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  • 4 weeks 8 Times Idols Stood Up For The LGBTQ+ Community Koreaboo
    There are lots of idols in the industry who always stand up for what’s right! Here are 8 idols who stood up against the discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community, and also voiced their support for them!   1) Girls Generation’s Taeyeon Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon is a proud ally! For the MV filming of their Japanese single “Love and Girls”, Girls Generation danced and filmed alongside drag queens, who Taeyeon became fast friends with!   Upon posting pictures with them, however, netizens took to quick judgement about Taeyeon supporting the community, and began to shade the drag queens, especially because ... more
  • 4 weeks 8 Times Seulgi Wowed Us With Art So Good It Belongs In A Gallery Koreaboo
    Singing and dancing aren’t Seulgi’s only impressive talents—she’s also a highly accomplished amateur artist. These 8 impressive drawings a worthy of being displayed in a gallery!   1. When she drew Taeyeon Seulgi is such a fangirl of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, she drew her twice! The second time, she actually got to show the drawing to the model herself on Daily Taeng9Cam. Seulgi was nervous to show her idol the picture, but when she did, Taeyeon was beyond impressed! Wow… this is pretty much an expert-level drawing. — Taeyeon   2. When she drew Billie Eilish Seulgi ... more
  • 4 weeks Big Hit Entertainment To Hold A Corporate Briefing With The Community In February Koreaboo
    Big Hit Entertainment will soon be holding a community briefing! On January 29, Big Hit uploaded an official announcement on Twitter, stating that they will be holding their corporate briefing with the community in February next month, and included a form to apply to be a part of the briefing.
    [Notice] Big Hit Entertainment would like to cordially invite you, our fans to the <Big Hit Corporate Briefing with the Community>. Please refer to the notice and sign up form in the following link should you wish to attend: — BigHit Entertainment (@BigHitEnt) January 29, 2020 ... more
  • 4 weeks TXT’s Pre-Debut Photos Prove They Were Born To Be Idols Koreaboo
    The boys of TXT were obviously born to be idols! Recently, an online community post gained attention for compiling TXT’s pre-debut photos. From the moment they were born to when they were already attending school, TXT’s exceptionally good looks set them apart from the rest. Check out their pre-debut pictures below! Yeonjun   Soobin   Beomgyu   Taehyun   Huening Kai ... more
  • 4 weeks MAMAMOO’s Wheein Will Not Be Attending The Seoul Music Awards Due To Health Concerns Koreaboo
    MAMAMOO‘s Wheein is to sit out the 29th Seoul Music Awards due to health concerns. On January 29, RBW Entertainment released a statement announcing her inability to participate at the event. Hello, This is RBW Entertainment. At the hospital, MAMAMOO member Wheein received an examination due to exhibiting cold symptoms. The results then showed that she has been diagnosed with type A flu. Following the doctor’s recommendation for her to rest in order to recover, she will not be attending the 29th Seoul Music Awards on January 30 (Thursday). We apologize for causing concern with the sudden news to many ... more
  • 4 weeks Nayeon’s Stalker Finally Returns To Germany, But New Video Message Indicates It May Not Be Over Koreaboo
    Nayeon’s stalker, Josh, has gone too far on numerous occasions over the past few months, jeopardizing the safety and security of every TWICE member. But it seems his most recent action—leaking Chaeyoung’s phone number—was too far even for him. Josh has finally left South Korea and returned to Germany. However, his latest video message to Nayeon indicates this might not be the end of his harassment.   After Josh leaked Chaeyoung’s phone number on Twitter last week and she was bombarded with calls and messages, she could no longer stay silent. On January 25, she took to Instagram with a ... more
  • 4 weeks BTS Perform “Black Swan” For The First Time On James Corden’s “The Late Late Show” Koreaboo
    On January 29 KST, BTS made an appearance on James Corden‘s The Late Late Show and performed their new song, “Black Swan” on stage for the first time.
