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  • 8 months EXO’s Lay To Be First Chinese Representative Of Luxury Brand Valentino Koreaboo
    The members of EXO are used to setting records and trends in the music world and the fashion world! A few days ago, Sehun was announced to be the first celebrity to be featured on an independent fashion magazine and know Lay has just become a first in the fashion world too!   On January 25, luxury brand Valentino dropped a video teaser announcing their newest representative, Lay! Your browser does not support video.   The video pays homage to Lay’s unbeatable qualities with a few references that have been putting a smile on fans’ faces and is a ... more
  • 8 months Shin Ye Eun’s TWICE Dance Made Shin Seung Ho’s Pupils Shake Koreaboo
    The rising JYP actress, Shin Ye Eun is growing in popularity due to her role in the web drama, A-Teen as well as her comical variety appearances. In a recent interview with her co-star, Shin Seung Ho, Shin Ye Eun received a simple remark from the reporter. “I heard you’re a very good dancer.” In response, Shin Ye Eun didn’t hesitate to stretch her body and spring up from her seat. When TWICE‘s “Likey” came on, she immediately started dancing. Shin Ye Eun made everyone smile with her refreshing face and adorable dance moves. She got ... more
  • 8 months Downy Thanks Jungkook And His “Laundry Fairies” With A Free Giveaway Koreaboo
    Nearly a week after BTS‘s Jungkook accidentally sparked a Downy craze, Downy Korea is thanking him and his “laundry fairies” by giving them Downy for free.   It all began when Jungkook dropped the name of his favorite fabric softener brand on BTS’s fan cafe. Fans immediately went on a spending spree that caused a Downy shortage in Korea. Even Jungkook couldn’t get his hands on any!
    아미들… 저 섬유유연제 거의 다 써서 사야 되는데…다 품절#대단해아미 — 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) January 21, 2019 “ARMYs… I used up all of my fabric softener, so I have to buy ... more
  • 8 months This ITZY Member Had an On-Camera Fling with BTS’ J-Hope Koreaboo
    ITZY‘s Ryujin surprisingly made her name known way ahead of her debut with JYP‘s new girl group. In particular, fans can’t stop revisiting the time Ryujin had an on-camera fling with BTSJ-Hope and Jimin. Back in 2017, Ryujin appeared in BTS’ “LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel”. And in the clip, she gives off a peculiar vibe in between J-Hope and Jimin. Although she hadn’t debuted yet, she showed off her dancing skills by keeping up with J-Hope in their “couple dance”. After revisiting this reel, fans are surprised that Ryujin got to collaborate with such big stars ... more
  • 8 months EXO’s Chanyeol Is Coming For Chen’s Spot In EXO-CBX Koreaboo
    Debuting as a subunit in 2016, Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin made up the successful CBX subunit that has since gone on to create a number of hit songs. But in 2019, there’s one member of EXO that decided the trio needs a bit of a changeup and was only too happy to volunteer!   During the latest episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, Chanyeol became teammates with Baekhyun and Xiumin. Knowing that “ChenBaekXi” could easily be turned into “ChanBaekXi”, he soon declared that his team was CBX! Your browser does not support video. “ChanBaekXi! We’re CBX!” ... more
  • 8 months Thai News Channel Discusses Korea’s Racism Against Thailand Koreaboo
    In light of recent events, a Thai news channel brought up the incident regarding Lisa receiving a racist comment on the internet. Following Lisa’s appearance at the 2018 Golden Disk Awards, a hateful netizen left a comment that read: “With makeup on, she looks like a Russian elf girl… If she dyes her hair black and washes off her makeup, she’s nothing but a Thai girl…” In response to this remark, fans from all over the world started the #RESPECT_LISA movement and spoke up about the racism issue that is still rampant in Korea. Even fellow k-pop star, BamBam of ... more
  • 8 months BTS RM’s Collaboration With Honne Has Been Delayed Koreaboo
    A collaboration between BTS‘s RM and Honne was expected to drop on January 25, but fans will have to wait a little longer for it.   Earlier this week, a leak from the Chinese music streaming service QQ Music stated that the English EDM duo Honne would be releasing a song featuring RM. RM previously worked with Honne on the song “Seoul” for his mixtape mono. The track, “Crying Over You” will also reportedly feature Chinese singer-songwriter Bibi Zhou, who met Honne in Shanghai last July.
    So privileged to have been a part of this creation. ‘Seoul’ co-written and produced by us Thank you RM ... more
  • 8 months This ARMY Has An Entire Room Dedicated To Solving BTS Theories Koreaboo
    BTS fans have been trying to unravel the mysteries of the “BTS universe” for years, but one dedicated fan is way ahead of the game. Twitter user sidd (@islesetglaciers) has an entire room just for solving BTS theories! On January 18, sidd shared this video of his theory room, which looks like something out of a police K-Drama. The walls are plastered with BTS photos, music video screenshots, and notes connected by strings of yarn.
