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  • 36 mins TXT Soobin’s Kind TREATment Of TWICE’s Sana Is Warming Hearts Koreaboo
    On the latest airing of KBS‘s Music Bank, MC TXT‘s Soobin has yet again found his way into viewers’ hearts with the sweet way he treated TWICE‘s Sana on the Halloween special. At the beginning of the interview segment with TWICE, there was no better way to celebrate the holiday than giving out candy. After reaching into his pumpkin basket, Soobin pulled out candy and handed it to Nayeon. It almost went smoothly. Your browser does not support video. Nayeon’s hand had been too full, causing one of the candy packages to fall to the ground. While she laughed ... more
  • 57 mins BTS’s Jin Had A “God Of Destruction” Moment On Set Koreaboo
    RM isn’t the only “God of Destruction” in BTS! | Bodyfriend USA/Youtube This clumsy king is the most likely person to break, well, anything, but sometimes his members have “dangerous hands” too. Your browser does not support video. While taking promotional photos for Bodyfriend massage chairs, Jin accidentally popped a prop… Your browser does not support video. …and his members couldn’t believe it. Your browser does not support video. Jungkook, being Jungkook, let everybody on set know that Jin was to blame.  “Ah, Jin!” he scolded. “Jin! He popped the balloon.”  Your browser does not support video. Even the “God of Destruction” himself ‘complimented’ Jin’s clumsiness. (Is that a ... more
  • 3 hours Yulhee Details How Much Her Body Deteriorated While Raising 3 Babies At 24 Years Old Koreaboo
    Former LABOUM member, Yulhee recently shared some updates about her life as a mother of 3 babies at 24 years old, but what she confessed was enough to have fans very concerned.     In the video, Yulhee shared that she was coloring in order to prevent depressing thoughts from washing over her because she had a hard time sleeping after putting her babies to bed. Your browser does not support video. She also expressed how happy she was when she went out to eat meat with her husband recently. Your browser does not support video. But she ... more
  • 3 hours Professional K-Pop Songwriters Name The Singer-Songwriter Idols Who Are Not Greedy For Lines Koreaboo
    When it comes to line distributions in K-Pop groups, few people know the process better than the songwriters themselves. YouTube channel AYO invited two professional songwriters, Big Sancho and Son Yeong Jin, to talk about this and more in their “Comment Defenders” series. Big Sancho (Left) and Son Yeong Jin (Right) | @AYO/YouTubeOne of the questions they responded to was, “I’m curious, is there a group where the songwriter member has the least parts? For the groups that I like, songwriting members have the most parts“. Your browser does not support video. Big Sancho took up the helm by ... more
  • 4 hours The Time BLACKPINK’s Rosé Spoke English Out Of Nowhere…And Left Her Opponent Speechless Koreaboo
    Having grown up in Australia, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is one of the group’s resident English speakers. Although she naturally speaks more Korean now that her work is based in South Korea, she still speaks English every now and then. It’s incredibly fun to watch, and we can’t help but fall for her Aussie accent! Here’s a time Rosé brought laughs by speaking English out of nowhere (and caused her opponent to become speechless). Running Man Early this month, BLACKPINK made a guest appearance on the hit variety show Running Man. When Rosé played the “truth game” with Running ... more
  • 7 hours Veteran Korean Actor Personally Signs Up For Weverse And Leaves BTS’s Jimin A Touching Message Koreaboo
    It was revealed that veteran Korean actor, Kim Gap Soo had recently signed up for BTS‘s fan community on Weverse. He even left a touching note for his bias, Jimin! | theqoo #to_Jimin Jimin-ah, by any chance, do you remember me? When you were eating with your mom previously at that restaurant, I was eating there too so we greeted each other… It’s a little embarrassing but I too, have registered as an ARMY today keke stay healthy always~ congratulations! — Kim Gap Soo He had also recently visited Yoojung Restaurant, famous for being where BTS ... more
  • 7 hours TWICE’s Momo Loves Rain So Much That She Can’t Even Look Him In The Eye Koreaboo
    TWICE recently made a guest appearance on the YouTube variety show Season B Season, where they had a fun interaction with the legend himself, Rain. Momo in particular couldn’t hide her love for the singer! It all started when the girls performed their latest title track “I CAN’T STOP ME”. Your browser does not support video. After the performance, Rain shared how much he loved the point move. Your browser does not support video. Jihyo offered to let him dance with them, and he excitedly asked them to teach it to him. Momo, the group’s main dancer, proceeded to ... more
  • 9 hours Oh Nothing … Just 10 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Stunned Us By Using Her Hair In Dance Moves Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is top-tier when it comes to dancing. Although she’s not the main dancer, her signature feminine style of dance has the ability to capture anyone watching! She often incorporates perfect use of her luscious locks to make dance moves seem more fluid and mesmerizing. Here are 10 moments where she blew us away. 1. Headbanging We’re pretty sure she was just hyped up but even when she’s not properly dancing she manages to make it look like actual choreography. Your browser does not support video. 2. “How You Like That” One of the moves at the ... more
  • 9 hours Korean YouTuber Goes Viral For Getting Brutally Smacked With Cheese… And It’s Basically 2020 In A Single Video Koreaboo
    When the Korean YouTube channel Tasty Hoon‘s host Sung Ji Hoon put together the fondue fountain… Your browser does not support video. … all he wanted was for some melted gooey cheese to flow and bring more bliss to his fried chicken mukbang. Your browser does not support video. Unfortunately, the fountain of cheese had its own plan. At first, it seemed to work — somewhat… Your browser does not support video. … but soon enough, the fountain began unleashing its airborne dairy madness all over the table! Your browser does not support video. Only after attacking the heck out of Tasty ... more