    [#오늘의방탄]#BTS on The Late Late Show with James Corden 블랙스완 첫 공개!#BlackSwan #LateLateShow #BTSxCorden @latelateshow — BTS_official (@bts_bighit) January 29, 2020   RM stated that they worked hard on the tracks for the album and is something fans can be excited for. “It’s been seven years since we’ve debuted and we are seven members so seven is very special to us.”   The group greeted their ... more
  • 4 weeks Park Bom Reveals She Asked CL To Produce One Of Her Comeback Tracks Koreaboo
    Park Bom appeared on Studio Band (literal translation) where she opened up about her former 2NE1 members. When Kim Heechul asked if they all still keep in touch, she revealed that they talk to each other about music.   Park Bom’s recent duo project with Sandara Park, titled “First Snow”, was also brought up. Park Bom revealed that she asked Sandara to sing the track with her, and that Dara gladly agreed. Bom expressed her gratitude to her long-time friend as she explained, “[Dara] went to vocal lessons and worked so hard.” Your browser does not support video.   Bom also ... more
  • 4 weeks Wendy Gifted Red Velvet’s Concert Staff With Presents Even While Still Recovering From Her Injuries Koreaboo
    Red Velvet‘s Wendy is still on a hiatus as she undergoes treatment and recovery for her severe injuries caused by Gayo Daejeon. She had to sit out from Red Velvet’s upcoming concert tour as she’s unable to perform at all. Despite not being able to participate, Wendy proved her angelic persona once again by going out of her way to thank the concert staff.   Wendy’s close friend, comedian Kim Shin Young, revealed on a radio show that Wendy gifted the staff with letters and snacks for their hard work. Red Velvet is preparing for their tour, but Wendy unfortunately can’t ... more
  • 4 weeks Hyuna Looks Unbelievably Gorgeous In Barefaced Photos Koreaboo
    Hyuna recently shared a video where she removed her makeup in front of the camera. With each layer that she removed, her natural beauty shown even more. Hyuna started off the video by showing viewers her full face of makeup, which included a peachy eye look and a bold red lip. Once she removed her eye makeup, her image changed from sexy and sultry to fresh and innocent. Her clear glass skin and wide doe eyes were more emphasized. By the end of the video, she shocked fans with her beautiful bare face. It feels like ... more
  • 5 months Half Of The Tigers Rescued From A Thai Temple Have Died Due To Inbreeding Koreaboo
    For many years, tigers had been a tourist hotspot at the Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Tourists could pay to take a photo with the tigers and even feed the cubs. In 2016, scores of dead cubs were discovered in freezers, leading to accusations that the temple was partaking in illegal wildlife trade. Currently, tigers are an endangered species with a world population of under 4,000. The remaining 147 tigers were confiscated from the temple and sent to government-run wildlife sanctuaries. Since then, 86 of the 147 rescued tigers have died. Many of these tigers were susceptible ... more
  • 5 months Luna Comments On The Future Of f(x) For The First Time Since Leaving SM Entertainment Koreaboo
    f(x)’s tenth anniversary has coincided with mixed feelings for many fans as Amber and Luna have announced their departure from SM Entertainment. Although Victoria has announced her exit from SM Entertainment on Weibo, the company has stated they are still trying to negotiate a contract with her. Meanwhile, Krystal still has time left in her contract before she makes her decision for renewal. With three of the four members having declared their withdrawal from the company, some fans have wondered whether this meant disbandment for f(x). On an Instagram live, several fans asked Luna for her opinion on the group’s future. Luna’s straightforward answer ... more
  • 5 months Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Makes Fun Of Hyoyeon For Dying Her Hair Every Fortnight For Years Koreaboo
    Hyoyeon has been experimented with several hairstyles for the past few years. But one thing’s stayed the same and that’s her hair colour! Hyoyeon has kept her hair blonde for many years now. Even when she dyed it purple-blue for Holiday Night for Girls’ Generation’s tenth anniversary, she still went straight back to blonde after the comeback was over. And no one is complaining because she rocks blonde so well! Given that blonde hair is not part of the Asian genome, Hyoyeon has had to pull through some inconveniences to maintain this stylistic choice. She has had to ... more
  • 5 months EXO Baekhyun Responded To A Fan’s Request In The Best Way Koreaboo
    When an international EXO-L made the savvy decision to use Google Translate to write out a Tweet to EXO‘s Baekhyun, they probably didn’t imagine the situation unfolding the way it did. Using Google’s translation technology, the fan wrote: “I’m using Google Translate right now to converse with you so please use English. I’m suffering. I can’t understand anything. I’m so sad.” Upon seeing the message, Baekhyun acknowledged the fan’s request by responding, “i [sic] love you.” We have to applaud Baekhyun for being so kind and showing consideration for his international fans; however, at the same time, we have ... more
  • 5 months NU’EST Confirms They Will Be Making A Comeback In October Koreaboo
    Pledis Entertainment confirmed that their boy group NU’EST will be making their comeback on October 21 with a new album. Earlier, it was reported that NU’EST was in the final stages of preparations for their comeback, which was being planned for October 21. Even though the group was busy with overseas schedules, they were steadily preparing for their new album. Pledis Entertainment confirmed the report shortly after. NU’EST will make their comeback on October 21. They are currently working on their new album. — Pledis Entertainment This comeback marks the second comeback of the year for NU’EST, as they previously ... more
  • 5 months Rapper Hash Swan Makes A Statement After Getting Caught Up In BTS Jungkook’s Dating Rumors Koreaboo
    Rapper Hash Swan was dragged into BTS Jungkook‘s false dating rumors after netizens began claiming it was Hash Swan in the alleged dating photos and not Jungkook.   People claimed it was Hash Swan in the photos because of their similar hairstyle and the low quality of the photos.   Hash Swan then uploaded an Instagram story explaining that the photo wasn’t him. He was simply responding to the numerous questions but people began to criticize him for it. Tweet: “You’re not being mistaken for Jungkook because of your looks. It’s only because of your similar hairstyle ... more
  • 5 months Big Hit Entertainment Shuts Down Jungkook’s Dating Rumors, Threatens Legal Action Koreaboo
    Big Hit Entertainment has shut down any rumors of BTS’s Jungkook being in a relationship, and has promised to take legal action against those who were behind the rumors. Earlier today, leaked CCTV pictures of Jungkook with a woman sparked rumors that he was in a relationship with her.