    when ppl ask me why i'm not surprised at anything we've been learning from #SAVE_ME … i have a literal theory room going on i figured ... more
  • 8 months ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo And Park Yuna Appeared On A Show Together Before Their Debut Koreaboo
    Images of ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo and actress Park Yuna on the program, The Golden Bell Chalenge, before their debut has recently been resurfacing. Cha Eunwoo and Park Yuna, who went to the same high school, appeared on the 800th special episode of The Golden Bell Challenge in January 2016 along with fellow classmates from the Hanlim Multi Art School.   At the time, Cha Eunwoo introduced himself as Lee Dongmin (his real name) and revealed that he was preparing for his debut with the group, ASTRO.   Park Yuna, who is the same age as Cha Eunwoo (born in 1997) and was ... more
  • 8 months 5 K-Pop Mashups That We Can’t Stop Listening To Koreaboo
    While we love when our favorite groups release new music, we couldn’t help but wonder every now and then, how cool would it be if some of our favorite songs were mixed together in one epic mashup? Thankfully some talented K-Pop fans have done exactly that! Here are our five favorites in random order: 1) 4 Walls [f(x)] x Energectic [Wanna One] by 김동우 While f(x)’s “4 Walls” became the song that “eerily works well with almost any other”, our favorite is 김동우‘s  4 Walls x Wanna One’s “Energetic”. Using “4 Walls”‘ instrumental, this mashup turns “Energetic” into a ... more
  • 8 months Top 5 Male Idols That Revealed Sexy Abs Behind Crop Tops Koreaboo
    While many people may be used to seeing crop tops on only women, these 5 male idols show that this fashion item can be extremely sexy on men too! Here are the top 5 male idols that revealed sexy abs behind their crop tops in no particular order:   1. Kang Daniel   2. Bae Jinyoung Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video.   3. EXO’s Kai Your browser does not support video.  Your browser does not support video.   4. SHINee’s Taemin   5. ... more
  • 8 months SM Entertainment Confirms That Kai and Jennie Have Broken Up Koreaboo
    After Naver reported that Kai and Jennie had split, SM Entertainment has officially confirmed that the couple have ended their relationship. In a short statement to the press, SM Entertainment said: Kai and Jennie have recently ended their relationship as a couple. We do not know the exact date or the specifics behind the breakup. The couple had been dating four months at the time of their breakup, and officially came out as a couple earlier this month after Dispatch released photos of the couple going on dates. ... more
  • 8 months EXO-Ls Find Out EXO’s Baekhyun’s Imitation Of Suho Was On Point Koreaboo
    When EXO appeared on JTBC‘s Knowing Brother back in December, Baekhyun revealed Suho‘s unique eating habits. Baekhyun pointed out Suho doesn’t want food to get on his lips so he opens his mouth wide and grab the food with his teeth. Your browser does not support video. Suho explained he started doing that because he didn’t want to ruin his makeup, but it became a habit that he does every time he eats. Your browser does not support video. EXO-Ls found out Baekhyun’s imitation was on point when they saw Suho eating on the Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder Season ... more
  • 8 months This Little Girl Receives Millions Of Views Without Even Saying A Word Koreaboo
    An elementary school girl that goes by the name Ddiyae has been receiving attention from netizens for her ASMR videos.   The girl has a whopping 724,000 subscribers and her most viewed video is at 10 million!   What she does in the videos is simply stick a mic to her face and try different kinds of food. She often has subtitles to explain the taste or her thoughts, but she doesn’t say a word in the actual video. Thanks to the mic, viewers are able to clearly hear the sounds of her eating whatever it is that she chose ... more
  • 8 months (UPDATE) Kai and Jennie Have Reportedly Broken Up After 4 Months of Dating Koreaboo
    UPDATE (1/25/2019 3:54PM KST): SM has confirmed that the couple has broken up. UPDATE (1/25/2019 – 3:26PM KST): SM has stated that they are “looking into things” to officially confirm or deny the reports. Looks like Kai and Jennie have officially called it quits just a little less then a month after it was revealed they were dating. According to Naver in an exclusive article, those “close to the situation” have stated that Jennie and Kai have decided to split up after four months of dating. The reason behind their breakup? Work. The article states that both mutually ... more
  • 8 months 10 Times EXO’s Chanyeol Couldn’t Deal With Fireworks Koreaboo
    With almost 8 years of being an idol, you think EXO’s Chanyeol would be used to fireworks by now. But EXO-Ls know Chanyeol is like a baby who gets scared of every loud noise even when everyone else seems just fine. His reactions are so big, it is so cute to see the tallest member of the group getting scared so easily. Here are 10 of his scared reactions. 1. He gets scared of a piece of paper Your browser does not support video. 2. Gets scared and blames Chen for some reason Your browser does not support video. 3. His heart ... more
  • 8 months Don Spike Reveals How Much He Made On Copyright Of EXO’s Song Koreaboo
    Songwriter and television personality Don Spike appeared on a recent episode of KBS-2TV’s Happy Together 4 and revealed how much he made on royalties. Don Spike, who has written numerous hit songs in the past, confessed that the money he earns in royalties has reduced compared to the past because he’s been focusing more on doing broadcasts.   He did mention, however, that he has what he calls a “filial song”, which continues to earn him royalties. This “filial song” was EXO’s “Miracles in December.”   He revealed that he earned enough from EXO’s song to buy a car! ... more
