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  • 12 months ATEEZ Are The Biggest ARMYs In Existence Koreaboo
    Rookie boy group ATEEZ is impressing everyone in the K-Pop world right now with consecutive successful singles. Their debut songs “Treasure” and “Pirate King” and now “Say My Name” have all blown up in popularity. But did you know that ATEEZ are huge fans of BTS? They show off their ARMY status at every possible opportunity. Take for instance when Wooyoung and San made a dance cover of “Fake Love”. Your browser does not support video. Or when Junho and Mingi did the same for “Idol”. Your browser does not support video. The whole group did an excellent dance cover of “Fire” on ... more
  • 12 months The Messages Park Jihoon Left On Wanna One’s Fan Cafe Will Break Your Heart Koreaboo
    On January 27, Wanna One held their final concert together. While the moment was definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride with a very heartbreaking ending, one member has made things even more heart-wrenching with his posts on the group’s official fan cafe.   Shortly after the group’s final “Therefore” concert performance, Park Jihoon headed over to the group’s fan cafe. First, he started off with a very sweet message to fans to show that this is just the beginning for all the members. “Don’t worry, it’s only the start for us.” — Park Jihoon   Then, he talked about ... more
  • 12 months BigHit Entertainment Releases Cryptic TXT Video Featuring Soobin Koreaboo
    BigHit Entertainment’s next tactic of promoting their new boy group, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) seems to be by releasing videos entitled “questioning films”. The first instalment features TXT member Soobin whose eyes are the primary focus of the video. Soobin stares almost longingly at the camera throughout the video and is seen surrounded by flowers constantly. There is morse code at the end of the video which is a prevailing theme of TXT’s debut, the morse code in this video spells out “Tomorrow” which is a reference to the name of the group. It is likely that each of the other four members of ... more
  • 12 months Wanna One’s Kim Jaehwan Sent An Emotional Message To Fans After Their Final Concert Koreaboo
    Although the heartbreaking day has come for Wanna One‘s official disbandment, Kim Jaehwan‘s special message to fans makes the day a little brighter even if it does make you feel incredibly emotional!   Shortly after saying his final goodbye on stage as a member of Wanna One, Kim Jaehwan took to Instagram to post a very special message to all his fans. What started off with a feeling of nostalgia for the group… Your browser does not support video. “Hello, it’s Jaehwan. Our last concert has ended just like this and all the feelings are still lingering.” — Kim Jaehwan ... more
  • 12 months Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Is A Fan Of BTS And Even Has A Bias Koreaboo
    Naomi Osaka, the Japanese-American tennis player is fresh off a victory at the Australian Open and is set to be ranked the world’s number one female tennis player. Not only is she a fantastic tennis player, she has also has an exquisite taste in music which is proven by a quick glance at her Twitter likes. Osaka seems to like a high proportion of tweets about one particular member of BTS, she’s clearly got a bias. Maybe Naomi Osaka’s inspired play on the court is partially motivated by BTS? We know that she will ... more
  • 12 months 15+ Moments From Wanna One’s Final Concert Together That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes Koreaboo
    On January 24, Wanna One gave their first of their “Therefore” concerts. The moment was incredibly bittersweet as it signaled the beginning of the end. And on January 27, Wanna One gave a beautiful and heartbreaking final concert together. Although the group will always remain together in fans’ hearts, their last moments on stage together was filled with emotion and these 15+ moments from the concert will break your heart and bring tears to your eyes.   1. When Seongwoo caused Sungwoon to fall down with his confession
    Seongwoo said that when he was filming alone, he ... more
  • 12 months HyunA Once Called Out MBK’s CEO For Starving T-ARA’s Hyomin Koreaboo
    MBK Entertainment is a very controversial agency who must recently received criticism for their gross mismanagement of soloist Shannon.
    Shannon Spills Shocking Details Of How MBK Mismanaged Her Career And Why She’s Leaving Korea This isn’t a recent trend with MBK however, as far back as 2010 the cruel ways of the agency were starting to become apparent. At the time, MBK’s biggest act was T-ARA who was one of the most popular girl groups at the time. They only recently escaped the clutches of MBK.
    T-ARA May Never Be Allowed To Call Themselves “T-ARA” Ever Again On ... more
  • 12 months NCT’s Special Message To Xiumin, Yunho, And Red Velvet Is Putting A Smile On Everyone’s Face Koreaboo
    NCT 127 has just kicked off their first-ever solo tour, “NEO CITY: SEOUL -The Origin” and they certainly kicked off the tour with a bang! Your browser does not support video.   They brought the house down with their performances and left fans feeling more than a little breathless. Your browser does not support video.   But it’s their sweet message for their seniors that has really been putting a smile on fans faces. It all started because TVXQ‘s Yunho… Your browser does not support video.   EXO‘s Xiumin…   And Red Velvet were spotted in the crowd cheering for ... more
  • 12 months Netmarble Confirms That BTS World Is Coming Soon Koreaboo
    Netmarble are the developers of BTS World, a cinematic video game which is centred around BTS. The game was initially teased in early 2018 but the developers have been quiet ever since leading many to believe that the game had been cancelled. This isn’t the case, however, as Netmarble have just posted an update on their Twitter account that promises the game will be releasing “soon”. This has ARMY in a frenzy as they have been anticipating the release of BTS World ever since it was first teased. You can look at the official BTS World website here and you can ... more
  • 12 months EXO’s “ElyXiOn Live” Album Was Taking Down Minutes After Being Uploaded, Causing Confusion Koreaboo
    Fans have been anticipating the release of EXO‘s “ElyXiOn Live” album and thought they were finally lucky enough to get to enjoy it, but in one fell swoop, the album was taken down.   On January 27, many fans found they suddenly had access to the “ElyXiOn” album and could stream it through online streaming services. Shortly afterward, fans started tweeting out to their fellow EXO-Ls to alert them that the album was now available.
