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  • 3 hours NCT 127’s Doyoung Shares His Thoughts On EXO’s Upcoming Enlistments Koreaboo
    NCT 127 is set to return with their latest single, “Superhuman”! In a special press conference held to commemorate the release of the group’s fourth mini album, We Are Superhuman, the boys shared their thoughts on the upcoming military enlistments for their SM Entertainment seniors, EXO. While some netizens were wary of NCT 127 feeling the pressure from the upcoming enlistments of their seniors, the boys disagreed. Doyoung, for one, felt that it was an opportunity to show improvement. Instead of feeling pressure, we will try our best to continue to show improvement. I believe many fans will like that. — Doyoung ... more
  • 3 hours TVXQ’s Yunho And BoA Spotted At Amusement Park Filming “I Live Alone” Koreaboo
    TVXQ‘s Yunho and BoA were recently spotted at an amusement park filming MBC-TV‘s I Live Alone together. In photos that have been circulating on online communities, BoA and Yunho wore matching character headbands under a big parasol as they enjoyed their outing.   The pair had apparently visited Everland, Korea’s largest theme park located in Yongin, for the filming of I Live Alone.   Earlier that day, BoA and Yunho were also seen at the SM Entertainment building.   The two showed extraordinary chemistry and were even photographed holding hands in a friendly manner.   BoA and Yunho, ... more
  • 4 hours 1TYM’s Danny Im Speaks Out About BLACKPINK Lisa’s First Impressions At Her Audition In Thailand Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the dance machine of the group–and she’s come a long way from her auditions for YG Entertainment back in 2010. In 2010, Lisa was the only candidate to pass the YG Entertainment auditions in Thailand, her home country. Soon, she signed as a trainee with YG Entertainment in April 2011. Now, 1YTM‘s Danny Im has revealed what Lisa was really like during her audition back then. The open auditions in Thailand had attracted a whole host of talent, from native Thais to Koreans living in Thailand. However, Danny highlighted that Lisa stood out from the competition. She had this quality, ... more
  • 5 hours This Model From “Taste Of Love 2” Is Becoming Popular As Red Velvet Irene’s Doppelgänger Koreaboo
    Model Lee Chae Eun appeared on Taste Of Love 2 as the blind date for actor Oh Chang Seok. Your browser does not support video.   As the two were getting to know each other, the MC panel claimed that she looked like Red Velvet‘s Irene! Your browser does not support video.   Upon closer look, the two do share some similar aspects such as big eyes that end with a sharp tail, small yet well-defined nose, and a cute smile!   Many of Lee Chae Eun’s selfie closely resembles Irene’s selfie as well!   Thanks to her recent ... more
  • 5 hours SHINee’s Minho Looked Like A Scene From A Movie At His Training Completion Ceremony Koreaboo
    Photos of SHINee‘s Minho looking like a scene from a movie at his training completion ceremony have been spreading through online communities. Minho recently completed his 6-week basic training.   Minho looked straight ahead with an expression filled with determination as he performed the perfect military salute.   He held his completion certificate in his left arm and exuded charisma that had fans swooning.   Many netizens agreed that Minho at his completion ceremony looked like a scene from a movie. “Wow, how can he look so good in that uniform” “Looks like he’s filming ... more
  • 5 hours AOA’s Seolhyun Reveals How She Was Able To Truly Love Herself And Gain Self Confidence Koreaboo
    AOA‘s Seolhyun recently sat down with DAZED Magazine to talk about how she was able to learn to love herself while surviving as a top celebrity in this cut-throat business.   She revealed that she tries not to get caught up in other people’s opinions. Her job may depend on it but she doesn’t let it affect her identity. Through her hard work, she was able to find true self-love and confidence. I try not to get caught up in what others think, as well as my job that requires other people’s interest. I realized how important it ... more
  • 6 hours Girl’s Day Minah Reveals She Told Herself This Shockingly Untrue Lie During Her Hiatus Koreaboo
    Girl’s Day Minah recently sat down with ESQUIRE for an interview about her career as an idol, actress, and entertainer. She revealed that she did some soul searching during her 2 hiatus to find her true identity outside of work.   During her exploration to find the “Human Minah”, she revealed that she told herself that she’s not a special person. She believes it’s important to tell herself that in this cut-throat industry. It’s not important whether I have something special about myself or not. I think it’s important to think, ‘I’m not special.’ — Minah   But fans are ... more
  • 6 hours Ma Dong Seok Reportedly Announced His Plans To Marry His Girlfriend Next Year, His Agency Responds Koreaboo
    Famous actor Ma Dong Seok was recently reported to have announced his plans to marry his girlfriend sometime next year. Athlete-turned-actress Ye Jung Hwa and he have been dating for 3 years as they’ve confirmed their relationship back in November 2011. During his visit to the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, he reportedly revealed during a luncheon that he was planning on marrying Ye Jung Hwa next year as this year was too jam-packed with schedules. I’m planning on marrying next year. We wanted to get married this year but we can’t because of my schedules. — Ma Dong Seok ... more
  • 7 hours TXT Reveals Their Secret Hobbies In An Exclusive Interview Koreaboo
    TXT has been touring the U.S. with their sold-out showcase, Star in U.S. While TXT has commitments around the clock, the members shared that they always took time to enjoy their hobbies when they have a bit of spare time. Hueningkai, who plays the guitar, piano, and drums, takes time to listen to songs and play instruments. Beomgyu shares similar interests, and enjoys playing guitar and writing songs. I love to listen to songs and play instruments. — Hueningkai Yeonjun and Taehyun prefer hanging out with friends when they have spare time. Yeonjun loves watching movies while chilling… …while Taehyun loves ... more
  • 7 hours IU Used The Baby Filter And She Looks Exactly The Same As Her Baby Photos Koreaboo
    IU just uploaded a photo of herself after using Snapchat’s baby filter and it’s literally blowing everyone’s minds!