    BTS’s Jungkook Tied Up In Dating Rumors After CCTV Picture Gets Leaked In response, Big Hit Entertainment has shut down those rumors, and released their statement, promising legal action against the person who leaked the pictures. Big Hit Entertainment would like to make it clear that the claims regarding ... more
  • 5 months Lee Hyori Reveals She Almost Faced A Scandalous Wardrobe Malfunction From Her Incredibly Sexy Outfit Koreaboo
    Lee Hyori appeared on You Are My Destiny 2, where she was finally able to open up about the time she almost faced a wardrobe malfunction during her solo debut.   During one of her solo debut stages with “10 Minutes”, Lee Hyori’s stylist was deadly afraid that her top would slide down and cause a wardrobe malfunction. Your browser does not support video. My stylist was afraid that my top was going to slide down. She even cried when the performance was over. — Lee Hyori   Her stylist told Lee Hyori that she saw her top “slowly sliding ... more
  • 5 months Miley Cyrus Followed BLACKPINK Rosé On Instagram Koreaboo
    On September 16, fans of Miley Cyrus and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé discovered that the “Mother’s Daughter” singer followed to K-Pop idol on Instagram! Fans believe Miley followed Rosé after noticing that the latter showed love for her new song “Slide Away” on Instagram. Miley posted screenshots of Rosé’s instastory to both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.
    @roses_are_rosi — Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) September 16, 2019 Although Miley’s post to Twitter initially tagged a fan account, she corrected her faux pas by tagging the official BLACKPINK Twitter account in a reply. Were you excited ... more
  • 5 months Lee Hyori Reveals She Will Divorce Her Husband If He Ever Does This To Her Koreaboo
    Lee Hyori appeared on You Are My Destiny 2, where she revealed her conditions of marriage and divorce with her husband, Lee Sang Soon.   She firmly claimed that if he ever falls in love with someone or cheats on her, she will divorce him without a second thought. Your browser does not support video. We recently talked about divorce with another couple. She asked me what I would do if Lee Sang Soon falls in love with someone else. I would divorce him but I won’t hate him. Falling in love with someone isn’t something to hate someone over ... more
  • 5 months Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Reveals Tiffany’s Unique Method To Seducing Someone Koreaboo
    Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny appeared as a guest on Eye Contact where she dropped some exclusive details about her fellow member Tiffany Young!   Sunny revealed that Tiffany has the ability to seduce someone just with one look! She recalled a scene from their “I Got A Boy” music video where Tiffany looked at her boyfriend after he wipes ice cream off of her lips. Your browser does not support video. My member Tiffany, during our ‘I Got A Boy’ music video, smiled at her boyfriend character after he wiped ice cream off of her face. I saw it and was completely ... more
  • 5 months Former K-Pop Artist Shares How She Believes Dispatch Gets Their Information Koreaboo
    Last month, former K-Pop artist Grace Kim, also known as GrazyGrace, shared her thoughts on how she believed Korean media outlet Dispatch gets their information on K-Pop idols. Her insider insight was interesting and her theory was certainly plausible! Your browser does not support video. For those who may not have heard of Dispatch, they’re a famous (or perhaps, infamous) media outlet in Korea known for breaking news on everyone’s favorite celebrities, particularly high-profile dating news. In her video, Grace compares Dispatch to American media outlet TMZ. Celebrities are just not into them because they just create these juicy headlines. It ... more
  • 5 months Girls’ Generation Sunny’s Savage Comment About Her Members Prove Their True Group Relationship Koreaboo
    Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny appeared as a guest on Eye Contact, where Kang Ho Dong asked who she wants to make eye contact with.   Sunny revealed that she’d like to sit down with her dad and have a sincere conversation while making eye contact so she can thank him. Your browser does not support video. I think it’d be good to make eye contact with my dad. When I was young, he was a flight attendant so he was abroad often. I also started working at a young age. We usually joke with each other but I want to talk ... more
  • 5 months BTS Jin’s Post-Vacation Visuals Have Accomplished Something Everyone Thought Was Impossible Koreaboo
    BTS was spotted for the first time since their well-deserved long break had officially ended.   Jin also arrived at the airport – although a tad bit late – to which he proved that his visuals know no bounds!   Netizens and fans alike were mesmerized by the worldwide handsome visuals as many claimed that he’s gotten better looking since resting over their holiday!   Jin’s visuals have known nothing but being handsome since he was born. Everyone believed him to be the epitome of handsomeness but no one knew that he can get even more handsome! ... more
  • 5 months BTS’s Jungkook Tied Up In Dating Rumors After CCTV Picture Gets Leaked Koreaboo
    A leaked photo taken from what appears to be a CCTV capture has caused lots of distress for ARMY around the world after rumors spread that the male in the picture is BTS’s Jungkook. In the picture, it appears as if the male, who some people believe is Jungkook, has his arms wrapped around the woman that is believed to be his girlfriend. Some netizens believed the male in question was actually rapper Hash Swan and not Jungkook, but after receiving many Instagram DM’s about the issue, he posted on his own Instagram story that he is not the ... more
  • 5 months EXO Sehun’s Reaction To Suho’s Dramatic Acting During Their Concert Has EXO-Ls Cracking Up Hard Koreaboo