  • 8 months ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo And His Idol Best Friend Make The Ultimate Visual Pair Koreaboo
    SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu recently appeared on an episode of Happy Together and revealed that one of his best friends is ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo.   Mingyu explained that the two became close while frequently running into each other during broadcasts. The fact that they were the same age and lived near each other helped the pair become close more quickly. Your browser does not support video. He added that the two often get together with other 97 liner idols.   In fact, the two have been seen taking a selfie… “Dam, they’re making the world brighter.” “My eyes are being ... more
  • 8 months How TWICE Made JYP’s Interviews for “Super Intern” Turn Into a Hilarious Hot Mess Koreaboo
    JYP is currently interviewing people to be the company’s interns on Super Intern, but he got the surprise of his life during the interview portion…and it was all thanks to TWICE! During the first episode of Super Intern, JYP asked potential employees the standard interview question: “What do you think is [JYPE’s] strong point?” And instead of getting the varied answers he was looking for, he got one from almost all the interviewees: JYP, of course, was shocked that that TWICE was the only thing people thought of when it came to describe the company’s strengths, and had a ... more
  • 8 months Netizens At A Loss For Words After Seeing Youtuber Destroy 240 Pieces Of Sushi In “Mukbang” Koreaboo
    A female Youtuber that goes by the name Tzuyang ate 240 pieces of sushi on a live “mukbang” show and left her viewers in complete shock. *Mukbang: a term used to refer to a live broadcast in which hosts binge eat large amounts of food while interacting with their viewers.   The Youtube video titled “Sushi 240 Challenge Eating Show Korean” summarized the session and showed the petite woman destroy all 240 pieces of sushi. According to the Youtuber, she consumed a total of 15,000 calories by finishing the sushi. Your browser does not support video. S   Netizens were ... more
  • 8 months SHINee’s Key Receives Military Enlistment Date Koreaboo
    According to entertainment industry officials, SHINee‘s Key‘s application to enlist in the military as part of the military band has been accepted, and he will be enlisting on March 4.   The military had released their list of applicants who were accepted into the military band, and Key’s name was included. He will become the second member of SHINee to enlist in the military this year, after Onew‘s enlistment on December 10, 2018.   SM Entertainment has since confirmed the report about Key’s upcoming military enlistment. “Key recently was accepted into the military band. He is scheduled to enlist on ... more
  • 8 months Pledis Is Looking For The Next NU’EST And SEVENTEEN Koreaboo
    Pledis Entertainment has been holding nationwide auditions to find their next rookie group to follow the footsteps of NU’EST and SEVENTEEN. The title of the audition is “Wonder Teens Audition” and it began on January 4 in Gangreung and will continue to hold auditions in 13 regions including Chuncheon, Gwangju, Busan and Daegu. Applicants will be able to apply for one of the three categories: vocal/rap, dance or model. Those applying for the vocal/rap category must prepare a song a capella. Those applying for the dance category must select one of the designated songs and perform as a solo ... more
  • 8 months Introducing The 7 Trainees Who Will Debut In YG’s New Boy Group Koreaboo
    YG Entertainment‘s latest boy group survival show YG’s Treasure Box has come to an end, with 13 trainees making it to the final episode. Only 7 of the trainees were able to make it into YG Entertainment’s upcoming boy group.   The 13 trainees who made it to the final episode are Kim Doyoung, Kim Seunghun, Kim Junkyu, Mashiho, Park Jeongwoo, Park Jihoon, Bang Yedam, So Junghwan, Yoon Jaehyuk, Lee Byunggon, Choi Hyunseok, Haruto, and Ha Yoonbin.   Kim Seunghun and Yoon Jaehyuk were brought back as the final 2 members competing for a debut position, as only 11 ... more
  • 8 months Fans Shocked At How Much This Actor Resembles Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun Koreaboo
    Fans were shocked to find out that Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun had a close relationship with actor Park Seo Joon and were shocked again at how much they resembled each other.   On January 25, Hwang Minhyun shared a post on his Instagram with the caption: “I was so happy today. Thank you. And thank you Seo Joon hyung for coming today.”
    View this post on Instagram ... more
  • 8 months Netizens Have Fallen In Love With EXO Sehun’s “Love Shot” Style And Want More Of It Stat Koreaboo
    Throughout the years, EXO‘s Sehun has tried out a lot of different hairstyles. With each and every one of them, Sehun has made fans swoon and set hearts on fire!   Not too long ago, fans were begging for blond Sehun to make a comeback…   Now, however, EXO-Ls have fallen in love with Sehun’s “Love Shot” era hair. Your browser does not support video.   Although Sehun recently cut his hair as seen at the SMTOWN concert in Chile, fans can’t help but remember the glorious longer locks that Sehun sported during “Love Shot”. Your browser does ... more
  • 8 months Here’s Proof That EXO’s Baekhyun Takes His Singing Career Very Seriously Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Baekhyun might be extremely playful and a fun-loving guy who loves practical jokes and making mischief, but there is one thing that he takes very seriously and that’s his singing career!   While fans can obviously see Baekhyun’s dedication to his craft onstage, a few months back, he was exposed by a famous friend and fellow singer for his dedication to his craft. Your browser does not support video.   Im Hanbyeol has been in the entertainment for the past 10 years. He’s found success as a singer, has worked on various compositions and lyrics for artists such as Super ... more