    View this post on Instagram 1.아달 언니들,고마워요!! 2.아달,언니가 고마워요. #아이유달나라 A post shared by 이지금 (@dlwlrma) on May 23, 2019 at 8:59am PDT   This is IU with the baby filter…   This is IU back when she was a ... more
  • 7 hours 4 Times Korean Dramas Referred To BTS Jimin Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Jimin has been receiving attention for having been mentioned in Korean dramas on multiple occasions. On May 16th’s episode of OCN‘s Save Me 2, the character that goes by the name Gwang Mi mentioned Jimin’s name in one of her lines. In the scene where Kyung Seok was trying to win over Gwang Mi’s favor by empathizing with a popular idol group, Gwang Mi states that her favorite idol is Jimin. I like Jimin the best. I fangirled during ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’. It was when Jimin was at his prime. ㅡ Gwang Mi   On February 26th’s episode of SBS’s Haechi, ... more
  • 7 hours Lee Seung Gi And Suzy Officially Finished Filming For New Upcoming Drama “Vagabond” Koreaboo
    Lee Seung Gi and Suzy officially finished filming their new drama, Vagabond, that’s set to begin airing this September! The spy action thriller began productions back in June 2018. After nearly a year of filming, the drama delayed its airing date from May to September.   To celebrate their long filming period, Lee Seung Gi and Suzy uploaded special behind-the-scenes cuts from the set! Lee Seung Gi uploaded a cute photo of the cast filming in a car with a shoutout to all the staff.
    ... more
  • 8 hours Seungri And Yoo In Suk Revealed To Have Slept With Prostitutes To “Test The Quality” Koreaboo
    Yuri Holding’s CEO Yoo In Suk made another shocking confession during his latest investigations where he confessed that Seungri and he also hired prostitutes for themselves. He previously confessed that Seungri solicited prostitution for Japanese businessmen back in 2015, and he recently added on that he hired two prostitutes to come to Seungri’s apartment on December 23, 2015. He explained that they hired the prostitutes in order to “test their quality” before hiring them for the Japanese business partners the next day. We called the [prostitutes] to test their quality before hiring them for the Japnese business partners the next day. ... more
  • 8 hours BLACKPINK’s Lisa Stuns In CF For Thailand’s Mobile Operator AIS Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK‘S Lisa has taken her visuals to new heights in her latest CF! Lisa was the focus of a CF for Thailand’s mobile operator, AIS. She displayed her pride for her home country by lending her stunning visuals to promote Thailand’s fastest network. You can watch the full CF down below. ... more
  • 9 hours VIXX Ravi Will Not Be Renewing His Contract With Jellyfish Entertainment Koreaboo
    On May 24th, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that VIXX‘s Leo, Ken, Hongbin and Hyuk have renewed their contracts with the agency. Based on their unchanging trust for our company, VIXX members Leo, Ken, Hongbin and Hyuk have renewed their contracts and Jellyfish will give full support for their group and individual activities in the future. We plan to do our best so that we can provide them with reliable support. ㅡ Jellyfish Entertainment   They also announced that Ravi will not be renewing his contract with Jellyfish Entertainment and will be establishing his own label instead. He will, however, remain ... more
  • 10 hours Actress Han Ji Sun Becomes Brand Model One Month After She Assaulted Taxi Driver And Policeman Koreaboo
    Actress Han Ji Sun (25) became a brand model for We Make Price just one month after she assaulted a taxi driver and policeman. Last September, Han Ji Sun, who was drunk, got into a taxi that was already occupied, slapped the 61-year-old taxi driver’s face and hit him in the head with a thermos. After she was taken to the police station, she slapped a policeman multiple times, bit his arm and even kicked his leg. As a result, she was sentenced to probation and a fine.   Only a month later, she appeared in an advertisement for ... more
  • 12 hours EXO’s Baekhyun And His Older Brother Just Had The Cutest Interaction And Fans Are Falling Hard Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Baekhyun and his older brother Byun Baek Beom just had the cutest interaction and fans are totally loving the brother pair!   Although Baekhyun’s brother likes to stay out of the spotlight, the two brothers recently treated everyone with an adorable interaction together. Baek Beom recently uploaded some photos of Baekhyun spending some quality time with his adorable puppy Mongryeong.
