing a contemporary dance routine. — Matthew Bourne (@SirMattBourne) July 28, 2020 The video that he posted was from the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun performance of Jimin dancing to “Pin Up Girl” by NadanMusic. After Jimin’s performance, NadanMusic’s music director revealed that they wanted to see Jimin dancing contemporary to a song called “Never Mind,” which is from their album Modern Dance Music Vol. 4. Your ... more
  • 8 hours APRIL’s Naeun Shows Off Handmade Necklace Made By Red Velvet’s Yeri Koreaboo
    Red Velvet’s Yeri and APRIL’s Naeun are known to be good friends who are both born in ’99. Recently, Naeun posted a photo to her Instagram story revealing a handmade necklace that Yeri made for her. The caption reads, “Yerim, I wore it for our first comeback performance and it was perfect.” The photo shows Naeun wearing a colorful outfit that matched the cute necklace. Your browser does not support video.| @betterlee_0824/Instagram Yeri, who saw Naeun’s post, posted a screen shot of her Instagram story and responded, “So pretty! Naeun wore the necklace I made for her for their first ... more
  • 9 hours These Are The Top 25 Most-Watched K-Pop Group MVs So Far This Year Koreaboo
    2020 has been a great year for K-Pop so far, with both older groups having awesome comebacks and new groups debuting with amazing hits! With the music genre becoming increasingly popular, the most well-received videos are also getting more views on average than in the past, with some racking up impressive amounts of views in an incredibly short period of time. These are the 25 most-viewed K-Pop group music videos so far of 2020! 25. “FANTASIA X” by MONSTA X: 29.6 million views 24. “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” by BTS: 33.2 million views 23. “Black Swan” Art ... more
  • 10 hours These 20 K-Pop Artists Have The Most Album Sales In Japan Koreaboo
    Japan, after Korea, is one of the countries with the most K-Pop album sales. There are several artists that are immensely popular in Korea’s neighboring country, thanks to effective marketing strategies and albums made with Japanese versions of songs (or just original Japanese songs to begin with). Both now and in the past, album sales have done really well in Japan in both physical and digital form! These are the 20 artists that have had the most success selling in Japan. 20. NCT Total Japan sales: 334.8k Best-selling album: Awaken 19. Jaejoong (JYJ) Total Japan sales: 429.7k Best-selling album: ... more
  • 11 hours CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk To Make First Drama Comeback After His Military Discharge Koreaboo
    CNBLUE‘s Kang Minhyuk who is currently more active as an actor, has confirmed his first work after being discharged from the military. He has signed on with KAKAO M‘s original digital drama, Not Yet Thirty (working title). | FNC Entertainment On the 11th of August, his agency, FNC Entertainment, confirmed the news. The drama, Not Yet Thirty, is centered around women that have just turned 30, and how they balance their career and love lives. It will be about a webtoon artist, Seo Ji Won, who meets with her first love from her middle school days, Lee Seung Yoo, who ... more
  • 11 hours Japanese Online Concert, “A-Nation” Lineup To Include SuperM, SUPER JUNIOR, EXO-SC And Red Velvet Koreaboo
    It seems like the era for online concerts is continuing into the latter half of the year, with esteemed annual Japanese summer concert, a-nation, being moved online this year. It has been confirmed on the 11th of August, that the virtual lineup will include SuperM, EXO-SC, Red Velvet and SUPER JUNIOR. | SM Entertainment The concert will be held on the 29th of August. It is SUPER JUNIOR’s 5th time performing with a-nation, having performed in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2018 previously. Red Velvet will be making their third time on the show this year after a successful stint in ... more
  • 11 hours SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, WJSN And UP10TION’s Lee Jinhyuk Share The Downsides To Dorm Living Koreaboo
    Living with family is tough on some, not to mention living with your colleagues! As idols are often made to live in dorms with their members, especially during their rookie days, frustrations and small misunderstandings are bound to come up. On a recent variety show, the girls of WJSN were asked about the worst type of people to live with. Dayoung replied by sharing an incident that happened in the dorms. She had then just bought a really expensive facial cream that cost about $300 USD. She was saving it so much that she never used it, and ... more
  • 12 hours BLACKPINK Did Not Want To Be K-Pop Idols As Kids, Here’s What They Wanted Instead Koreaboo
    While it’s hard to think of BLACKPINK doing anything aside from singing, dancing, acting, or modelling, they once had dreams outside of these professions. In solo interviews for Star Road in 2019, the girls each answered a list of questions candidly while walking around a picturesque garden. From how many times they search their names online to where they want to travel, BLACKPINK was raw and real. One of the questions they were asked was what they wanted to be when they were growing up. For Jennie, her interest was in ballet so she wished to ... more
  • 12 hours TREASURE’s Jihoon States That Comments That Say “Good Job” Are The Most Meaningful To Them Koreaboo