  • 8 months This Pun-Tastic Noodle Declaration By EXO’s Chen Is Cracking Everyone Up Koreaboo
    Sometimes puns are just too funny for words and other times they’re actually pretty sweet. While K-Pop idols have made plenty of puns in the past, EXO-Ls were just blessed with one of the sweetest and most hilarious puns out there and it was all thanks to Chen!   During the latest episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, the members were surprised with a tantalizing offer of noodles if they successfully passed the ladder of fortune game.   As EXO-Ls know, Chen loves noodles in any form and upon hearing that he could end up ... more
  • 8 months Wanna One’s Kang Daniel Exposed His Jaw-Dropping Abs In Sexy Crop Top Koreaboo
    During Wanna One‘s first leg of their “Therefore” weekend concert series, Kang Daniel came out wearing this cute-yet-sexy crop top!   The best part about his outfit? His flat tummy was peeking out to say hello to all the fans!   But then, in the middle of their talk, Kang Daniel raised up his arms to show off his jaw-dropping abs!   Look at how proud this puppy is of his hard work!   And well deserved too! His abs looked rock hard and perfect!   But as the talk went on, Kang Daniel’s abs ... more
  • 8 months BTS Chose To Wear This Specific Brand At Their LA Concert For A Special Reason Koreaboo
    During BTS‘s latest concert in Los Angeles, California, they donned a special brand for their ‘MIC Drop’ performance.   It was recently revealed that they chose those specific outfits for a reason. Their outfits were specially created by a Korean brand, called Ordinary People.   As global stars, BTS received numerous love calls from famous high-end brands that wanted the boys to wear their designs. BTS wearing Gucci at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.   But out of all the choices, BTS chose to wear Ordinary People during their LA concert because they believed it would be very ... more
  • 8 months 5 Products BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Promoted And Sold Out Koreaboo
    BTS have serious influence in the retail department, and any brand would be extremely lucky to partner with them. Jungkook, in particular, has caused ARMYs to fly into buying frenzies, even when he’s not officially endorsing a product. Here are 5 products that sold out, thanks to his influence!   1. Downy Recently, Jungkook caused an ongoing shortage of Downy fabric softener in Korea after he revealed that it’s the brand he personally uses for his laundry. ARMYs bought so much of it so quickly that Jungkook couldn’t find any for himself. Not only that, Downy had to issue ... more
  • 8 months People Can’t Get Over How Beautiful Wanna One’s Ong Sungwoo Looks While Crying Koreaboo
    It’s a well known fact that Wanna One‘s Ong Sungwoo is beautiful af.   But many of his fans are used to his happy-go-lucky energy as he’s rarely seen without a goofy smile on his face.   But that wasn’t the case during Wanna One’s recent concert. Ong Sungwoo couldn’t help but cry as he performed at the first concert of the group’s last promotions together. Wanna One will be officially disbanding after their concert series this weekend.   As he sang his solo performance, ‘Please’, Ong Sungwoo grabbed onto his mic as emotions overcame him. ... more
  • 8 months 15 Reasons Why Wanna One Will Always Be A Legendary Group Koreaboo
    Yoon Jisung, Kim Jaehwan, Bae Jinyoung, Ha Sungwoon, Lai Kuanlin, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Park Jihoon, Kang Daniel, Park Woojin, and Lee Daehwi are saying their final goodbyes to fans. Wanna One will be performing for the last time on January 27, but they will never be forgotten and these 15 moments prove that they will forever be a legendary group.   1. Becoming a group Your browser does not support video. Survival shows like Produce 101 aren’t all fun and games. Every Wannable who was there from the very beginning knows just how hard each of the trainees and idols worked ... more
  • 8 months Jisoo Goes from Gorgeous to Cute by Becoming Harry Potter Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo‘s beauty is undeniable, and it’s constantly being talked about on social media. However, Jisoo decided to take a break from her gorgeousness by going for a cuter look at the airport. In recent days, photos of Jisoo in light makeup and glasses have been circulating on social media. In contrast to the usual comments made about her beauty, fans have been seeing her in a different light. The reason being her Harry Potter glasses. Let’s be real. Jisoo’s beauty can’t be hidden by anything. But the Harry Potter glasses brought out so much of ... more
  • 8 months 13 Times BTS’s RM Was Just Too Tall For This World Koreaboo
    BTS RM‘s official height is 181 cm/5’11”, but some fans are convinced that these stats are a lie. Reason being, RM towers over many of the people around him and there are times when the world seems two sizes too small for him!   1. When he awkwardly bent his knees to match his members’ height   2. When he (and his spectacular hat) dwarfed nearly everyone in this group photo   3. When he dressed up as an actual dwarf and barely fit in the pants
    Namjoon is too tall for the pants — Cheska 홉국 (SH) (@97kookiejjang) October 27, ... more
  • 8 months Shannon Spills Shocking Details Of How MBK Mismanaged Her Career And Why She’s Leaving Korea Koreaboo
    Shannon Williams held a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, where she answered fans’ questions about music, games, and life.