    EXO PLANET #4 The Eℓyxion [dot] – Live Album is now on @Spotify! Who's streaming? — CHALK.PH (@chalkdotph) January 26, ... more
  • 12 months BTS’s Jimin And EXO’s Xiumin Spotted At Wanna One’s Last Concert Koreaboo
    Although Wanna One‘s Day 1 of their “Therefore” concert was a beautiful moment for everyone, it was also a moment marked by sadness as it signaled the beginning of the end for the legendary group.   And very sadly, the group just had their final concert together on January 27.  While the very last day of the concert was certainly filled with a lot of different emotions… Your browser does not support video.   And plenty of heartbreak… Your browser does not support video.   The Wanna One members and Wannables weren’t the only ones feeling the effects of their ... more
  • 12 months HyunA and Hyojong Officially Join PSY’s New Agency P-NATION Koreaboo
    HyunA and Hyojong (formerly E’Dawn) have joined PSY‘s new agency P-NATION! PSY revealed the news on his personal Instagram, signaling a brand new start for the couple.
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by PSY (@42psy42) on Jan 26, 2019 at 10:55pm PST   PSY could be seen with the couple, welcoming them to his new ... more
  • 12 months BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wasn’t Supposed To Accept Fan-gifts… What She Did Will Touch Your Heart Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK has been continuing on their world tour “BLACKPINK 2019 World Tour In Your Area” and recently finished up their Hong Kong concert, but what Jennie did before the concert while meeting her fans is touching everyone’s hearts.   As the group was walking past hundreds of their fans at the airport, one fan offered Jennie a small plush toy of a pig. Since Jennie’s birthday is January 16, 1996, her Chinese zodiac sign is the pig, and 2019 is also the year of the pig! Just in case you may be confused, people who were born between January 31, ... more
  • 12 months Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Live In A Luxury Home Next To Rain And Kim Tae Hee Koreaboo
    It looks like Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo currently live in a very luxurious neighborhood of Korea, right beside Rain and Kim Tae Hee!   Song Joong Ki first purchased the ₩10 billion KRW ($8.7 million USD) home in January, while dating Song Hye Kyo.   Their new house has two floors plus a basement, and is located in an extremely rich neighborhood of Itaewon.   Rain and Kim Tae Hee also have a home together in the exact same neighborhood.   Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s home cost the couple ₩5 billion KRW ... more
  • 12 months This Male K-Pop Group Broke Up Due To A Gay Inter-member Relationship Koreaboo
    1st generation male idol group K’Pop debuted in January 2001 with five members – Donghwa, Jumin, Youngwon, Yoobin, and Woohyun.   Their debut song “Shadow”, from their self-titled album, was a hit and they gained “flower boy” status, releasing two more albums to relative success before disbanding in 2004. Their last album, “Memories was released in September 2004, with the title track “Scent of Memory” making it into the top 10.   While most groups disband due to creative differences or major public scandals, K’Pop reportedly disbanded because of complications stemming from a homosexual relationship between two members.   According to reports, two ... more
  • 12 months Plastic Surgeons Admit These 10 Idols’ Faces CANNOT Be More Good-Looking Koreaboo
    According to specialists, the human face can be geometrically mapped, and the aesthetic measurement of ones face is directly correlated with the famous “golden ratio” or “Fibonacci’s sequence (1.618)”. Plastic surgeons have mapped out idols’ faces and found that the facial structure of these 10 idols hvave golden ratio, allowing them to be perceived as beautiful.   1. Red Velvet’s Irene   2. WINNER’s Jinwoo   3. EXO’s Suho   4. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona   5. BTOB’s Sungjae   6. BIGBANG’s T.O.P   7. Super Junior’s Donghae   8. BTS’s Jin   9. ... more
  • 12 months Actress Ham So Won (42) Shared How Husband Jin Hua (24) Reacted When He Learned Her Age Koreaboo
    42-year-old actress Ham So Won recently married Weibo star and former idol trainee Jin Hua. He is 18 years younger than his bride, the son of the CEO of a large farming corporation, and currently running an online shopping mall.   Ham So Won shared the story of Jin Hua’s reaction when she revealed how much older she is than him.   At first, she thought that the younger man was just playing games with her. However, after meeting for a few weeks, she realized he was serious. That’s when she decided to tell him the truth. ... more
  • 12 months 18 Idols Who Have Ridiculously Good-Looking Relatives Koreaboo
    1. TWICE Momo’s sister
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by h a n a (@banghana) on Feb 19, 2017 at 5:15am PST There is a two-year age gap between Hana and Momo, but the Hirai sisters are equally stunning.