    On August 10, YG Entertainment’s new boy group TREASURE held their debut album interview at the YGX building in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Previously, the group released their debut single THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE on August 7 and officially made their debut. They are YG’s first new group to debut since BLACKPINK four years ago. In terms of boy groups, they are the first new group in five years. Unlike the other boy groups in YG, they are the first in the company to be a large group, consisting of 12 members. Jihoon commented, “The difference between us and other ... more
  • 12 hours Here’s A Look At How (Actually) Fair A.C.E’s Line Distributions Are Over 11 Of Their Songs Koreaboo
    A.C.E is still a relatively young group, having debuted in May of 2017. However, for such a young group, even from the beginning, the members were being given a pretty even amount of lines between them! This is, understandably, easier for groups with less members, but it’s much more common to see some members getting dramatically more members than others, especially closer to the beginning of their careers when some members just need more experience and practice to feel comfortable with more lines. But since the members of A.C.E were all so talented and capable from debut, that wasn’t necessary! ... more
  • 12 hours AKMU To Make A Comeback In September – Here’s What You Can Expect Koreaboo
    YG Entertainment has promised a comeback for beloved duo, AKMU. On the 11th of August, the agency confirmed that they would be going for a brand new marketing strategy, where they would be releasing a total of 3 music videos over the course of a few months, starting in September, all the way to year-end. | YG Entertainment The agency continued that fans would be able to witness the duo’s growth since their last album in 2019, and that this time, the music would be far deeper and thorough than anything they had previously released. Calling it, a fish that ... more
  • 12 hours 8 Times TREASURE Were BLACKPINK’s Biggest Fanboys Koreaboo
    Fans are aware that the members of YG Entertainment‘s newly-debuted boy group, TREASURE, are big fans of BLACKPINK! They’re not shy to express their love for the girls who also look out for them in return. | @blackpinkofficial/Instagram Check out some of their biggest fanboy moments below! 1. When they were starstruck upon learning BLACKPINK judged their videos BLACKPINK once made an appearance in YG Treasure Box, the show that chose the members of TREASURE. When the contestants learned the girls judged their videos in the skills and talents portion, they were absolutely starstruck. Hyunsuk: I made myself ... more
  • 12 hours K-Pop Stylists Under Fire Yet Again… After (G)I-DLE’s Relay Dance Outfits “Reveal Too Much” Koreaboo
    In (G)I-DLE‘s latest “DUMDi DUMDi” relay dance video on M2‘s YouTube channel, the members looked simply shining, shimmering, splendid in their hot summer girl mini-dresses! | @G_I_DLE/Twitter While slaying every second of the video with the funky fresh choreography though… Your browser does not support video. … all members (except Minnie wearing pants) ended up flashing their safety shorts at the camera. Your browser does not support video. (G)I-DLE fans became thoroughly agitated that the stylists “didn’t think through” and gave the members tiny dresses — more so when “the choreography obviously involves so much leg lifting and spreading“. ... more
  • 13 hours 4 Times “Fans” And Netizens Made Ridiculous Demands Towards K-Pop Idols Koreaboo
    Netizens and K-Pop “fans” can be quite controlling of idols, as they sometimes make demands towards them. Some of these demands have been quite hilarious due to how bizarre they were. Here’s a list of a few times when “fans” and netizens made ridiculous demands towards K-Pop idols. 1. TWICE “fans” demanding Sana to never date When Jihyo and Kang Daniel announced that they were in a relationship, some TWICE “fans” started to make a demand towards Sana. Kang Daniel (Left) & Jihyo (Right) DC TWICE Gallery (a popular forum for TWICE fans) created a post that told Sana that ... more
  • 13 hours A Fan Files A Complaint Requesting Investigation On The AOA Bullying Incident Koreaboo
    With the recent AOA bullying incident and Kwon Mina’s self-harm posts, one fan decided that enough was enough. | @kvwowv/Instagram On August 9 KST, a post titled ‘Request for full investigation on the AOA incident has been sent to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Dept’ was posted in the AOA gallery on the DCinside community board. The poster wrote, “I don’t think I can just sit and watch anymore. I felt like something needed to be done so I requested that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Dept. hold a full investigation regarding the AOA bullying incident.” | @kvwowv/Instagram They also posted a ... more
  • 13 hours BLACKPINK Is Already One Of TREASURE’s Best Seniors, Here’s Proof Koreaboo
    With TREASURE‘s debut last August 7, BLACKPINK is no longer the maknae of YG Entertainment! The girls are now seniors who look out for the boys continuously. They showed their seniority when they appeared in Episode 4 of YG Treasure Box, the show that formed the members of TREASURE. The girls judged the skills, charms, and talents of the contestants, choosing the best five who would compete on stage against then-TREASURE 7. We checked every video packed with skills and talent. We look forward to you guys. — Jisoo While they were likely tired due to their ... more
