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  • 3 days BLACKPINK’s Lisa Receives This Gift From A BLINK And Immediately Bursts Into Laughter Koreaboo
    When BLACKPINK‘s Lisa attended a special event for Moonshot, a fan presented her with a gift she hadn’t been expecting.   In fact, it had instantly made her smile and laugh upon seeing it. As Lisa was preparing to sign an item, the fan had pulled out a long strip of packaged nasal spray. After the initial shock, she just laughed and wasn’t the only one.
    I need to see the other members reaction The YADOM #BLACKPINK #lisa #lalalalisa_m #rose #roses_are_rosie #chaelisa — CHAELISA (@bp_maknaes) September 2, 2019 After being amazed, Lisa’s security ... more
  • 3 days EXO’s Baekhyun Is The First SM Entertainment Solo Artist To Reach This Gaon Chart Achievement Koreaboo
    From the moment EXO Baekhyun‘s solo album was released, it set record after record and although it’s been a few months since then, Baekhyun and City Lights haven’t slowed down one bit!   On September 12, Gaon Chart made some announcements in regards to platinum certifications. Last year, Gaon implemented a new certification system for album sales, song downloads, and online streaming with a platinum certification being awarded to an album with over 250,000 sales and 2.5 million downloads or 100 million streams.   Earning a platinum certification is not an easy task but when Gaon released their list of ... more
  • 3 days NCT Dream’s Renjun Reveals The Unexpected Reason Why He Loves Electrical Outrages Koreaboo
    Recently, on his solo radio show, NCT Dream’s Renjun wanted to bring up the subject of family considering how close it has been getting to the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally celebrated in China and Vietnam which celebrates three fundamental concepts of Gathering, Thanksgiving and Praying. The festival centres on the Gathering of the family, to give Thanks for their blessings and to Pray for good luck for the future. Renjun highlighted that it is important to appreciate the memories spent with family during this time. In particular, it made him think of the affection and tenderness he felt ... more
  • 3 days MAMAMOO’s Solar Recommends Rinsing Your Mouth with Kimchi Stew After Having In-N-Out Burger Koreaboo
    MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently shared a YouTube video of her eating In-N-Out Burger in LA. Solar explained, “I’m in LA for K-CON. Since I’m in LA, I’m going to do an eating show with In-N-Out Burger.” Once she started her eating show, Solar shared, “The milkshake is too sweet. But the roasted onion fries are good. It might give you onion breath though.” She then proceeded to eat the burger as she confessed, “This burger is thick. Good thing I have a big mouth. But the flavor’s too strong. It’s really sweet and salty.” For that reason, Solar pulled ... more
  • 4 days These Are The 7 Male Idols With The Best Fortune According To Mnet’s Official Face Reader Koreaboo
    Recently, Mnet broadcasted a program sharing the evaluations of male idols with the best fortunes based on physiognomy. Physiognomy means the judgement of a person’s character, based purely on their outer appearance. Yet, a lot of these assessments have turned out to be accurate! 7. Yohan (X1) Yohan definitely deserves to be on this list, having ranked 1st out of 101 trainees, in Produce X 101. As the centre of X1, the group has already taken six music show wins with their debut title track “Flash”, showing that Yohan’s fortunes will continue to expand. 6. Bomin (Golden Child) Golden Child’s visual has ... more
  • 4 days MONSTA X’s Shownu Wants Monbebes To Forget This Performance But That’s Not Happening Koreaboo
    Monbebes know that MONSTA X initially came together as a group through a TV program called No Mercy which aired back in 2014-2015. It was during this show that MONSTA X members, who were trainees at the time, showcased their talent and potential. While Monbebes remember the show as inspiring…   … Shownu thinks it’s somewhat of an embarrassing history. Of all the stages that he had put on as a contestant on the show, Shownu would like Monbebes to forget about this particular one:   It was the second round of missions which aired in the third episode. ... more
  • 4 days This Is How Some TV Producers Take Sexual Advantage Of Under Aged Idol Trainees In The K-Pop World Koreaboo
    The world of K-Pop, while it may seem all glitz and glam, can be a dark place for trainees who endure all kinds of exploitation and abuse in hopes of getting closer to their debuts. A current K-Pop idol trainer In Ji Woong revealed shocking stories behind how some trainees – even the underaged ones – end up in such dangerous situations. This picture is not related to the article.   He started off by mentioning that investments and sponsorships are inevitable, especially for small to mid-sized talent management agencies. Since these agencies often do not have the large sums of ... more
  • 4 days NCT Dream’s Jaemin Probably Could Have Made Big Money As A Talented Photographer Too Koreaboo
    NCT Dream‘s official Twitter account has a beloved hashtag that is “ by #Jaemin“. For uploads that feature Jaemin’s photography, the account adds this tags to share that bit of fact with the fans.   And over the past several posts featuring this “ by #Jaemin” tag, NCTzens have realized that Jaemin is actually quite a talented portrait photographer!   He knows exactly how to capture the moment when photographing his teammates… Renjun by Jaemin   … which results in these breathtaking pictures that seem like they were taken professionally. Jisung by Jaemin   Jaemin has mentioned before that ... more
  • 4 days “Euphoria” Actress Barbie Ferreira Talks About BTS’s Jungkook’s Solo Song Being Used On The Show Koreaboo
    It was only a month ago when the HBO show Euphoria used BTS Jungkook‘s “Euphoria” for the season finale. Now, actress Barbie Ferreira has commented on the use of the song on the show.