    View this ... more
  • 12 months 15 Idols Who Completely Trolled Their Fans In Unexpected Ways Koreaboo
    1. When BTS scared their fans on The Ellen Show. Your browser does not support video. During BTS‘s most recent appearance on The Ellen Show, the members hid behind furniture on the set of Friends. Your browser does not support video. When their fans sat on the iconic Friends couch to answer trivia… Your browser does not support video. …BTS popped up. Your browser does not support video. Surprise!   2. When Hyungwon (MONSTA X) trolled Starbucks with his own meme. Recently, Starbucks has been showing a lot of love for K-Pop on Twitter. The coffee giant replied to a MONSTA X fan ... more
  • 12 months 12 Idols Who Had The Most Awkward Dating Rumors Koreaboo
    1. Minho (SHINee) and Changmin (TVXQ!) Changmin and Minho thought they were attending Yunho‘s (TVXQ!Michael Jackson tribute as friends, but no. According to the Japanese tabloids, Changmin was on a date with a “mystery woman”! How did that happen?   At the time, Minho’s locks were so long and luscious that the press mistook him for a girl.   As such, a Japanese reporter snapped this photo and reported the stars’ platonic outing as a secret date.   At the time, fans had an absolutely field day with the “scandal” and were quick to point out the “mystery woman’s” true identity. ... more
  • 12 months ARMY Start Trending A Hashtag To Highlight The Achievements Of BTS Koreaboo
    ARMY never miss an opportunity to educate people on the achievements and talent of BTS. From music to cinema and everything in between, BTS has smashed records everywhere and inspired millions in the process. ARMY has started trending the hashtag #Only_BTS_Can to highlight all of the achievements of BTS. For example, when they became the youngest ever recipients of the Order Of Cultural Merit.
    #Only_BTS_Can be the youngest recipients to receive the Order of Cultural Merit — 약속 (@tannie_ot) January 26, 2019 Or when they won the KMA Musician of the year award, one of ... more
  • 12 months BTS Love Yourself In Seoul Just Released And Everyone Is Talking About It Koreaboo
    Today marks the launch of the second BTS concert movie, Love Yourself In Seoul. It is a behind-the-scenes look at the first concerts held as part of their Love Yourself World Tour. These are, of course, their August 25th and 26th concerts at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. After the success of Burn The Stage: The Movie, everyone expects this movie to gross incredibly well.
    BTS Just Broke Another Record With “Burn The Stage: The Movie” The day has only just begun in most timezones but ARMY already have the movie trending worldwide.
    #LoveYourselfinSeoulFilm is ... more
  • 12 months JYP Publishing Is Expanding Their Songwriting Talent Due To Influx Of New Artists Koreaboo
    JYP Publishing, which is a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment has opened a public audition for new songwriters. Applicants are asked to write lyrics to accompany one of the three sample tracks provided. The sample tracks come from GOT7, TWICE and Stray Kids. The auditions will stay open until Feb. 18th when successful candidates will be allowed to participate in a two-day songwriting camp. The songwriters who show the greatest aptitude in the camp will be offered a permanent position at JYP Publishing. This most likely has come about as a result of the influx of new JYP artists that ... more
  • 12 months 6 Idols Who Have Debuted In More Than One Group Koreaboo
    Not every idol becomes successful on their first attempt. Lots of idols were initially part of a lesser-known group before they eventually found their way on to a more popular group. 1. IZ*ONE Eunbi Eunbi initially debuted as part of “Ye-A” with the stage name Kazoo. They only released one single before disbanding. After a successful run in Produce 48 as a trainee of Woolim Entertainment, she debuted again in IZ*ONE. 2. WINNER Mino Mino debuted under the name “Tagoon” as the rapper for B.O.M who released ballads such as “Without You”. The group disbanded quickly and Mino auditioned for YG ... more
  • 12 months Mother Attends BTS Concert In Honor Of Daughter Who Died Of Cancer Koreaboo
    A heartbreaking story has gone viral on social media recently. Bui Deui Kl was a fifteen-year-old ARMY who had been battling with a form of bone cancer over the past few years. Despite her serious illness she intended to go to BTS’s concert in Singapore on January 19th. She unfortunately passed away before the date of the concert. Her mother attended the concert to honor her. She then wrote a beautiful letter to her late daughter and showed it to the world, it is incredibly moving. “My darling girl, I came to Singapore to meet the boys so you can ... more
  • 12 months Here Is How Much Discipline It Takes To Have EXO Kai’s Physique Koreaboo
    If you are a normal person living in Korea, you know Jja jang myun is a dish you just can’t turn down. The sweet smell and savory taste make people hungry as soon as they see it in front of them. Especially when someone is eating it in front of you. On a recent episode of Lee Sugeun‘s channel, EXO‘s Kai, Sehun and Baekhyun join the rest of the cast to eat Jja Jang Myun after playing the billiard games. When everyone was grabbing a chopstick to start mixing the sauce, Kai quietly brought his chicken breasts. Your browser does not support ... more
  • 12 months 9 Examples That Show You Should Keep Your Distance When EXO Kai Is Laughing Koreaboo