  • 13 hours Korean Professor Reveals Why BTS Is Successful, And How They Broke The K-Pop Formula Koreaboo
    BTS are truly global phenomenons, and their journey getting to this point is like one from a movie. A YouTube channel by the name of LIVE dental hospital uploaded a video of professor Choi Jae Boong giving a brief presentation about BTS’s success and how they broke the “standard formula” in K-Pop. Choi Jae Boong began his presentation by talking about BTS’s success and how data shows that they’re the most successful artist since The Beatles. Your browser does not support video. He also spoke on how BTS didn’t follow the “standard formula” in K-Pop. Usually, artists would try to get ... more
  • 14 hours TXT Sends Birthday Messages To Bang Si Hyuk And Their Interaction Is Too Cute Koreaboo
    On August 9, TXT’s Yeonjun shared their adorable conversation with Bang Si Hyuk as they wished him a happy birthday. | @TXT_members/Twitter Each of the five members sent their birthday text messages to Bang PD and their personalities could be seen through their words and emoticons. Yeonjun: Oh my god oh my god Sihyuk PD happy birthday >< Going forward, I will become an artist that can take the other person down with my rap, dance and singing skills. Thank you always. Taehyun: *sends happy birthday emoticon* Bang PD: Ahhhh! keke *sends oh yeah emoticon* Beomgyu: Ohh Sihyuk-nim happy ... more
  • 16 hours August Might Be The Biggest Month Ever For K-Pop In America Due To These 3 Comebacks Koreaboo
    Over the last several years, K-pop has slowly become more popular in America (as well as the rest of the world). With songs from the music genre constantly ranking on various Billboard charts each week and groups such as BTS getting invited to attend and perform on different music awards shows, K-Pop is definitely making strides in the U.S.! However, it’s still not as popular as it could be… Yet. This month, however, is surely going to be huge in K-Pop, specifically for American fans, because 3 of the biggest groups in the United States are having highly anticipated ... more
  • 17 hours ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Seized His Chance To Tease Sanha After The Maknae Asked If He Was Cute Koreaboo
    There’s absolutely no doubt that ASTRO‘s Sanha is a true maknae on top. His hyungs are always showering him with lots of love and can’t help spoiling him a bit either! Just because they do so, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t love to tease him too. During an episode of ASTRO PLAY, Cha Eunwoo was given the opportunity to tease his maknae just a little bit and simply couldn’t resist! | @ddana_yoon/Instagram After Sanha had grabbed Eunwoo’s attention, the two quickly sweetly sent out lots of compliments to each other with Sanha commenting on Eunwoo’s handsomeness and Eunwoo complimenting ... more
  • 17 hours NCT’s Doyoung Heartwarmingly Apologizes To Renjun For Their Past Misunderstanding Koreaboo
    Through NCT’s latest segment It’s Awkward, But It’s OK, NCT Dream’s Renjun and NCT 127’s Doyoung were able to ease a bit of the awkwardness between them and become more comfortable as friends. To make the road smoother, they couldn’t move forward without addressing the past and clearing the air about a past misunderstanding. When thinking back, Renjun opened up about his thoughts on Doyoung. Despite the lack of time spent together and their four-year age difference, that didn’t stop him from viewing him fondly, “I always respected you and liked you.” Your browser does not support video. Even though he’d ... more
  • 17 hours 10 “Trivial” Pet Peeves That Fans Say Make Them Dislike K-Pop Songs Koreaboo
    Sometimes, there are certain trends or interesting choices used in K-Pop songs that some fans enjoy, while others find questionable or even irritating and grating. These can be trends that fans notice in a lot of different songs, or certain sounds and artistic choices in one particular song that makes it so they just can’t enjoy it as fully as they think they would otherwise. Recently, a Reddit forum was created for fans to discuss the “trivial” things in K-Pop songs that make them unable to like a song, and these are 10 of their top answers. Of course, all ... more
  • 18 hours NCT Doyoung’s Refusal To Hurt Renjun—Even For A Joke—Will Hit You Right In The Feels Koreaboo
    In NCT’s latest segment, It’s Awkward, But It’s OK, two members of different units come together to overcome their awkwardness with each other and grow closer. NCT 127’s Doyoung and NCT Dream’s Renjun were the segment’s first guests, receiving lines from Mark and Haechan through their earpieces. While the jokes Renjun and Doyoung were told to say cracked up themselves and the two listening in, the latter had to draw the line when Haechan became just a little too playful. To make conversation, Mark directed Renjun to mention their latest title track and find out if Doyoung had seen it. Laughing, Renjun repeated ... more
  • 18 hours A Young Fan Didn’t Call BTS’s V “Oppa” — And This Was His Reaction Koreaboo