  • 10 hours Could EXO Chanyeol’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Get Sued For Her Exposé? Here’s What The Korean Law Says Koreaboo
    Following EXO Chanyeol‘s alleged “three years of cheating” scandal, a South Korean press Lawtalk News claimed, “The said ex-girlfriend who exposed him could face a lawsuit” — if Chanyeol decided to press charges. EXO’s Chayeol | @real__pcy/Instagram The since-deleted post called out Chanyeol for “sleeping around with a variety of girl group members, YouTubers, broadcast DJs, dancers, flight attendants, and more“. Photos shared by the alleged ex-girlfriend as “evidence” of their romantic relationship. | Nate Pann By Korean law, the ex-girlfriend could be sued for taking this online and making it public — regardless of whether her exposé is true or not. ... more
  • 10 hours EXO’s Baekhyun Subtly Responds To The Post Made By An Alleged Acquaintance Regarding Chanyeol’s Recent Controversy Koreaboo
    In light of the recent post written allegedly by someone that claims to be an acquaintance of EXO‘s Chanyeol and Baekhyun, Baekhyun himself has stepped up to allude to the claim. Previously, an online post that accused Chanyeol of allegedly cheating on his longtime ex-girlfriend surfaced. Another post surfaced on 30 October 2020, supposedly written by an acquaintance of the two. In it, the acquaintance makes further allegations about Chanyeol’s supposed character. They even make claims that Chanyeol and Baekhyun have bad blood. Baekhyun stepped up to address the issue. Although he does not directly address the ... more
  • 11 hours Netizens Claim That One Of EXO Chanyeol’s Photocards Was Taken When He Was On A Date With His Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Koreaboo
    Netizens have uncovered what they claim to be another piece of the puzzle in EXO Chanyeol‘s recent controversy. In a post written by his alleged ex-girlfriend, the rapper was accused of cheating on her consistently for 3 years. She had uploaded the following photograph along with the post. | theqoo Netizens speculate that from his unique hairstyle and the clothing he was wearing, the above photo was taken on the same day as this photo with a Christmas tree that he had uploaded on social media. | theqoo It was also claimed that he had taken this selfie on ... more
  • 12 hours An Alleged Acquaintance Of EXO’s Chanyeol Speaks Up About His Recent Controversy Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Chanyeol had recently been swept up in a controversy when a post that claimed to be written by his ex-girlfriend surfaced on community sites. The post accused him of allegedly cheating on her for 3 years. Fans have found a person they believe to be an acquaintance of Chanyeol, due to her recently uploaded Instagram post. | pann She claims that he once said that no matter how he acted, people that liked him, would still like him anyway. However, she also criticizes him for lacking basic manners towards people. You said that anyway, even if you ... more
  • 14 hours TXT’s Soobin Shares What Kind Of Boyfriend He Would Be Koreaboo
    TXT recently guested on an episode of Weekly Idol, and during the episode, Soobin was asked what kind of boyfriend he would be. TXT’s Soobin Soobin shared that he’s not the type to make plans or lead a relationship and that he would probably just be “obedient” towards his girlfriend. Your browser does not support video. If his girlfriend were to suggest something, then Soobin would agree to whatever it is. Your browser does not support video. The hosts then asked Soobin what he would do if his girlfriend were to get upset. Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 15 hours 5 Times Malicious Netizens Faced Consequences For Their Comments About K-Pop Idols Koreaboo
    K-Pop idols have to deal with malicious netizens all the time, as idols often get criticized for bizarre reasons. Throughout the years, more and more companies have decided to take action against these malicious netizens. Here are 5 times malicious netizens faced consequences for their comments about K-Pop idols. 1. Hateful netizens getting punished for their comments about MAMAMOO In 2019, 4 netizens were fined for posting malicious comments about MAMAMOO since 2017. These charged netizens had been leaving comments such as, “They sold their bodies“, and, “What a bunch of lesbians.” RBW Entertainment, MAMAMOO’s agency, stated, “We ... more
  • 16 hours Former Big Hit Entertainment Trainee Shares Story Of Time When BTS’s Jungkook Got Upset Over Some Cheese Koreaboo
    Jihoon, also known as Brightoon from his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee who trained with the members of BTS. Former Big Hit Entertainment trainee Jihoon On his YouTube channel, he has released several videos talking about his trainee days with the BTS members due to popular demand. In one video, he spoke about some of the restaurants that they frequently went to during their trainee days. In the video, he also spoke about a funny story when Jungkook got upset over some cheese. BTS’s Jungkook | @BTS_twt/Twitter Jihoon shared that during their trainee days, they didn’t have a ... more
  • 22 hours 9 Disturbing Stories By Trainees, That Expose K-Pop’s Dark Side Koreaboo
    1. Underage female trainee forced to be sexual with 40-year-old investors An anonymous person claiming to be a K-Pop idol shared a horrific story from before their debut. She wrote the post in hopes that people would listen and understand more about the dark sides of the entertainment business. According to the poster, the trainees (three of who were underage) went to a bar to meet some investors where they were forced to pour drinks for them (all of who were above 40 years old). The investor who looked the most powerful had pointed out the prettiest member ... more
  • 22 hours BTS Reacts To Fans’ Vocal Covers Of Their Songs Koreaboo
