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  • 2 hours Actress Lee Si Young Reveals Weight And Body Fat Percentage, Netizens Shocked Koreaboo
    Actress Lee Si Young recently shocked netizens with her muscular body and her InBody test results. On July 18th, Lee Si Young shared photos of herself working out at the gym with pronounced biceps.
    View this post on Instagram 근육 빼기도 힘들고 만들기도 힘들고.. #2달도안남았다 #화이팅 @leaderswithus_hulk A post shared by 이시영_Lee Si Young (actress) (@leesiyoung38) on Jul 17, 2019 at 5:29pm ... more
  • 3 hours BTS V And Park Seo Joon Copy Choi Woo Shik’s Grandfather Look Koreaboo
    Netizens have been cracking up over BTS V and Park Seo Joon‘s parody of Choi Woo Shik‘s grandfather look. On July 17th, Choi Woo Sik shared a photo of himself on his Instagram, captioning it, “Choi Woo Sik sunbaenim.” He had received special makeup to look older for the film, AORB.
    View this post on Instagram 최우식 선배님 A post shared by CHOIWOOSHIK ... more
  • 3 hours Netizens Shocked At IU’s Extraordinary Hairpin Twirling Skills Koreaboo
    IU has been gaining attention for her extraordinary hairpin twirling skills on Hotel del Luna. On July 17th, Hotel del Luna released the making video of Episode 2, which included the scene where Jang Man Wol (IU) rescued Koo Chan Seong (Yeo Jin Goo) from a knight ghost.   In the scene, Jang Man Wol charismatically restrains the knight, who was trying to attack Goo Chan Seong, and sticks her hairpin into its neck.   During this scene, Jang Man Wol can also be seen twirling the hairpin she took out of her hair before slamming it into the knight. ... more
  • 4 hours These Stats Prove That BLACKPINK Is On Their Way To Being Korea’s Biggest Girl Group Koreaboo
    Although it’s only been three years since BLACKPINK debuted, they are already on their way to being Korea’s biggest girl group. According to their company, YG Entertainment, the average number of seats they sold for the “BLACKPINK 2019 World Tour: IN YOUR AREA” – which BLACKPINK performed 32 times in over 23 cities over 4 continents – was 96.6% From those 32 performances, 22 were sold out. The group sold out their concerts in Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hamilton, Atlanta, Fort Worth, London, Paris, Macao, and Melbourne. Not only that, they are the ... more
  • 5 hours BTS’s V Stuns At The Airport Wearing Mondern Hanbok Koreaboo
    BTS‘s was seen returning to South Korea after completing their Japanese schedules. As they arrived at Incheon Airport, people couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous V looked wearing a modern-day hanbok. Your browser does not support video. Even though he was sleepy and tired, he still smiled at the fans and reporters, waving at everybody. Your browser does not support video.  Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. Fans are saying his visual is unreal and his heart is so kind, many have joked that he’s a god rather than a human. Many have ... more
  • 6 hours Yang Hyun Suk Shuts Down Last Form Of Communication After His Booking Koreaboo
    Yang Hyun Suk has changed his social media account to private following his booking. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed that Yang Hyun Suk was booked on charges of soliciting sex and prostitution to foreign investors and other individuals on July 17th.   Amid the allegations Yang Hyun Suk is facing, he has changed his personal social media account to private mode. Yang Hyun Suk has consistently communicated with YG artists and his fans through his social media, but he has now shut down all form of communication.   Yang Hyun Suk is suspected of soliciting sex and ... more
  • 6 hours YG Entertainment Stock Value Hits An All-Time Low Point After Yang Hyun Suk’s Booking Koreaboo
    YG Entertainment stocks have hit the lowest value they have ever been at since the company was listed on the KOSDAQ exchange earlier today, July 18. On July 18, at 9:27 am, the value of YG Entertainment’s stock dropped to ₩25,750 KRW ($21.79). Data from the stock market has shown that this is the lowest point ever for YG Entertainment stock, which has been listed on KOSDAQ since November 2011. The value of the stock has since recovered slightly, and was worth ₩27,000 KRW ($22.84)at the time of this article’s writing. Yesterday, July 17, Yang Hyun Suk was ... more
  • 6 hours Cha Eunwoo Criticized For Acting Skills In New Drama Koreaboo
    ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo has been criticized for his acting skills in his latest drama, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.   Netizens have been pointing out his lack of acting skills since the first episode, which was aired on July 17th. They argued that his expressions were awkward and exaggerated and that his wide-eyed, surprised expression was the same in every scene.   Netizens also criticized Cha Eunwoo’s vocalization, claiming that his weak voice particularly stood out in scenes that were taken with other actors.   Cha Eunwoo is an idol who is nicknamed “face genius” for his ... more
  • 6 hours Produce X 101 Contestant Tony Left A Message For His Fans And Touches Everyone’s Hearts Koreaboo
