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  • 6 months EXO Lay Asks Fans If They’ve Ever Seen A Super Big Pineapple Before Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Lay posted to his Twitter account in the early morning hours of September 15. The Tweet, which had a video attached to it, asked fans if they’ve ever seen a super big pineapple on the street before. The video, which featured narration by the K-Pop idol, shows a scene of him walking down a street saying goodnight to his fans when he stumbles across the “pineapple” and expresses his shock and delight. Wow, goodnight, everybody… goodnight—WHAT? Pineapple? What?? So big! —Lay
    Have you ever seen a super big pineapple on the street? — Lay Zhang (@layzhang) ... more
  • 6 months EXO’s Sehun Was The Happiest Maknae Ever When He Spotted Plushies That Looked Like His Doggo Vivi Koreaboo
    As a proud dog dad, EXO‘s Sehun was the happiest maknae around when he was gifted with a number of puppy plushies that looked just like his own sweet pup Vivi!   EXO just added another spectacular stop to their EXplOration tour with a stop in Singapore. Their concert was filled with jaw-dropping performances, heart-fluttering interactions, and heaps of precious moments to make the best memories including one very adorable moment with Sehun and all those Vivi-esque plush toys!   Knowing how much Sehun loves his sweet bichon frise, EXO-Ls made sure there were plenty of adorable mini versions of ... more
  • 6 months Han Ye Seul Calls Herself A “40-Year-Old Nuna” But She Looks Nothing Like It Koreaboo
    Actress Han Ye Seul has been winning at her new YouTuber life, as she continues to wow everyone with her unchanging beauty. In her latest video, she tried giving herself a makeover for an EDM festival and it has the viewers completely enchanted again.   She got her hair done with a fairy pink wig… Your browser does not support video.   … and her make-up done in an explosion of burgundy, peach, champagne glitters, and diamonds… Your browser does not support video.   … and completed the look with a dashing bold purple off-shoulder top that made her ... more
  • 6 months NCT Dream Earned A Spot On Billboard’s “21 Under 21” For The Second Year In A Row Koreaboo
    For the second consecutive year, NCT Dream has landed on Billboard‘s “21 Under 21” list!   On September 12, Billboard released their “21 Under 21 2019: Music’s Next Generation” list. This list features 21 artists under the age of 21 who have a big influence on the music industry. The list uses factors like album sales, social media presence, streaming volume, reputation among peers, career trajectory, and overall impact on the industry among others.   With so many factors going into the list, earning a spot on it certainly isn’t easy but among names like Billie Eilish, Lil Nas ... more
  • 6 months SEVENTEEN Held A Special Ceremony For Their New Team Rings And Carats Are Overwhelmed Koreaboo
    In celebration of their new album coming out, SEVENTEEN members held a special ring ceremony in which the members rewarded each other with the new team ring #4. Carats are overwhelmed with what the rings and the ceremony has come to mean for the members and for themselves!   These “team rings” have been a symbol of SEVENTEEN’s unbreakable teamwork since 2015 – when the agency’s CEO Han Seong Soo first presented the members with customized ones, to mark the beginning of their adventure as a debuted K-Pop group.   From then on, with each album release in ... more
  • 6 months f(x)’s Krystal Gives Amber Liu’s Upcoming Solo Album Her Personal Seal Of Approval Which Isn’t An Easy Thing To Earn Koreaboo
    Amber Liu has announced the release of her first upcoming solo album with her U.S-based company Steel Wool Entertainment. Her next solo album titled “X” is set to be released this year, although the date has not yet been confirmed. This will be Amber’s first music project following her departure from SM Entertainment. Earlier this month, Amber announced she would not renew her contract after ten years with the entertainment company. Despite her decision, she has still maintained close friendships with her fellow members in f(x) including Krystal! In the days following Amber’s announcement, Krystal even bought Amber a goodbye present that was ... more
  • 6 months This Trainee Said To Be “The Hottest Visual” Of All Produce 101 Seasons Worldwide Koreaboo
    On the second season of the Chinese version of Produce 101, called Idol Producer in China, a trainee by the name of Yaochi soared to the top of everyone’s pick list as the strongest visual in the history of the show.   Korean netizens are also convinced that Yaochi’s gorgeousness is bound to take him places! Wow, he’s f*cking handsome. — Korean Netizen   In fact, the “producers” around the world are commenting that Yaochi is possibly one of the best looking trainees out of all the Produce 101 series in Korea, Japan, and China!   Yaochi comes with previous modeling ... more
  • 6 months EXO Started Doing Leg Exercises On Stage And It Was All Because Chen Was Too Sexy Koreaboo
    EXO just gave another heart-stopping EXplOration concert in Singapore full of amazing performances, sweet moments, adorable interactions, and Chen‘s heavenly solo. The latter of which opened up discussions about Chen’s sexy and muscular thighs and eventually, had the members busting out some exercise moves.   After Chen blew everyone away with his sweet “Lights Out” solo…
    190915 lights out #CHEN #EXplOrationinSG the clarity of his vocals echoed through the entire stadium! — … 종대꺼 vivian {in sg} (@yixingspixie) September 15, 2019   Chen revealed that he’d actually been feeling some pressure ... more
  • 6 months NU’EST Minhyun’s Solo Track “Universe” Trends After Being Featured On Primetime Television Koreaboo
    In a recent episode of I Live Alone, Henry joined the show hosts on a summer retreat. While catching up on some R&R time, Kian84 tried hypnosis on Henry. He requested Henry to close his eyes and picture a door…   … to which Henry tried his best to play along. Lying on his back, Henry had his eyes shut, trying to imagine a door. Your browser does not support video.   Kian84 then asked Henry to open the door and share what he sees. Henry paused briefly before answering, “The universe.” Your browser does not support video. Kian84: What ... more
  • 6 months PENTAGON Enchanted The City of Angels With Their Charismatic #PRISMinLA Concert Koreaboo
    On Thursday, September 12, 2019, PENTAGON blessed Angelinos at the Wiltern Theatre in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles – with their jaw dropping performances of their hottest hits!   As part of their PRISM tour around the world, PENTAGON arrived in Los Angeles, letting the fans know that things are about to get lit in the city of angels.