    EXO have been bringing some serious heat with each and every single one of their EXplOration concerts and their latest stop in Singapore was no different. They left fans breathless with their performances, set hearts ablaze with their sexiness, and made fans melt with a ton of adorable interactions.   There was one interaction between Suho and Sehun, however, that immediately caught EXO-Ls attention and had them cracking up hard! During the concert, Suho got his hands on a toy sword and being the amazing actor he is, he saw his opportunity for some fun and took it! Your browser ... more
  • 5 months HyunA Posts “Spoiler” On Social Media Then Apologizes Koreaboo
    In a post to her verified Instagram account on September 16 (KST), K-Pop superstar HyunA shared an image with purple text that read “HyunA-ing” in both English and Korean, with a small white flower. The post was captioned “spoiler”, and it seemed like hardcore fans were right on the money when they guessed her next comeback would be purple flower themed. But fans were sent into a tizzy when she later commented on her own post apologizing, followed by three Pinocchio face emoji (). Now, fans are uncertain whether the image was intended as a playful joke, a ... more
  • 5 months Beauty Guru Michelle Phan Posted Her First Video In Two Years Koreaboo
    The video, simply titled “Hello :)”, was uploaded to Michelle Phan‘s eponymously named YouTube channel on September 15 and is currently the #32 video in Trending. Michelle, who is one of the Internet’s original beauty gurus, shared a short video which took viewers into a behind-the-scenes look what it takes to shoot promotional materials for her company Em Cosmetics. Although the video wasn’t a beauty tutorial, a cursory glance through the comments revealed how deeply missed her presence was within the YouTube beauty community. Comments ranged from viewers simply welcoming her back to others proclaiming she was returning to save the ... more
  • 5 months Former Girl Group Member Reveals How You Can Tell That Idols Are Dating At ISAC Koreaboo
    As a former member of disbanded girl group Blady, Tina, now Soobin has first-hand knowledge of what happens during the Idol Star Athletics Championships and shared insider details about it.   One of the topics she shared was how idol couples can be spotted at the event. In particular, she remembered an incident between one of her group members who was dating a male idol from another group at the time. Your browser does not support video. Before they both went to ISAC, they had the choice of either talking to each other casually like they were friends or simply not interacting ... more
  • 5 months The VERIVERY Announce First Performance In Canada Koreaboo
    In a post to their official Instagram account on September 16 (KST), the VERIVERY announced their very first Canadian performance at KPop North. The event will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on December 21.
    View this post on Instagram #Repost @official_kpopnorth (@get_repost) ・・・ Calling all VERRER in Canada! Come show your support for VERIVERY at their first Canadian performance, only ... more
  • 5 months Red Velvet Joy Is A Golden Goddess In These Photos Koreaboo
    Red Velvet‘s Joy has been delighting fans with all her posts to social media lately. She has been consistently wowing everyone with her natural charm, beauty, and presence. Her latest series of posts to her Instagram account were no different, with fans proclaiming she is model-esque and a queen.
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Joy (@_imyour_joy) on ... more
  • 5 months Jungkook’s Sizzling Hot Dance Might Burn You, But It’s Worth The Pain Koreaboo
    If you want to live dangerously, just say the magic words, “Jeon Jungkook“!   Boom! Wish granted.   Fans risk their health every time they watch BTS perform, but one legendary fancam slays even the most seasoned ARMYs. August 11, 2019, will go down in history as the day Jungkook took “IDOL” to the next level.   On this day, BTS performed at the Lotte Duty Family Concert, the last scheduled performance before their month-long vacation. Judging by Jungkook’s drenched hair, the stage was sweltering that day… Your browser does not support video.   …but the heat didn’t slow him ... more
  • 5 months MONSTA X Pick Outfits For Each Other, And They Were A Complete Mess Koreaboo
    MONSTA X‘s Joohoney, Minhyuk, and Hyungwon formed their own group and decided to go shopping for clothes.   That’s when one of them had the bright idea to should choose outfits for each other. And, it’s just as funny as you’d expect. Hyungwon divided up who would pick outfits for who. Minhyuk chose Hyungwon’s; Joohoney chose Minhyuk’s; Hyungwon chose Joohoney’s. It was supposed to be done with the intent of it being a serious outfit. But, that’s not how they work. Your browser does not support video. Minhyuk debuted his outfit first. As soon as he stepped out, he looked ... more
  • 5 months BTS’s V Sold Out This Expensive Robe…While Advertising Something Else Koreaboo
    BTS‘s V has done it again. He’s sold out another product without even trying!   On September 12, VisitSeoul TV released a series of new tourism CFs, featuring BTS. These commercials advertise Seoul as the ultimate vacation destination, but many fans had trouble concentrating on the city when BTS were onscreen!   V‘s video, “getaway”, is all about gaming spots, including a VR theme park and an archery cafe. V introduces the video while wearing this Fear of God Plaid Flannel Robe.   It didn’t take long for ARMY to track down V’s robe and buy all the stock for themselves! Each robe sells ... more
  • 5 months Teen Jungkook Wanted To Do These Things As An Adult, Now He Has Koreaboo
    When BTS‘s Jungkook puts his mind to it, nothing can stop him from achieving his dreams, big or small!   Five years ago, Jungkook was a teen rookie who couldn’t wait to grow up. While filming the 2014 reality show American Hustle Life, he talked about all the things he dreamed of doing as a grown up. Your browser does not support video.   Firstly, he wanted to come of age so that his members and staff could drink alcohol at their company get-togethers. At the time, Jungkook said that the staff didn’t drink because of him, and his older members ... more