    Hongyi Entertainment and current Produce X 101 contestant Tony is gaining much love from National Producers after he leaves a message for his fans on his subway ad. During the last day of his subway ad in Samsung Station, fans spotted two post its stuck to the ad. Upon closer inspections, fans found that it was a letter Tony left for his fans, written in both Korean and English! His Korean letter reads, Hello, this is Tony. First of all, thank you so much for loving me! Thank you for always cheering me on! I love you, ... more
  • 7 hours Lee Joon Gi To Make Special Appearance On “Hotel Del Luna” For IU Koreaboo
    It has been announced that actor Lee Joon Gi will be making a special appearance on Hotel del Luna for his dear friend, IU. Namoo Actors revealed the news on July 18th. Lee Joon Gi will be making a special appearance on Episode 3 of tvN’s Saturday Sunday drama Hotel del Luna. ㅡ Namoo Actors   The agency added that Lee Joon Gi decided to make the appearance due to his friendship with IU. Hotel del Luna also confirmed this. Lee Joon Gi will be making a special appearance on Episode 3 of Hotel del Luna. The special appearance was achieved through his relationship with IU. ... more
  • 7 hours Comedian Song Eun Yi Reveals Her Produce X 101 Pick Koreaboo
    While filming a variety show, the members of Celeb Five were all dressed in training uniforms reminiscent of what the trainees wear during their time on Produce. There, Shin Eun Yi revealed her pick for Produce X 101 is…. Your browser does not support video. …. OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yohan! Shin Eunyi likes him so much that she even said she’d like him to join Celeb Five. Shi Bong Sun decided to tease Song Eun Yi, saying that she’s probably older than Kim Yohan’s parents. Shin Eun Yi said that she still likes him regardless. Kim Yohan is ... more
  • 9 hours MONSTA X’s Wonho Would Be Dwayne Johnson If He Could And The Comparison Is Too Much Koreaboo
    MONSTA X sat down with Heat to play a game of “If You Could”, and one of the questions they were asked was “If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?” Shownu answered Usher “just because”(we can’t blame him!). Wonho was quick to speak up that his pick was none other than Dwayne Johnson, and this drew claps and shocked “ooh’s” from his members. Your browser does not support video. If I could… Dwayne Johnson Wonho takes a lot of pride in his body and works out frequently to keep up his ... more
  • 9 hours Park Seo Joon Reveals What Kind Of Project He Wants To Work In Next Koreaboo
    Park Seo Joon recently sat down for an interview for Actor & Chatter, where he dished on what project he’d like to feature in next! As per Actor & Chatter‘s tradition, the actor who was interviewed before leaves a question for the following actor. Actor Song Sae Byuk asked Park Seo Joon if he’d “like to star in a mellow project next“.   Park Seo Joon revealed that he’s never featured as a full character in any mellow drama projects, so he’d like to feature in one for the upcoming wintertime. I did film a mellow project before with ‘Beauty Inside’ ... more
  • 10 hours Brave Entertainment Makes A Statement About News Regarding Kim Samuel’s Father’s Death Koreaboo
    Local California news, KGET, announced that Jose Arrendondo was found killed in his home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Korean news reports later identified the victim as Kim Samuel‘s father. As the news reports did not reveal any more specific details, many worried for Kim Samuel and were concerned about his situation. Korean media reached out to Brave Entertainment for an update regarding Kim Samuel and the tragic news. However, Brave Entertainment claimed that they have nothing to say because they don’t have a way of confirming the news. We saw the news reports but there is no way for us to confirm ... more
  • 10 hours TXT’s Secret To Their Teamwork Is Something So Simple It’s Genius Koreaboo
    TXT are still in their first year of debut, and they’re learning new things every day. But, they’re more than prepared to push forward because they’ve established solid teamwork and followed the advice of their seniors BTS. And, they may have revealed the secret to it during an interview with Metro UK. They were asked what they do after practice. Hueningkai answered that they order food and eat together. Most importantly, Taehyun made sure to explain that it was something they do “always together.” Eating with others is a simple but often over-looked way to bond with others, and they ... more
  • 10 hours This Thoughtful Moment Between EXID’s Hani And TWICE’s Mina & Sana Has Resurfaced Putting Netizens Right In Their Feels Koreaboo
    When female K-Pop idols appear in public they often are wearing very short shorts, dresses, or skirts in order to show off their gorgeous legs, but when they go to sit down that length becomes a problem. For this reason, variety shows and awards ceremonies often provide them with cushions, blankets, etc in order to keep them covered up and comfortable. When TWICE‘s Mina and Sana sat next to EXID during the 2016 Gayo Daejun, as soon as Hani realized that they didn’t have cushions to cover their legs, she did something about it.