    We all have a friend that hits you when they crack up. It can be annoying but it’s usually endearing to see someone laugh so hard. EXO’s Kai is that friend within the group and here are 9 examples. 1. Short and light Your browser does not support video. 2. Sehun’s so used to it, he knows it’s coming Your browser does not support video. 3. He hits you when he’s embarrassed Your browser does not support video. 4. Chanyeol’s reaction is so funny Your browser does not support video.  5. Leader Suho is no exception  Your browser does not ... more
  • 12 months KBS’s “Live or Die” Should Be EXO-Ls Favorite Drama, Here’s Why… Koreaboo
    KBS‘s Live or Die is a family drama that seems far away from the world of idols. However, EXO makes few unexpected appearances thanks to the character Lee Joong-yi, played by the actress Kim Ji-young. The character Lee Joong-yi is a huge EXO fan her door is covered with posters, photos and fan goods of EXO. During the “Coming soon” interview, Kim Ji-soo showed off her on-screen room and revealed she loves the room because she’s an EXO-L in real life. You can see the staff knew how to create a fan’s room with so many detail props in every ... more
  • 12 months Manager Of Idol-Turned-Actress Broke Into Her House And Stole Everything Koreaboo
    Idol-turned-actress, Son Dambi, once revealed on Knowing Bros that her former manager broke into her house and stole every single thing she owned.   Back when she was busy promoting her hit song, ‘Crazy’, she had to get something installed in her house. Since none of her family members were available, she trusted her manager to let the technician into her house. Your browser does not support video.   She didn’t think for a second that the manager would cause any trouble as they worked together every single day. “It was back when I was promoting ‘Crazy’. I was so ... more
  • 12 months A Movie Distributor Once Pull Out Of A Movie Because Of EXO’s D.O., Here’s The Details… Koreaboo
    The behind story of EXO D.O.‘s latest movie, Swing Kids, shows how much he had to work hard to prove himself as an actor. Since he has been highly praised for his acting skills, many fans think it was easy for D.O. to find movies that want to cast him, but even the hottest stars need to show what they got in order to achieve something they want. Swing Kids’ director, Kang Hyung Chul, knew he found the perfect person to play Roh Gisoo, when he met D.O. for the first time. He said he knew it had to ... more
  • 12 months JYP Entertainment Reportedly Planning On Debuting 4 New Groups In 2019 Koreaboo
    Stock market analysts are recommending people to buy JYP Entertainment‘s stock because the company is expected to launch some exciting changes this year. According to reports, JYP Entertainment is planning on debuting 4 new groups within 2019. Their strategy begins with the debut of ITZY in mid-February. ITZY is the first girl group under JYP since the debut of TWICE. As TWICE achieved massive success, there are high anticipations for ITZY. Industry experts claim that ITZY will definitely have a positive impact on the company as the other major labels are focusing on debuting their boy bands than girl ... more
  • 12 months Top 10 Male Celebrities With The Highest Brand Ad Reputation In January 2019 Koreaboo
    The KOOCCI released their ranking of the top male celebrities with the best reputation and score for advertising brands in January   10th – Jung Woo Sung (566,911)   9th – Park Seo Joon (713,100)   8th – Park Ji Sung (733,658)   7th – Lee Byung Hun (1,019,327)   6th – Park Bo Gum (1,068,879)   5th – Hyun Bin (1,170,272)   4th – Lee Seung Gi (1,1206,642)   3rd – Son Heung Min (2,011,372)   2nd – Baek Jong Won (2,257,752)   1st – Kang Daniel (2,335,423)   ... more
  • 12 months People Can’t Get Over How Beautiful Wanna One’s Park Jihoon Looks While Crying Koreaboo
    Wanna One continues on their last promotions together through their “Therefore” weekend concert series.   During their second day, Park Jihoon did the rarest of things… Fans noticed that there were sparkles in his eyes.   Near the end of their concert, fans noticed that his eyes got red as he looked downcast.   They soon realized that Park Jihoon was crying! He never cries!   As the members were speaking about their time together with the fans, Park Jihoon broke down as tear drops rolled down his face.   He tried to keep it all ... more
  • 12 months Preview Of TVXQ Changmin And EXO Xiumin’s Perfect Winter Trip Has Fans Excited For Next Week Koreaboo
    A new preview of MBC‘s I Live Alone gave TVXQ and EXO fans something to look forward to until next week. Since the appearance of TVXQ’s Changmin and EXO’s Xiumin was confirmed a few weeks ago, many fans were anxiously waiting to see the episode on air. Fans were disappointed when Changmin and Xiumin’s episode was pushed back a week from the scheduled date, but they finally got a glimpse of the two spending time in Jeju Island together. The preview shows Changmin and Xiumin driving through snow-covered mountains as they happily sing “Let It Go” in perfect harmony. ... more
  • 12 months Father Blatantly Boasts About Sexually Harassing His Toddler Son On National TV Koreaboo
    A mom of two children came out on Hello Counselor in hopes to change her husband’s abnormal behaviors. She first explained that her husband loved to tease and joke with the family, but he always crossed the line.   To start, the dad would take off his underwear and put it over the kids heads or wave his worn socks close to their faces. Their son is only 5 years old and their daughter 3. Not only that, but the dad would throw the kids into the adult pool without any life preservers or trip them while they’re running. The ... more