    View this post on Instagram ... more
  • 13 hours EXO’s Kai Sent Suho A Happy Birthday Message In A Very Unexpected Way Koreaboo
    A few days before EXO Suho‘s birthday, Kai gave him a birthday surprise in a very unexpected way!   On May 18, Kai went live on Instagram with his friend HOTSHOT‘s Timoteo. During the live, fans got to see the two friends hanging out together before they made a stop at one of their favorite bubble tea shops! It turns out this particular shop had a special surprise. The shop had special birthday support cup sleeves for none other than EXO’s fearless leader!   So when Kai and Timoteo went there and grabbed a cup of something delicious themselves… ... more
  • 14 hours Red Velvet Performed “Bad Boy” Without Music And It Was Shockingly Good Koreaboo
    At Chung-Ang University‘s annual festival, Red Velvet was asked to do an encore stage. When the audience wanted to hear “Bad Boy”, Red Velvet explained they didn’t have the background music for the song – but that didn’t stop them. Red Velvet went on and performed “Bad Boy” completely live, with absolutely no accompaniment, but it was so good that the audience was totally blown away.   Joy playfully asked the audience if they want to hear “Red Flavor” or “Bad Boy” for the encore performance. She pointed out that “Bad Boy” will have to be without background music – ... more
  • 14 hours BLACKPINK’s Lisa Claimed Another Fan After Little Mix’s Jade Witnessed Her “Swalla” Dance Koreaboo
    BLINKs had been predicting that if Little Mix‘s Jade Thirlwall attended BLACKPINK‘s In Your Area tour concert in London, that she would fall for Lisa…and it looks like that prediction has come true!   With photos of Jade in attendance at BLACKPINK’s London concert sparking interest online, fans got to see how big of a BLINK Jade truly is when they checked her Instagram page. In a series of Instagram Stories, Jade showed herself totally getting into the concert. From her “DDU-DU DDU-DU” dance… Your browser does not support video.   To her “Solo” sing along, Jade proved without a ... more
  • 15 hours BTS’s Jungkook Sang “Seesaw” And A Duet With Him And Suga Would Be Magical Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Suga was performing his solo track “Seesaw” while Jungkook was backstage getting his makeup touched up. And, that’s when something amazing happened. With his in-ear piece, Jungkook could hear Suga’s performance. So, he sang along with it. That wasn’t all though. He added his own harmony to the song, taking it to a whole other level.
    #Jungkook singing chorus part of 'Seesaw', combined with the original trackHe is casually singing the part while getting touch up, but he sounds perfectly beautiful #정국 #BTS @BTS_twt — JKinme🥰 (@JK_in_me) May 23, 2019 It gave ... more
  • 15 hours Sunmi Looks Like The Goddess of Summer In This Recent Magazine Photoshoot Koreaboo
    For the June 2019 edition of GRAZIA, Sunmi was photographed in Los Angeles. The pictures, featuring Sunmi in various summery outfits, prove that she is indeed one of the trendiest and most stylish icons in the K-Pop industry!   For this photoshoot, Sunmi rocked the different sundresses and jumpsuits with wild and eye-catching patterns. Lit to a perfect glow under the Californian sun, Sunmi looked more gorgeous than ever!   Fans couldn’t help but notice how Sunmi looks good in almost any color, from green to yellow, and from hot pink to orange. Sunmi also did an excellent ... more
  • 15 hours Here’s How BTS Skillfully Avoids Answering Dating Questions Koreaboo
    Interviewers are forever asking BTS about their romantic relationships, but the members have become experts at dodging these questions. Here are some of their best answers so far.   1. “The connection is not very good”
    THEY GOT ASKED ABOUT DATING AND THE SILENCE OMFGJNDJSNSKS AND THEN JOON RLLY SAID OH NO THE CONNECTION IS BAD — Saira (@anOT7girl) May 22, 2019 In a recent radio interview, RM avoided the dating question by pretending that the reception was bad.   2. “I know her face, but I don’t know her name” Your browser does not support video. BTS are ... more
  • 15 hours EXO’s Baekhyun Made His Game Character Dance “Overdose” And It’s Exactly What You Needed Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Baekhyun typically streams his game play of PUBG, a multiplayer game where the goal is to survive as the last person standing.   But, fans noticed something very out of the ordinary during during one session. He’d been scavenging for supplies with his character when he stopped to do something different. He quickly moved his character from side to side and made noises to resemble the beat of a song. Then, he sang the lyrics to “Overdose” to complete his mini dance party before hurrying to finish his mission.
    LMAOOOO Baekhyun making his pubg character ... more
  • 16 hours EXO’s Baekhyun Got Pranked By Kai And His Favorite Gamer In The Most Epic Way Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Baekhyun is known for being a bit of a prankster and no one knows that better than his own members, but Baekhyun just found out what happens when the prankster becomes the prankee.   Baekhyun recently showed fans a behind the scenes look at the SKT5G Launching Showcase that he attended with Kai back in April. In Baekhyun’s vlog, fans got to see a whole bunch of cute moments from the event including Baekhyun’s first meeting with his gamer idol, professional League of Legends player Faker!   Fans were also treated to the rare occasion of Baekhyun getting ... more
  • 16 hours AB6IX Should Not Be Challenged To The “Cleopatra Game” Because This Will Happen Koreaboo
    On a recent episode of TMI News, AB6IX members were asked to play the “Cleopatra Game”. While the members seemed to keep calm and play on for the first few rounds, soon the game triggered immense competition among AB6IX members who eventually began just screeching as loudly as they can. The “Cleopatra Game”, which has each player sing the phrase “Hello, I’m Cleopatra, I’m the best potato chip in the world” at rising pitches by taking turns, is an infamous one among K-Pop stars because it deals directly with the pride of who can reach the highest note.   Member ... more
  • 16 hours LOONA May Cover “Love Shot” Next Thanks To EXO’s Choreographer Koreaboo
    LOONA recently covered NCT 127‘s “Cherry Bomb” and completely did it justice. They did so well that EXO‘s choreographer for “Love Shot” Mihawk Back commented on the cover and asked if “Love Shot” would be next. LOONA’s choreographer Kim Hyun Gyu responded that they would do “Love Shot” if Mihawk came to see it. So, it seems like “Love Shot” will really be LOONA’s next cover. Are you looking forward to it?