    hani giving mina ... more
  • 11 hours Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki Moved Out Of Their House And Insiders Revealed Where They Live Now Koreaboo
    Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo reportedly lived separately since early this year when they both moved out of their honeymoon home located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. One neighbor claimed they could “guess there was something going on between the two” as traces of Song Joong Ki was rarely seen near their home. Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’s honeymoon house.   Song Hye Kyo has since moved to a luxury villa at the UN Village, located in Hannam-dong in Seoul. The area is a popular neighborhood for some of the richest people in Korea. Photo of a villa ... more
  • 11 hours NCT’s Mark Tries To Charm His Way Into A Home By Using Red Velvet’s Name But The Homeowner Wasn’t Having It Koreaboo
    In the July 24 episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together, NCT‘s Mark get’s himself into a bit of a sticky situation while trying to connect with residents in Seoul’s affluent neighborhood of Daechi-dong. It seems that none of the residents want to give him the time of day! When ringing the doorbell he’s given an apathetic response when he asks if the homeowner knows NCT. Your browser does not support video. Why are you asking me that?” When talking to someone in another apartment, after introducing himself as NCT’s Mark, the homeowner simply said “I’m only interested in girl groups, ... more
  • 11 hours NCT Dream Can’t Stop Teasing Doyoung For His Sexy Dance Koreaboo
    NCT Dream love to tease their “guardian” Doyoung whenever they get the chance because it shows how much they care about him. So, when the opportunity to clown his sexy dance from The King Of Masked Singer presented itself, they took it wholeheartedly. Your browser does not support video. After Haechan lost a round of a game they were playing, he stood up to do his penalty. And, he knew exactly what to do. He copied Doyoung’s iconic dance move, making Jeno and Renjun laugh. Your browser does not support video. NCT love to joke around with each other, like Taeil‘s famous “Apado gwaenchana” ... more
  • 11 hours The Actual Locations Of Where ARMYs’ Favorite BTS Music Videos Were Filmed Will Surprise You Koreaboo
    BTS‘s past music videos, all of which are continuously collecting views on YouTube, are high in quality and well edited. In fact, some of them are so beautifully filmed that Korean ARMYs are often tricked into believing the background is outside the country. Here are the 5 BTS MVs that were actually filmed in Korea, at hidden locations around the country!   1. “Mic Drop” Your browser does not support video. “Mic Drop” music video turned up some serious heat. With piled up cars on fire in the background, fueled by the members’ old-school hiphop-style outfits, anyone would have believed ... more
  • 12 hours LM Refuses To Admit Defeat As They Reportedly File Another Appeal Against Kang Daniel Koreaboo
    Despite the fact that LM Entertaintainment has lost their original trial and their first trial for appeal against Kang Daniel, they refuse to admit defeat. They have reportedly begun the fight once more as they filed a new appeal against the singer. LM’s legal team claimed that they submitted new material against Kang Daniel that will “reveal the truth”. We do not agree with the court’s decision, and we will receive a new judgment through an appeal. We submitted new litigation materials that can reveal the truth. — LM Entertainment’s Legal Team In response to LM’s new appeal, Kang Daniel’s ... more
  • 12 hours WJSN’s Cover of MONSTA X’s “Alligator” Was Such A Hit They’ve Prepared A Close Up Dance Studio Version For Fans Koreaboo
    WJSN took the world by storm when they covered their Starship Entertainment sunbae group MONSTA X‘s “Alligator” on Music Bank in late June. The performance racked up over 20 thousands likes on YouTube in a little over 2 weeks. WJSN usually tackles softer concepts, so WJSN fans, UJUNG, were excited for them to take on such a strong, sexy, chic image – and they pulled it off flawlessly! This “Close-up Version” is testament to the impact that the original performance had on fans. wjsn can rock any concepts so Starship please let them do such concept in the ... more
  • 13 hours Jimin Warmed This Chinese Fan’s Heart At BTS’s Handshake Event Koreaboo
    One of the greatest gifts Jimin gives is his kindness. It transcends language and nationality, creating special moments that ARMYs will never forget.   One of these moments happened on Day 2 of BTS‘s handshake event in Japan. On July 16 and 17, adoring ARMYs flooded this venue to meet BTS up close and personal.   Most of the fans who attended were Japanese, but one Chinese ARMY is sharing her experience online. She was very nervous to meet Jimin, but he went out of his way to make her feel welcome.   “I was so, so nervous, ... more
  • 13 hours GOT7’s Jackson Puts An Ingredient In His Smoothie That None Of Them Likes Koreaboo
    GOT7 sat down with MTV News to share things about themselves that people wouldn’t normally know and one in particular made everyone cringe. Jackson revealed that he makes a smoothie every morning that includes grapes, apples, oranges, cabbage, and banana. But, the most important ingredient had BamBam making faces of distress. Your browser does not support video. It was chicken breast. (Yes, you ready that correctly.) BamBam asked what color the smoothie became when blended, so Jackson demonstrated by putting all of the ingredients into a blender along with a cup of water and broccoli instead of banana. Your browser ... more
  • 13 hours Here’s How You Can Easily Tell Apart BTS’s Hyung-Line Vs. Dongsaeng-Line Koreaboo
    BTS members, though all extremely close to each other, can often be broken down to two groups – the older ones and the younger ones. The “Hyung Line”, consisting of BTS’s older members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and RM, has certain traits that the “Dongsaeng Line” with the younger members Jimin, V, and Jungkook doesn’t – and vice versa. Here’s how you can easily spot the differences though!   First, and the easiest way to tell these two lines apart, is the amount of showing vs. telling involved. The hyung line will most likely have a lot more audio happening. They’re ... more
  • 13 hours BVNDIT Reveals Their Official Fan Club Name Koreaboo
    On July 17th, fans of the rookie girl group BVNDIT have finally been given a collective name to identify with. The group which was formed by MNH Entertainment announced the news on Twitter. BVNDIT’s fan club name will be BVNDITBUL which is pronounced “banditbul” and means firefly in Korean. The post had some encouraging words for fans of the group: All of you BVNDITBUL who light up BVNDIT’s side, let’s continue to be with BVNDIT. – BVNDIT
    [] 밴디트 공식 팬덤명 안내 밴디트의 곁을 밝혀주는#반딧불 #BVNDITBUL 여러분앞으로도 밴디트와 쭉 함께해요#BVNDIT #밴디트#BVNDITBeUrLight — BVNDIT (@BVNDIT_official) July 17, 2019 The ... more
  • 14 hours CL Hinted That Her Solo Music With Recording Engineer Teezio May Be Coming Soon Koreaboo
    On July 17, CL posted a screenshot of a post of herself with Chris Brown‘s recording engineer Patrizio Pigliacopo (or, Teezio) onto her Instagram story. Teezio originally posted the photo to his Instagram in October of 2017. She captioned her post “can’t wait for the world to hear what we’ve been working on!!!”   CL has been known to be working with Teezio since beginning her U.S. solo preparations under Scooter Braun‘s SB Projects. This post sent CL fans into their archives to dig up this clip of a CL and Teezio demo that was leaked previously.