    Many fans dream of showing their talents to the stars who inspired them, and for a few lucky ARMYs that dream came true. | Glamour/YouTube In a new episode of Glamour‘s “You Sang My Song” series, BTS reacts to fan covers of “Dynamite,” “Black Swan,” “IDOL,” “Boy With Luv,” and “FAKE LOVE” on YouTube. Your browser does not support video. They loved the breathy, R&B sound Julz West brought to “Dynamite” and considered using it as inspiration for their own performances. Your browser does not support video. Right off the bat, Jungkook recognized Cameron Philip K, a singer-rapper known for his BTS parody videos. Your browser does ... more
  • 1 day Here Are 30 Photos Of Jungkook During BTS’s HYYH Era That Show How Much He Grew Up Koreaboo
    BTS‘s HYYH era lives on eternally in our hearts — and so does Jungkook from that time period. Check out how much he grew from the release of BTS’s single “I Need U” all the way to “Fire!” 1. “I Need U” era began when Jungkook was only 17 years old. 2. Nobody can forget the iconic point choreography! Your browser does not support video. 3. BTS took on a pure and natural concept. 4. Meanwhile, Jungkook tried some thin mixed highlights. 5. You can see them much more clearly under the light. 6. Try ... more
  • 1 day Here’s Everything We Know About aespa’s Giselle—The 4th Member Of SM’s New Girl Group Koreaboo
    The fourth—and possibly final—member of SM Entertainment‘s new girl group has been revealed! Here’s everything we know about aespa‘s Giselle. With her luscious brown hair, wide eyes, and sharp facial features, Giselle is simply dazzling. | SM Entertainment Fans are already saying her visuals look like a mix of f(x)‘s Krystal… … and Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri. Like the rest of her members, Giselle is pictured in a fantasy world with mystical purple and pink vibes. The electronic, light-up flowers and trees are now thought to be represent aespa’s unique virtual avatar world concept. | SM Entertainment So, what do we already ... more
  • 1 day BTS’s Suga Will Be “Uncle Suga” To MAX’s Daughter Koreaboo
    MAX is hoping to make his friend and collaborator, BTS‘s Suga, a member of his family. | @MAXMusic/Twitter This year, MAX and Suga collaborated on the song “Burn It” for Suga’s Agust D mixtape, D-2, as well as MAX’s song “Blueberry Eyes”. “Blueberry Eyes” is a love letter to MAX’s pregnant wife, Emily, who co-stars in the music video, along with their unborn daughter. During an interview with MYXclusive, the host voiced a popular question from fans. She said, “People are asking if you want Suga to be a godfather to your daughter.” Your browser does not support video. “He’s definitely going to be Uncle Suga,” MAX replied, ... more
  • 1 day BTS Left Messages For ARMY At The MAP OF THE SOUL Pop-Up Store Koreaboo
    When BTS visited the MAP OF THE SOUL pop-up store, they left sweet messages behind for ARMY. | @bts_twt/Twitter Each member wrote on a menu at the “Dynamite” display using different colored markers. | @bighit_merch/Twitter In dark green V wrote, “Kim Taehyung was here” in the upper left corner, drew a smiley face in the upper right corner, and wrote a second message near the bottom. It says, “I miss ARMY~ have a nice day, I was here.”   Jimin wrote his messages in dark blue. “Park Jimin was also here,” he wrote under V’s first message. He wrote another message on behalf of himself ... more
  • 1 day Here Are All The MAMA Awards BTS Is Nominated For In 2020 Koreaboo
    BTS is up for multiple fan-voted awards at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards. On October 29, MAMA announced this year’s list of nominees, as well as the criteria for winners. BTS, GOT7, NCT, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, and EXO are nominated for “Best Male Group”. BTS’s “Dynamite” is nominated for “Best Dance Performance Male Group”, along with ATEEZ‘s “INCEPTION”, EXO‘s “Obsession”, NCT 127‘s “Kick It”, SEVENTEEN‘s “Left & Right”, and TXT‘s “Can’t You See Me?”. More than forty songs have been nominated for “Song of the Year”, including BTS’s “Dynamite”. IU‘s collaboration with Suga, “eight” is also nominated for “Song of the Year”, as well as ... more
  • 1 day aespa’s Giselle Hasn’t Even Debuted Yet, But Her School Photos Prove She’s Already Iconic Koreaboo
    SM Entertainment only revealed aespa‘s fourth member Giselle today, but fans have been ready to stan since her iconic pre-debut school photos surfaced yesterday. Reportedly courtesy of Giselle’s old school friends, several photos of the new aespa member were posted online yesterday. 20-year-old Giselle recently graduated from International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan, and many of the photos seem to be taken from her yearbook. Pre-debut Giselle While a lot of the pictures are standard yearbook fare, some are truly iconic—like Giselle’s yearbook quote. Instead of choosing something inspirational or educational, Giselle went with socialite Paris Hilton‘s ... more
  • 1 day Here Are The List Of Nominees For Best Female And Male Artist For The 2020 MAMA Awards Koreaboo
    It’s that time of the year again! Year-end award ceremonies are slowly revving their engines. The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) has released its list of 5 nominees each for the respective categories of best female and male artists. Each category will have one final winner. Last year’s winner for the best male artist was Baekhyun, while the best female artist award was given to Chungha. Both singers have been nominated once again this year. Here’s the list of nominees for 2020 MAMA! 1. SHINee’s Taemin He made a splash with “2KIDS” followed by “Criminal”. 2. Zico Random ... more
  • 1 day Webtoon-Turned-Drama “True Beauty” Releases Character Profiles And Teasers Koreaboo
    Popular webtoon, True Beauty, is set to launch a drama adaptation of the story. The cast includes Moon Ga Young, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, Hwang In Yeob and Park Yu Na as the four leads. Set to air in December 2020, the drama has recently released its teaser photos and character profiles. As the drama centers around social media influencers, the posters are laid out like Instagram profiles. Moon Ga Young will play Im Ju Gyeong, a normal high school student that transforms into a goddess with the help of her makeup skills. She is a rising Instagram ... more