    [] 2019 PENTAGON WORLD TOUR 'PRISM' IN LOS ANGELES LA Just do it yo!! #펜타곤 #PENTAGON  #2019_PENTAGON_WORLDTOUR #PRISM — PENTAGON·펜타곤 (@CUBE_PTG) September 13, 2019   Universes became thrilled to see PENTAGON up close and live at ... more
  • 6 months GOT7’s Jackson Had The Best Reaction When Fans Weren’t Able To Recognize Him At First Glance Koreaboo
    It seems crazy to think that anyone could totally miss the presence of their bias but during the one event, that’s exactly what happened to GOT7‘s Jackson! Not too long ago, one clip of Jackson went viral after fans saw just how Jackson reacted when he realized fans were waiting for him outside one of his scheduled events but didn’t notice him at all.   Although there were plenty of Ahgase gathered around to welcome him at the venue, things didn’t go quite as expected when Jackson finally arrived. Since there was a considerable distance between where fans were ... more
  • 6 months iKON’s Song Accidentally Raises The Middle Finger On Live Broadcast And The Other Members Tried To Do Damage Control Koreaboo
    iKON has just passed their fourth anniversary since debut, and the members have celebrated this milestone with a live broadcast. Thanks to the efforts of each member, including their former leader B.I, there is much to celebrate with their acclaimed discography and stage charisma. Yet, fans also know iKON for their unfiltered dialogue, especially when compared with other groups. So far, fans have learned that the members continuously enjoy being naked around each other, and even converse with each other when they are using the toilet! On the live broadcast, the atmosphere was more professional, with the members expressing their ... more
  • 6 months KARD’s Jiwoo Explains Why It’s Hard For Co-Ed Groups To Have Comebacks Koreaboo
    Recently, KARD confirmed that they’re slated for a September comeback with their second digital single “Dumb Litty.” The song is said to be produced by KARD member BM.
    KARD 2nd Digital Single 'Dumb Litty' COMING UP 2019.09.22 #BM #Jseph #Somin #Jiwoo#KARD #DumbLitty#KARD_DumbLitty — KARD (@KARD_Official) September 14, 2019 Many people commented that it has been a while since the group promoted, with their last comeback “Bomb Bomb” having been released five months ago. Fans of the group have resurfaced a past live stream member Jiwoo did that gave insight as to why co-ed groups ... more
  • 6 months X1’s Lee Hangyul Wore A Beret And Glasses And People Are Freaking Out Over How Cute He Is Koreaboo
    During X1‘s appearance on The Show, Lee Hangyul surprised fans with his cute image when he showed up wearing a beret and big, round glasses. Fans are used to seeing Hangyul’s more mature, sexy side, especially when he’s performing on stage. Your browser does not support video. Photos like these remind fans that Hangyul is a regular 19-year old guy.. who also happens to be a handsome, famous rookie idol! Lee Hangyul’s visuals are serious out of this world… – Korean Netizen Your browser does not support video. As fans get more glimpses at Hangyul’s duality, the more ... more
  • 6 months Haha Is Under Fire For Leaving This “Rude” Comment On Jeon So Min’s Instagram Koreaboo
    Haha and Jeon So Min have developed a solid friendship over the years they have been on Running Man together. So when Jeon So Min shared pictures of her recent outdoorsy time with her brother, Haha naturally left her a comment.   However, some fans have found Haha’s comment to be unnecessary and disrespectful. He poked fun at Jeon So Min’s bare-facedness and pointed out that she should consider wearing make-up.
    View this post on Instagram ... more
  • 6 months BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Shows Off Her Support For Son Heung Min During His Tottenham Game Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK’s Jisoo shows off her support for Son Heung Min on her Instagram story! Son Heung Min, the captain of the South Korea national team and plays as a forward for the Premier League Club Tottenham Hotspur, recently had a game during the Chuseok Holiday at the TTottenhamStadium. Jisoo was in London during the same time as the match after being invited to the Burberry Collection Show for London Fashion Week. It appears that after her activities with Burberry, she decided to watch the game on September 14. Jisoo’s posted videos of Son Heung Min scoring during the ... more
  • 6 months BTS’s Jungkook Has Rocked Both Short Hair And Long Hair And He Looks Gorgeous With Both Styles Koreaboo
    Though BTS‘s Jungkook has rocked hair colors like red in the past, a crowd favorite is still his OG black hair. In the past, Jungkook has stuck with the classic short, straight black hair. Many agree that Jungkook’s short black hair fully encapsulates his rabbit-like visuals, showing off how he is the golden maknae of BTS. It suits the idol and makes him look like a prince! Recently though, Jungkook is rocking longer, curly black locks and fans are falling for the look. Many agree that while he looked cute with the short hair, he looks more manly ... more
  • 6 months SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Went From 18 To 22 Without Aging At All Koreaboo
    SEVENTEEN‘s teasers for “An Ode” album has been dropping Carat hearts around the world.   While mesmerizing all the fans, the teaser also ended up shining light on how Vernon‘s beauty has been so well preserved since his teenage days!   Watching this close-up of his face in the music video teaser made Carat’s realize… Your browser does not support video.   … that they’ve seen this angle before four years ago! Your browser does not support video.   Vernon in 2015’s “Mansae”, at 18 years old, was a precious little thing… Your browser does not support video. ... more
  • 6 months Lee Dong Wook’s New Drama Struggles, Netizens Believe This Is The Reason Koreaboo
    Lee Dong Wook and Im Si Wan‘s new K-Drama Hell is Other People has gained a tremendous amount of attention even before its premiere and throughout the first few episodes. Now that the drama is almost half way through, with 4 of the 10 episodes released, the viewer ratings are starting to settle.   And while featuring two of the top actors from the industry at the moment, the show isn’t receiving too much praise.