    ... more
  • 14 hours BTS WORLD Photographer Soorin Kim Is As Talented As She Is Gorgeous Koreaboo
    Talent, visuals, creativity, and business savvy: Soorin Kim has it all!   This extraordinary beauty could easily be mistaken for an idol, but much of her work happens behind the scenes.
    View this post on Instagram wat a Life. #mirrorselfie #Sundays #ootd A post shared by Soorin Kim (@thisissoorin) on Mar 3, 2019 at 5:00am PST   Soorin Kim is ... more
  • 14 hours GOT7 Have Never Been Invited To JB’s House And They Finally Find Out Why Koreaboo
    At the start of GOT7‘s interview with MTV News, they revealed something that they all wanted to know the answer to. Mark mentioned that JB has never invited them to his house, and all of them wanted to know why. Jackson was so determined that he said, “I want to know today.” Your browser does not support video. So, JB finally gave them the answer they’d been waiting for. The reason was because of his many cats and all of the hair they left lying around. Your browser does not support video. BamBam was quick to say that wasn’t a ... more
  • 14 hours Kang Ji Hwan Will Be Investigated For Drug Use On Top Of Sexual Assault Charges Koreaboo
    The National Forensic Service has requested that Kang Ji Hwan be further investigated for drug use on top of the sexual assault charges he already admitted to. The reported reason for this insistence is the erratic behaviour that the actor exhibited on the day of his arrest. When the police arrived at Kang Ji Hwan’s house they found him singing on his personal karaoke machine and when they confronted him, he led him to the room where the victims were sleeping. Reportedly, while the sexual assaults were taking place one of the victims was trying to stop him but he ... more
  • 14 hours Ong Seong Wu Tests Out How He’d Sound As A Radio DJ, Now We All Want It Koreaboo
    At his interview that shot him straight up to the top of the nation’s most searched keywords list, K-Pop’s hottest idol-and-actor Ong Seong Wu made it dream-come-true for the fans who want him to host a radio show!   In a recent episode of Access Showbiz Tonight, Ong Seong Wu was praised by the interviewer for his unforgettable voice. With a voice that’s so powerful yet beautifully soothing, Ong Seong Wu has been selected by Koreans for his great potential to become the nation’s next great idol-DJ. When the idea came up in the conversation, Ong Seong Wu agreed that it ... more
  • 21 hours Yang Hyun Suk Booked On Charges Of Soliciting Prostitution, Officially Considered A Suspect Koreaboo
    Police have officially booked former YG Entertainment executive Yang Hyun Suk on charges of soliciting sex and prostitution to foreign investors and other individuals. Back on June 26, Yang Hyun Suk was investigated for 9 hours regarding the events that happened on September 2014, where he was alleged to have sent out the orders for women in the adult entertainment industry to go on a trip to Europe in October of that year with a wealthy investor. At the time, Yang Hyun Suk denied all allegations, only saying he met up with a famous producer back in September 2014. But ... more
  • 23 hours IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung’s Visuals Are Being Compared To Computer Graphics Because Of How Beautiful She Is Koreaboo
    IZ*ONE‘s center, maknae, and visual is turning heads! At only 14-years-old, WIZ*ONEs and netizens alike are falling for Jang Wonyoung’s beauty. The teenager stands at 169cm and she’s still growing, enhancing her already model-like features. Your browser does not support video.  Your browser does not support video. Just check out how perfect her proportions are! Your browser does not support video. Her visuals are so well-loved in fact that people are saying her visuals are like CG! Many are saying that her looks are so perfect, there’s no way a human could look like that. No matter what ... more
  • 23 hours These Are The 10 Most Successful Tours By Girl Groups Koreaboo
    From all the tours K-Pop girls groups have gone on, these are the ten most successful ones. 10. KARA – “KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour” Number of shows: 14 Number of attendees: 141,017 9. 2NE1 – “New Evolution Global Tour” Number of shows: 15 Number of attendees: 146,000 8. Girls’ Generation – “PHANTASIA” Number of shows: 1 Number of attendees: 147,992 7. Girls’ Generation – “The First Japan Arena Tour” Your browser does not support video. Number of shows: 14 Number of attendees: 157,794 6. 2NE1 – “All or Nothing World Tour” Number of shows: 20 Number ... more
  • 24 hours Here Are The 25 Most Viewed JYP Entertainment Music Videos Koreaboo
    These are the 25 most viewed music videos from JYP Entertainment groups. The “M” for the views stands for millions. 25. GOT7 – “Stop stop it” Number of views: 65.79M 24. Stray Kids – “My Pace” Number of views: 65.86M 23. GOT7 – “You Are” Number of views: 72.33M Views 22. GOT7 – “FLY” Number of views: 75.92M 21. GOT7 – “Look” Number of views: 76.64M 20. GOT7 – “Girls Girls Girls” Number of views: 80.19M 19. MissA – “Only You” Number of views: 82.78M 18. GOT7 – “Lullaby” Number of views: ... more
  • 1 day Korean Musical Actress Criticized For Taking Photo Of “Lion King” In Theater Koreaboo
    The Korean musical actress, Jeong Sun Ah, has been receiving criticism for sharing a photo taken at the theater. On July 17th, Jeong Sun Ah shared photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Second movie in China. Coincidentally, it’s all Disney~ Kya. I love Disney.” She had apparently gone to see Lion King, which premiered on July 12th in China.   The next photo in the post, however, was a scene from the film that looked as if it was taken inside the theater.   Netizens began criticizing the actress for the photo with one netizen even asking, “You didn’t ... more