  • 1 day Here’s How Much BLACKPINK’s “Pretty Savage” Stage Outfits Actually Cost Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK wore distinct and gorgeous outfits for their live performance of “Pretty Savage”. Like the title of their song, their clothes were edgy yet feminine at the same time. If you ever wanted to copy their style, now’s your chance! Check out the brands they used and how much they cost below! 1. Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram Jennie stunned everyone with her crop top and jeans ensemble. The former came from Pony Stone while the latter was VETEMENT‘s $1,445 USD Censored Jeans. | VETEMENT As an added flare, she also wore Adidas‘ $80 USD leg warmers on her arms. | Adidas ... more
  • 1 day Dispatch Warns Those Spreading Fake Images Using Their Logo Will Be Held Accountable Koreaboo
    Recently, online communities were buzzing after a photo of EXO’s Chanyeol and BLACKPINK’s Rosé with a Dispatch watermark was posted. This photo began spreading like wildfire online, stating that the photo was proof that the two idols were dating. Edited photo Original photo But Dispatch revealed that they have never released anything about these rumors or taken a photo of the two together. It turned out that the photo had already once spread online back in 2018 and was found to be an edited photo. Fans believe that this photo started to resurface online after someone claiming to ... more
  • 1 day SM Entertainment Gives An Official Response To EXO Chanyeol’s Alleged Cheating Controversy Koreaboo
    With the recent controversy that EXO‘s Chanyeol has been swept up in, SM Entertainment has finally given an official statement to the press. Previously, an anonymous post on an online community had claimed to be his longtime ex-girlfriend. According to the post, they had dated for three years and had broken up due to him allegedly repeatedly cheating on her. On 29 October 2020, SM Entertainment reportedly told media outlets that they did not have any official stance towards the accusations. We do not have any official stance towards the post in question. — SM Entertainment ... more
  • 1 day A Chinese Netizen Disproves The Allegations Made Against EXO’s Chanyeol Koreaboo
    A Chinese netizen on Weibo that goes by the name of 扒圈老鬼 has stepped up to disprove the allegations made against EXO‘s Chanyeol. Previously, an online community post had accused him of cheating on his ex-girlfriend for three whole years. | SM Entertainment The netizen starts by layering the photograph of Chanyeol that the original post had uploaded as dating proof, with one of him in the studio. | 扒圈老鬼/Weibo Although the microphone in his hand had been digitally altered and replaced with a bouquet of flowers, the angle and his facial expression remains the same. | 扒圈老鬼/Weibo The netizen ... more
  • 1 day Here Are The Top 21 Most-Watched K-Pop Fancams Of 2020 Koreaboo
    K-Pop fancams have become increasingly popular over the years. These days, many fancams are filmed professionally and in high quality, to allow fans to really get a closer look at their favorite individual members. These are the current 21 most-watched fancams from 2020 so far. Many of them are from some of the most popular groups in the industry, but others might surprise you! 21. Rosé (BLACKPINK): “How You Like That” (3.35 million views) 20. V (BTS): “Black Swan” (3.40 million views) 19. Wonyoung (IZ*ONE): “So Curious” (3.50 million views) 18. Jennie (BLACKPINK): “How You Like That” ... more
  • 2 days TWICE Reveals Some Interesting Classes They Took While They Were Trainees Koreaboo
    TWICE made a guest appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star and had a fun time talking about their new album, whether or not they plan on doing solo or unit promotions, and more! Taking it back to their trainee days, MC Kim Gura asked Jihyo, “Has there been any classes that you took at JYP that you just didn’t understand?” Jihyo recalls taking a sex education class that was taken by all the trainees at the time. Being young at that time, she thought, “It is a class that is needed but to learn this at the agency…?” Back then, ... more
  • 2 days TWICE’s Jihyo Says There Won’t Be Any Solo/Unit Groups For The Time Being…But The Members Think Otherwise Koreaboo
    TWICE made a guest appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star and had a fun time talking about their new album, revealing fun stories from their trainee days, and more! The group also recently celebrated their five year debut anniversary, making them quite the senior in the K-Pop world. The hosts were curious to know if they had plans for releasing solo or unit groups anytime soon. Comedian Ahn Young Mi asked, “According to Jihyo, we hear that you don’t have any plans for unit or solos anytime soon?” Jihyo responded, “Of course we would have to discuss with ... more
  • 2 days 4 Times K-Pop Idol Haters Decided To Change Their Ways Koreaboo
    K-Pop idols have to deal with haters constantly throughout their careers. However, that doesn’t mean that all haters of certain K-Pop idols remain this way. Here are 4 times haters of certain K-Pop idols decided to change their ways. 1. Former BLACKPINK hater changing their mindest | @BLACKPINK/Twitter On Quora, a user by the name of Maysa Shakeel shared their experience of hating BLACKPINK. Maysa Shakeel stated that they initially hated BLACKPINK for various reasons, such as their low amount of songs. I actually used to hate BLACKPINK too. ‘They literally have like 9 songs in 2 years and they are ... more
  • 2 days Park Jin Young Reveals Why He Was A Little Surprised When He Ate Dinner With TWICE’s Momo For The First Time Koreaboo