  • 5 months ITZY’s Yuna Was Ready To Do Anything To Get Out Of Participating In The Mystery Box Challenge Koreaboo
    There are two different types of people who play the mystery box game — those who don’t hesitate one second to stick their hands in the box and those who would do anything not to play the game. ITZY‘s Yuna definitely falls under the second category.   ITZY were recently challenged to play the game, only this time they needed to get their partner to guess the correct answer. The team with the fastest time would be crowned the victors. Your browser does not support video.   Of course, these rule meant that ITZY’s competitive spirit soon kicked in with ... more
  • 5 months Alec Benjamin Dishes On A Collaboration With BTS’s Jimin Koreaboo
    Singer Alec Benjamin has shared his plans to collaborate with BTS‘s Jimin!   In August, Jimin updated his Spotify playlist and five songs of the songs he added were by Alec Benjamin.   Alec Benjamin was thrilled to see this. So thrilled, in fact, that he invited Jimin to come to his show in Seoul on August 18.   Soon after he tweeted the invite, his manager called and asked him to delete the tweet. Otherwise, chaos would ensue! Your browser does not support video. And then the next thing I know, my manager calls me and he’s like, ‘Yo, ... more
  • 5 months Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals Who Sang The High Notes In “Voices”, And No One Saw It Coming Koreaboo
    On episode 37 of his live broadcast Chan’s Room, Stray KidsBang Chan revealed an interesting fact about the vocals for their song “Voices”. In the middle of the chorus, one of the members sings high notes that take the song to another level. And, fans had their own thoughts about who the vocalist was. Over a year later, Bang Chan finally revealed who. The owner of those beautiful high notes was none other than main dancer Lee Know. Bang Chan shared that Lee Know’s falsetto not only sounds pretty but it’s distinct. And, that was part of the reason ... more
  • 5 months ITZY’s Ryujin Went Above And Beyond To Tease Lia During Their Mystery Box Game Koreaboo
    The mystery box game can already be a little unnerving to those who are playing it, after all, who wants to stick their hand into a box filled with the unknown, but ITZY‘s Ryujin couldn’t resist making things a little more interesting for Lia when they played the game.   ITZY was recently challenged to take play the mystery box game, this time with a twist. Instead of trying to directly guess what was in the box, they had to get their partner to guess the right answer! The team with the quickest time would be crowned the winner! Your ... more
  • 5 months This Female Model Looks Like A Combination Of J-Hope And Jungkook Koreaboo
    BTS doppelgangers are nothing new, but fans have discovered a female model who looks like not one, but two members!   Trần Hồng Xuân (morr_tran) is a Vietnamese fashion model with a following of 111K on Instagram. She has appeared in a number of commercials and music videos and was born in 1993, making her the same age as Suga.
    View this post on Instagram ... more
  • 5 months Kim So Hyun Confesses She Tries to Have Real Feelings for Her On-Screen Love Interests Koreaboo
    During a recent interview with Sports Seoul, Kim So Hyun spoke up about her stance as an actress without real-life dating experience. Kim So Hyun, who is already a well-known actress at just 21 years old in Korean age, is famous for having no real-life dating experience. When she was asked if it was difficult to act in romance projects as a result, she replied, “Since I have no dating experience, I have a hard time understanding romance, so when there are breakups or heavy feelings involved in what I’m working on, I often feel overwhelmed.” Kim ... more
  • 5 months Jimin’s Past Leg Injury Comes To Light, Worries Fans Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Jimin is a top-level dancer, but even the best of the best can suffer injuries from their profession.   On April 28, BTS performed several songs, including “Boy With Luv” and “IDOL”, at the SBS Super Concert, which aired on May 5. As always, Jimin wowed the audience with his charm and skill. Your browser does not support video.   At the time, Jimin was suffering from a leg injury, but he performed so well that many viewers had no idea. In a new behind the scenes video, Jimin’s injury is visible during rehearsal. He seemed to have a difficult ... more
  • 5 months BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Breathtaking In These 3 DAZED Korea Covers Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has made her solo magazine cover debut on the cover of DAZED Korea‘s upcoming October issue.   There’s not only one cover but three, and she looks completely breathtaking in all of them. With this avant-garde, all-black ensemble, Rosé looks powerful with her slightly wind-blown hair and fierce gaze. Even in black and white, the muted colors don’t take away from Rosé’s beauty and instead makes her shine more. Seated in a uniquely-desinged chair, Rosé’s long legs and thin figure are eye-catching. And, the tousled hair and mesmerizing gaze are as well. Rosé’s covers ... more
  • 5 months X1’s Kim Wooseok Spotted Looking out for Son Dongpyo When He Seemed Nervous at the Airport Koreaboo
    X1 was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport leaving for Sapporo, Japan, where Kim Wooseok was seen taking care of Son Dongpyo, who seemed awfully nervous. As soon as the X1 members got out of their car, they were met with fans and reporters who were there to get a closer look at the young idols. But in contrast to the other members, Son Dongpyo appeared very nervous as he approached the crowd. When Kim Wooseok noticed this, he immediately wrapped his arm around Son Dongpyo and walked into the airport together. As a result, Son ... more