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  • 17 hours “Jin Hit” Boldly Negotiated With BTS’s Staff To Get His Way Again Koreaboo
    Everybody loves a rebel, especially when that rebel is the self-appointed CEO of “JinHit Entertainment”!   BTS‘s Jin doesn’t follow the rules; he’s famous for breaking them and remaking them. Whether it’s cutting his own hair or picking his own outrageous outfits, Jin loves testing the limits. Your browser does not support video.   Now, another sassy moment had been added to the never-ending Jin vs Staff battle. In Episode 72 of Run BTS!, BTS played the Mafia game: a battle of wits that involves persuasion, betrayal, and “murder” for the sake of self-preservation. Your browser does not support video.   Before the game began, ... more
  • 17 hours Everyone Is Applauding GOT7’s Jackson For Shutting Down Racist Trolls During A Livestream Koreaboo
    GOT7‘s Jackson is receiving a whole lot of love after he shut down racist trolls during a recent livestream.   On May 23, Jackson, Youngjae, and Jinyoung went live to interact with fans before their M! Countdown comeback stage. While the three were having a lot of fun talking to fans, things took a surprising turn when trolls entered the chat. Your browser does not support video.   As the three of them continued to read comments left by fans, Jackson’s smile suddenly disappeared as he read one racist message left by a hater targeted at him. Your browser ... more
  • 17 hours Fans Love AB6IX Park Woojin’s “Crush On You” Dance, Both Then And Now Koreaboo
    AB6IX‘s Park Woojin appeared on a recent episode of Weekly Idol and showed off his awesome dancing skills for the show hosts. While all his moves were all sexy and groovy, his “Crush On You” choreography was the best – because his fans got to reminisce about the young Park Woojin.   On the internet is Park Woojin’s JYP Entertainment agency audition video from years ago. In this old clip, the young Park Woojin is dancing to the track “Crush On You” by Crush. Even as a boy, Park Woojin had the right potential in him to wow the world! Your ... more
  • 19 hours Jennie Got Stuck Under The Stage At BLACKPINK’s London Concert Koreaboo
    Jennie experienced an unexpected technical malfunction at a BLACKPINK concert.   On May 22, BLACKPINK performed at London’s Wembley Arena as part of their In Your Area world tour. BLINKs and BLACKPINK made many unforgettable memories together, including one that confused everyone at first. Your browser does not support video.   At the show, each member got to perform a solo song to showcase their individual talents, but things didn’t go as planned for Jennie’s “Solo”. Your browser does not support video.   At some point, a stage lift stopped working, causing a delay. Jennie was unable to appear on stage on time, ... more
  • 19 hours VT Reveals BTS Perfumes With Amazing Photos And Fans Can Almost Smell The Scents Koreaboo
    VT Cosmetics has always been actively promoting the new BTS perfume line, created in collaboration with the famous perfumer Frederic Burtin, but the brand’s latest tweets of the members’ photos for their respective scents has really blown up the fans’ anticipation for the product’s launch!   In a series of tweets, VT Cosmetics revealed RM, Jin, Suga, and J-Hope‘s pictures – styled to match the scent that each of them represents. And these pictures capture the members’ vibes and the idea behind the scents so well that ARMYs can almost imagine what the perfume must smell like!   ... more
  • 19 hours Hong Jin Young Got Real up Close and Personal with a Fan During a Recent Stage Appearance Koreaboo
    Hong Jin Young recently shared a video that was filmed during her appearance at a marathon competition where she displayed a very special kind of fan service. Despite being drenched from the rain, Hong Jin Young proved to be a professional by performing with a bright smile on her face. Aside from her performance, Hong Jin Young even took some time to chat with the audience, and she even held out her hand to one of her fans. Your browser does not support video. In response, the fan held onto her hand tightly, refused to let go, and ... more
  • 19 hours YG Stock Shares Plummet As They Face Massive Shorting Since The Seungri Scandal Koreaboo
    YG Entertainment is facing troubles in their finances as their investors are short-selling their shares and its price plummets in a steep decline.   YG saw its highest size on shorting for its shares during this quarter as Seungri’s Scandal caused a highly detrimental effect on the agency’s earnings. Seungri leaves the district court handcuffed after 3 hours of investigations.   YG Entertainment is currently being investigated for tax evasion, while its brand image continues to decline ever since Seungri was caught up in investigations for prostitution, illegal drug use, embezzlement, distribution of illegal sex cams, and more. As ... more
  • 19 hours TXT’s Yeonjun Feeding A Sleeping Soobin Is So Unexpected You’ll Wonder Where He Got The Idea Koreaboo