    Euphoria was played as BG music in the season finale of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’! We are so happy and so proud of #Jungkook, listening to his beautiful voice on the TV is so heartwarming!@BTS_twt #JK — Golden Union (@TheGoldenUnion) August 5, 2019 In an interview for them., Barbie spoke about how she thought it was only perfect that they used “Euphoria” for ... more
  • 4 days 8 Times BTS’s Jungkook and V Were The Visual Combo We Didn’t Deserve Koreaboo
    ARMYs would all agree that BTS‘s Jungkook and V are drop dead gorgeous human beings. But what would happen if you were to put these two top visuals of KPOP in one frame? Hotness overload of course, no matter what they’re doing. Read on to see for yourself! 1. Walking the runway Your browser does not support video. 2. Gazing at the camera Your browser does not support video. 3. Shooting (at our hearts?) Your browser does not support video. 4. Modelling Your browser does not support video. 5. Receiving an award Your browser does not support video. 6. Getting their pictures taken ... more
  • 4 days This Female Idol’s UWU Baby Pictures Will Prove Visual Stars Are Born, Not Made Koreaboo
    Cosmic Girls‘s Seola has been wowing her fans for a while now, since her debut with the group. Her looks, combined with her talent and personality, can’t be resisted for many K-Pop lovers around the world.   And her past pictures, from her baby days and school girl years, only prove that she was blessed with her beauty since birth! She was brought into the world as the cutest little baby girl…   … who grew up to become the most precious kindergartner in town…   … then turned into the prettiest elementary school student in Seoul ... more
  • 4 days TWICE’s Tzuyu Is Refreshingly Gorgeous In New Airport Stills Koreaboo
    TWICE’s Tzuyu is on her way home to Taiwan for the Chuseok holidays! She graced the airport in a simple sheer blouse and white culottes. She greeted fans happily, creating a warm atmosphere in the airport. ONCEs hearts further melted because of the sweet way her manager fixed her hair before greeting the photographers. We wish her a restful break! ... more
  • 4 days TWICE’s Tzuyu Is An Archery Goddess At ISAC 2019 Chuseok Koreaboo
    TWICE‘s Tzuyu has always been an archery princess ever since her iconic archery GIF went viral. Ever since then, Tzuyu has participated in the archery segment of ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Competition) every year. Your browser does not support video. Tzuyu verified her archery goddess status in this years ISAC as well. Sporting a black and red outfit and her gorgeous blonde hair, Tzuyu blew everyone with her princess-like visuals. Many are saying that she looks like a video game character, with some comparing her to an elf of a fairy. Her visuals as so out of this world, ... more
  • 4 days X1’s Son Dongpyo Criticized For Allegedly Disrespectful Attitude Koreaboo
    X1’s Son Dongpyo is currently receiving criticism from Korean netizens for his allegedly disrespectful attitude. A number of instances were cited, such as his actions in the “Flash” Behind the Scenes and his overly-familiar treatment of the Idol Room MC’s. The first instance was when Dongpyo roughly pushed away Cho Seungyoun when the latter tried to hug him. This was deemed rude because of their significant age difference. Your browser does not support video. He further avoided the touch of Han Seungwoo whom he is usually close to. Your browser does not support video. Another instance was seen on Idol ... more
  • 4 days Here Are Six Idols Who Pulled Off Gray Hair Effortlessly Koreaboo
    Many agree that gray hair is hard to pull-off, but those who do show off their bright atmosphere and their beautiful facial features. Here are six idols who pulled off gray hair effortlessly. 1. Sana (TWICE) With fair skin like Snoe White, TWICE’s Sana truly shone with her gray hair. The hair was a short-lived hairdo in 2016 but it definitely refreshed all the ONCEs. Even her eyebrows were dyed ash gray! 2. Baekhyun (EXO) Baekhyun who has a cool and sexy visual totally rocked the gray hair! When Baekhyun dyed his hair ash gray, he would sometimes ... more
  • 4 days BTS’s RM Could Be The Next CEO Of Big Hit Entertainment, According To His Physiognomy Koreaboo
    BTS‘s RM was chosen as the idol with the best physiognomy fortunes During a recent episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, a physiognomy expert pointed out the features that showed he would have good fortune. First, he mentioned RM’s eyebrows, saying, Usually, people have straight brow bones, but RM’s are curved. This means that he’ll achieve the peak of fame in his current field. The points on his forehead also tell us that he has definite likes and dislikes. This is why he’s able to lead the group well. But the physiognomy exper mentioned that his future is so bright, ... more