  • 1 day IU Reveals How To Make Yourself Look Tall In Photos Koreaboo
    IU recently revealed tips on how to make yourself look 180cm tall with your cell phone. On July 10th, IU shared a making video of the Hotel del Luna teaser on her official YouTube channel.   In the video, IU dozed off as she struggled with her cold but continued to show positive behavior throughout her photoshoot for the drama. Your browser does not support video.   During the break, her staff members began taking photos of her in front of a wall. The cameraman noticed that her staff members have recently been taking photos in a particular pose. Your ... more
  • 1 day ONE (Jung Jae Won) Reveals He Left YG Entertainment Koreaboo
    In an interview he held with Ilgan Sports for the promotions of his movie Goodbye Summer, ONE, who also promotes under his real name Jung Jae Won as an actor, revealed he left YG Entertainment. He went into the details about his departure from YG Entertainment during his interview. After tvN drama Her Private Life finished, I parted ways with YG Entertainment. When I joined YG, I wanted to focus on my own music. I thought I could share my music with more people. Making music alone at home makes it harder to release. Right now, I plan on ... more
  • 1 day Crush Joins PSY’s P-NATION With HyunA, E’Dawn, And Jessi Koreaboo
    PSY revealed through his Instagram account that popular R&B singer Crush has signed with his agency, P-NATION.
    View this post on Instagram #환영합니다 @crush9244 #pnation A post shared by PSY (@42psy42) on Jul 17, 2019 at 12:24am PDT In a simple post where he says “Welcome”, a video can be seen of PSY whispering “welcome” to Crush, with Crush ... more
  • 1 day Former Flight Attendant Dishes On Rude Behavior Of Certain Idols On Board Koreaboo
    The YouTube streamer, Kim Sudal, has revealed the rude behavior celebrities had on board during her service as a flight attendant.   She began by stating that she had the greatest experience with SM Entertainment artists such as TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, EXO and Super Junior. They were polite, were not late to the airport and their staff members were really kind as well. ㅡ Kim Sudal   She explained that TVXQ showed particular etiquette on the plane. They’re very famous even among flight attendants because they even fold the blanket they used before getting of the plane. ... more
  • 1 day Ong Sungwoo Reaches Top Of The Real-Time Search Rankings With 2-Minute Interview Koreaboo
    Actor and singer Ong Sungwoo has mesmerized viewers with a 2-minute long interview. On July 16th, Access Showbiz Tonight revealed the interview they held with Ong Sungwoo at the site of his commercial filming.   Ong Sungwoo began his interview with full energy by snapping the clapperboard himself.   When asked about the reason for his popularity in the world of advertisement, he responded in a humble way. In fact, Ong Sungwoo has been receiving numerous love calls for various advertisements. I think it could be because I’ve shown numerous aspects of myself. ㅡ Ong Sungwoo   The ... more
  • 1 day Here Are 21 Groups That Debuted From Survival Shows Koreaboo
    With the rise of the Produce series, K-Pop survival shows are becoming a trend in South Korea. Here are some groups who debuted in a similar fashion – through survival shows. 1. TWICE Formed by: SIXTEEN 2. SEVENTEEN Formed by: SEVENTEEN Project: Big Debut Plan 3. WANNA ONE Formed by: Produce 101 Season 2 4. UNB Formed by: The Unit 5. UNI.T Formed by: The Unit 6. MOMOLAND Formed by: Finding Momoland 7. fromis_9 Formed by: Idol School 8. 1THE9 Formed by: Under Nineteen 9. KARA Formed by: KARA Project 10. SF9 Formed by: Dance or Band? 11. I.O.I ... more
  • 1 day These Are The Nine Tallest Produce X 101 Contestants Koreaboo
    Not only are there Produce X 101 contestants extremely talented and hard-working, but they have legs for days! 9. Woolin Entertainment’s Cha Junho Official height: 178cm 8. Woolin Entertainment’s Hwang Yunseong Official height: 179cm 7. Starship Entertainment’s Koo Jungmo Official height: 179cm 6. BRANDNEW MUSIC’s Lee Eunsang Official height: 179-181cm 5. MBK Entertainment Nam Dohyun Official height: 180cm 4. OUI Entertainment’ Kim Yohan Official height: 181cm 3. Starship Entertainment’s Kang Minhee Official height:182 cm 2. Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Mingyu Official height: 183cm 1. TOP Media’s Lee Jinhyuk Official height: 185cm ... more
  • 1 day BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wore This Outfit To The Airport And Fans Can’t Believe How Gorgeous She Is Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was seen arriving in Incheon Aiport. There, she rocked a cropped, short-sleeved checkered top with a matching cardigan. For bottoms, she is seen wearing light-blue, flared, high waisted jeans. Her outfit highlights her tiny waist and amazing figure, causing netizens and BLINKs alike to swoon. Many are freaking out over how tainy her waist is, as well as how nice her shoulders and collar-bones are. Netizens are saying that her proportions are perfect. Many applaud her sense of style, saying that she looks cool even just walking in the airport. Some have even joked that the ... more
  • 1 day JYP Entertainment Announces Plans For Their Japanese Girl Group Koreaboo
    Park Jinyoung has referenced plans for JYP Entertainment‘s Japanese girl group for a while now, saying that their 3rd stage for K-Pop is to produce and nurture talents from abroad. Now, it seems preparations for the group are beginning. They are currently scouting Japanese female trainees aged 15-22, holding auditions in eight Japanse cities, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. 20 participants will be selected from the first audition and a reality show will determine who makes the final group. The 20 participants will be trained in dancing, singing, bodybuilding, and more in the JYP Training Center in South Korea. The ... more