    BTS’ V once gave a light-hearted response to a young fan’s mistake…and it will make you LOL. During a live broadcast, he was reading a fan’s plea for advice on her current situation. I am a high school student and so nervous about my job interview. What should I do, Taehyung-ah? What do you do when you’re nervous? — Fan Your browser does not support video. Immediately, V responded to one part of the message without addressing anything else she actually asked for. You’re a high school student…I wonder why you’re calling me Taehyung-ah? I’m 23 years old. — ... more
  • 19 hours “Sasaeng Fans” Show Up To Ruin ONF’s Comeback Showcase — Agency Apologizes For The Mess Koreaboo
    On August 10, boy group ONF held their comeback showcase via live broadcast. Shortly after the event, the group’s agency WM Entertainment shared an alarming announcement… ONF at their “[Spin-Off] Comeback Showcase”. | @wm_on7off/Twitter… stating that the staff had to deal with uninvited “fans” on site. WM Entertainment claimed they had “violations” of the “fan club etiquette” — which outlined that the showcase is to be held without a live audience. WM Entertainment’s announcement. | Daum Cafe Hello, this is WM Entertainment. Despite the recent upload of the “Fan Club Etiquette” announcement, which explained that the schedules are closed to ... more
  • 19 hours Here Are The Top 5 Craziest And Potentially Dangerous Things MAMAMOO’s Solar Has Done For YouTube Koreaboo
    MAMAMOO’s Solar will do just about anything to give the viewers of her YouTube channel some unique and shocking content. Check out her 5 craziest video concepts that will make you wonder why you didn’t subscribe sooner! 1. Living on a deserted island Solar decided to fend for herself when living on a deserted island. Your browser does not support video. She encountered a plethora of hardships, including detrimental weather that came during the night. It wasn’t long before she was begging to go home. Your browser does not support video. Literally, begging. Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 19 hours BTS’s V Had Everyone Fooled With His Not-So-Secret Secret Koreaboo
    BTS‘s is an expert at clowning ARMY, even when he’s not trying to! | Chilsung Cider/Instagram At midnight on August 11 (KST), BTS dropped the first teaser photo set for their comeback single “Dynamite”. In each photo, all the members wore new clothes (that are quickly selling out), and some also revealed new hair colors or styles. V’s hair is now a honeyed brown that’s sweeping the nape of his neck with its feathered layers. When some fans saw his hair, they wanted to put on their clown makeup. The reality of V’s ‘do isn’t what they predicted. At all. ... more
  • 20 hours The 6 Female Idols Who Are All Part Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Star-Studded Friendship Group Koreaboo
    Who wouldn’t want to be friends with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie? Unfortunately, most of us have no hope of making it into her inner circle—but thankfully, we can enjoy her star friendships from afar. Here are 6 female idols who are all part of Jennie’s enviable K-Pop entourage. 1. Irene (Red Velvet) On an episode of Weekly Idol, Red Velvet‘s Irene shared that she first met Jennie at a beauty shop. Ever since then, the two singers have been besties—and fans have been lucky enough to enjoy numerous interactions between them. The first time they interacted in public was when Jennie ... more
  • 20 hours (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Gets “Mocked” On Radio Show… Host Apologizes To Outraged Fans Koreaboo
    On August 6, (G)I-DLE graced the radio program Cultwo Show… (G)I-DLE on Cultwo Show. | Cultwo Show/YouTube … where Shuhua shared a cute story about how she had good spicy chicken at a convenience store. While describing what she had, Shuhua ended up mispronouncing the Korean word dakdari (drumstick)…
    우기슈화가 같이 편의점에 갔는데 알고보니 편의점 알바생이 네버랜드셨고… 슈화가 치킨 맛있게 먹었다네요 — 수서 (@Shu_OoO_) August 6, 2020 … and one of the show hosts, comedian Kim Tae Kyun, imitated the mispronunciation. | @realtaekyun/Instagram (G)I-DLE fans found the host’s behavior to be extremely rude. She’s not ... more
  • 20 hours BTS’s Teaser Outfits Are Selling Out Faster Than You Can Say “Dynamite” Koreaboo
    BTS just revealed their newest outfits, and fans know what that means; it’s shopping time! At midnight on August 11 (KST), BTS dropped the first teaser photo set for their comeback single “Dynamite”. In each photo, the members are wearing retro clothes and accessories inspired by trends from the 1990s. J-Hope‘s Obey Big Shot T-Shirt, which retails for about $40 USD, was the first item to sell out — in minutes. He looked so fine in his shirt that fans just had to add it to their own closets. In less than an hour, V‘s beaded ... more
  • 20 hours “Affair Icon” Kim Young Min Describes His Actual Marriage Life On “Running Man” Koreaboo
    Kim Young Min, who is well-known for his role of a cheating man on JTBC‘s The World Of The Married, just made an appearance on SBS‘s Running Man where he revealed his actual marriage in real life.   Unlike his character in the drama who habitually cheated on his wife, Kim Young Min shyly stressed that he is not like that in real life.   Kim Young Min revealed, We got married after dating for 5 years. I’m a husband who’s been listening to his wife very well for 13 years now. — Kim Young Min In response, ... more
  • 21 hours The Top 10 Countries Where Fans Spend The Most Time Watching & Listening To K-Pop Koreaboo