  • 12 months Fan Calls Out Baekhyun’s Name At Taeyeon’s Concert What She Did Next Is Everything Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon began dating in 2014 and many fans fell in love with this particular ship, although the two ultimately decided to part ways in 2015. Now some people like to see what kind of reaction the two have when the other is mentioned, and Taeyeon’s latest reaction to hearing Baekhyun’s name was amazing.   Last month Taeyeon had a concert in Thailand. During one portion of the event, she got to spend some time interacting with fans. While she melted hearts when she took a fan’s banner and wore it… Your browser does not ... more
  • 12 months It’s Been A Year Since BTS’s Vogue Interview And They’ve Definitely Proved Their Hater Wrong Koreaboo
    A year ago today BTS had their famous interview with Vogue where a reporter accompanied them in Los Angeles for a day. A distressing part of this long-form interview was when a particularly aggressive cameraman accosted BTS and made a hurtful comment. They took it well though, joking about the whole thing moments after it happened. And they have certainly proved him wrong as they have achieved countless milestones since this incident occurred and are more popular than ever in the United States. They became the first ever Korean act to hold a stadium concert in the ... more
  • 12 months “Amor Fati” Singer Kim Yeonja Credits EXO-L For The Song’s Huge Success Koreaboo
    Many K-pop fans should be familiar with Kim Yeonja‘s Amor Fati thanks to the final commemorative stage of 2018 KBS’s Song Festival. The song was originally released in 2013 but began to receive popularity in 2017 and it is still going strong. Kim Yeonja explained the producer of KBS’s Open Concert asked her to perform “Amor Fati” on stage back in 2016. She hasn’t performed the song for over 4 years so she refused the request at first, but she eventually caved since the producer was adamant about the decision. When she was asked about the story behind the ... more
  • 12 months EXO-Ls May Have Found The One Thing That Kai Isn’t Good At Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Kai is good at a lot of things, singing, dancing, sports, being adorable! There is one thing, however, that fans have noticed Kai has some trouble with and it’s actually incredibly cute!   Every K-Pop fan knows that the game Rock Paper Scissors can effectively end any disagreement, make a number of decisions, and is a lot of fun for idols. While it seems like it would be safe to assume that everyone knows the rules of the game and the 3 choices, but Kai consistently runs into trouble with the game. After all, only Kai played the ... more
  • 12 months Are TXT And ITZY The Start Of The Fourth Generation Of K-Pop? Koreaboo
    The start and end of each generation of K-Pop is an often debated topic among fans of the genre. For those unfamiliar with the broad definition of each generation, let’s take a look at each of the existing three generations of K-Pop. 1. The First Generation (Approximately 1996-2003) The first generation of K-Pop came about as the Korean music industry moved away from a more traditional sound towards a style that resembled the current music trends in the United States. It was the style that Seo Taiji and the Boys pioneered. This group featured Yang Hyun Suk (left), the founder of YG ... more
  • 12 months Scared Fans Beg Companies To Cancel K-Pop Shows In Japan Koreaboo
    A recent outbreak of influenza virus in Japan are causing many K-pop fans to be worried about their favorite idol groups traveling to Japan for concert tours. Japan’s health ministry says an influenza outbreak has now spread across the country, with the estimated number of patients exceeding 2.1 million. Many of SM Entertainment artists, including NCT 127 and Red Velvet, are scheduled for nationwide Japan Arena tour starting in February. Worried fans are demanding SM Entertainment to cancel or postpone the tours in Japan until the virus outbreak is over. Hashtag #스엠_아레나투어_취소해 (#sm_cancel_arenatour) has been trending on Twitter and ... more
  • 12 months Korean Netizens Are Calling EXO’s Baekhyun, BTS’s Jimin, And More “Blank White Paper”, Here’s Why Koreaboo
    Not too long ago, Korea netizens were looking at photos of EXO‘s Baekhyun, BLACKPINK‘s JennieGirls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, SHINee‘s Key, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, and BTS‘s Jimin and Suga. Netizens noticed that all eight idols had a common feature between them. Your browser does not support video.   The netizens saw that each and every one of the idols had a pure and innocent look when they didn’t wear any makeup at all. Your browser does not support video.   But when the idols decided to wear makeup their entire auras changed. Your browser does not support video.   Seriously, their whole visual ... more
  • 12 months New Music Awards Ceremony Announced Its Launch This Year, Fans Worried For Idols’ Health Koreaboo
    The Fact and FANN STAR announced that it will be launching its first music awards ceremony, called THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS.   Its first ceremony will take place on April 24 at the Incheon Namdong Gymnasium. The gymnasium can hold up to a capacity of 8,828 people, and it’s also the same place where the 2018 MGA (MBC x Genie Awards) took place.   The Fact Music Awards will be giving out daesang and bonsang awards to artists after compiling data to determine the most successful artists in terms of album, songs, and more. Experts’ opinions will also play into ... more
  • 12 months 16 Hilarious Times EXO Tested Leader Suho’s Patience Koreaboo
    Being a leader isn’t exactly an easy job. Keeping your wild members in check while also showcasing your own unique charms, well, it’s a full-time job. It’s even more difficult if your the leader looking after 8 hyper and wild members who love to make a little mischief and test their leader’s patience. But that’s all in a day’s work for EXO’s Suho!   1. The time Suho caught Baekhyun making weird faces but it didn’t stop him Your browser does not support video.  And Chanyeol joined in later too!   2. When everybody was determined to bug Suho while he ... more