    In a T:TIME clip, TXT shared what they do in their spare time. Of course, that included eating but not in the usual way.   Soobin had been asleep beside Yeonjun, and Yeonjun decided that he must’ve been hungry from all the sleeping he was doing. Your browser does not support video. As soon as Soobin woke up, he began to chew the cereal that Yeonjun had fed him. It was as if it was a usual occurrence for him. Your browser does not support video. Then, Soobin gave Yeonjun a look that said he knew exactly what he’d done. It ... more
  • 19 hours Khalid Discusses His Collaboration And Friendship With BTS Koreaboo
    Khalid recently discussed his friendship with BTS and their highly anticipated collaboration.   On May 23, Khalid dropped by Good Morning Britain for an in-person interview. When his connection to BTS came up, Khalid explained how he and BTS have gotten to know each other. I mean, we’re mutual fans of each other. Just because you don’t speak the same language as each other doesn’t mean that you can’t necessarily have a friendship. — Khalid   He had nothing by praise for BTS, calling them “exceptional” and “extraordinary”. I feel like they are just exceptional. They’re extraordinary. They deserve every ... more
  • 20 hours RM’s Final Message During BTS’s New Jersey Concert Has All ARMYs Sobbing Koreaboo
    BTS‘s “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour recently came to a close in New Jersey, and RM‘s final message at the final concert is drawing a significant amount of attention. Ahead of their final song of the night, RM said, “They call it the American dream. Some people say we made that come true, and others say we didn’t, but we actually never had that dream, to begin with.”   He then continued by adding, “We never thought we could dream of it because we thought it was impossible. But look at this, ARMY. We did it together.” ... more
  • 20 hours EXO’s Baekhyun Turned Into A Nervous Fanboy When He Met His Favorite Gamer Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Baekhyun is always confident, cool, and energetic as ever but when he met his favorite gamer he showed off a side of himself that fans rarely get to see.   Back in April Baekhyun and Kai attended the SKT5G Launching Showcase and, thanks to Baekhyun’s latest vlog, fans recently got to see a behind the scenes look at the event… Your browser does not support video.   Including the moment Baekhyun met his favorite pro-gamer, top League of Legends player Faker! But the moment wasn’t exactly how fans imagined it would be because Baekhyun turned into a shy ... more
  • 20 hours PRODUCE X 101 Trainee Kwon Tae Eun Goes Viral Again, This Time For His Fashion Koreaboo
    PRODUCE X 101 trainee Kwon Taeeun, unfortunately better known as “That Siren Guy“, has been a viral storm following each episode that aired – mainly for his quirky personality captured on the show.   Most recently though, netizens found Kwon Taeeun’s “OOTD” posts on Instagram to be quite eye-catching. Now his “fashion” has this sensational trainee under the spotlight again!
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  • 20 hours BTS Jin’s Message To His Younger Self Gets Straight To The Point Koreaboo
    Jin recently sent a pearl of wisdom to his younger self in his typical Jin-like way.   While in New York, BTS dropped by SiriusXM‘s Morning Mash Up show for an interview. They answered questions about their upcoming anniversary, their musical beginnings, and more.   “If you had a message to give your younger selves,” one host asked. “what would that message be?” She may have been hoping to hear heartfelt words from the members, but no. Jin’s answer was short, sweet, and 100% practical. Your browser does not support video.   “You study English hard!” Jin said, making everyone laugh. Suga totally agreed. He ... more
  • 1 day This Popular Male Idol Makes A Surprising Confession That He’s Never Dated In His Life Koreaboo
    WINNER appeared on 2 PM Cultwo Show to discuss their new track, “AH YEAH”. Kang Seungyoon explained that the song is about a couple who broke up but continue to fight. I found inspiration for our track through the movie, ‘Very Ordinary Couple’. It’s about a couple who broke up but continue to be around each other and fight. I thought, ‘If this is the case, then it’d be better to just be strangers.’ I wrote this thought on a memo and worked on the song. — Seungyoon   This led to a discussion about each members’ dating style where ... more
  • 1 day WINNER’s Mino And Zion.T To Appear On YG Entertainment’s New Hip Hop Variety Show Koreaboo
    WINNER‘s Mino and Zion.T will be appearing on YG Entertainment‘s new hip hop variety show called My Major is Hip Hop (literal translation). According to Insiders, YG Entertainment is preparing a program that deals with a hip hop competition between college hip hop clubs.   The show will be directed by PD Lee Sang Yoon and the cast members currently include WINNER’s Mino, Zion.T, Paloalto, The Black Label‘s Okasian and Coogie, etc.   The filming is currently in progress revolving around 10 universities including Hanyang University, Yonsei University, Korea University, KAIST, Sungkyunkwan University, Yongin University, Pohang University of Science ... more
  • 1 day Californian DJ Makes Racists Gestures And Remarks About BLACKPINK Koreaboo
    Sofia Valentini, a DJ based in California, has come under fire for uploading a video of herself dancing to BLACKPINK‘s “KILL THIS LOVE” while making racist gestures.