  • 5 months Physiognomist Predicts X1’s Kim Yohan Will Be a Ladies’ Man with No Lady of His Own Koreaboo
    A professional physiognomist recently shared her expertise on the visuals of various idols on TMI News, and her prediction of X1 Kim Yohan‘s future with women drew particular attention. After taking a good look at Kim Yohan’s features, the physiognomist shared, “Kim Yohan has the facial features needed to succeed in variety, broadcasting, and performing as an idol.” She continued, “He has eyes that droop down on the sides. These are the eyes that draw in a lot of interest and popularity.” The physiognomist also added that his thick lips mean he will be very loved, but ... more
  • 5 months “Missing Jin” Gave Fans A Collective Heart Attack At The Airport Koreaboo
    One, two, three, four, five, six…Six? Few things strike fear into ARMY‘s heart like an absent BTS member!   On September 16, BTS arrived at Incheon International Airport for an overseas schedule, officially ending their month-long vacation. Your browser does not support video.   Fans were thrilled to see footage of the boys together again, but that excitement quickly turned to panic when they realized BTS was one member short. Your browser does not support video.   In this Newsen clip, BTS can be seen entering and walking through the airport without Jin.   Naturally, fans freaked out just a little…
  • 5 months GOT7’s Jinyoung Got Proposed To During His Live And Came Back With The Most Jinyoung Answer Ever Koreaboo
    It’s impossible for anyone not to fall in love with GOT7‘s Jinyoung. His jaw-dropping visuals, honey vocals, deadly dance moves, thoughtful and caring actions, and sweet personality make him extremely loveable. With so many outstanding qualities, it’s no surprise that one Ahgase couldn’t help pouring out their love for Jinyoung and proposed to him!     Right before a recent autograph event with fans, Jinyoung decided to spend some quality time with Ahgase through a livestream where he answered questions, had a bit of accident with the phone, and was just too soft for words! But during the live, Jinyoung ... more
  • 5 months Yoo Jae Hwan Reported to Be Hospitalized Following His Recent Dramatic Weight Loss Koreaboo
    SPOTVNEWS recently reported that TV personality, Yoo Jae Hwan has been hospitalized due to a high fever. According to the report, Yoo Jae Hwan suffered a high fever as well as other health abnormalities, which ultimately led to him becoming hospitalized. Following his medical checkup, Yoo Jae Hwan is currently receiving treatment and resting in order to regain his health. As a result of his sudden hospitalization, Yoo Jae Hwan was unable to appear on MBC’s Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope. Ahead of his incident, Yoo Jae Hwan revealed on multiple TV shows that his health ... more
  • 5 months Baek A Yeon Leaves JYP Entertainment After 8 Years Koreaboo
    JYP Entertainment has confirmed that Baek A Yeon has left their company after spending 8 years with them. In a series of uploads to her Instagram story, Baek A Yeon hinted that she left JYP, posting 2 photos of the JYP Entertainment building and a simple caption of “Goodbye.” Some of her fans began speculating that she left the company, and shortly after, JYP Entertainment confirmed the speculation. Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We would like to inform everyone that Baek A Yeon’s contract expired on August 30. We will continue to support her bright future after we ... more
  • 5 months BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Girlfriend Material In New Elle Photoshoot Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK’s Jennie is comfy and chic in the latest Elle October issue! In the first picture, Jennie looks happy and playful as she smiles while holding her dog, Kai. In the following picture, Jennie is staring alluringly at the camera while she wears a form-fitting bodysuit. She further gazed alluringly at the camera with her hands extended before her. She revealed in an interview with the magazine: Even when I was young, I liked styling myself. So I’m just grateful and awed that people care about the way I style myself. – BLACKPINK’s Jennie ... more
  • 5 months YG Entertainment’s Bank Accounts Set To Lose $60 Million USD Due To Recent Rulings Koreaboo
    YG Entertainment is preparing for a big hit to their bank accounts following the discovery of 2 separate rulings that will cost the company over $60 million USD. The first ruling that makes up the majority of the money stems from a 5 year deal with LVMH (LVMH Moët Hennessy, also known as Louis Vuitton SE). Through its investment company Great World Music Investments, they invested ₩61.05 billion KRW ($51,599,154 USD) into YG Entertainment in October 2014. At the time of the investment, LVMH had it written into the agreement that at the end of 5 years, they would be able ... more
  • 5 months Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Wowed Everyone On “King of Masked Singer” Koreaboo
    On September 15, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany surprised fans by revealing that she was Versailles Rose on King of Masked Singer. Tiffany was up against singer Jin Hae Sung. Though the panel praised her vocal capability and the vibrato in her voice, she ultimately lost to Jin Hae Sung by 42-57. Many people were shocked when the idol removed her mask, with panelist Yoon Sang saying that they didn’t think it would be her and that they were convinced it would be a different person. Still, people continued to praise her and her talents. Check out her first-round ... more
  • 5 months BTS Is Finally Back From Their Vacation And ARMYs Are Losing Their Minds Koreaboo