    Lee Dong Wook Is A Total Creeper In “Hell Is Other People” And Viewers Can’t Handle It   After the latest episode, its ... more
  • 6 months These Are The TOP 50 Most Popular Female Idols In Korea Right Now Koreaboo
    Based on brand ranking data from August 13 to September 14, these are the TOP 50 most popular female idols in Korea right now   50. GFRIEND’s Eunha 49. EVERGLOW’s Sihyun 48. MOMOLAND’s JooE 47. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny 46. DIA’s Chaeyeon 45. BLACKPINK’s Lisa 44. Oh My Girl’s YooA 43. ITZY’s Lia 42. AOA’s Seolhyun 41. Oh My Girl’s Arin 40. IZ*ONE’s Ahn Yujin 39. IZ*ONE’s Kim Chaewon 38. MAMAMOO’s Solar 37. IZ*ONE’s Kim Minju 36. IZ*ONE’s Jo Yuri 35. gugudan’s Mina 34. Apink’s Eunji 33. TWICE’s Dahyun 32. MAMAMOO’s Wheein 31. TWICE’s Tzuyu 30. IZ*ONE’s Choi Yena 29. MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo 28. Oh My ... more
  • 6 months Former Idol Reveals Why K-Pop Groups Disband And How The Members Feel About It Koreaboo
    On his newly created YouTube channel, MBLAQ‘s Mir discussed why most K-Pop idol groups come to disband, how the involved members handle the break-up, and what he believes is a way to prevent disbandment. Your browser does not support video.   Mir first explained that he is speaking from his experience – meaning, while MBLAQ has not officially disbanded, he believes the team no longer has a future together – and that it was breaking his heart to dish it like it is. Your browser does not support video. Disbandment sucks. The members are usually like brothers and sisters. They ... more
  • 6 months Saturday Night Live Under Fire For Casting Comedian Who Made Racist Jokes Against Chinese People Koreaboo
    When Saturday Night Live announced their writer Bowen Yang, a Chinese American comedian, would be added to the show as a full-time cast member for season 45, the internet let out a collective cheer; however, the feel-good vibes didn’t last long when it was discovered Shane Gillis, another new cast member for season 45, had previously made racist jokes against Chinese people and culture. In a 2018 episode of his own podcast, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, Gillis made fun of everything in Chinatown, from the architecture to the food. He also used a mock Chinese accent and used the racial ... more
  • 6 months Find Your Autumn-Winter Scent From NU’EST Minhyun’s Fine Perfume Collection Koreaboo
    In a past episode of I Live Alone, NU’EST‘s Minhyun took the viewers inside his bachelor pad and wowed everyone with his tidiness.   He turned out to be the most perfect husband material…
    NU’EST’s Minhyun Proves He’s The Perfect Husband Material On “I Live Alone”   … and an avid perfume collector! Your browser does not support video.   Viewers became intrigued by his shelf full of perfumes!   His fragrances are mainly musky scented, which are better fit for the upcoming fall-winter seasons. For those who are in need of perfume recommendations, take a ... more
  • 6 months YouTube Changes The Ranks Of Music Videos With The Most Views In 24-Hour And This K-Pop Group Topped The Chart Koreaboo
    Previously, Indian rapper Badshah went viral after his music video for “Paagal” beat out BTS‘s record as the most-watched music video in 24 hours. Many were upset because the video was promoted as an advertisement, therefore garnering views from people who didn’t necessarily want to watch the music video. Now, YouTube has decided to change its rules for their YouTube Music Charts and will no longer count paid advertising view into their 24-hour tallies. Music videos will now be ranked on organic plays. This is done to provide “transparency to the industry,” according to YouTube. This change will also align ... more
  • 6 months Introducing The Filipino Boy Group That Trained In South Korea Koreaboo
    It’s been a month since Filipino boy-group SB19 debuted with “Go Up,” but they’ve quickly become a hit group in the Philippines. SB19 was formally introduced to the public in 2018, with the intent of being an all-Filipino group inspired by the K-Pop style and aesthetic. The members themselves have all trained in South Korea and are being managed by a local brand of a Korean entertainment company called ShowBT Entertainment. The group is compromised of members Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin. Though the group debuted last month, they started gaining attention when a Twitter user reposted ... more
  • 6 months This K-Pop Artist Revealed How Much She Made During 3 Years Working In The Industry Koreaboo
    Grace, also known as Eunmi Kim, is a Korean American rapper who was on Unpretty Rapstar as in 2016. On September 12, she uploaded a video to her YouTube channel revealing exactly how much she made during her time working in the K-Pop industry as a performer. Before sharing the overall number, she answered a lot of viewer questions, including breaking down what the company paid for and more or less what you could expect the cost of living to be. Your browser does not support video. For me personally, I literally had no money as a trainee. And, it was ... more
  • 6 months BTS’s Own Show “Run BTS!” To Be Broadcasted On Television By JTBC Channel Koreaboo
    A popular Korean cable television channel JTBC announced that it will be airing an episode of BTS‘s beloved series Run BTS! as part of their regular broadcasting schedule in September 2019.   Since May 2015, Run BTS! has been capturing members’ personalities with fun episodes featuring games, trips, and challenges. ARMYs love keeping up with these Run BTS! episodes and getting to see BTS off the stage. BTS from 2015   So far, the show has been available mainly on Naver’s live broadcasting platform. However, as JTBC recently announced, one of the episodes will be featured on national TV during the prime time ... more