    Park Jin Young, the head of JYP Entertainment, has a great relationship with the TWICE members and knows them pretty well. However, there was one time when TWICE’s Momo surprised him a bit. Park Jin Young TWICE’s Momo During an interview, Park Jin Young was asked about some of the unexpected sides of the members, and he didn’t hesitate with his answer. Your browser does not support video. He talked about the first time he had dinner with Momo and how it was a “shocking” event. Your browser does not support video. Park Jin Young was shocked when he saw ... more
  • 2 days The BTS Hyungs Once Couldn’t Help But Smile Thinking About How Much Jungkook Grew Up Koreaboo
    While BTS‘s Jungkook is now known as the talented and playful maknae (youngest) of the group, he wasn’t always this way. When BTS guested on New Yang Nam Show, the BTS hyungs spoke on how much Jungkook had changed since he was younger, and they couldn’t help but smile a bit. During the episode, the members shared that when Jungkook was younger, he was extremely shy, and if someone asked him to sing, he wasn’t able to due to his shyness. Your browser does not support video. In fact, if someone continuously asked him to sing when ... more
  • 2 days EXO Chanyeol Accused Of Allegedly Cheating On His Ex-Girlfriend For 3 Years Koreaboo
    A post recently surfaced on an online community claiming to be written by EXO Chanyeol‘s ex-girlfriend. In a shocking revelation, the OP accuses Chanyeol of having cheated on her with over 10 girls throughout their relationship. Along with the post, she also uploaded photos that she claims were taken together with Chanyeol. Cake decoration: “In love for 790 days.” | pann The OP claimed that they first began dating when he received her number through an acquaintance and later began dating seriously after asking her out. She claims she found out that he had cheated on her just as ... more
  • 2 days Red Velvet Fans Debunk Netizens’ Claims About Irene Not Being Close With Her Members Koreaboo
    Since Red Velvet‘s Irene was struck with an “attitude” controversy this month, a number of Korean netizens are convinced that she doesn’t belong in the group. A recent post on Korean forum Pann even hit the site’s trending list with alleged proof that Irene is not close with the rest of the group’s members. However, ReVeluvs have been debunking the so-called “evidence” with plenty of proof of their own, sharing numerous examples of Irene’s closeness with Red Velvet. One of the key moment from the past raised by the original Pann poster was the time Seulgi showed off ... more
  • 2 days Here Are 30 Photos Of Teenage Jungkook Since BTS’s Debut That Will Make You Soft Koreaboo
    If you need a pick-me-up, baby Jungkook is here to brighten your day. Check out how he aged throughout the eras since BTS‘s debut until he was well on his way to adulthood! 1. Jungkook was 15 years old when he debuted. 2. During “No More Dream” era, he and all the members worked tirelessly. Your browser does not support video. 3. He seriously resembled a bunny at this point in time. 4. The maknae was cute and squishy — but just as fierce as ever. 5. Despite being so young, he was still so handsome! 6. ... more
  • 2 days BTS’s Suga Wears Pro-LGBTQ Shoes, Receives Praise From Fans Koreaboo
    BTS fans are applauding Suga‘s meaningful choice of footwear. On October 28, BTS went on a surprise shopping trip at the MAP OF THE SOUL pop-up showcase in Seoul. Most of the members wore BTS brand clothing, such as Jungkook‘s “FAKE LOVE” hoodie… | @jeongguknuna/Twitter   …and V‘s “ON” cardigan, but Suga’s shoes can’t be purchased at BTS’s store. | @jeongguknuna/Twitter Suga is wearing a pair of Vans from “The Love Pack”. Vans released this limited-edition two-piece collection last summer to celebrate New York’s diversity. | @jeongguknuna/Twitter The collection has two different shoe styles with the same pro-LGBTQ message; this Sk8-Hi model that Suga is wearing… | ... more
  • 2 days These 20+ Unedited Photos From BTS’s Pop-Up Store Visit Show What They Look Like In Person Koreaboo
    On October 28, BTS made a surprise appearance at the MAP OF THE SOUL pop-up store in Seoul. During their arrival and departure, fans snapped photos of each member. These candid, unedited photos soon became a hot topic as they show how handsome BTS looks up close in real life. 1. Jin Under normal circumstances, Jin usually foregoes masks when BTS greets fans, but he’s been keeping his mask on for the safety of the members and the fans since the beginning of the pandemic. |@jeongguknuna/Twitter Like the rest of his members, Jin masked up at the MAP OF THE SOUL showcase as a precaution for ... more
  • 2 days BTS Once Compared Each Other To Different Animals — Here’s What They Chose For Each Member Koreaboo
    During BTS’s interview in the February 2014 edition of Potato Magazine, the members were asked to compare each other’s features and personalities to different animals. Check out what they answered for each member below! | Anan 1. RM I think our leader looks like a fox. I think it’s because of his eyes and thin lips. — V Despite his cool persona on stage, V says RM is timid in the dorm and worries a lot in a way that’s “a bit fox-like.” | @BTS_twt/Twitter 2. Jin Jungkook compared Jin to a sloth. Even though he ... more
  • 2 days Here’s Everything We Know About aespa’s Ningning—The 3rd Member Of SM’s New Girl Group Koreaboo
    Excited for more aespa content? SM Entertainment has revealed the third member of its new girl group—meet Ningning! Here’s everything we know about her. Ningning joins previously introduced members Winter and Karina in their mystical fantasy land. Fans think this may be the world in which aespa’s AI counterparts “live”. | SM Entertainment Her big, beautiful eyes stand out immediately. The rest of her youthful features are equally doll-like, too, which is fitting given that Ningning once revealed she likes dolls. | SM Entertainment Some fans are already comparing Ningning’s visuals to Weki Meki‘s Doyeon… … and TWICE‘s ... more
  • 2 days 16 Inspirational BTS Quotes That Are Perfect For Your Senior Yearbook Koreaboo
    If you’re looking for a meaningful BTS quote for your senior yearbook, then look no further. These inspirational lyrics and quotes are ideal for ARMYs! 1. “I have come to love myself for who I am, for who I was, and for who I hope to become.” — RM 2. “Dream, hope, forward, forward” — (“Young Forever”) 3. “Even if you live for a day / Do something / Put away your weakness.” — BTS (“No More Dream”) 4. “Let’s get it.” — Jungkook 5. “It’s all right to not have a dream, if you ... more