    BTS finally had a long overdue vacation starting last August 12. While they definitely had a hard time staying away from their fans, it seems like they won’t need to worry anymore as they’re finally back! According to Newsen, BTS is leaving Incheon airport for the filming of a reality show overseas. Big Hit Entertainment released a statement on their break ending. BTS has ended their break and have left for an international schedule. – Big Hit Entertainment Netizens immediately pointed out how the members had some interesting new looks. ARMYs all over the world absolutely lost ... more
  • 5 months MAMAMOO Criticized For Leashing Male Dancers In Queendom Performance Koreaboo
    MAMAMOO blew up the stage in their latest “Queendom” performance where they covered AOA’s song “Good Luck.” Your browser does not support video. While it got rave reviews from viewers all over the world, some netizens pointed out that certain parts of the performance were misandrist. This was, namely, the rap part of Moonbyul where she was seen holding a leash attached to the collars of two dancers. Your browser does not support video. Netizens pointed out that Moonbyul’s move would have created a bigger controversy if a male idol did the same to female dancers. Agree, if a ... more
  • 5 months MAMAMOO Criticized For Leashing Male Dancers In Queendom Performance Koreaboo
    MAMAMOO blew up the stage in their latest “Queendom” performance where they covered AOA’s song “Good Luck.” Your browser does not support video. While it got rave reviews from viewers all over the world, some netizens pointed out that certain parts of the performance were misandrist. This was, namely, the rap part of Moonbyul where she was seen holding a leash attached to the collars of two dancers. Your browser does not support video. Netizens pointed out that Moonbyul’s move would have created a bigger controversy if a male idol did the same to female dancers. Agree, if a ... more
  • 5 months EXO’s Kai Becomes Gucci’s First Ever Korean Global Ambassador Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Kai has taken on the honor of becoming global luxury fashion brand Gucci‘s first ever Korean Global Ambassador. In a series of photos and an article released today, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele shared that Kai would be their male global ambassador, and Chinese actress Ni Ni would be their female ambassador. The expression on a person’s face has the fascinating power to elicit a variety of imaginary reactions, giving off the message of a belief in your individual power. In each of the photos, the ambassadors freely express their own beliefs, values, and individuality with their own story. ... more
  • 5 months Here Are The Top 10 Solo Albums Ever Sold Since 2010 Koreaboo
    While idol groups tend to sell more physical albums and soloists dominate the digital scene, some artists just have the best of both worlds. Here is a compiled list of the top selling albums of solo artists since 2010! 1. Taeyeon – 1st Album “My Voice” (218,388 copies) 2. Taeyeon – 1st mini album “I” (150,082) 3. IU – 2nd Album “Last Fantasy” (114,997) 4. Taeyeon – 2nd mini album “Why” (114,664) 5. IU – 3rd mini album “Real” (88,207) 6.  IU – 4th Album “Palette” (87,886) 7. Jessica – 1st mini album “With love, J” (80,783) 8. Taeyeon – ... more
  • 5 months Lee Jinhyuk Apologizes For Impersonating X1’s Nam Dohyun Koreaboo
    During September 15, Lee Jinhyuk held his “T.Y.F.L in Thailand” fan meeting in Thailand and spent time with his friends. During the event, Lee Jinhyuk was playing games with fans. While they were playing, Nam Dohyun appeared on the screen. The two appeared together on Produce X 101. When Jinhyuk saw the photo on the screen, he immediately started impersonating the way he speaks and his gestures.
    뒤에 애 사진 띄워놓고 따라한다는게 참…그냥 무례해보여요 안 웃기다고요 — 햄수더 (@zzik_2) September 15, 2019 Many took issue with how Lee Jinhyuk impersonated Nam Dohyun, saying that ... more
  • 5 months TWICE Tzuyu Spent Time With The Love Of Her Life During Mid-Autumn Vacation Koreaboo
    TWICE‘s Tzuyu went on vacation during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, during which she hung out with CLC‘s Elkie! Although ONCEs are unlikely to be surprised at the news, she also spent time with the love of her life during her vacation. Of course, we’re talking about her precious pomeranian pup Gucci! Tzuyu and Gucci even spent time bonding with Mama Chou during the short holiday. It’s no secret how much Tzuyu loves Gucci, she once even composed a video letter to him expressing how much she loves him.
    video letter to GucciTzuyu: but i don't think he can ... more
  • 5 months Ahn Jae Hyun Removes Himself From “New Journey To The West Season 7” Cast Due To Divorce Scandal Koreaboo
    Ahn Jae Hyun, a mainstay in the cast of New Journey To The West since season 2, has decided to withdraw from the cast due to his ongoing divorce scandal with Goo Hye Sun. According to an insider, Ahn Jae Hyun recently delivered his final decision to the production team of the show, saying he would not join them for Season 7. Ahn Jae Hyun has made his final decision about the new season of New Journey To The West, on which he was a fixed member. I understand that he recently conveyed to the production team that he did not ... more
  • 5 months This 37-Year Old Actress Is Stunning Netizens With Her ‘Ant Waist’ Koreaboo
    Normal people typically become less physically attractive and fit as they age. There are some exceptions to this case however, and one of them is actress Han Ye Seul. Born on September 18, 1981, she is turning 38 in only a few days. She stunned fans with her slim “ant waist” when she posted a series of photos on her Instagram account. Dressed in a white cropped top and short skirt that perfectly showed off her physique, Han Ye Seul looked as if she were years younger than her actual age. Netizens expressed their awe at her youthful ... more
  • 5 months This Throwback Moment From TWICE’s J-Line Is The Absolute Cutest Koreaboo