  • 6 months BTS’s Jin Wanted To Gain Weight While On Break, Here’s Why He Couldn’t Koreaboo
    In a recently uploaded live broadcast, BTS‘s Jin revealed that he has been trying to add a few pounds while he was away on vacation. He shared his current weight, his goal weight, and the truth behind why he hasn’t been able to reach that goal weight yet.   Jin mentioned that he meant to gain some weight while on hiatus from promotions. He was 59 kilograms (130 pounds) right before he went on break…   … and he wanted to reach at least 63 kilograms (138 pounds), so he can look better. He tried eating sweets, like ... more
  • 6 months This Is Why You Shouldn’t Date A K-Pop Idol Koreaboo
    In a video posted to her YouTube account on September 6, streamer Jina Kim revealed to her friend KyungHa that she was in a relationship with an unnamed K-Pop idol for a year and shared why she doesn’t recommend others do the same. KyungHa reacted with shock when Jina revealed she previously dated an idol, and that it was her first long-term relationship. Your browser does not support video. KyungHa really wanted to know who it was, but Jina didn’t want to share publicly out of respect for her ex and his career, not wanting anything she said to unintentionally ... more
  • 6 months Here’s What BTS’s Jin Will Do With The Surprise Cash He Got From His Aunt Koreaboo
    In his latest live broadcast series Eat Jin, BTS‘s Jin shared the cutest story about his recent visit to the countryside to see his family!   Jin stated his cousins, his brother and he went to visit his aunt. Your browser does not support video. Recently, I went to the countryside and saw my aunt. Everyone around my age was there, including my brother. — Jin   Excited to see the family members gathered, his aunt began handing out cash allowances to everyone. Your browser does not support video. She started handing out cash like, ‘Here’s money for you, ... more
  • 6 months TWICE Sana Left Korean Netizens In Awe With This Body Feature Koreaboo
    Korean netizens recently revealed their admiration for Sana’s slim figure. In particular, they’re wowed by her slender arms and the fact that she doesn’t have any fat bulge (which is completely normal) around her armpit. Your browser does not support video. Because of her delicate appearance, at least one netizen expressed that they can’t tell whether she’s a person or a fairy. Can’t tell if she’s a human or a fairy. Every time I see her she becomes more beautiful. In addition to her slender arms, they’ve also been showing an appreciation for the sharp angle of her ... more
  • 6 months VIXX Revealed An Upcoming Concert Event In Chuseok Video Koreaboo
    Although the group has been on hiatus since their leader N enlisted in the military, VIXX has been delighting Starlights with their active posting to social media. More recently, they sent fans into a tizzy when they teased the release of a new single on September 19 (KST)—their first new music in over a year and a half! As if the announcement of new music wasn’t enough, they revealed in their Chuseok greeting that they were planning an upcoming concert event! It’s the end of summer and Chuseok is here. VIXX will be spending time with family and practice for the ... more
  • 6 months ITZY Chaeryeong Is The Quintessential Girl Next Door In These Pictures Koreaboo
    ITZY‘s Chaeryeong shared a post to the group’s official Instagram page on September 14 (KST). The post, which was composed of four photos, was captioned, “I had a good time yesterday after so long ~ Have a healthy and happy Chuseok ” Chaeryeong perfectly embodied the girl next door look with her wholesome look and relaxed demeanor. And, in line with her caption, she truly looked healthy, and happy in her photos. Because of the casual vibe of her photos, it almost feels like she’s a long lost friend you’re catching up with! It’s great seeing Chaeryeong enjoying herself ... more
  • 6 months WayV’s Ten Is Health-Conscious, But He Can’t Stay Away From This One Meal Koreaboo
    WayV‘s Ten likes to be mindful of what he puts into his body, but he shared one meal that he can’t stay away from.   That meal is the oh-so-popular instant noodles. He eats it whenever there’s nothing else acceptable to eat, and he explained why. Your browser does not support video. In Ten’s words, “Its taste is standard.” It’s a meal that’s hard to mess up, and it always has the taste you’re expecting. But, the healthy side of him did give a disclaimer. Your browser does not support video. He made sure to announce that it wasn’t a ... more
  • 6 months The Streamer Who Tried To Copy Jungkook’s Hairstyle Is Back Again With A Second Attempt Koreaboo
    Earlier this month, YouTuber Edvasian attempted to copy BTS member Jungkook‘s hairstyle without using a tutorial. He took us on a wild and funny ride as he attempted to hand-twist soft, natural curls to no avail. He’s back with a second attempt at copying Jungkook’s look, but this time he went to a professional for a perm! Do you think he had better luck this time? Let’s find out! Because everything with Edvasian is an edventure, we begin his perm journey from the very beginning… Your browser does not support video. … By joining him on the car ride to the ... more
  • 6 months TXT’s Soobin As A Historical Actor Is Exactly What You Didn’t Know You Needed Koreaboo
    TXT‘s Soobin is handsome enough to pull off just about any look, so one fan thought to bring out his good looks even more by editing him into a historical drama scene.   And, the look turns out to be just as amazing as it sounds. With long hair and traditional dress, Soobin fits right into the scene, looking like a complete historical warrior. Image credit: @vanilaryu And, MOAs enjoyed it so much they even created another edit of him in a historical setting based on his Chuseok outfit.