    All K-Pop fans love to spend their free time listening to Korean songs, watching their favorite groups, and keeping updated through Koreaboo—but fans in some countries dedicate more time to their idols than others. According to a survey of over 5,500 people across 6 continents, these are the top 10 countries where fans spend the most time consuming K-Pop content. 10. Turkey Fans in Turkey say they spend around 14 hours a month consuming K-Pop content. That’s around 7 whole days each year dedicated solely to watching and listening to K-Pop. | @victon1109/Instagram VICTON held a concert in Istanbul, Turkey, in ... more
  • 22 hours “The World Of The Married” Kim Seon Kyeong Confesses To Having Spent $40,000 Out Of Her Own Pocket For Her On-Screen Wardrobe Koreaboo
    If you’ve watched one of the hottest dramas of 2020, JTBC‘s The World Of The Married, you probably know Kim Seon Kyung, who played the mother of the infamous affair woman, Yeo Da Kyung, played by the talented actress, Han So Hee. But on a recent episode of SBS‘s Do You Eat, Kim Seon Kyung confessed to spending thousands of dollars out of her own pocket for her character’s wardrobe. On the show, Kim Seon Kyung revealed that she spent a lot of money on her wardrobe on the drama, and when asked just how much, she didn’t hesitate ... more
  • 22 hours BTS’s RM Is Back As “Blue Joon” For “Dynamite”, And It’s Giving Fans Whiplash Koreaboo
    BTS just gave the world its first taste of “Dynamite”, and let’s just say it “blue” ARMY’s minds. Minutes after BTS dropped their first set of concept photos, “NAMJOON” and “JOON” rose to the top of the Worldwide Trends on Twitter. Right now, RM is second only to a hashtag for “Dynamite” and J-Hope, who has fans ready to risk it all. In the days leading up to photos’ release, many fans were focused on BTS’s new hair colors, which appeared to be hidden under hats and wigs. | @bts_twt/  Just two weeks ago, RM had short, light brown hair ... more
  • 22 hours APRIL’s Naeun Appointed As Ambassador For The 2020 Bucheon International Animation Festival Koreaboo
    APRIL‘s Naeun has been selected as a promotional ambassador for the 22nd Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF). | @betterlee_0824/Instagram The BIAF is a film festival centered around animated films including featured films, short films, graduation films, TV and commissioned films, and VR works from around the world. Since 1999 when the event was first held, the BIAF’s goal has been to spread the true charm of the animation genre. To help spread the charm this year, on August 10, BIAF revealed Naeun had been chosen as the honorary ambassador for this year’s festivities. Sharing her thoughts on the position ... more
  • 22 hours Here Are 15 Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Showed Off Her Gorgeous 11-Line Abs Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK’s Jisoo doesn’t show off her toned middle often, but when she does, it’s evident how hard she works for it. Check out these 15 times her incredible body line and muscular definition left fans going crazy! 1. Jisoo’s abs are so defined, you can see her muscles moving as she dances! Seriously, Jisoo is #FitnessGoals. Your browser does not support video. 2. She proves that hard work pays off. She’s confident and not afraid to show it! 3. Even when she’s not doing much, it looks like she’s flexing. The stage lighting definitely does her justice. Your browser ... more
  • 22 hours 13 Female Idols Fans Believe Would Definitely Stand A Chance To Win “Miss Korea” Koreaboo
    K-Pop idols are gorgeous, and fans and netizens alike are always shook at how each time they see them, they just seem to get more and more beautiful! Here are 13 female idols that fans believe actually have a shot at running for Miss Korea, for they have all that it takes! 1. Lee Hyori Fans believe Lee Hyori would be a perfect candidate for Miss Korea! They believe she has the looks, personality and “it factor” required to be a top runner for the position!   2. Lovelyz’s Mijoo Lovelyz‘s ... more
  • 22 hours Former LIMITLESS Member Heeseok Shares Concerning Post Detailing Self-Harm Triggered By Depression, Anxiety, And Panic Attacks Koreaboo
    Former LIMITLESS member, Heeseok shared a lengthy post detailing the hardships he went through with his agency, as well as his self-harm attempts triggered by his depression, anxiety, and panic. | @official_lmtls/Instagram   The post that has many fans concerned reads as follows: I’m currently in very unstable condition, so please understand if this is incoherent. I didn’t want to write a post like this, so I clenched my teeth and endured it for 1 year, but now I’m sharing it because I don’t see any other way. When I joined the agency and prepared for my debut, our agency ... more
  • 24 hours SMTOWN Launch Official BoA Instagram And Twitter Accounts For Her 20th Anniversary Koreaboo
    With BoA‘s 20th anniversary right around the corner, SM Entertainment is going all out to celebrate and honor the iconic singer including launching an official SMTOWN Instagram and Twitter account for her! | @boakwon/Instagram Although BoA has her own Instagram account where she often interacts with fans as well as a lesser-used Twitter account, on August 10, SMTOWN unveiled some brand new social accounts dedicated to delivering updates, news, and more about the legendary queen.