    It’s no secret that TWICE‘s J-Line, colloquially referred to as “Misamo” (Mina, Sana, and Momo), have great chemistry together. In consideration of Mina’s recent efforts to return from hiatus after struggling with anxiety, we thought it would be a nice time to appreciate this throwback moment from an old live broadcast. During the live stream, the three girls act playfully with one another, with Sana coquettishly asking, “Why touched my hips?” Your browser does not support video. In response, Mina replied, “It’s me.” And Sana confirmed, “It’s you, it’s you,” as she laughed. Your browser does not support video. Sana leaned in ... more
  • 5 months Meet The Only K-Pop Group With No Official Positions Koreaboo
    K-Pop is known for putting labels on all members. Main, lead, and sub categories are assigned to the vocalists, dancers, and rappers of the group. This is a norm that all companies follow and all fans expect. Woollim Entertainment, however, chose to go against the norm when they debuted their newest girl group Rocket Punch without saying who is in what position. The group comprises of six members, namely Juri, Yeonhee, Suyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee, and Dahyun. None of them have positions except for Yeonhee who was named Leader. Their debut song, “Bim Bam Bum” was an energetic ... more
  • 5 months Red Velvet Irene Nails Travel Chic In These Airport Photos Koreaboo
    Photos of Red Velvet traveling to a yet undisclosed location have hit the web and Irene has been impressing with her travel fashion choices. Dressed in a comfortable pair of checkerboard slide-on Vans, ankle-length black pants, and a cozy camel-colored sweater, the singer has shown that she’s both fashionable and practical. Irene’s slip-on shoes were a sensible choice as they’re easy to put on and take off because depending on the group’s destination, she may need to remove her shoes to go through security. As planes tend to be very cold on the inside to keep travelers comfortable, ... more
  • 5 months Carats Are Cackling At The Deleted “Dirty Version” Of SEVENTEEN’s Ring Ceremony Video Koreaboo
    Carats are having a blast poking fun at the SEVENTEEN YouTube channel’s failed effort to upload the correct video of their latest “Team Ring Ceremony”.   The initial version that went live for a brief moment, before being taken down to private, included some seconds which are now deleted from what the fans are calling the “Clean Version” online. ICYMI: It unintentionally captured Jeonghan reaching over and grabbing around Dino‘s “area”…
    Sorry Pledis but CARAT saw everything — [17’S枝] #DDD ~ (@samsamelona) September 15, 2019   … and the agency, as soon as they realized this, ... more
  • 5 months Red Velvet Seulgi Pays Homage To Her Friendship With Sunmi Koreaboo
    It’s no secret that Sunmi and Red Velvet‘s Seulgi are very good friends. After meeting on the TV show Secret Unnie, their friendship grew so quickly that Sunmi even revealed that the song “Secret Tape” was meant for Seulgi. Aside from that, they’ve also performed together and Sunmi is always quick to like posts about her dear friend. Considering that the girls are absolute friendship goals, it completely warmed fans hearts when Seulgi paid homage to her friend during a performance on Show! Music Core on September 14 (KST) by performing the signature move from “LALALAY”.
    seulgi doing lalalay ... more
  • 5 months Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon Covers EXO’s Overdose And Wows Everyone With Her Vocals Koreaboo
    Powerhouse vocalist Siyeon from the K-Pop group Dreamcatcher participated in tvN‘s V-1, a vocal-based girl group survival program. Siyeon’s covers always amaze because of her powerful vocals, and this performance was no different. For this performance, Siyeon boldly chose to cover “Overdose” by EXO, a choice that was made more powerful by the fact that she chose not to change the pronouns when singing. Everyone was visibly impressed by Siyeon’s performance. Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. Despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction to her ... more
  • 5 months GOT7 Jinyoung’s Reaction To Dropping His Manager’s Phone During His Live Will Make You All Kinds Of Soft Koreaboo
    After the release of his new photobook, GOT7‘s Jinyoung has been meeting up with fans through different events with his most recent autograph session melting hearts and leaving fans with all sorts of amazing memories. But there was one moment before the event when Jinyoung went live that didn’t just melt hearts, it made everyone feel every level of soft.   Right before the event, Jinyoung decided to spend some more quality time with Ahgase through a livestream. During one portion of the stream, as he was reading comments and sending out greetings to fans the phone unexpected dropped! ... more
  • 5 months CLC Elkie and TWICE Tzuyu Are Friendship Goals In These Photos Koreaboo
    In a post made to her official Instagram account on September 16 (KST), CLC‘s Elkie shared photos of her spending time with TWICE‘s Tzuyu! The post, which wished fans a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, warmed hearts everywhere as it showcased the strength of the girls’ friendship. Although you can’t see their faces, it’s quite obvious how comfortable Elkie and Tzuyu are with one another, with fans likening their friendship to a sisterhood. The pictures don’t seem to have been taken on the same day, which gave fans the impression the girls are on vacation enjoying the mid-Autumn holiday together.  The ... more
  • 5 months Here’s The Top 5 Perfect Boyfriend Outfits That NCT’s Jaehyun Sold Out In Seconds Koreaboo
    NCT‘s Jaehyun, known and beloved for his perfect boyfriend visual and style, has been selling out all kind of fashion items that he has been spotted wearing. From cozy hooded sweatshirts to badass leather jackets, fans are busy getting their hands on Jaehyun’s best fashionable items!   1. Cardigan Your browser does not support video. Jaehyun’s beige colored knit cardigan is from the band F.ILLUMINATE and costs about $50 USD. When he wore it to his “Night Night” radio show he used to host with Johnny, fans immediately fell in love with the soft & cozy look of it. It remains ... more
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