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shannon/샤넌 (@shannonarrumwilliams) on Dec 16, 2018 at 5:44am PST   One of the fans asked if Shannon has plans on leaving Korea. She surprised the fans when she confessed ... more
  • 8 months Rosé’s Cover of Taeyang’s Song Proves She’s Ready to Go Solo Koreaboo
    Late last year, BLACKPINK held their first independent concert in Korea, where Rosé blessed the audience with a solo performance. Rosé sat on what appears to be a staircase and sang a medley of Beatles‘ “Let It Be”, Park Bom‘s “You And I”, and Taeyang‘s “Only Look at Me”. The part of the medley that drew particular attention was her version of “Only Look at Me”. It’s true that Rosé is capable of transforming any song with her sweet voice, but this cover gave off a truly dreamlike vibe. Late last year, YG announced that each member of BLACKPINK ... more
  • 8 months 15+ Legendary Moments From Wanna One Members Over The Past 2 Years Koreaboo
    Over the past two years, Wanna One have broken records, dominated charts, and come out on top over and over again. But it isn’t just their music that has resulted in them becoming legends in their own right, it’s each of the members. From moments that went viral to hilariously memorable circumstances, here are just a few legendary moments from wanna one members over the past two years with them.   1. When Ong Seongwu went viral for being the “guy in the harness” At 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong Ong Seongwoo became a hot topic for, you guessed it, being hot! Shortly ... more
  • 8 months Someone Allegedly Found BLACKPINK Jennie’s Old Facebook…And BLINKs Are PISSED Koreaboo
    A Twitter user claims to have found an old Facebook account that belongs to BLACKPINK‘s JennieBLINKs are not happy about it — to put it mildly.   The user says that the Facebook belonged to Jennie before she auditioned for YG Entertainment, and that she deleted all her photos from the account after she passed the audition.   The OP has shared alleged photos of Jennie and the people they claim are her friends, as well as dozens of comments.   Many of the comments posted range from rude to vulgar, and are supposedly from 2010, when Jennie ... more
  • 8 months Chaeyeon of IZ*ONE Flipped the Arena Upside down with Her Moves Koreaboo
    With JYP‘s recent reveal of ITZY, Chaeryeong‘s sisterhood with IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon has been a hot topic of conversation. However, on January 23, Chaeyeon proved that she’s her own person who doesn’t need her sister in ITZY to be the talk of the town. At the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards, IZ*ONE won New Artist of the Year and performed their hit debut song, “La Vie en Rose“.  And it was Chaeyeon who became the focus of the fans’ attention with her incredible dancing skills and distinct aura. She flaunted her sexy moves so that no one would ... more
  • 8 months Sana Forgot Her Speech at the Gaon Chart Music Awards, and It’s Too Cute to Bear Koreaboo
    On January 23, the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards took place, where TWICE won the Song of the Year for July. Ahead of the reveal, Sana was seen practicing her speech with the other members at her table.
    190123 수상소감 연습하는 사나 사나 소감 엄잘해써네이티브야 완전ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ#TWICE #트와이스 #사나 #サナ #SANA #とにかく可愛い湊崎 FULL: — r͙a͙s͙p͙b͙e͙r͙r͙y͙ c͙o͙n͙f͙e͙i͙t͙o͙ (@raspberry_1229) January 24, 2019 Upon receiving the award, Sana started her speech by sharing that “Dance the Night Away” was their first summer song, and that she was very thankful that many people showed so much love for the ... more
  • 8 months Behind The Scenes Video Reveal EXO Lay In Extreme Pain At His Rehearsal Koreaboo
    A few days ago, EXO‘s Lay blew everyone away with a number of outstanding performances at the Samsung Fan Event concert but it wasn’t just his stage presence that has been sending shock waves through the fandom, it’s the recent news of his ankle injury during rehearsals.   Shortly after the performance, fans found out that Lay had injured his ankle during rehearsals and still gave his all for fans during the concert. At the time he received a huge outpouring of concern from netizens fans.   The concern over Lay’s health has now doubled however after Lay’s studio uploaded ... more
  • 8 months BTS’s V Drops A Teaser For A New Self-Composed Song Koreaboo
    At the 28th Seoul Music Awards, BTS‘s V revealed that he has been working on a special gift for ARMY: a self-composed song that fans can’t wait to hear. Thankfully, the wait may not be much longer!   On January 24, V dropped a video teaser entitled “Self-composed song” for his upcoming track. In it, V sits beside his accompanist, who plays a part of the song’s melody on the piano.
    자작곡 — 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) January 24, 2019   ARMYs are hyped for V’s song, but they aren’t the only ones. Jimin expressed his love and support ... more
  • 8 months Fans Are Seeing Two Faces on This New Idol of Cherry Bullet Koreaboo
    Yuju of the new girl group, Cherry Bullet, is drawing a lot of attention for her two faces. On January 21, Cherry Bullet held a showcase to celebrate the release of their first single album. On this day, the Cherry Bullet members showed off their refreshing vocals and powerful dance performance. In particular, one of the members, Yuju became the focus of many fans due to her distinct appearance. Yuju’s youthful yet refined look reminded fans of GFriend‘s ShinB. But that’s not all. When Yuju smiled and showed off her lively look, she reminded fans of TWICE‘s Nayeon. ... more
  • 8 months A Shocking Clip Of A Sasaeng Trying To Kiss BTS’s Suga Has Resurfaced Koreaboo
    A rediscovered video clip of a BTS sasaeng is bringing new ire to the internet.   A couple of years ago, a female “fan” was caught on video trying to kiss BTS’s Suga after a broadcast ended. She can be seen running up to Suga and attempting to force a kiss on him. Your browser does not support video.   Suga pushed the sasaeng away from him as onlookers angrily shouted at her… Your browser does not support video.   …until a staff member came to Suga’s aid and separated the two. Your browser does not support video.   Fans who ... more
  • 8 months A Male TWICE Fan Left JYP Speechless on Super Intern Koreaboo
    On the January 24 airing of Mnet’s Super Intern, Park Jin Young conducted 1-on-2 interviews for the intern position. Super Intern is a new reality program that gives passionate people the opportunity to work in the entertainment business, regardless of their qualifications on paper. During the interview, a huge TWICE fan showed up as an interviewee and caught Park Jin Young off guard. Park Jin Young brought up the fact that in the section where the interviewees were asked to write down the strengths of JYP, this TWICE fan wrote down that TWICE was their biggest strength. Following ... more
  • 8 months BTS’s V Was Left Out Of A Major BTS Tribute And Fans Are Outraged Koreaboo
    ARMYs are coming to BTS‘s V‘s defense after discovering that he was left out of a BTS tribute at the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards.    At the show, BTS’s outstanding contributions were honored with the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement” award and a touching video tribute set to BTS’s song “Sea”. Although many fans loved the tribute, which showed how far BTS have come since their 2013 debut, others noticed an error that soured it for them.