    #BoA #보아 #BoA_Still_Our_No1 #Happy_BoA_20th_Anniversary #20years_with_BoA #Our_Beloved_BoA — BoA Official (@BoAsmtown) August 10, 2020 Additionally, the new official accounts will allow ... more
  • 24 hours Actor Friend Lee Si Eon Commented On Former AOA Member Mina’s Devastating Self-Harm Post Koreaboo
    Former AOA member, Mina is currently in recovery after another self-harm injury and a post accusing Jimin, Seolhyun, and FNC Entertainment‘s CEO of wrongful actions. | @kvwowv/Instagram   In the post, Mina specifically named Jimin, Seolhyun, and CEO Han Sung Ho and called them trash. I don’t want to leave in such an unfair way. Shin Jimin, Han Sung Ho, Kim Seolhyun, have a good life. These people are such trash that it can’t be described with words. They pushed a perfectly fine person to the brink of death. I’m going to die so I can harass you. — Mina ... more
  • 1 day Survey Reveals The 4 Songs That Made Korean Fans Join The NCT Fandom Koreaboo
    NCT debuted in 2016, making their debut with units NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream. In 2020, the already sizable group added another unit: WayV. With over twenty members and countless songs of different styles, there’s more than enough to cater to everyone’s tastes. Yet, there’s nothing like the first song that really catches a fan’s attention and makes them become a fan. Based on a survey by the K-Pop fandom app Blip, it revealed the four NCT songs that made Korean fans swerve into the NCTzen lane. 4. NCT Dream — “BOOM” Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 1 day BTS Releases The 1st Teaser Photos For Their New Song “Dynamite” Koreaboo
    BTS is lighting the fuse for “Dynamite” with their first teaser images! | @SamsungMobile/ On July 26, BTS announced their plans to release a new English song as a cheer-up gift for ARMY, to help them get through the COVID-19 pandemic. “Dynamite” is an upbeat, all-English song that will be released on August 21. | @BigHitEnt/ We tried recording a guide and decided that the English lyrics give a better vibe. It’s new and refreshing. So we said we’ll stick to making this an English track. — V At midnight on August 11 (KST), BTS released the first teaser photo set for their ... more
  • 1 day MAMAMOO’s Solar Spoils “Running Man” Song Ji Hyo With Yet Another Thoughtful Gift Koreaboo
    Running Man‘s Song Ji Hyo was recently a hot topic of conversation after she bought MAMAMOO‘s Solar the same soundbar speakers that she failed to win on the show out of her own pocket. | @solarsido/YouTube And in return MAMAMOO’s Solar sent fruit baskets to the staff of Running Man, making fans fawn over their friendship even more. | @sbs_runningman_sbs/Instagram But it didn’t’ just end there. Solar sent a separate gift to Song Ji Hyo and it’s incredibly thoughtful, to say the least. | @my_songjihyo/Instagram   Song Ji Hyo recently took to her Instagram account to share the generous gift ... more
  • 1 day Here Are The Top Female 5 Idols Who Completely Change From Fierce Queen To Soft Baby With Natural Makeup Koreaboo
    A bold makeup look can change someone’s entire aura and turn them from a fresh-faced sweetheart into a charismatic performer. Check out these 5 female idols who are the definition of duality and are barely recognizable with different makeup styles! 5. Chaeyoung (TWICE) Chaeyoung confidently rocks her fair share of bold makeup looks. | @twicetagram/Instagram She focuses on funky eyeliner and vibrant colors with an overall artsy approach to makeup. It helps bring out her inner warrior goddess when performing on stage! However, barefaced Chaeyoung is a completely different story. Her eyes are much more round and ... more
  • 1 day A BTS Fan’s Brother Worked At Jungkook’s Apartment, And He Has Nothing But Praise For Him Koreaboo
    What is BTS‘s Jungkook like at home? A technician who worked on Jungkook’s apartment only has good things to say about the superstar. In October 2018, Jungkook purchased an apartment in the luxurious “Seoul Forest Trimage” apartment complex for approximately 1.95 billion won ($1.74 million USD). | Baomoi/ The “Seoul Forest Trimage” is home to many idols. J-Hope bought an apartment there in 2016, and other residents include Super Junior‘s Siwon, Heechul, and Leeteuk, JYJ’s Jaejoong, and Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny. On a Korean forum, an ARMY shared a photo of an autograph she received from Jungkook, as well as the sweet story behind it. The OP’s ... more
  • 1 day Former Wonder Girls Member Yubin Shares How “Replacing” HyunA Took A Toll On Her Confidence Koreaboo
    Former Wonder Girls member, Yubin recently spoke on the YouTube channel, 15 Minutes That Change The World, where she opened up about the story behind her debut with Wonder Girls.   Before Yubin joined Wonder Girls, she was preparing to debut with Secret‘s Jun Hyoseong, Uee, and Spica‘s Yang Jiwon. And when it didn’t work out due to the financial troubles of their agency, Yubin became a Wonder Girls member. But Yubin confessed that she was compared to HyunA, who had left just before she joined the group. And it was both good and bad. The member that ... more
  • 1 day tvN’s “Day And Night” Responds To Netizens’ Demand For AOA’s Seolhyun To Be Kicked Off The Drama Koreaboo
    In light of former AOA member, Mina‘s claim that Seolhyun was a bystander when she was getting bullied by Jimin, Seolhyun has been getting a lot of hate from netizens, and at the same time, many have been demanding that she get kicked off her current drama, tvN‘s Day and Night. According to a recent report by Sports Kyunghyang, Seolhyun is currently filming Day and Night, which is set to premiere in the second half of 2020. Seolhyun is playing the character of a police officer who is known to obsess over investigations and not let anything stop ... more