    soobin at that korea historical scene drama ... more
  • 6 months This Theory Of What’ll Happen To NCT Dream Is Pretty Convincing Koreaboo
    With four members of NCT Dream nearing adulthood, signalling their eventual graduation from the unit, fans have a theory of what the future holds for them.   Since NCT as a whole doesn’t have fixed units, except for NCT 127, this theory could indeed be true or at least become true. Fans have noticed that NCT tends to play around with the concept of reality and dream like the NCT 2018 Empathy album or NCT 127’s Regular-Irregular. With the NCT Dream unit being named what it is, fans naturally came up with the theory that all the members ... more
  • 6 months Hueningkai Had This One Sweet Wish, So TXT Did What Their Maknae Wanted Koreaboo
    Since TXT‘s Hueningkai and Yeonjun were paired as roommates during an episode of One Dream.TXT, they both made their way to the room of the other three members.   All because Hueningkai had wanted to fulfill his wish of all of them sleeping together on one bed. Your browser does not support video. When Hueningkai told them his sweet request, they did it happily with Soobin, him, and Yeonjun piling onto the bed. Then, Beomgyu and Taehyun piled on top of them. And, they made themselves comfortable. Your browser does not support video. But, Hueningkai was asked why that had ... more
  • 6 months Stray Kids’ Quick Reflexes Will Make Your Jaw Drop Koreaboo
    Stray Kids are no strangers to solving unexpected problems, and one of those is their own hats.   But, those hats are no match for their quick reflexes. When Hyunjin was moving his head around during a particular dance section, his hat flew off his head. But, he caught it so smoothly and moved right into the next move that you can barely see it happen. Your browser does not support video. Lee Know‘s hat flew right off because of his passionate dancing, but he captured it quickly as if it had been a part of the choreography all ... more
  • 6 months TXT’s Taehyun Jokes They Can’t Be A Member Of Their Group If They Like This Koreaboo
    During one of TXT‘s live broadcasts, a fan asked a question that had Taehyun putting his foot down based on how the members chose to answer.   And, he wouldn’t let them say they’re a TXT member if they made the wrong choice. Hueningkai answered the fan’s question by saying that he preferred mint to chocolate, with Yeonjun agreeing and giving him a high-five. So, Soobin made a face as he said, “Oh my god.” Your browser does not support video. But, it was Taehyun’s response that took the cake. Having had this argument one too many times, he joked, “Don’t say ... more
  • 6 months South Korean President Mentions BLACKPINK’s Lisa And 2PM’s Nichkhun When Discussing Korea-Thailand Relations Koreaboo
    South Korean President Moon Jae In was asked about the bilateral relations between Thailand and Korea when interviewed by the Bangkok Post.   He responded that both countries are affectionately curious about each other with millions of tourists travelling between the two yearly and 40,000 people in Thailand learning Korean. To strengthen his stance, he mentioned that “a number of talented young Thais are making a name for themselves on the world stage as members of K-pop acts.” So, he named BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and 2PM‘s Nichkhun in particular as the most notable for their popularity among K-Pop fans. But, ... more
  • 6 months South Korean President Names BLACKPINK’s Lisa And 2PM’s Nichkhun When Discussing Korea-Thai Relations Koreaboo
    South Korean President Moon Jae In was asked about the bilateral relations between Thailand and Korea when interviewed by the Bangkok Post.   He responded that both countries are affectionately curious about each other with millions of tourists travelling between the two yearly and 40,000 people in Thailand learning Korean. To strengthen his stance, he mentioned that “a number of talented young Thais are making a name for themselves on the world stage as members of K-pop acts.” So, he named BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and 2PM‘s Nichkhun in particular as the most notable for their popularity among K-Pop fans. But, ... more
  • 6 months NCTzens Praise SuperM For Gender Options When Signing Up For Updates Koreaboo
    NCTzens’ reactions about SuperM have been mixed, but there seems to be one thing about the group that they’ve positively agreed on.   And, it started from this Tweet from the group’s official Twitter, asking fans to send messages to a specific phone number.