  • 12 months There Is A Secret Version Of The BTS Mic Drop Music Video On Apple Music Koreaboo
    Every BTS fan is aware of the music video for Steve Aoki’s remix of ‘Mic Drop’ which helped BTS catapult in popularity in the United States and elsewhere. Most fans are probably also aware of the music video for the Japanese release of ‘Mic Drop’ which was featured on their third Japanese album “Face Yourself”. This music video is a lot like the Korean version as it features close-ups and Steve Aoki is often present. But did you know a third music video exists for Mic Drop? This version is only available on Apple Music which means that ... more
  • 12 months BTS’s Jin And RM Dubbed Themselves In A MV, And No One Noticed It Koreaboo
    ARMYs have a ton of fun dubbing BTS videos, but some fans may not know that the members have actually dubbed themselves before.   At the end of BTS’s Burn The Stage movie, a montage of behind the scenes clips played alongside the credits. In one of these scenes, Jin and RM are sitting side by side with microphones, recording their voices… Your browser does not support video.   Well, trying to record their voices. Your browser does not support video.   They had a difficult time holding in their laughter as they dubbed their own voices for a scene in the Japanese version of BTS’s “Blood, ... more
  • 12 months Nayeon and Momo have the cutest backstage interaction with GOT7’s Yugyeom at the 2019 MAMA Awards Koreaboo
    While GOT7’s Yugyeom might be TWICE‘s sunbae, that doesn’t mean that he’s not close to his labelmates! While everyone was waiting backstage during the 2019 MAMA Awards, Yugyeom ran into Nayeon first. He jokingly stated that she was without a mic (which is a problem as she’s one of the main vocalists in TWICE), and caught Nayeon pouting to him on camera! Nayeon then came over and cheekily asked him that after seeing all the rehersals, what stage he was looking forward too the most. He of course mentioned TWICE! As an added bonus, he also mentioned that he ... more
  • 12 months 6 Groups That Were Huge 10 Years Ago But Newer Fans Have Probably Never Heard Of Koreaboo
    Fame is fleeting. These groups were household names ten years ago but many people don’t seem to remember their legacy and the impact on the industry. It seems that unless a group had incredible longevity or a massive viral hit, they fade away with time. 1. KARA When fans talk about the K-Pop landscape of a decade ago, they pitch it as a battle between Girl’s Generation and Wonder Girls for supremacy with 2NE1 and f(x) also thrown in the mix. Many people forget about KARA who were almost as successful as the two girl group giants at the time. Many of their songs like “Honey” and “Step” were ... more
  • 12 months Netizen Reactions To EXO Kai And BLACKPINK Jennie’s Breakup News Koreaboo
    After dating for only a couple months, EXO‘s Kai and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie have officially broken up. SM Entertainment confirmed that the two split after deciding that it was best to focus on their careers at the moment.   Once news of their break up hit, netizens were definitely full of emotions. Some were angry, some sad, some disbelieving and some just confused with how to comprehend the news.
    jennie and kai were forced to end their relationship — fer (@intoitjennie) January 25, 2019
    kai and jennie started dating: I can't ... more
  • 12 months BLACKPINK’s Jennie and TWICE’s Tzuyu Are the Worst at Taking Selfies Koreaboo
    If there’s one evident thing that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and TWICE‘s Tzuyu have in common, it’s that they’re both the visual centers of their groups. But they have something else in common. They’re both bad at taking selfies. Late last year, Jennie uploaded selfies of herself captioned, My first selfies. I feel like I’ll delete them soon. It’s evident that Jennie looks much better in photos that other people took of her. She uploaded these photos with the caption: “Selfies are hard.” In comparison, these photos were taken by someone else: In the case of ... more
  • 12 months ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Named EXO’s Chanyeol As His Biggest Bowling Rival Koreaboo
    ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo and EXO‘s Chanyeol are both happy viruses who love music, are excellent performers, and have visuals for days. The two also share another thing in common, they’re each other’s rival!   About a month ago, idols from different groups started recording for the 2019 Lunar New Year Special of the Idol Star Athletics Championships. The line up for bowling included several talented individuals like Eunwoo and Chanyeol.   Although the segment will be airing in February, MBC recently released a behind the scenes clip of Eunwoo practicing for his big bowling match. Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 12 months The Mystery Of BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” Masks Has Finally Been Solved Koreaboo
    New behind the scenes footage has finally unmasked a mystery that BTS fans have been racking their brains over for 7 months. Your browser does not support video.   Back in June 2018, BTS dropped the extended music video for their smash hit “FAKE LOVE”. At the end of it, Jungkook puts on the same mask that his cloaked members are wearing. Your browser does not support video.   The masks, also worn for several live shows, aren’t fastened with strings, elastics, or any other visible aids. Your browser does not support video.   They attach themselves perfectly to BTS’s ... more
  • 12 months Someone Renamed EXO’s Suho As SM Entertainment’s Founder On Wikipedia And Fans Loved It Koreaboo