  • 2 days BTS Suga’s Brother Shares A New Baby Photo Of His Baby Bro Koreaboo
    BTS‘s Suga was born with the perfect combination of cuteness and swag, and his baby photos prove it. Suga‘s older brother, Min Geumjae, recently shared a Min family memory on his Instagram account (@goldjay89). | @goldenjae89/Instagram In this photo, Min Geumjae looks down sweetly at his baby brother, who is 2 Cool 4 Skool in a sideways cap and pink onesie. That furry throne practically screams, “I’ll be famous someday!” | @goldenjae89/Instagram In the caption, Min Geumjae wrote, “In this endless universe, we’re nothing but dust. So what is the meaning of the end?” | @goldenjae89/Instagram Find out more about Suga’s brother and the ... more
  • 2 days BTS Makes A Surprise Appearance At The “MAP OF THE SOUL” Pop-Up Store Koreaboo
    For the first time in months, ARMYs saw BTS in person at their new pop-up store, MAP OF THE SOUL: Showcase in Seoul. | @bighit_merch/Twitter On October 28, BTS dropped by for a surprise visit. The store, which opened its doors last week, is a dream destination for BTS fans. From merch to memories, there’s so much to enjoy. | @bighit_merch/Twitter When BTS rolled up, masked and ready to visit, fans cheered… Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. …and excitedly snapped photos of each member’s arrival. | @jeongguknuna/Twitter | @jeongguknuna/Twitter | @jeongguknuna/Twitter ... more
  • 2 days TWICE’s Sana Claims Momo Changed After The “TT” Era And She’s Not Happy About It Koreaboo
    On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, TWICE‘s Sana expressed her disappointment in Momo which she claims began after their “TT” era. On the show, Sana described herself as someone who shows a lot of physical affection, but she shared that Momo stopped accepting her gestures of affection after the “TT” era. I show a lot of physical affection, but Momo hates it. It started after ‘TT’. — Sana   And Momo clarified why that is.   According to Momo, she shows physical affection, but only to those who are younger than her. ... more
  • 2 days A Former Classmate Of aespa Karina (Yoo Jimin) Refutes Malicious Rumors In Light Of Controversy Koreaboo
    As soon as it was revealed that Karina (Yoo Jimin) is one of the members of SM Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group, aespa, a past controversy came to light leading to malicious comments by netizens. | SM Entertainment Earlier this year, Yoo Jimin was involved in a controversy for allegedly insulted various male idols in EXO, NCT, and BTS. | The Qoo Although SM Entertainment denied that the screenshots shared were real, the fact that Yoo Jimin’s stage name “Karina” was included in the screenshots led fans to believe that the screenshots were indeed real. | The Qoo In light of ... more
  • 2 days NCT’s Doyoung Accidentally Pressed Like On An Instagram Post About BLACKPINK Jennie And Left A Read Receipt On A Fan’s DM All In The Same Day Koreaboo
    NCT‘s Doyoung recently opened his personal Instagram, and it seems that he’s still unfamiliar with the app. Your browser does not support video.| Pann From not knowing how to edit captions to being unfamiliar with the tagging system, fans think it’s adorable how he’s still stumbling with technology. does doyoung not realize that he can edit the caption without having to delete it that mf deleted his cover just to reupload it w a different caption — nat (@fairyIightnct) October 16, 2020 Recently, an online forum noted that he had accidentally pressed like on an ... more
  • 2 days 10 Times The BTS Members Couldn’t Get Enough Of RM Koreaboo
    BTS‘s RM is kind, talented, smart, and a host of other positive characteristics—what’s not to love about him? His members seem to agree because they quite obviously can’t get enough of him! Here are 10 times the boys didn’t hide their love for RM. 1. When RM allowed his cheeks to be squeezed repeatedly Your browser does not support video. His hilarious, neutral expression is one for the books. 2. When Jimin put his face on RM’s shoulder Your browser does not support video. Gotta love how he lets Jimin do whatever he wants! 3. When Jungkook ... more
  • 2 days TWICE Talk About Their Guilty Pleasures And How They Feel About Having 13 Hit Songs Since Debut Koreaboo
    TWICE, who recently released their new album Eyes Wide Open and title track “I CAN’T STOP ME”, revealed their thoughts on their comeback. | JYP Entertainment Their new album topped the iTunes Album Charts in 32 countries as well as ranked number one on Japan and Chinese music charts, proving their global popularity. | JYP Entertainment In order to celebrate the comeback for TWICE, they held a Q&A session with Newsen. Aside from talking about the album and the lyrics, they also answered some fun questions too. Just like the title song “I CAN’T STOP ME”, are there any ... more
  • 2 days Each BLACKPINK Member Does Something Different To Relax—Here’s What They Do Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK has had their busiest year yet with their full-length album promotions for The Album. From “How You Like That” to “ICE CREAM” to “LOVESICK GIRLS”, they each gave their best. Your browser does not support video. Due to their tight schedule, it’s hard for them to find time to rest. When they do, however, they all have different activities on their agenda. BLACKPINK revealed this in their Twitter Blueroom interview. Check out their answers below! 1. Lisa Lisa‘s favorite rest pastime was the easiest to guess—she plays with her cats! As the certified cat mama, she recharges by ... more
  • 2 days 10 Items K-Pop Stars Carry Around In Their Bags That Will Help You Lead A Healthier Life Koreaboo