    Gaon did not just use SEA as a background music for the Lifetime Achievement Award while presenting our stats in 2018 as ... more
  • 8 months People Are Mesmerized By This GIF Of TWICE Dahyun Putting Her Hair In A Bun, Mid-Performance Koreaboo
    TWICE‘s Dahyun has the perfect face shape to pull off high buns, and with her long, beautiful locks, she has the volume and length, too.   It’s a hairstyle she wears often, for both casual and formal occasions.   While it’s a regular occurrence to see her sporting the high bun, a clip of Dahyun retying her hair while in the middle of a “Knock Knock” rehearsal last year has resurfaced, showing off her master hair-tying ability. Your browser does not support video.   Netizens can’t stop watching the gif of her smoothly retying her hair after it ... more
  • 8 months Chinese Producer Claims BTS Isn’t Popular In China And K-Pop Will “Self-Destruct” Koreaboo
    Billy Koh is a famous Chinese composer and producer who has created some of the hottest singers, such as A-do and JJ Lin.   He recently held a lecture speech in Korea, titled “K-Pop From The Perspective Of China After Limitations On Korea”. He discussed the predicted future of K-Pop and how it is portrayed in China.   During his speech, he claimed that K-Pop was on a path to “self-destruction” if they continued to mass-produce idol groups. “K-Pop will self-destruct as long as the idol-production system continues. K-Pop groups have the similar face and music. You could ... more
  • 8 months Starbucks Tweeted At TWICE… This Is How TWICE Responded Koreaboo
    When Starbucks went full ONCE on Twitter, TWICE rewarded them with the best possible response. Your browser does not support video.   It all began with this ONCE’s post. In it, she speculated what new menu items might appear if TWICE and Starbucks did an edible collaboration.   Starbucks saw the menu and replied with the truest statement ever typed.   Their response quickly went viral, catching TWICE’s attention. The super popular girl group made Starbucks’ day by replying these parody lyrics to “What Is Love?”.   In response, Starbucks posted the next line of “What is ... more
  • 8 months These Are The Most Expensive Phone Cases In The World and YG Artists Own Them Koreaboo
    Dara has shown off her luxurious phone case on Instagram. The case, from a luxury fashion company called G-Brand, is made from solid gold and costs around $5033 USD! Not surprisingly, G-Dragon’s phone case is also at the height of luxury. Even without the phone, it costs $8895 USD! The case itself is made from pure gold and has been customized by adding diamonds all over the case! Seungri’s phone case is made from 24 karat gold, molded into the shape of a gold bar. While the exact price is unknown, 1 gram of 24 karat gold costs around $50 USD, ... more
  • 8 months Red Velvet’s Seulgi Gets Awkward Around EXO Members Koreaboo
    Red Velvet‘s Seulgi opened up about her trainee days at SM Entertainment during her time on Secret Unnie. Your browser does not support video.   Sunmi and she were discussing about their trainee days when Sunmi asked, “Don’t you feel awkward when the people you train with debut before you do?” Your browser does not support video.   Seulgi revealed she’s trained closely with the EXO members before any of them debuted. “I trained alongside the EXO members, but they debuted before me.” — Seulgi   EXO debuted about 3 years before Red Velvet, which meant Seulgi spent those years ... more
  • 8 months EXO-Ls Are Loving EXO Kai’s Sprout Graphics On The New Reality Show Koreaboo
    Since the first episode of Travel the World On EXO’s Ladder Season 2, EXO-Ls are convinced the crew thinks EXO‘s Kai is adorable. Fans are loving how they are putting a little sprout on Kai’s head and referring to him as “Variety Sprout” for his enthusiasm for the show.
    Our Variety Sprout Baby#KAI #김종인 #엑소카이 — ᴿᴱᴱ (@gaemerigom) January 21, 2019
    Baby sprout is back!🧸#KAI #카이 #엑소카이 #JONGIN #김종인 #EXO #엑소 @weareoneEXO — LA 카이🧸[I’LL BE BACK] (@real_zkdlinGirl) January 22, 2019
    The sprout edit ... more
  • 8 months 9 Times EXO D.O.’s Astigmatism Made His Life Harder Than It Needs To Be Koreaboo
    If you are an EXO-L, you know EXO’s D.O. has severe astigmatism that can’t be correct with contact lenses. He even explained it himself on Knowing Brothers in 2017.