  • 1 day Jo In Sung Reveals What It’s Really Like To Be Friends With EXO’s D.O. Koreaboo
    Actor Jo In Sung sat down for a live interview on Actor & Chatter, where he opened up about his close friendship with EXO‘s D.O. (aka. Do Kyungsoo).   D.O. was first mentioned when Jo In Sung predicted that their interview will receive about 12 million hearts total. Host Park Kyung Lim mentioned that no actor has gotten near 12 million hearts on their show except D.O. Your browser does not support video. I’m estimating about 12 million hearts [by the end of the broadcast]… No? Did that never happen before? Oh Kyungsoo [did]. Do I need to get him on the ... more
  • 1 day Korean Teen Gets Roasted By Her Family On Television For Being Too Addicted To Boy Groups Koreaboo
    On a recent episode of Hello Counselor, Korean teenager Park Hae Mi appeared out of concern for her younger sister. Hello Counselor is a Korean TV shows that has regular people send in their personal concerns. With the hosts and celebrity guests, the concerns are discussed all together with those who share the concern.   Hae Mi sent in a concern about her younger sister, who is too obsessed with male idol groups.   Her sister is a self proclaimed fan of EXO, BTS, WANNA ONE, ASTRO, SEVENTEEN, BTOB, PENTAGON, and Kwon Hyunbin.   Hae Mi claimed that ... more
  • 1 day BTS’s Suga Got His Revenge By Pulling The Biggest Prank On ARMY Koreaboo
    BTS members each gave a thank you message at the end of their concert in Los Angeles, California. When it was Suga’s turn to address their fans, the audience was in for a special surprise!   He first greeted everyone in the stadium and began talking about his impression of Los Angeles. But then all of a sudden, he asked everyone to look behind them.
    Min Yoongi you are a savage…@BTS_twt now we can’t prank them anymore…I can’t believe this.. — Dr Bangtan BTS (@DrBangtan1) September 9, 2018 Look at that! Look at that!… Nothing. ... more
  • 1 day 10 Reasons Why TWICE’s Jihyo’s Real Name Should Be “God Jihyo” Koreaboo
    TWICE‘s Jihyo received her “God Jihyo” nickname from fans who say she’s got a godly nature. But what exactly does this “godly nature” entail? Is it her visuals, her voice, her stage presence? Well, it’s all of the above and then some! If you haven’t started calling her this already, once you’ve finished seeing the reasons fans call her this you definitely will be!   1. She trained for 10 years Your browser does not support video. Her dedication to pursuing her dreams is just one of the many reasons fans love her!   2. She is a leader chosen ... more
  • 1 day Here’s What BTS Actually Thinks About During Fan Meetings… (Probably) Koreaboo
    1. “WTF are those six idiots doing now?”   2. “Meow! This is my aegyo. I am so cute. Tell me I’m cute. Rawr.”   3. “I know I’m handsome, but…”   4. “…am I worldwide handsome?”   5. “Yes. Yes, I am.”   6. “Jin called himself handsome again, didn’t he?”   7. “Yes…Yes, he did.”   8. “Just let me drown my pain in this water bottle…”   9. “That’s MY water bottle!”   10. “Would she get mad if I drew kitty whiskers on her face? I think they would ... more
  • 1 day BLACKPINK Looked So Gorgeous On Stage That EXO’s Fansite Couldn’t Resist Taking Photos Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK is known for their fabulous fashion, rocking bodies and beautiful faces, with their stylists often coming up with unique outfits that suit each member perfectly.   No matter what they wear, the girls make it look good – cute and pretty to sexy and edgy. Your browser does not support video.   They even manage to pull off out-there concepts, like wearing safety pins as a hair accessory!   There is one particular stage that is well-known among BLINKs, often cited as some of their best fashion yet (although, of course it’s dependant on personal opinion) – ... more
  • 1 day Super Junior’s Yesung Addresses How He Feels About Plastic Surgery Rumors Koreaboo
    Super Junior‘s Yesung has addressed how he feels about his plastic surgery rumors in a recent interview The Star magazine.   Yesung stated in the interview that he felt very happy when he heard rumors about his plastic surgery as it meant that he was receiving that much more attention. I manage myself very strictly. In order to survive in the idol competition era, you must manage yourself in this way. I want to show people that I am keeping it up. Anyway, I feel happy when I hear the plastic surgery rumors. I think it means that ... more
  • 1 day Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon And Acquaintances Charged With 10 Cases Of Sexual Assault And Harassment Koreaboo
    It was revealed during their first trial that Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon and their acquaintances were charged with 10 cases of sexual assault and sexual harassment. The first trial for Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon and 3 others was held at the Seoul Central District Court on July 16th. Before the official hearing, the prosecutor read aloud their charges.   The charges included crimes that were committed in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do on January 9, 2016 and in Daegu on March 20th of the same year. The defendants were charged with 10 cases of violent crimes such as aggravated quasi-rape, attempted rape and ... more
  • 1 day Netizens Are Having Too Much Fun With This Clip Of ATEEZ Dancing To NCT’s “BOSS” Koreaboo
    ATEEZ members Yunho and Mingi did a dance cover of NCT‘s “BOSS” during their interview for The Show on July 16 and thanks to the other members things got really memeworthy really fast.