    We'd love to chat with you all! Text us +1 424.414.7676 #WeAreTheFuture #SuperMtheFuture #SuperM — SuperM (@superm) September 13, 2019 After following it, fans have been sent a link to sign up for updates. And, the gender options had them pleasantly surprised. Not only were there female and male ... more
  • 6 months SEVENTEEN’s Jun Makes An Unexpected Appearance In A Textbook Koreaboo
    The faces and names of K-Pop idols tend to pop up in most unexpected places, especially in textbooks all around the world.   This time, it was SEVENTEEN‘s Jun‘s turn to pop up in a Chinese one. A lucky fan happened to spot him in a ninth grade art textbook published by Jiangxi Art Press. It’s an older photo of him dressed in a blue tracksuit. No one knows what purpose the photo serves. Image credit: 牧笙MU But, who wouldn’t want to see a photo of Jun in their textbook? It would certainly make students more interested in the ... more
  • 6 months These Are The Top 20 K-Pop Groups And Solos of 2019, Based On Album Sales Koreaboo
    Gaon chart released a cumulative result of the top selling K-Pop groups so far in 2019. The data gathered was collected from January to August 2019. Without further ado, here are the top selling idol groups and soloists in terms of album sales! 1. BTS (5,377,272) 2. TWICE (611,379) 3. SEVENTEEN (563,909) 4. Baekhyun (550,832) 5. Kang Daniel (503,558) 6. X1 (462,733) 7. Sehun and Chanyeol (409,460) 8. Stray Kids (387,490) 9. NCT DREAM (363,513) 10. BLACKPINK (336,534) 11. NCT 127 (322,553) 12. GOT7 (319,745) 13. IZ*ONE (314,908) 14. Red Velvet (286,376) 15. NU’EST ... more
  • 6 months 10 Times BTS Shook Us With Their GORGEOUS Hanbok-Clad Selves Koreaboo
    Hanboks are a traditional Korean garment that idols often wear to greet their fans a happy Chuseok or Lunar New Year. BTS recently released their 2019 holiday greeting in these clothes. In remembrance of arguably the most gorgeous style of clothing ever worn by the members, here are 10 instances BTS shook the world when they wore hanboks! 1. Their 2013 First Chuseok Starting off as a rookie group in 2013, BTS made sure to surprise their fans with this photoshoot. The members seemed to have lots of fun in the other photos Big Hit Entertainment released. 2. ... more
  • 6 months These Are 6 Male Idols Who Were Born To Model For Makeup Brands Koreaboo
    Cosmetics companies typically choose women to model for their brand. Nowadays however it is becoming increasingly popular to choose male idols. With their good looks and flawless skin, here are 6 male idols who were born to model for makeup brands. 1. Ong Seong Woo Wanna One member Ong Seong Woo modeled lip products for the cosmetics company Kat Maconie. 2. Lee Jinhyuk Up10tion member Lee Jinhyuk also modeled lipsticks but this time for a company called Wakemake. 3. Choi Bomin Golden Child‘s Choi Bomin recently became a model for makeup brand Lily by Red. 4. Bae ... more
  • 6 months Police Reveal Plans To Question B.I Over His Past Drug Scandal Koreaboo
    The Gyeonggi Southern Province Police Agency has revealed to the public that they intend on summoning former iKON member B.I for questioning and investigation over his past drug scandal. In their announcement, they said that investigations on B.I will begin next week, after the Chuseok holiday. They plan to question him over his 2016 marijuana scandal, such as whether he purchased the illegal drug and if he used it. Following investigations into B.I, police also plan on investigating Yang Hyun Suk for his involvement in the case, such as whether or not he became involved in the case to manipulate ... more
  • 6 months Han Ye Seul Reveals Her Own Secret Method To Maintaining Her Fit Figure Koreaboo
    Actress Han Ye Seul is as famous for her visuals as she is for her acting skills, and those visuals include her beautifully fit figure!   As many are probably curious as to how Han Ye Seul keeps her figure well maintained, she revealed her own secret method on the latest episode of Sister’s Salon!   Han Ye Seul pointed out that it’s so difficult to control yourself from eating when you’re hungry but trying to lose weight. Your browser does not support video.   She revealed that she has her own personal method to avoid eating, and that’s ... more
  • 6 months Maddox Jolie-Pitt Bombarded By Paparazzi At School Asking About His Relationship With Brad Pitt Koreaboo
    Maddox Jolie-Pitt has officially begun his classes at Yonsei University, and paparazzi from all over the world came on campus to bombard the new student.   Many photos of Maddox were taken during the orientation, which is unusual as press and commercial cameramen are usually not allowed at these educational events.   One paparazzi from London even came right up at Maddox when he was leaving the building. He then began asking personal questions about Brad Pitt and the rest of his siblings.   Maddox gave vague answers about his family, claiming “Uh… yeah. I think so“, ... more
  • 6 months HyunA Fans Believe Her Comeback Might Be Purple Flower Themed Koreaboo
    Fans of iconic K-Pop singer HyunA believe she may be dropping hints about her next comeback on her Instagram account, and they believe they might be on to something! In August, HyunA posted a picture of the word “flower” written in the sand.