    View this post on Instagram I love Kpop !! What do you guys think, could I be a new member of @blackpinkofficial ? #kpop #blackpink #bts A post shared by Sofia Valentini (@beatsnbeauty) on ... more
  • 1 day Kim Jaehwan Reveals Hong Kong Fanmeeting Details Koreaboo
    Kim Jaehwan will be meeting his fans in Hong Kong this summer as part of his fanmeeting tour [MIN:D]!   After making his official debut with Wanna One, Kim Jaehwan is now promoting as a solo singer and will be embarking on a fanmeeting tour in Asia after kicking things off in Seoul on May 26. He will be holding a show in Hong Kong on July 30.   The fanmeeting in Hong Kong will be held at KITEC Star Hall, beginning 8pm local time. Aside from the main show, all ticket holders will be able to participate ... more
  • 1 day AOA’s Seolhyun Thanked Her Company Employees By Treating Them To A Meal Koreaboo
    AOA‘s Seolhyun thanked FNC Entertainment‘s employees by treating them to a generous meal. On May 23, Seolhyun sent the employees a food truck as a surprise present to thank them for their effort. FNC employees, please enjoy and take care. Thank you. ㅡ Seolhyun   Despite her busy schedule, Seolhyun joined approximately 100 employees in a delightful lunch filled with great food from the food truck that was sent to the 1st floor of FNC Entertainment.   Numerous employees took to social media to thank Seolhyun for her kind gesture.
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  • 1 day “Charity Angel” Sean Is Sponsoring 1,000 Children And Has Donated $3.8 Million Thus Far Koreaboo
    Sean recently appeared on an episode of Radio Star and revealed his extraordinary charity activities. Songwriter Ju Yeong Hun, who also guested on the episode, brought up the fact that Sean gives an extraordinary amount of donations and clarified that he is currently sponsoring a total of 1,000 children. Your browser does not support video. (I’m sponsoring) a total of 1,000 children. ㅡ Sean   He also said that he has donated a total of 4.5B KRW ($3.8M USD) thus far.   In regards to the donations, he explained that he and his wife, Jung Hye Young decided to begin ... more
  • 1 day Chungha and Her Manager To Appear on MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View Koreaboo
    Chungha and her manager will appear on the MBC show Omniscient Interfering View, a broadcasting official confirmed on May 23. They have also confirmed how the manager took part in the filming and will be on the show. Chungha wrapped promotions early this year for her song “Gotta Go.” While she was promoting, fans were introduced to Chungha and her manager when they presented for KBS2‘s Music Bank. Many fans fell in love with their chemistry. Chungha is confirmed to make her comeback this June, six months after “Gotta Go.” ... more
  • 1 day 30 Trainees From Produce X 101 Will Be Joining KCON 2019 Koreaboo
    Trainees from Mnet‘s Produce X 101 will be attending KCON 2019. They are planned to have some special stages for the fans. The boys will be greeting over 100,000 fans. There are no details as to which trainees will be taking part in KCON 2019. K-CON first started in 2012 and is a signed culture event of CJ E&M. The event attracts over 700,000 fans annually. Though the Produce series has already had three other seasons in the past, this is the first time the trainees will be given the honor of performing on the KCON stage. ... more
  • 1 day 2NE1’s Minzy Posted A New Photo On Instagram And Netizens Claimed She Got More Plastic Surgery Koreaboo
    2NE1‘s Gong Minzy uploaded a stunning new photo on her Instagram where she charismatically posed for the camera in a simple black graphic shirt and sunglasses.
    View this post on Instagram LET IT BURN A post shared by MINZY (@_minzy_mz) on May 21, 2019 at 8:45pm PDT   News reports covered her new photo, claiming that she’s gotten prettier ... more
  • 1 day Darren Wang Spotted Entering Hotel With A Woman Who May Or May Not Be Kang Han Na Koreaboo
    Darren Wang was reportedly spotted entering a hotel with a woman in Shanghai, China. According to Chinese media outlets, Darren Wang had spent the night with the mysterious woman.   Darren Wang apparently enjoyed a meal with staff members and friends after an event. Darren Wang, a short-haired woman and a long-haired woman with a black cap were reportedly spotted going back to a hotel together on this night.   After a while, the short-haired woman left the hotel, leaving Darren Wang and the long-haired woman to spend the night together. Your browser does not support video.   ... more
  • 1 day BLACKPINK Dedicated A Special Stage Of “STAY” To The Victims and Families of the Manchester Bombings Koreaboo
    On May 21 and 22, BLACKPINK held their BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA] in Wembley Arena. BLACKPINK captivated the audience with their unique performance and stage presence. Many BLINKs who attended the show waited since early morning to see the girls and were decked out in black and pink. During their performance of “STAY”, the girls of BLACKPINK dedicated the stage to the victims and the families of those in the Manchester bombing that happened two years ago in the arena. The next song is dedicated to the victims of the accident that happened at ... more
  • 1 day Park Yoochun’s First Trial Date Has Been Confirmed Koreaboo
    Park Yoochun, a former singer, and actor has been confirmed for his first trial after being suspected of drug use. The Suwon District Court has announced that his official hearing will be on June 14. According to reports, Park Yoochun was charged with taking 1.5 grams of Philopon from February to March. Park Yoochun originally denied the accusations in a press conference, he later confirmed to them. He was arrested on April 26, which showed traces of methamphetamine on Yoochun’s leg. ... more
  • 1 day Actor Lee Jong Soo Revealed To Have Gotten Married In The US And Received His Green Card Koreaboo
    It has recently been revealed that actor Lee Jong Soo, who is suspected of committing fraud in Korea and the US, has received permanent residency in the US. According to the Korean news channel, USKN, Lee Jong Soo got married in 2012 and filed for a divorce 3 years later.   Lee Jong Soo had claimed to be unmarried while he was actively working as an actor in Korea.   USKN brought up the possibility that Lee Jong Soo may have been in a sham marriage to receive his green card. In regards to the reason for the ... more
  • 1 day Singer Lim Jae Hyun Addresses Recent Chart Manipulation Controversy Koreaboo
    Singer Lim Jae Hyun, who was suspected of chart manipulation after his song rapidly rose to the top of the music charts, has responded to accusations. On May 22, Lim Jae Hyun shared a long post regarding the issue on his Instagram.