    난시때문에 생긴 에피소드 조곤조곤 해명하는 경수 — MINI BELL 미니벨 (@minibell_12) July 22, 2017 “My astigmatism is really bad but contact lenses are too uncomfortable and I can’t wear glasses on stage so I make this face ofter.” For those who are not familiar with this information, here are 9 examples to help you understand D.O. is only trying to see the world through his astigmatism.  ... more
  • 8 months 5 TWICE Fan Art Pieces That We Love Koreaboo
    We know ONCEs are a talented bunch, so we wanted to highlight a few pieces of fan art that we were insanely impressed with. Here’s five of our favorites: 1) We’re in love with this piece of “What is Love”? by HitomiTQX on Twitter 2) Reddit user Dangaso goes in an unexpected direction with an anime inspired Nayeon…and we definitely think it’s cool! 3) This hyper-realistic painting of Dahyun by MarloweART22 on DeviantArt is stunning. 4) AxeBudu on AminoApps goes chibi with this adorable Pinocchio Jeongyeon. 5) ririss on DeviantArt strikes a cool balance between realism ... more
  • 8 months NCT’s Yuta Reveals His Life Motto And The Reason He Search His Name Online Koreaboo
    NCT’s Yuta appeared on VLive x Osen’s Star Road on January 23 for an interview. He chose his father as a person he respects the most in life saying “I consider him as a great father since he tried his best at everything for our family. I want to become a man like him.” Yuta thinks he will be living in happiness in 10 years and revealed his current Motto in life is also to “Be Happy”.
    Q: My belief in my life is?YT: My belief in my life is to be happy. I like to look ... more
  • 8 months Big Hit’s Bang Si Hyuk And Park Jin Young Started JYP Entertainment Together Koreaboo
    Many people may know Bang Si Hyuk as the producer of BTS and CEO of Big Hit Entertainment but in fact, he used to work with JYP long before he established the agency.   Bang Si Hyuk, also known as “Hitman Bang”, graduated from the Seoul National University where he studied aesthetics. And while his major was not directly related to music, he began his career in music composition when he received the Bronze Award at the 6th Yoo Jae Ha Music Contest in 1997. He was then discovered by JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin Young and produced numerous hit ... more
  • 8 months TWICE Nayeon Has Her Birth Year To Thank For Ranking High On This Industry Survey Koreaboo
    K-netz are definitely looking forward to what TWICE’s Nayeon will do in 2019 if the results of this industry survey are an indication! Naver recently did a survey asking K-netz (age 14+) to vote for “the star you’re anticipating seeing this year who is born in the year of pig”. With 22,000 people responding, Nayeon (who qualified due to being born in 1995) was ranked #2 with 16.6% of the vote among the female stars! The Top 5 list is as follows: Hwasa – Mamamoo Nayeon – TWICE Son Dambi Choi Yeojin Kang Yumi This is ... more
  • 8 months The Lip Balm Xiumin Used On EXO’s Reality Show Is Completely Sold Out Already Koreaboo
    EXO-Ls have done it again! Since the second episode of EXO’s new reality show Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder aired on Oksusu, EXO-Ls were eager to find out the brand of Xiumin lip balm. You know once EXO-Ls put their minds together, they can get anything done. Within few hours, the fans found out the brand and flavor of the lip balm from the screen capture of the video. Now, the lip balm has been completely sold out within two days since the episode air, confirming EXO can sell out anything they touch.
    190123 엑사세2 시우민 ... more
  • 8 months 10+ Photos of TWICE Red Carpet Looks That Left Us Breathless Koreaboo
    With all the hoopla over Mina‘s stunning red carpet outfit that she wore during the 2019 Gaon Music Chart Awards, we decided to take a look back and highlight other TWICE red carpet looks that we loved. So there are our favorites: 1) Momo’s ready for her closeup in daring little black dress. The semi-bare sleeves add an interesting element to make the dress unique and her spider-web laced shoes add a bit of a punk element to the ensemble. Momo‘s so hot, then even Jihyo has to cover her face to protect her eyes from Momo’s ... more
  • 8 months JYP Is Hiring New Employees Through A Survival Program Koreaboo
    On January 24, Park Jin Young attended the press conference for his new television series, Super Intern, and gave more details about the program.   JYP will be launching a television series called Super Intern for those who wish to work in the Korean entertainment field. The focus of the program is to provide opportunities to anyone who has a passion for this type of work regardless of education, gender, age or anything else.   At the press conference, Park Jin Young revealed the reason behind launching this program. He explained that as JYP Entertainment grew bigger, a majority of the employees ... more
  • 8 months TWICE’s Sana Has The Sweetest Message for Chaeryeong On The Eve of ITZY’s Debut Koreaboo
    ITZY might not have yet debuted, but TWICE’s Sana is already sending well wishes their way – especially to Chaeryeong. For those who might wonder about their relationship, it’s not too surprising – both Chaeryeong and Sana appeared on Sixteen! Although Chaeryeong did not make it into TWICE, she stayed close with the members in the years since the group debuted. So the fact that TWICE finally get to see their friend debut after waiting so long must mean the world to them! During a recent press conference, Sana stated “TWICE debuted though Mnet’s Sixteen, and a good friend ... more
  • 8 months NCT’s Johnny and Jaehyun Said Their Tearful Goodbyes On The Last Live Broadcast Of “NCT’s Night Night” Koreaboo
    NCT’s Johnny and Jaehyun said their final goodbyes to SBS Radio’s, NCT’s Night Night, on January 23. The last recording of the program was filled with messages from the fans and NCT members thanking Johnny and Jaehyun for the sweet memories for the last 2 years. Johnny and Jaehyun held back tears while listening to members’ messages thanking them for working so hard through the hectic schedule and congratulated the two for the 2 years they shared with the fans. Your browser does not support video. They also took a trip down the memory lane as they listened to their first ... more
  • 8 months S.E.S. Shoo Confesses She Spent Over $700,000 USD On Gambling Last Year Koreaboo
    Former S.E.S. member Shoo has confessed that she spent approximately 800 million won ($709,000 USD) over 26 episodes of gambling last year.   Last month, Shoo was prosecuted for allegedly gambling thousands of dollars in Macau.