    View this post on Instagram 스포 A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on Aug 27, 2019 at 9:16am ... more
  • 6 months JYP Reveals Mina Was So Dedicated To Return To TWICE Promotions, Dropped Teaser To Signal Her Return Koreaboo
    TWICE just dropped their next teaser for their upcoming comeback with “Feeling Special”, and… Mina has officially returned from hiatus!   In the teaser, Mina looks longingly at the camera as she’s dressed in the finest jewelry and sparkly makeup. Your browser does not support video.   JYP revealed through their press release that they only decided to have Mina participate in the new album because she herself wanted to badly! Mina was dedicated to participating in the new album, so we carefully decided to have her join. — JYP Entertainment   Mina had been on a hiatus for ... more
  • 6 months Here Are 4 Korean Celebrities Who Still Ride The Subway Koreaboo
    Most famous celebrities have their own cars or are provided vehicles by their companies when they need to get around, so they don’t need to use public transportation. Some celebrities however are still spotted using public transportation such as buses or subways. Here are four Korean celebrities who prove that they are still ordinary citizens.   1. Ha Jung Woo Netizens were surprised when famous actor Ha Jung Woo recently used the subway after a fan meeting. He drew attention for posting a photo with a caption saying that his car was blocked in a traffic jam. He was ... more
  • 6 months The Try Guys’ Eugene Lee Yang Might Actually Be A Disney Princess Koreaboo
    The Try GuysEugene Lee Yang is known for his keen fashion sense and love of animals. Back in June, he posted a series of photos from a shoot that included animals from a sanctuary that saves and rehabilitates wildlife after they’re purchased and abandoned.
    View this post on Instagram I’m thrilled to finally show you photos from’s Extremely Proud campaign! I ... more
  • 6 months Lee Jinhyuk And Han Ye Seul Got Together And No One Was Prepared For This Stunning Visual Masterpiece Koreaboo
    UP10TION‘s Lee Jinhyuk appeared as a guest intern on Sister’s Salon, where actress Han Ye Seul is the main host.   And these two visuals decided to bless the world with selfies together! Lee Jinhyuk got close and personal with Han Ye Seul as they took an adorable selfie together where they showcased their beauty.   And no one was prepared for these masterpieces called selfies! Fans and netizens alike were in complete awe by the duo’s visual power! “F*cking handsome and f*cking beautiful… And I’m so touched that CEO Han Ye Seul called Jinhyuk ahead of ... more
  • 6 months Kang Daniel Reveals He’s Found A New Hobby And He’s Really Good At It Too Koreaboo
    Kang Daniel is talented in many different areas of expertise and he’s just added a new special skill to his list!   He’s found a new hobby, and that’s cooking! He explained that he enjoys buying the ingredients and putting it all together in a pot for a delicious soup! Your browser does not support video.   He’s most confident in making the traditional beef radish soup! And he likes to give it a little spicy kick like they do in the Gyeongsang-do province. I enjoy cooking these days. I find buying ingredients for soup and making it ... more
  • 6 months Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung Leaves A Message To Goo Hara About Being Happy Koreaboo
    Famous choreographer Bae Yoon Jung recently met up with Goo Hara for some dance training, and she had the sweetest message for Goo Hara afterwards.
    View this post on Instagram 난 니가 지금처럼 웃는게좋다 마지막 사진 내가 때려눕힌거아님 …연습열심히해서 뻗은거 . . . . #야마앤핫칙스 #구하라 #배윤정 A post shared by 배윤정 . 야마앤핫칙스 . stage631.안무가 (@hotchicksbyj) on Sep 12, 2019 at ... more
  • 6 months These Are The TOP 50 Most Popular Male Idols Right Now Koreaboo
    Based on brand ranking data from August 12 to September 13, these are the TOP 50 most popular male idols in Korea right now   50. AB6IX’s Park Woojin 49. NCT’s Jaehyun 48. Shinhwa’s Andy 47. 2PM’s Nichkhun 46. EXO’s Sehun 45. Shinhwa’s Junjin 44. EXO’s Chanyeol 43. NCT’s Taeyong 42. Kim Kookheon (formerly of MYTEEN) 41. B1A4’s Sandeul 40. BTOB’s Sungjae 39. VIXX’s Ravi 38. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu 37. SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan 36. VICTON’s Choi Byungchan 35. FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki 34. EXO’s Suho 33. TVXQ’s Yunho 32. NU’EST’s Ren 31. NCT’s Mark 30. X1 and VICTON’s Han Seungwoo 29. NU’EST’s Baekho ... more
  • 6 months 18 Female Idols Who Legit Look Like Mannequins Koreaboo
    With their symmetrical faces, long legs and ideal proportions, these are just some ways that make K-pop idols stand out among the rest. There are even a few female idols who look like they they can model clothes perfectly. That said, here’s a list of 18 female idols who are so beautiful they can pass as mannequins! 1. AOA – Hyejeong 2. CLC – Eunbin 3. Gugudan – Soyee 4. DIA – Somyi 5. After School – Nana 6. Somi 7. MOMOLAND – Yeonwoo 8. EVERGLOW – Aisha 9. Girl’s Generation – ... more
  • 6 months WINNER Mino’s Bold Fashion Piece Proves Once Again That He’s A Fashion King Koreaboo
    WINNER‘s Mino was spotted at the airport recently as he headed out for another scheduled overseas.   Mino proved that he was the fashion king once again by wearing bold and unique pieces to finish his burgundy look!   Many notably commented on his unique necklace that seemed to have a heavy piece of metal. He complemented his look with red hair and cycling goggles!   Many netizens questioned his fashion sense, but his fans quickly pointed out that the whole meaning of fashion was to break the norm.   They complimented his fashion style and ... more
  • 6 months K-Reporter Criticized For Bringing Up Jihyo In This Article About Kang Daniel Koreaboo
    Kang Daniel was recently spotted heading to the airport for his schedules abroad. He was greeted by a mob of fans and press reporters who took his photos.   One reporter decided to post an article with the title, “Kang Daniel, ‘Everyone spend the Chuseok well Jihyo’” She had replaced the “-yo” at the end of the honorifics to “-hyo” to change the sentence to include Jihyo‘s name.   K-netizens and fans began criticizing the reporter for adding in Jihyo’s name to the article when the article literally had only 3 sentences about Kang Daniel being spotted at ... more