  • 1 day BTS Jin’s Brother Playfully Thanks “MC Jin”, Shares Wedding Photos Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Jin is a born comedian, and it turns out that humor runs in his family! On August 8, 2020, MC Jin took over the mic at his older brother’s wedding. Jin previously put his award show hosting skills to work by MCing at a friend’s wedding in June. In addition to MCing, Jin was happy to take photos with Kim Seokjung‘s wedding guests… …two of which were J-Hope and RM. On Instagram, Kim Seokjung playfully thanked his “wink-loving little brother” and Lee Hyun for taking part in the wedding. He could have sung a duet with Jin, but nah. “I had no ... more
  • 1 day Investigation Reveals Just How Manipulated The First 3 Seasons Of “Produce 101” Were And The Possible Punishments Koreaboo
    The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) has decided in their investigation that the Produce 101 series should receive the highest level of punishment possible, and there have also been details released about the specifics of the manipulation. The KCSC announced on August to that they have decided to fine Mnet for the manipulation in all of their seasons of Produce: Produce 101 Season 1, Produce 101 Season 2, Produce 48, and Produce X 101. By using the tactic that the final members of the group will be decided by the viewer’s votes, to increase viewer participation, the viewers were encouraged ... more
  • 1 day 7 Times The BTS Members Leaned On Each Other’s Shoulders When They Were Tired Koreaboo
    The BTS members are always there for each other, and that includes offering their shoulder when someone is tired or sleepy. It’s a heartwarming sight—one that just goes to show how comfortable they are with each other. Here are 7 times they leaned on each other’s shoulders! | @btsarmy89859268/Twitter 1. When RM leaned on Suga’s shoulder Your browser does not support video. It must be tiring to be the leader of one of the biggest boy groups in the world, so RM relies on his members when he needs a much-deserved rest. 2. When Jimin leaned on Jungkook’s shoulder Your ... more
  • 1 day 7 Adorable Times BTS’s Jungkook Hugged His Members And Was Hugged Back Koreaboo
    ARMYs would know that BTS‘s maknae, Jungkook, is always doted on by the members. One way they show their love is by hugging him whenever they want to, and it’s absolutely adorable! Check them out below! 1. When he melted at Jin’s hug Your browser does not support video. Same Jungkook, same. Who wouldn’t melt with just one of Jin‘s touches? 2. When he attacked Suga with a hug Your browser does not support video. The members make each other genuinely happy, and this gif is proof of it! 3. When J-Hope couldn’t hold himself back Your browser ... more
  • 1 day 6 Times BTS’s RM Showed Just How Much He Loves His Members Koreaboo
    BTS‘s RM is widely acknowledged as one of the best leaders in K-Pop, and one possible reason why is because of how well he takes care of the other members. He comforts them when they’re sad… …and leans on them whenever he can. Here are 7 times RM demonstrated his love for his members! 1. When he embraced Jin Your browser does not support video. Jin may be older than RM, but that doesn’t stop RM from giving him some much-needed hugs! 2. When he leaned on Suga Your browser does not support video. You know ... more
  • 1 day TREASURE Reveals How Thankful They Are For Their Unexpected Global Popularity Koreaboo
    On August 10 KST, YG Entertainment’s new boy group TREASURE held their THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE debut single release interview at the YGX building in Mapo-gu, Seoul. | YG Entertainment With the release of their debut title track “BOY,” they have received much attention all over the world as they ranked number one in 19 countries on the iTunes chart and reached over 14,000,000 views on their music video in just 26 hours. After hearing news of their records, Bang Yedam responded, “I didn’t have any thoughts about records. We were so busy preparing for our stage and filming ... more
  • 1 day BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals She Wants To Go Back In Time…To Kiss Her Members Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK celebrated their fourth year anniversary as a group on August 8. As a gift to fans, they released a video called 4TH ANNIVERSARY that showed the members having group pictorials, solo interviews, and even a dance practice of “How You Like That” but Frozen version. | BLACKPINK/YouTube Part of the interview portion was the chance for each member to pick a random question. This was where Lisa expressed her true nature—an affectionate and cheeky one! | BLACKPINK/YouTube The questions asked was, “If you could go back to the day of your debut, what do you want to do the most?” ... more
  • 2 days Comedian Kim Tae Gyun Apologizes For Mocking (G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Pronunciation On Radio Show Koreaboo
    Comedian and radio show host Kim Tae Gyun was recently caught in up in a controversy for mocking (G)I-DLE Shuhua’s pronunciation during their appearance on his radio show. On August 9, Kim posted on his Instagram, “I would like to apologize to (G)I-DLE’s fans and everyone for my behavior in copying a foreign member of the group’s pronunciation on the August 6 broadcast of my radio show.” (G)I-DLE made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show and revealed a story about the time Shuhua ate chicken from the convenience store.