    “What’s in my bag” videos have been all the rage lately as fans scramble to find out the items their idols use on a daily basis. If you’re seeking to splurge on something new, or are trying to adapt lifestyle tips from celebrities, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve trawled through various videos to list out 10 items as carried around by various K-Pop idols for you! 1. Apink Naeun’s essential oils Apink’s Naeun is big on health for inner beauty. Not only does she try to go to the gym a few days a week minimally, she ... more
  • 2 days Netizens Left Confused After Debate About The Truth Behind aespa Karina’s (Yoo Jimin) Controversy Koreaboo
    SM Entertainment‘s new girl group, aespa, is set for debut in November. Despite the successful teasers, many are still in doubt regarding member Karina. Karina was previously known to the public as Yoo Jimin, one of the high profile trainees in SM Entertainment. | SM Entertainment She was involved in a controversy when her friend allegedly uploaded screenshots of her conversation with Karina prior to news of the group’s upcoming debut. The screenshots were rather incriminating, given that Karina had allegedly insulted various male idols including EXO, NCT and BTS. I mean it didn’t used to be this ... more
  • 2 days These Are The 18 Fastest K-Pop MVs To Reach A Million Likes Koreaboo
    As K-Pop gets more popular, the music videos in the music genre get more views and, generally, more likes (though it also attracts more haters, which can mean more dislikes as well). However, some artists have a big enough loyal following that they can amass a huge number of likes very quickly after the MV is released, which the following music videos all succeeded in! These are the 18 K-Pop music videos that have reached 1 million likes the fastest. 18. “Singularity” by BTS: 1 hour, 28 minutes Now at 5.12 million likes. 17. “Persona” by BTS: 1 ... more
  • 2 days Korean Netizens Think aespa’s Karina And Winter Both Look Like The Same Female Idol Koreaboo
    SM Entertainment has recently released teaser photos for their new girl group, aespa. Fronting the line so far are Karina and Winter. Both girls have been highly praised for their flawless visuals. | SM Entertainment Korean netizens think that the two look so alike, they could be sisters. However, they’ve found another female idol that they think looks exactly like Karina and Winter. | SM Entertainment Netizens have found similarities between the faces of both the aespa members and WJSN‘s Yeoreum! They’ve noted that while Winter’s face is a little rounder than Yeoreum’s, the overall vibes they give ... more
  • 2 days 6 Random Facts About MAMAMOO’s Handsome Rapper Moonbyul That Everyone Should Know Koreaboo
    MAMAMOO is a quartet full of incredibly talented members, with each of the four extremely skilled in their own areas of expertise. Moonbyul, as the group’s main rapper, is more than able to keep up with the other power vocalists in the group! She’s long stood out among the crowd for her “handsome” visuals and her tendency to dress in more “masculine” clothes oftentimes, and fans love her for it. She’s not afraid to break away from the typical idol mold — just like the other members of MAMAMOO — and it works so well for her! Whether ... more
  • 3 days aespa X Vocaloid — SM Entertainment’s New Girl Group Will Combine Real And Avatar Members Koreaboo
    Lee Soo Man announced aespa will combine both real world members and avatar, or digital, members, making K-Pop’s first vocaloid X human group. SM Entertainment and Lee Soo Man were invited to speak at the 2020 WCIF (World Cultural Industry Forum), where Lee Soo Man revealed SM Entertainment’s newest plan for the aespa Universe, which would combine real life members such as Winter and Karina, with digital world members. Lee Soo Man first introduced the idea of an avatar idol, explaining that they could stand in for a friend in real life who is unable to be with ... more
  • 3 days Here Are All Of The Winners From The 2020 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Koreaboo
    The 2020 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards just released its awards, and here are all of the winners from the event, with the presentation of the awards occurring later tonight. The Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards is an annual awards program held by the South Korean government to honor groups and individuals who have greatly contributed to and spread Korean culture. There are four possible awards to receive: Order of Cultural Merit, Presidential Commendation, Prime Minister’s Commendation, and Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation. The Order of Cultural Merit is considered the most prestigious of the awards. This year, there was ... more
  • 3 days Comparing 15 K-Pop Artists’ Most-Watched Vs. Most-Awarded Songs Koreaboo
    There are many ways to measure a K-Pop artist’s success. Album sales, music video views and likes, streaming amounts, music show wins — they’re all important for K-Pop artists, and they can vary widely in their stats! Not every most-sold album has the most-watched title track, for example; and, as the following list shows, not every most-watched MV has had the most music show wins! Here are 15 popular K-Pop artists and a comparison of their most-watched music video and their song with the most music show wins. 1. BTS BTS’s most-watched music video is “DNA” with 1.12 ... more
  • 3 days Netizens Have A Lot To Say About The Two Members of SM’s New Girl Group Aespa Koreaboo
    SM Entertainment just released two of the members for their new girl group aespa and it became a hot issue, exciting everyone all around. However, this time the chatter is not out of excitement but rather curiosity because they believe the two members, Karina and Winter look eerily alike. Winter | SM Entertainment Karina | SM Entertainment Here’s what netizens had to say: | theqoo Winter is prettier It’s not that I can’t tell them apart but I think they just have a really similar image…I wonder if the rest of the members will too It happened with Yuri/Yoona and Red ... more
  • 3 days The Top 10 Chaotic Lessons We Learned From BTS’s “DALBANG School” Koreaboo