    S.E.S. Shoo Prosecuted For Gambling Thousands Of Dollars In Macau   On the morning of January 24, the prosecutor for Shoo’s gambling trial revealed that she spent a total of 798,250,000 won ($707,620 USD) over 26 episodes of gambling starting from August 6, 2018. Moreover, her acquaintance, who was indicted for aiding and abetting, lent her approximately 198,800,000 won ($176,229 USD) ... more
  • 8 months 5 Best TWICE Dance Breaks That Made Us Want To Dance The Night Away Koreaboo
    TWICE has definitely done a lot of performances in their time, so they likely know that fans don’t want to see the songs the same ole way every performance. So to give ONCEs a nice treat, the group has decided throughout the years to add special dance breaks during special stages or performance. And we totally love them for that! In random order, these are our five favorite TWICE dance breaks. 1) TWICE making us say “Yes or Yes” to this killer dance break during the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards. 2) We really thought about it TWICE after ... more
  • 8 months BTS Jungkook’s Cover Of IU’s Song Is Going Viral Koreaboo
    BTS’ Jungkook sang a cover of IU’S “Ending Scene” and it’s not surprising that it has been going viral.   On January 23, Jungkook released the song through BTS’ official Twitter account and shared his interpretation of the beautiful song with the world.   Moreover, he released a second version as an added bonus for fans who just cannot get enough of Jungkook’s angelic voice.   With his emotion-filled covers, he succeeded in completely winning over the hearts of fans once again.
    My heart hurts just listening to it Jungkook's voice is full of ... more
  • 8 months How TWICE Made Red Velvet’s Irene Smile During The 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards Koreaboo
    TWICE might be the biggest girl group in Asia, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get excited about their friends Red Velvet doing a great job on stage! As we’ve seen in the past, TWICE and Red Velvet are definitely fans of each other…and that’s in part because members of both groups are friends! Yeri, Nayeon, and Irene at the Idol Star Athletics Championships During the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards show, fans caught Irene smiling “seemingly out of nowhere”. But it wasn’t for a random reason. The real reason for why is Irene smiling? It’s because TWICE ... more
  • 8 months ASTRO’S Moonbin Reveals Why He Had To Resort To Wearing Wigs Koreaboo
    On January 23, ASTRO guested on SBS Love FM’s Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School and talked about the concept of their new album, their first comeback in 1 year and 2 months.   When Kim Chang Ryul mentioned the various hair colors of their new concept, ASTRO explained that their album revolves around the subject of “light” and therefore, they’ve tried to incorporate the colors of light into their hair and emphasize this with white outfits. Fans have been saying we look like the Beatles. Our hair colors are varied. The album focuses on light so we’ve tried to ... more
  • 8 months NU’EST Baekho Called BTS V An “Angel”, Here’s Why Koreaboo
    NU’EST Baekho expressed his gratitude towards BTS’ V for what he did at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards.   On January 23, Baekho held a live broadcast session and mentioned what had happened at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards on January 6. At the time, BTS’ V had come to NU’EST W’s rescue.
    BTS V Comes To NU’EST W’s Rescue At Golden Disc Awards   With only three chairs between the four of them, the NU’EST W members eventually decided to seat two members and have two members standing. Watching them from the side, V went ahead ... more
  • 8 months TVXQ’s Yunho Names EXO’s Chanyeol As SM’s Hidden “Passion” Successor Koreaboo
    TVXQ’s Yunho appeared on MBC’s Radio Star on January 23 and shared his unbelievably passionate stories on air. He also shared how he feels about the SM’s “Passionate Group”, which includes TVXQ’s Yunho, SHINEE’s Minho, and EXO’s Suho. When the MCs asked him about how he perceives Minho and Suho, Yunho explained, “Those two are more serious than passionate.” Then he revealed, the true hidden passion successor of SM is EXO’s Chanyeol. “Chanyeol digs really deep when he finds something he likes. Everybody has a smile when they are ‘in the zone’ and I saw that smile on Chanyeol when ... more
  • 8 months TVXQ Yunho Reveals How He Overcame Trauma After Being Poisoned With Orange Juice Koreaboo
    On January 23rd’s episode of Radio Star, TVXQ’s Yunho talked about his traumatic experience with poisoned orange juice and revealed how he overcame it.   In 2006, Yunho was given orange juice with super glue mixed into it by an anti-fan who disguised herself as a fan. Shortly after drinking it, he was rushed to the hospital and was able to recover from it physically but he was traumatized and could not drink orange juice for a long time.   Yunho explained that he was frustrated and decided to make a plan to overcome his fear. Your browser does ... more
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