    진짜 라이브 미쳤다#여자아이들 ... more
  • 2 days BLACKPINK Chose Their Most Memorable Moments With BLINKs—And They Could Melt Your Heart Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK celebrated their fourth anniversary on August 8 with a video aptly named 4th ANNIVERSARY. They answered interview questions ranging from their song recommendations to the places they want to visit. | BLACKPINK/YouTube They also shared what was their favorite memory with their fans. Each member gave different answers. For Jisoo, her mood for the day influences her answer. For instance, it’s raining today, and it makes me think of the ice cream event we did on a rainy day. — Jisoo The “Ice Cream Event Day” happened on July 7, 2017. The girls showed their love for fans in ... more
  • 2 days ARMYs Prepare For BTS Jimin’s Birthday With Special Birthday Support Project Koreaboo
    With BTS Jimin’s birthday coming up on October 13, fans are already preparing a special project to celebrate. Fan base Jiminbench revealed on August 6 that they will be preparing a Jimin Bench Garden to celebrate the special day. In order to celebrate Jimin’s birthday for 2020, we will be organizing a bench garden in the Seoul forest! Please show support and interest in our project! We will give out special goods to five people who retweet and follow this post! This project is in collaboration with @kk2010633 and @mimi_at_corner. -@jiminbench on Twitter
  • 2 days BTS’s RM Once Was Seriously Injured, But Decided To Hide It From ARMYs Koreaboo
    The BTS members are extremely dedicated performers, to the point where they perform even when they’re injured. During an episode of Burn the Stage, RM was seen in quite a bit of pain due to a leg injury. When the group briefly went backstage during a concert, RM had to get assistance from one of the staff members due to his injury. Your browser does not support video. When getting treatment, RM was groaning in pain. Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. The staff members stated that it was serious and even suggested that RM ... more
  • 2 days Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Discharged From Hospital, No Plans For Activities For The Time Being Koreaboo
    Previously, former AOA member Kwon Mina posted a self-harm post online that had her agency sending paramedics to her house. They recently confirmed that she is currently being treated and that her life is not in danger. | @kvwowv/Instagram As of August 10 KST, agency Woori Actors stated, “Kwon Mina has been discharged from the hospital on August 9. She is currently being taken care of at her mother’s house.” | @kvwowv/Instagram They added that there would be no further schedules for Mina until she regains her health. “She is much better now but she will not be promoting any ... more
  • 2 days 5 K-Pop Groups Who Got Involved In Controversies Not Long After Their Debut Koreaboo
    It’s quite common for K-Pop groups to run into controversies throughout their careers, as it’s only natural for groups to make some mistakes. There have also been some groups who got involved in controversies not long after their debut. Here’s a list of a few of these groups. 1. A.KOR A.KOR A.KOR is a group that debuted in 2014 and made headlines as soon as they debuted. That’s because member Kemy released a diss track targeting Park Bom. In 2014, Park Bom made headlines due to her smuggling amphetamine tablets from the United States. This was a big deal as amphetamine is ... more
  • 2 days 5 Long Time K-Pop Trainees From The “Big 3” Who Finally Made Their Debut In 2020 Koreaboo
    Some K-Pop idols have years of training under their belt. For almost a decade, they honed their skills and talents in the biggest entertainment agencies in K-Pop. After much blood, sweat, and tears, they have finally made their debut. Check out some of them below! 1. Bang Yedam Bang Yedam is the main vocalist of YG Entertainment‘s newest rookie group, TREASURE. He trained in YG Entertainment since 2013 after ranking second place in the program KPOP STAR Season 2. With his incredible vocals, dancing, and rap skills, it’s no wonder he’s called “God Yedam” by those around him. ... more
  • 2 days Stray Kids Preparing To Make A Comeback This September Koreaboo
    Stray Kids is gearing up for another comeback this September! | JYP Entertainment This album release will be a repackage album of their first full-length album GO LIVE that was release this past June. With this repackage release, they will have made a super quick comeback in just three months. Their title track “God’s Menu” received much attention and praise after its initial release for its upbeat tempo and fun lyrics. Many are curious to see how well the repackage album will be considering their previous album sold 120,000 albums within the first week of its release. It ... more
  • 2 days BTS’s Jungkook Couldn’t Help But Be A Brat Towards Jimin, Even When Jimin Complimented Him Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Jungkook is quite the savage to his hyungs, especially towards Jimin. Your browser does not support video. On one occasion, Jimin tried to compliment Jungkook, but it ended with Jimin getting teased. On an episode of Bangtan Bomb, Jimin was interviewing Jungkook, but Jungkook didn’t know the reason why. Your browser does not support video. Jimin soon broke it to him that over 70,000 people voted him as the best looking member in the group. Your browser does not support video. When asked to give an “award speech”, Jungkook thanked all the fans who voted for him, ... more
  • 2 days 6 K-Pop Stars Who Had Babies This Year Koreaboo
    While this year has been a tough one for many, it’s also been a time of immense happiness for all the Korean stars who became parents. Here are 6 K-Pop stars who brought a bundle of joy into the world in 2020. 1. Chen (EXO) EXO’s Chen and his wife—a non-celebrity—became first-time parents to a baby girl in April this year, just months after the idol announced on LYSN that he had found a partner he wanted “to spend the rest of [his] life with”. Fans were quick to celebrate the news across social media, drowning out negative discussions ... more
  • 2 days Gugudan’s Sejeong Is Gearing Up To Steal Hearts With A Brand New Solo Single Koreaboo
    After stealing hearts, charts, and more with last solo comeback, gugudan‘s Sejeong is gearing up to do it all over again with the release of a brand new single! | @gu9udan/Twitter At midnight KST on August 10, gugudan’s official Twitter account revealed the news that Sejeong will be releasing a new digital single called “Whale” later this month and dropped a mysterious teaser for single.
    SEJEONGDigital Single [Whale] 2020. 8. 17 6PM (KST)Coming Soon#세정 #SEJEONG #Whale#20200817_6PM — gugudan(구구단) (@gu9udan) August 9, 2020 Sejeong’s latest solo comeback was in March 2020 with the release of her ... more
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