    In Episodes 112 and 113 of Run BTS!BTS‘s SugaJ-HopeRMJiminV, and Jungkook attended Teacher Jin‘s classes at “DALBANG School”. Here are 10 of their most chaotic “lessons”! 1. Your teacher’s patience is the only thing lower than your grades Jin had his hands full with this unruly class. He let them get away with questioning his qualifications, cheating on tests, and interrupting his lectures… Your browser does not support video. …but he had zero patience for distracting noises. Tap your pencil out in the hall, please! Your browser does not support video. 2. Group work is the best thing ever The limbo game was ... more
  • 3 days 10+ Times Apink’s Naeun Stunned Everyone With Her Striking Casual Fashion Koreaboo
    Apink‘s Naeun is a gorgeous beauty, and her visuals are always complimented by her great sense of style! Whether onstage or off, she always looks amazing! Here are 10+ times she wowed fans everywhere with her stylish, unique, classy casual fashion! 1. Here’s a queen slaying in this all-black outfit!   2. Naeun’s brings edgy and classy together with this black dress and leather jacket combo!   3. Visual queen!   4. Naeun gives off such classy vibes in this ... more
  • 3 days BLACKPINK’s Rosé Made A Joke That Went Right Over Fans’ Heads Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is as funny as she is talented, but sometimes her punchlines don’t land the way she expects! From typos… ….to “graphic design is my passion” moments, Rosé has had a few Instagram mishaps. Her latest one happened when she posted these two photos of herself wearing a blue shirt and sweater with black pants. | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram In the caption, Rosé made a reference to a viral YouTube video…that nobody saw, apparently. In fact, BLINKs were so confused about it that Rosé posted a story to explain her joke. “For those of you who are totally confused about the ... more
  • 3 days BTS’s Suga Couldn’t Say No To V…No Matter How Hard He Tried Koreaboo
    BTS‘s has a special talent; he can magically change Sugas mind from “no way” to “okay” in seconds. Like the rest of the hyung line, Suga has a huge soft spot for the youngest members, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Whether it’s sass or slaps, he lets them get away with just about anything… Your browser does not support video. …no matter how much he tries not to. In Episode 113 of Run BTS!, the members continued their lessons at “DALBANG School” with Teacher Jin, and it was pure chaos. | Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse The limbo challenge made its 2020 comeback, much to the entertainment of BTS’s ... more
  • 3 days 7 Of Korea’s Biggest Stars Who Have Never Been In A Relationship Koreaboo
    With the holidays coming up, romance is starting to stir and everyone wants to spend the holidays with a special someone. However, there are some stars who have never had that opportunity so let’s take a look at 7 of Korea’s biggest stars who’s never been in a relationship! 1. Actress Kim So Hyun | MBC Actress Kim So Hyun is first up on this list which may not be a shocker. She debuted when she was 7 years old and has been active in the industry ever since. In an interview, Kim So Hyun admitted that she believes a ... more
  • 3 days BTS Writes Postcards To ARMY That Hint At A Possible Subunit  Koreaboo
    Dear ARMY, BTS has letters just for you — and maybe a spoiler too? | Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook With less than a month to go until the release of their new album, BE, BTS’s comeback promotions are in full swing. Following the unveiling of their first BE teaser photo, BTS reached out to fans on Instagram with questions that each member answered too. | @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram | @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram Now, BTS is writing personalized postcards to ARMY on Weverse with the hashtags #Dear_ARMY #From_BTS. Each postcard includes a photograph of a morning sky that, when arranged in order, seems to show time passing by. | Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse V‘s postcard ... more
  • 3 days SM Reveals 2nd Member Of New Girl Group aespa—Here’s Everything We Know About Her Koreaboo
    The next member of SM Entertainment‘s new girl group has been revealed, and you may have already seen her before. Here’s everything we know about aespa‘s Karina. Unlike aespa’s first member, Winter, who showed off a unique blonde-and-blue dip-dyed hairstyle, Karina seems to be sporting luscious, naturally black hair. | SM Entertainment She’s shown in the same fantasy land depicted in Winter’s teaser, surrounded by ethereal and glowing CGI foliage. | SM Entertainment It seems all the members’ teasers will be following the same theme, including the final image giving off a more mature vibe. Here, Karina is seen ... more
  • 3 days K-Netizen Names The Parts Of Each BLACKPINK Member’s Body That Everyone Is Jealous Of Koreaboo
    The members of BLACKPINK are all gorgeous in their own unique ways — and they all have something that can make you a little jealous at times. According to a K-Netizen’s online community post, here are the best physical features of each member that will leave you in awe of their beauty! 1. Jennie Jennie is well-known for her prominent, angular shoulders. Your browser does not support video. They have a right angle and give her upper body a stunning appearance. Your browser does not support video. With this body type, she can make any kind of top look flattering. ... more
  • 3 days Here Are All The YG Entertainment Idols Nominated For 2020’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces” Koreaboo
    Once again, it’s time to vote for TC Candler‘s “100 Most Beautiful Faces” and “100 Most Handsome Faces” lists! Since 1990, fans have been nominating their beauties of choice of this prestigious list, and many of those beauties are K-Pop idols. Here are all the YG Entertainment idols who have been nominated so far! 1. Bobby (iKON) Bobby is officially the first iKON member to be nominated for a spot on the list this year. 2. Jennie (BLACKPINK) Last year, Jennie made it into the Top 20 finalists, taking the 19th spot. 3. Haruto (TREASURE) Haruto is the first TREASURE member to be nominated in 2020. ... more
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