    yungi dancing to nct u’s “boss”↳ 「190716」 — ateez doing things (@ot8things) July 16, 2019 Despite Mingi and Yunho’s epic dance moves, the BGM provided by San and Hongjoong took center stage.
    SAN’S SOUND EFFECTS!! I CANT BREATHE SLVZOZVODHZJU — WAYVision 산’s Shiber 🥺 ATEEZ FANSIGN NY (@NcitySeoulcity) July 16, 2019
    Hongjoong and San’s bgm/sound effects ... more
  • 1 day Someone Has Been Turning EXO Into Grandpas And EXO-Ls Are Loving It Koreaboo
    A couple of months ago, everyone was having a ton of funny with Snapchat’s baby filter turning themselves and their favorite idols into cute baby versions of themselves. But now, idols and fans aren’t reversing the clock…they’re fast-forwarding!   Recently the FaceApp has been taking over the internet with netizens trying out their old age filter on themselves, but an EXO-L decided that EXO also needed to get in on the action too!   They took a picture of each EXO member, ran it through the app…   And got some seriously handsome grandpas!   Although ... more
  • 1 day EXO’s Chanyeol And Sehun Once Played A Game Of Soccer With Gaeko That Ended With A Hilarious Twist Koreaboo
    With anticipation building with each new day for EXO Sehun and Chanyeol‘s upcoming unit debut and album, the duo recently blessed everyone with a livestream where they revealed some amazing behind-the-scenes stories about it! In the stream, they were also joined by Kei and Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko who helped produce their album and when they arrived fans were treated to some seriously cute and hilarious interactions between them. One of which included the story of a soccer game that went hilariously wrong. Your browser does not support video. After talking about how energetic and danceable the songs on their album are, somehow ... more
  • 1 day Yoo Jae Suk Reveals When He Faced The Most Hardships Throughout His Career Koreaboo
    During Yoo Quiz On The Block, Yoo Jae Suk was interviewing two elementary school students when the young girl asked him a question in return. She asked when he faced the most hardship in his career. Your browser does not support video. Yoo Jae Suk was first surprised by her sensible question but took a moment to reflect before answering that it was the first 9 years of his career. I had the most difficulties when my work didn’t pan out well. When I debuted, my career really didn’t work out well so I spent about 9 years without work. There’s ... more
  • 1 day MONSTA X’s I.M. Gets Hilariously Flustered By His Members When Trying To Answer Questions During An Interview Koreaboo
    I.M might be the maknae (or, youngest) in MONSTA X, but in the group’s latest interview with Metro, he definitely took the lead in trying to steer the interview away from pure chaos. When the interviewer asked what his 3 favorite movies were, the rest of the members couldn’t help chiming in and I.M was not having it. Your browser does not support video. After a couple forceful whispers of “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” I.M couldn’t take it any more and had to ask them to be quiet, which only stopped them for a moment & drew a laugh from the entire ... more
  • 2 days Kang Daniel Reveals How He Felt During His Hiatus Due To The Legal Battle Koreaboo
    Kang Daniel is officially gearing up to being promotions again as he sat down for an interview with Access Showbiz Tonight. The interviewer asked how he was able to deal with the sudden hiatus after Wanna One due to his legal battle with LM Entertainment. Your browser does not support video.   Kang Daniel confessed that he was shaken up a lot during the difficult time and had focused on preparing himself emotionally. After winning the lawsuit, Kang Daniel is fully focused on making his solo debut as soon as possible because he wants to give back to his devoted fans. ... more
  • 2 days Gaeko Exposed EXO Sehun’s Terrible Handwriting Secret But It Was Chanyeol Who Ended Up Embarrassed Koreaboo
    As anticipation for EXO Sehun and Chanyeol‘s upcoming unit debut continues to build, EXO-SC just treated fans with a special livestream where they dished on some behind-the-scenes stories about their upcoming album.   During the stream, they were joined by Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko and Kei who worked with Chanyeol and Sehun on the album. Fans were treated with seeing a slice of their hilarious and sweet relationship, including the moment that Gaeko exposed Sehun for his terrible handwriting! Your browser does not support video.   Gaeko revealed that before they had started working, he had wanted to find out more ... more
  • 2 days The “Run BTS!” Editors Are Having Way Too Much Fun At Jimin’s Expense Koreaboo
    The Run BTS! editors have a very special way of showing love for BTS‘s Jimin.   Run BTS! is a variety show where BTS’s members play games to win prizes, avoid penalties, and entertain millions of fans. In Episodes 79 and 80, BTS played a 007 game that was 50% treasure hunt and 50% betrayal. They had to find hidden cards, outwit each other, and win hearts from the Game Masters.   During Round 1, Jimin failed so hard that he ended up getting “dumped” by Suga and screaming his lungs out in frustration, but that all changed in Round 2. Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 2 days BTS Were Included in TIME’s List of The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet And Here’s Why Koreaboo