  • 6 months Keanu Reeves And J-Pop Star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Are Straight Out Of Naruto With These Moves Koreaboo
    J-Pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, whose song “Ninja Re Bang Bang” is used in the film, joined internet darling Keanu Reeves and the film’s director Chad Stahelski at the Japanese premiere of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. After Kyary presented Keanu with a bouquet of flowers, he responded by praising her work. It’s been lovely to meet you and I was watching some of your work, which I think is so interesting, not only entertaining but also has great philosophy and heart. —Keanu Reeves Stahelski explained that they chose to use Kyary’s song in juxtaposition with the intensity ... more
  • 6 months MONSTA X Will Reportedly Be Performing On The Ellen DeGeneres Show Koreaboo
    MONSTA X has been expanding their range of activities in the US, with appearances on Good Day New York, Access Hollywood, and Good Day LA in 2018. Additionally, they made their successful late-night television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last month.   Now, they’re heading back to daytime television with an appearance on NBC‘s popular daytime talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show! According to a report from Headline Planet, MONSTA X will be appearing on the hit show on September 25 for the very first time.   Although Headline Planet did note that all listings for The Ellen DeGeneres ... more
  • 6 months The VERIVERY Shares Individual Pictures For Chuseok Greetings Koreaboo
    In a series of posts to their official Instagram account, the boys of VERIVERY shared pictures of themselves in celebration of the mid-Autumn festival Chuseok. The pictures were adorable and perfectly reflected each member’s personality. The first picture in each member’s slide show was of them holding a tiny moon on a stick. The second picture of a sign that read, “Happy Chuseok”. Dongheon
    View this post on Instagram ... more
  • 6 months STAYs Celebrate Stray Kids’ Han’s Birthday In This Beautiful Way Koreaboo
    To celebrate Stray KidsHan‘s birthday, fans had prepared something unique before his special day.   And, it was a display that was too obvious to miss. Birthday advertisements had been placed all throughout one of Seoul’s subway stops. But, they weren’t placed randomly or with just one single photo. Image credit: ©Haning_Heart There was such an assortment of photos that it almost appeared like an art gallery rather than a subway stop. Image credit: ©Haning_Heart And, they weren’t concentrated in one area. They were spaced out throughout the station for everyone to know who the birthday boy was. ... more
  • 6 months K-Beauty Brand Kaja Beauty To Host Meet And Greet In San Francisco With Beauty Guru Tina Le Koreaboo
    K-Beauty brand Kaja Beauty will be hosting a Meet & Greet event with beauty guru Tina Le (also known as Tina’s Beauty Tips) at MEMEBOX in San Francisco. Kaja, meaning “let’s go” in Korean, is a K-Beauty brand that focuses on convenient “bite-sized” products that you can take with you on-the-go. The meet and greet event, called TINA X KAJA BEAUTY, will be held at MEMEBOX, located at 965 Mission Street in San Francisco and will run from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (PST). Tina will be hosting makeover classes, where she’ll share her K-Beauty favorites and personal beauty tips!
  • 6 months EXO’s Suho Called Into A Radio Program Just To Wish His Hoobae A Happy Chuseok Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Suho is an incredibly kind, sweet, and caring person who even called into a radio show just to cheer his hoobae on and wish everyone a happy Chuseok!   On the September 13 airing of SBS Power FM‘s Choi Hwa Jungs’ Power Time, actors Kim Sung Cheol and Kim In Kwon were guests on the show and talked about their new movie, “Battle of Jangsari”.   During the show, however, everyone got a big surprise when Suho called — or more precisely texted — in to the show to show some support to Kim Sung Cheol. Hello, ... more
  • 6 months BLACKPINK Lisa Looks Like a Gothic Queen In These Pictures Koreaboo
    In behind-the-scenes photos from her Jalouse China photoshoot, Lisa is an edgy, gothic queen with her perfect, crisp cat-eye and bold black lip color. The whole look was completed with a pair of chunky boots and black metallic-accented winged top.
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by LISA (@lalalalisa_m) on Sep 13, 2019 at 1:34am PDT ... more
  • 6 months Stray Kids’ Han Exposes Seungmin’s Scary Sleeping Habit Koreaboo
    The Stray Kids‘ ’00 liners were reminiscing about a past dorm when Han remembered something about being roommates with Seungmin.   He’s known for having strange habits, but this one is particularly strange. Han had stated that there was someone who would shout loudly right before bed and even demonstrated it. Upon hearing this, Seungmin laughed while Felix tried to imitate the sound. Your browser does not support video. Seungmin knew exactly who Han was talking about because he came right out and exposed him for always roaring before sleeping, which made Hyunjin chuckle. Your browser does not support ... more
  • 6 months 8 Times RM Did Things That Made Us Question His Genius Koreaboo
    With an IQ of 148, BTS‘s RM is a certified genius, but sometimes he does less than genius things that make everyone facepalm. Here 8 of his most questionable moments yet!   1. That time he wore his helmet backward This is how you’re supposed to wear a helmet.   This is how you’re not supposed to wear it. On Run BTS!, RM went down a waterslide like this before anyone noticed his helmet wasn’t on right!   2. When he almost used a marker on a blackboard Your browser does not support video.   3. When he got baffled by a blow ... more
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