    Fans had a field day on SM Entertainment‘s Wikipedia page, changing names of the officials with their favorite artists. It all started when a fan shared few photos on her social media confessing she has changed the Wikipedia information of SM Entertainment. She replaced the founder Lee Soo-Man with EXO Suho‘s real name, Kim Junmyeon. She also added EXO’s Chanyeol as the General Manager and NCT‘s Chenle as the CEO of the company. As the news spread, more fans decided to join the fun and add their own list to the mix. For example: Super Junior‘s Siwon as ... more
  • 12 months Here’s Why Jennie Pounced at a Pile of Instant Food Koreaboo
    On a recent episode of SBS’ Village Survival, the Eight, the cast was presented with instant food for dinner. The episode started off with their epic meal. Their dinner consisted of a combination of spicy tuna and black bean noodles along with Chinese pancakes for dessert. Yoo Jae Suk cooked the black bean noodles in a cauldron and then added spicy tuna to give it a good kick. The instant food immediately made the cast salivate, and an epic eating show followed. In particular, Jennie pounced at the food since she constantly has to stick to a ... more
  • 12 months EXO’s Lay To Be First Chinese Representative Of Luxury Brand Valentino Koreaboo
    The members of EXO are used to setting records and trends in the music world and the fashion world! A few days ago, Sehun was announced to be the first celebrity to be featured on an independent fashion magazine and know Lay has just become a first in the fashion world too!   On January 25, luxury brand Valentino dropped a video teaser announcing their newest representative, Lay! Your browser does not support video.   The video pays homage to Lay’s unbeatable qualities with a few references that have been putting a smile on fans’ faces and is a ... more
  • 12 months Shin Ye Eun’s TWICE Dance Made Shin Seung Ho’s Pupils Shake Koreaboo
    The rising JYP actress, Shin Ye Eun is growing in popularity due to her role in the web drama, A-Teen as well as her comical variety appearances. In a recent interview with her co-star, Shin Seung Ho, Shin Ye Eun received a simple remark from the reporter. “I heard you’re a very good dancer.” In response, Shin Ye Eun didn’t hesitate to stretch her body and spring up from her seat. When TWICE‘s “Likey” came on, she immediately started dancing. Shin Ye Eun made everyone smile with her refreshing face and adorable dance moves. She got ... more
  • 12 months Downy Thanks Jungkook And His “Laundry Fairies” With A Free Giveaway Koreaboo
    Nearly a week after BTS‘s Jungkook accidentally sparked a Downy craze, Downy Korea is thanking him and his “laundry fairies” by giving them Downy for free.   It all began when Jungkook dropped the name of his favorite fabric softener brand on BTS’s fan cafe. Fans immediately went on a spending spree that caused a Downy shortage in Korea. Even Jungkook couldn’t get his hands on any!
    아미들… 저 섬유유연제 거의 다 써서 사야 되는데…다 품절#대단해아미 — 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) January 21, 2019 “ARMYs… I used up all of my fabric softener, so I have to buy ... more
  • 12 months This ITZY Member Had an On-Camera Fling with BTS’ J-Hope Koreaboo
    ITZY‘s Ryujin surprisingly made her name known way ahead of her debut with JYP‘s new girl group. In particular, fans can’t stop revisiting the time Ryujin had an on-camera fling with BTSJ-Hope and Jimin. Back in 2017, Ryujin appeared in BTS’ “LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel”. And in the clip, she gives off a peculiar vibe in between J-Hope and Jimin. Although she hadn’t debuted yet, she showed off her dancing skills by keeping up with J-Hope in their “couple dance”. After revisiting this reel, fans are surprised that Ryujin got to collaborate with such big stars ... more
  • 12 months EXO’s Chanyeol Is Coming For Chen’s Spot In EXO-CBX Koreaboo
    Debuting as a subunit in 2016, Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin made up the successful CBX subunit that has since gone on to create a number of hit songs. But in 2019, there’s one member of EXO that decided the trio needs a bit of a changeup and was only too happy to volunteer!   During the latest episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, Chanyeol became teammates with Baekhyun and Xiumin. Knowing that “ChenBaekXi” could easily be turned into “ChanBaekXi”, he soon declared that his team was CBX! Your browser does not support video. “ChanBaekXi! We’re CBX!” ... more
  • 12 months Thai News Channel Discusses Korea’s Racism Against Thailand Koreaboo
    In light of recent events, a Thai news channel brought up the incident regarding Lisa receiving a racist comment on the internet. Following Lisa’s appearance at the 2018 Golden Disk Awards, a hateful netizen left a comment that read: “With makeup on, she looks like a Russian elf girl… If she dyes her hair black and washes off her makeup, she’s nothing but a Thai girl…” In response to this remark, fans from all over the world started the #RESPECT_LISA movement and spoke up about the racism issue that is still rampant in Korea. Even fellow k-pop star, BamBam of ... more
  • 12 months BTS RM’s Collaboration With Honne Has Been Delayed Koreaboo
    A collaboration between BTS‘s RM and Honne was expected to drop on January 25, but fans will have to wait a little longer for it.   Earlier this week, a leak from the Chinese music streaming service QQ Music stated that the English EDM duo Honne would be releasing a song featuring RM. RM previously worked with Honne on the song “Seoul” for his mixtape mono. The track, “Crying Over You” will also reportedly feature Chinese singer-songwriter Bibi Zhou, who met Honne in Shanghai last July.