    On July 16, TIME released their list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet which featured BTS along with celebs like Ariana Grande and Lil Nas X. It’s no secret that one of the keys to BTS’s immeasurable success is their grasp on social media and presence online. BTS have social media down to a science – setting streaming records with almost every release and even creating a chart-topping mobile game, BTS World. This command of the online scene along with their group charms and the relatable messages in their music has bolstered BTS to success never-before-seen for K-Pop ... more
  • 2 days BTS Were Ready To Throw Hands At Their Staff, For Good Reason Koreaboo
    Sometimes, “true love” is simply defined as, “not hitting someone you love even when you really, really want to”. For BTS, that “someone” turned out to be their staff!   In Episodes 79 and 80 of Run BTS!, BTS played a 007 game that was 50% treasure hunt and 50% betrayal. Finding cards and outwitting each other was tough enough, but BTS also had to hit all the curve balls their staff threw at them.   For one thing, BTS had to win games against the Game Masters, who refused to go easy on them. Jimin claimed that Mr. Chicken was being too harsh during this ... more
  • 2 days TXT Reveals BTS Gave Them This Advice On How To Be Better Musicians Koreaboo
    TXT may be rookies, but they have the advantage of being from the same company as the biggest boy group in the world – BTS. BTS flawlessly incorporate different genres in their music, and they’ve spilled the simple secret of how they achieve this with their Big Hit Entertainment juniors, TXT. TXT (front) with Big Hit family BTS (back) and Lee Hyun (back, middle) In an interview with Teen Vogue, TXT revealed that their seniors BTS encouraged them to develop their musical ear by listening to a wide variety of music. They recommended lots of good songs to us ... more
  • 2 days EXO’s Baekhyun Reveals The Secrets To Taking The Perfect Photo Koreaboo
    When it comes to snapping the perfect pic, who better to turn to than someone who is not only known for having some of the best professional photographs but also takes some amazing selcas too!   EXO‘s Baekhyun recently sat down with OSEN to discuss his new mini-album, City Lights, and while there he revealed some of his secrets to looking perfect in every shot starting with how to take the perfect selca! Baekhyun’s first tip was to try out different camera applications because an app can do different things than just the camera. Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 2 days BTS Are All Masters At Deception, But No One Expected This Plot Twist Koreaboo
    A game of deception has only one rule: trust no one.   Nobody knows this better than BTS. These veteran “spies” have competed against each other for 80 Run BTS! episodes, but even they weren’t ready for the most shocking plot twist in Run BTS! history.   In Episodes 79 and 80, BTS played a 007 game that was 50% treasure hunt and 50% betrayal. Their mission? Collect hidden cards, then use those cards to win hearts from the Game Masters.   After the results from Round 1 were revealed–J-Hope won–BTS were more determined to win than ever. Each member rushed ... more
  • 2 days Drama Series “Chimera” Halts Filming After Staff Is Accused Of Sexually Harassing A Scriptwriter Koreaboo
    The upcoming drama series Chimera has temporarily halted all production after a scriptwriter was sexually harassed by a staff member and later traumatized by a producer. The sexual assaulter, identified as “A”, as well as the producer, identified as “C”, were both removed from the program. It’s true that we halted filming because of the sexual harassment case that happened on June 15. The sexual assaulter ‘A’ and producer ‘C’ who caused further harm to the victim was terminated. The directing and production team uploaded an apology to the staff and cast through our group chat, and we’re currently looking to ... more
  • 2 days 5SOS Recently Talked About BLACKPINK, GOT7, And DAY6 And Fans Are Ready For A Collab Koreaboo
    During a recent fan event, 5 Seconds of Summer mentioned BLACKPINK, GOT7, and DAY6 and now everyone is ready for their two worlds to collide!   5SOS recently headed to South Korea for a special fan event on July 14. During the event, they were asked if there were any Korean artists they would like to work with. Michael immediately named BLACKPINK and DAY6. Your browser does not support video. I like BLACKPINK. I like DAY6. There are so many, so many good ones! — Michael   Right after Michael showed some love to BLACKPINK and DAY6, Ashton couldn’t help ... more
  • 2 days You Probably Didn’t Know “Produce X 101” Geum Donghyun’s Eyes Turn into Macarons When He Smiles Koreaboo
    A post consisting of multiple photos of Produce X 101‘s Geum Donghyun has recently surfaced in an online community under the title, “Geum Donghyun’s Eyes Turn into Macarons Every Time He Smiles“. The shared photos show Geum Donghyun smiling and making his eyes look like a crescent moon. The way his eyes smile resembles the two breaded sides of a macaron and white cream that’s in between, which is how he earned the nickname, “Macaron”. And this can be clearly seen in the photos which might make some fans squeal and other fans grow hungry. With ... more
  • 2 days BTS’s Suga Reinvented Stretching And It’s Aegyo-tastic Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Suga isn’t one to conform, not even when it comes to exercise.   Although Lil Meow Meow loves to sleep and laze, he also has another side to him: Swol Suga.   When Swol Suga hits the gym, ARMYs suffer, and stare, and… Your browser does not support video.   …what were we saying? Your browser does not support video.   Oh, right. Suga + exercise. Outside of the gym, Suga likes to put his own amusing spin on various exercises. For instance, while was hyping himself up for a Run BTS! game, Suga was warming up in tiny font! ... more
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