    View this post on Instagram 안녕하세요 임재현 입니다 이번 제 노래 '사랑에 연습이 있었다면'에 뜨거운 관심과 사랑을 보내주셔서 너무 감사드립니다. 제가 ... more
  • 1 day Amy Makes Official Apology To Wheesung Koreaboo
    Television personality Amy has made an official apology to Wheesung. Amy explained her side of the story in an interview with Edaily. I was close friends with Wheesung in the past and we went to the same hospital before. I saw him get prescribed for medication and had a misunderstanding. I realized this later but Wheesung had been prescribed the drugs for treatment. This was confirmed in the prosecution investigations as well. ㅡ Amy   In regard to her former claims that Wheesung plotted her sexual assault, she also clarified that it was all a misunderstanding. Like the drug use, ... more
  • 1 day Tablo’s Daughter Haru Is Growing Up So Fast And The Internet Is Not Ready Koreaboo
    EPIK HIGH‘s Tablo‘s daughter Haru first entered the hearts of millions as a baby on Return of Superman back in 2013. Haru as a baby on Return of Superman Since then, she’s been growing up well as the daughter of one of K-Pop’s leading figures. A photo Tablo posted on May 20 shows that Haru is doing exactly what kids do: growing up right on time but also way too fast at the same time.
    View this post on Instagram ... more
  • 1 day WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon Assures Fans Not To Worry About Them Amidst Student Boycotts Koreaboo
    Ever since Seungri’s scandal came to light, YG Entertainment has been facing more scrutiny than ever. Unfortunately, that negative image has affected YG Entertainment’s brother groups WINNER and iKON. iKON (top) and WINNER during their most recent comebacks of “GOODBYE ROAD” and “AH YEAH” respectively Students at both Hanyang University and Myongji University formally petitioned their student governments against School Festival performances by WINNER and iKON respectively due to YG Entertainment being what the students called a “center full of criminals”.
    Hanyang University Students Protest WINNER From Performing At Upcoming Festival Both iKON and WINNER performed as planned, however, ... more
  • 2 days iKON’s Bobby Shares A Screenshot of 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” And Admits He Misses Them Koreaboo
    On May 21, Bobby put us all back in our 2NE1 feels when he posted a screenshot of him listening to the reggae version of 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” from their first album, To Anyone.
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by 바비 (@bobbyindaeyo) on May 21, 2019 at 11:56am PDT The post garnered almost 300,000 ... more
  • 2 days This Korean Instagrammer Reached 1M Followers Just For Her Beauty Koreaboo
    Son Hwa Min, a South Korean citizen by the Instagram handle of @hwa.min, is not a celebrity, but she has reached a million followers on her personal Instagram account. More Koreans are falling in love with this Instagram queen’s stunning beauty!
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by 화민 (@hwa.min) on May 3, 2019 at 1:47am PDT ... more
  • 2 days TXT’s Yeonjun Couldn’t Decide Whether Or Not To Fight After Beomgyu Attacked His Ice Cream Koreaboo
    After playing games on a live broadcast, TXT went to the convenience store to treat themselves to ice cream.   Yeonjun treated his dongsaengs Beomgyu and Taehyun to whatever they wanted. Your browser does not support video. After opening their treats, Yeonjun said, “Cheers,” and Beomgyu tapped his ice cream against his. Your browser does not support video. But, Beomgyu took it to another level by attacking his ice cream not once but three times. Your browser does not support video. That’s when Yeonjun gave him a look that said he wasn’t going to accept Beomgyu’s shenanigans. Your browser does not support ... more
  • 2 days Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall Unites Two Fandoms By Attending The London Date Of BLACKPINK’s Tour Koreaboo
    Photos of Little Mix‘s Jade Thirlwall attending BLACKPINK‘s In Your Area tour in London have sparked a fire online. The dead giveaway was when she updated Little Mix’s Instagram story wearing the same bright red hat she was seen in at the venue.
    Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix has attended BLACKPINK’s concert in London! — Pop Alarms (@PopAlarms) May 22, 2019
    QUEENS SUPPORTING QUEENS THIS IS WHAT I DESERVE — 𝐥𝐮𝐬𝐢 (@bitneedy) May 22, 2019
    Stan bp and little mix — ACE JENNIE (@jenkarma1) May 22, ... more
  • 2 days TXT’s Taehyun Is The Intellectual Everyone’s Been Waiting For With His Comment On Global Warming Koreaboo
    During a live broadcast, TXT played a game called Penguin Trap where they used toy ice picks to break fake ice while keeping the penguin from falling through.   It started off normally with Taehyun knocking out the first piece of ice with the pick. Your browser does not support video. After Yeonjun broke through multiple pieces of ice, Taehyun said something extremely thoughtful, “This game is kind of sad though…it reminds me of global warming.” Your browser does not support video. Beomgyu hadn’t been ready for Taehyun’s truthful words and visibly deflated. And, he also agreed that it was sad. Your ... more
  • 2 days GOT7’s Mark And Yugyeom Are The Masterminds Behind The “Eclipse” Fan Chant Koreaboo
    GOT7 is back with a bangin’ new bop called “Eclipse” and their fans, Ahgases, are excited to learn the fan chant for the song! Members Mark and Yugyeom are the group’s fan chant masterminds rightfully nicknamed GOT7’s cheer captains – but they created this particular fan chant with all the Ahgases through a live broadcast. Fans had a blast and are in complete love with how thoughtful it was for the members to try and include them in the process!   When the live began, Yugyeom explains that he and Mark will be working on the new fan chant ... more
  • 2 days Photo Teasers For TWICE’s Upcoming Japanese Singles Have Appeared Online Koreaboo
    TWICE has two Japanese singles lined up for July, and it looks like ONCE were blessed early with teasers of each song. Both teasers are very different, with “HAPPY HAPPY” showcasing TWICE’s famous bubbly girliness… … and “BREAKTHROUGH” showing TWICE’s new darker, more mature style. The duality is almost too much for excited ONCEs online to handle. — dahyun pics (@picsdubu) May 22, 2019 — jihyo pics | #fancy (@jihyosarchive) May 22, 2019 “HAPPY HAPPY” is set ... more
  • 2 days BTS’s RM Dodged This Dating Question With Both Sass And Class Koreaboo
    RM‘s latest answer to the “are you dating?” question, might be his best one yet.   As some of the world’s most eligible bachelors, interviewers are curious about BTS’s romantic relationships. In the past, RM has smoothly explained that BTS are too busy with their careers to date. Most people who have seen BTS’s insanely packed schedule would agree.   On May 22, BTS went live OnAir with Ryan Seacrest to discuss their music, tour, and (you guessed it) love life.   When asked “What about dating? Are you guys dating?”, RM paused then jokingly said, “the connection is not very ... more
  • 2 days ITZY Shows Off The Cute Souvenirs They Got From TWICE Koreaboo
    In ITZY‘s latest vlog, they revealed the moment they met their seniors TWICE at TWICE’s Tokyo Dome concert. Your browser does not support video. At the meeting, the members of TWICE handed ITZY cute little finger puppets of TWICE’s “Lovely” plush dolls. Your browser does not support video. The girls cooly went their separate ways, but when ITZY was alone they revealed that they really wanted the finger puppets. Your browser does not support video.YEJI: “We really wanted to get these.”   They even did a finishing pose with each of the finger puppets on their thumbs. Your browser does ... more
  • 2 days NCT 127 Revealed The Ladies’ Man Of The Group And It Definitely Wasn’t Mark Koreaboo
    During the ON With Mario Lopez radio show, NCT 127 was asked who was the biggest ladies’ man by Mario Lopez. Mark was the first to answer confidently with, “It’s got to be all of us.” Johnny chimed in with, “Yeah,” at first. After a bit of thought though, he elaborated, “Maybe not Mark.” NCT 127 laughed and Mark had no choice but to agree with Johnny’s statement. So, he relented by saying, “Except Mark.” Now NCTzens officially know who the ladies’ men of the group are, but they’ve probably known all along. Just look at this charisma. ... more
  • 2 days ATEEZ Will Be Leaving The Title Track For Their Next Comeback Up To Their Fans Koreaboo
    On May 22, ATEEZ announced via SNS that they would be allowing their fans, ATINY, to pick the lead single of their upcoming mini album, One To All. The choice is between two songs, “ILLUSION” and “WAVE”.
    [] ATEEZ x ATINY: Vote For ATEEZ’s Next Song 5/24 6PM(KST): 음원 미리듣기5/27 6PM(KST): 댄스 미리보기5/30 6PM(KST): 에이티즈 투표6/10 6PM(KST): 활동 타이틀 곡 공개 팬카페🧷사이트🧷 #ILLUSION #WAVE #ATEEZ #에이티즈 — ATEEZ(에이티즈) (@ATEEZofficial) May 22, 2019 While both songs will still be included in the album, and will likely both get full music videos, it’s up to ATINY which ... more
  • 2 days BTS’s Jin In This Live Performance Is Now Turning Non K-Pop Fans Into ARMY Koreaboo
    On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, BTS performed a live, non-choreography version of “Make It Right” and it is enchanting the viewers worldwide. Now with the video uploaded to the show’s official YouTube channel, non K-Pop fans are also getting to hear BTS for the first time – and while each and every member got to showcase their amazing vocal skills, Jin is sweeping them off their feet.   Jin is suited up super nicely, befitting his beloved nickname of Worldwide Handsome. But what really caught a lot of viewers’ attention was his sparkly pink microphone and earpiece. To ... more
  • 2 days Jungkook Gave BTS x Halsey Fans An Unforgettable On-Stage Moment Koreaboo
    ARMYs have Jungkook to thank for one of the best Halsey x BTS moments yet! Your browser does not support video.   Ever since BTS and Halsey met at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, their friendship has grown, and so has fans’ love for it.   Halsey has officially become BTS’s girl, and ARMY’s too. Both fans and the members couldn’t have been happier when she made a surprise appearance on iHeartRadio Live. Your browser does not support video.   After fielding questions about their collab and friendship, BTS and Halsey jammed to “Boy With Luv”. Before Halsey arrived, BTS had ... more
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