    So privileged to have been a part of this creation. ‘Seoul’ co-written and produced by us Thank you RM ... more
  • 12 months This ARMY Has An Entire Room Dedicated To Solving BTS Theories Koreaboo
    BTS fans have been trying to unravel the mysteries of the “BTS universe” for years, but one dedicated fan is way ahead of the game. Twitter user sidd (@islesetglaciers) has an entire room just for solving BTS theories! On January 18, sidd shared this video of his theory room, which looks like something out of a police K-Drama. The walls are plastered with BTS photos, music video screenshots, and notes connected by strings of yarn.
    when ppl ask me why i'm not surprised at anything we've been learning from #SAVE_ME … i have a literal theory room going on i figured ... more
  • 12 months ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo And Park Yuna Appeared On A Show Together Before Their Debut Koreaboo
    Images of ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo and actress Park Yuna on the program, The Golden Bell Chalenge, before their debut has recently been resurfacing. Cha Eunwoo and Park Yuna, who went to the same high school, appeared on the 800th special episode of The Golden Bell Challenge in January 2016 along with fellow classmates from the Hanlim Multi Art School.   At the time, Cha Eunwoo introduced himself as Lee Dongmin (his real name) and revealed that he was preparing for his debut with the group, ASTRO.   Park Yuna, who is the same age as Cha Eunwoo (born in 1997) and was ... more
  • 12 months 5 K-Pop Mashups That We Can’t Stop Listening To Koreaboo
    While we love when our favorite groups release new music, we couldn’t help but wonder every now and then, how cool would it be if some of our favorite songs were mixed together in one epic mashup? Thankfully some talented K-Pop fans have done exactly that! Here are our five favorites in random order: 1) 4 Walls [f(x)] x Energectic [Wanna One] by 김동우 While f(x)’s “4 Walls” became the song that “eerily works well with almost any other”, our favorite is 김동우‘s  4 Walls x Wanna One’s “Energetic”. Using “4 Walls”‘ instrumental, this mashup turns “Energetic” into a ... more
  • 12 months Top 5 Male Idols That Revealed Sexy Abs Behind Crop Tops Koreaboo
    While many people may be used to seeing crop tops on only women, these 5 male idols show that this fashion item can be extremely sexy on men too! Here are the top 5 male idols that revealed sexy abs behind their crop tops in no particular order:   1. Kang Daniel   2. Bae Jinyoung Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video.   3. EXO’s Kai Your browser does not support video.  Your browser does not support video.   4. SHINee’s Taemin   5. ... more
  • 12 months SM Entertainment Confirms That Kai and Jennie Have Broken Up Koreaboo
    After Naver reported that Kai and Jennie had split, SM Entertainment has officially confirmed that the couple have ended their relationship. In a short statement to the press, SM Entertainment said: Kai and Jennie have recently ended their relationship as a couple. We do not know the exact date or the specifics behind the breakup. The couple had been dating four months at the time of their breakup, and officially came out as a couple earlier this month after Dispatch released photos of the couple going on dates. ... more
  • 12 months EXO-Ls Find Out EXO’s Baekhyun’s Imitation Of Suho Was On Point Koreaboo
    When EXO appeared on JTBC‘s Knowing Brother back in December, Baekhyun revealed Suho‘s unique eating habits. Baekhyun pointed out Suho doesn’t want food to get on his lips so he opens his mouth wide and grab the food with his teeth. Your browser does not support video. Suho explained he started doing that because he didn’t want to ruin his makeup, but it became a habit that he does every time he eats. Your browser does not support video. EXO-Ls found out Baekhyun’s imitation was on point when they saw Suho eating on the Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder Season ... more
  • 12 months This Little Girl Receives Millions Of Views Without Even Saying A Word Koreaboo
    An elementary school girl that goes by the name Ddiyae has been receiving attention from netizens for her ASMR videos.   The girl has a whopping 724,000 subscribers and her most viewed video is at 10 million!   What she does in the videos is simply stick a mic to her face and try different kinds of food. She often has subtitles to explain the taste or her thoughts, but she doesn’t say a word in the actual video. Thanks to the mic, viewers are able to clearly hear the sounds of her eating whatever it is that she chose ... more
  • 12 months (UPDATE) Kai and Jennie Have Reportedly Broken Up After 4 Months of Dating Koreaboo
    UPDATE (1/25/2019 3:54PM KST): SM has confirmed that the couple has broken up. UPDATE (1/25/2019 – 3:26PM KST): SM has stated that they are “looking into things” to officially confirm or deny the reports. Looks like Kai and Jennie have officially called it quits just a little less then a month after it was revealed they were dating. According to Naver in an exclusive article, those “close to the situation” have stated that Jennie and Kai have decided to split up after four months of dating. The reason behind their breakup? Work. The article states that both mutually ... more
  • 12 months 10 Times EXO’s Chanyeol Couldn’t Deal With Fireworks Koreaboo
    With almost 8 years of being an idol, you think EXO’s Chanyeol would be used to fireworks by now. But EXO-Ls know Chanyeol is like a baby who gets scared of every loud noise even when everyone else seems just fine. His reactions are so big, it is so cute to see the tallest member of the group getting scared so easily. Here are 10 of his scared reactions. 1. He gets scared of a piece of paper Your browser does not support video. 2. Gets scared and blames Chen for some reason Your browser does not support video. 3. His heart ... more
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