  • 4 days Song Hye Kyo Is A STUNNING Strong Independent Woman In A White Suit Koreaboo
    Actress Song Hye Kyo stunned fans by wearing an all-white suit to the Ralph Lauren runway in New York Fashion Week. Fans praised Song Hye Kyo for her beautiful visuals. How can she not age…? Her face always looks the same…She’s pretty everyday. – Korean Netizen She looks even prettier in the photos that Ralph Lauren posted. – Korean Netizen Others however left malicious comments. Her hair here is a bit regrettable. She was prettier with long hair… – Korean Netizen Seeing her candid picture, it kinda looks like she gained weight which makes her look like an ... more
  • 4 days Sunmi Fires Back At People Claiming She Got A Boob Job Koreaboo
    Recently, netizens have been claiming that Sunmi got  breast augementation (boob job), citing that her chest seems to have gotten bigger than how it was during her time as a member of Wonder Girls. Sunmi has always been skinny, so fans were proud when the soloist proudly showed off her new body after a succesful weight gain before her tour in the United States. This has lead people to believe she got surgery on her breasts, however. Hearing this, Sunmi shut them down on Twitter, saying she never had her breasts done, but she could if she wanted ... more
  • 4 days Here Are 4 Idols That Are Usually Picked As People’s Ideal Boyfriend Type Koreaboo
    Every K-Pop fan has wondered what it would be like to date a K-Pop artist. Here are the four male idols that people usually choose as their ideal boyfriend types. 1. Baekhyun (EXO) Your browser does not support video.  Your browser does not support video. With his cute puppy-like visuals, fans believe Baekhyun would be the type of boyfriend who is also your best friend! Because of this, Baekhyun would be able to joke around with his girl. 2. Minhyun (NU’EST) Your browser does not support video.  Your browser does not support video. People believe Minhyun would be the tall, ... more
  • 4 days Yuehua Entertainment Announces EVERGLOW’s Mia and Aisha Will Not Participate In Upcoming Activities Koreaboo
    Yuehua Entertainment girl group EVERGLOW was recently confirmed to appear on Idol Radio together. On September 11, 2019, however, the company posted a message onto their official Twitter account that stated members Aisha and Mia would be unable to participate due to health concerns. — EVERGLOW_STAFF (@EVERGLOW_STAFF) September 11, 2019 Hello. This is Yuehua Entertainment. Mia and Aisha will be absent from the recording of Idol Radio (which will be on the 11th) for health concerns. Thank you for your patience. The girls will be focusing on rest and recovery so that they would ... more
  • 4 days A Fan Asked TXT’s Soobin If He Was Hiding Angel Wings, And His Response Is Melting Hearts Koreaboo
    On TXT‘s Weverse, a fan asked Soobin a question that he had too much fun responding to.   And, the thought he put into his answer had the hearts of fans melting. The MOA started off by asking if Soobin had fallen from the sky and if he could possibly be an angel. They even went as far as asking if he’d hidden his wings. When Soobin responded, he didn’t deny any of it. Instead, he said that he was mixed race and that his mother was an angel.
    090919 weverse #soobin a fan asked if ... more
  • 4 days TXT’s Taehyun Shut Down Soobin’s Excuse For Why He Couldn’t Swim With The Perfect Answer Koreaboo
    While TXT were reminiscing about the previous time they had been in the United States, they remembered there had been a pool where they’d been staying.   And, this started a discussion of how much fun they had playing in it, except for Soobin. Hueningkai shared that they all use to push each other into the pool, but they never had the chance to push Soobin in because he wouldn’t let them. Your browser does not support video. That’s when Soobin said that he couldn’t swim, and that it hadn’t stopped them from trying. But, Taehyun shed a bit ... more
  • 4 days MONSTA X Wonho Can’t Imagine Life Without MONSTA X And Neither Can We Koreaboo
    Once, during his closing speech at a concert, MONSTA X‘s Wonho shared his innermost thoughts about the team, their futures, and the possibility of members parting ways and saying goodbye.   He got emotional and made himself, his teammates, and his fans all ugly-cry at the thought of MONSTA X coming to an end; and Monbebes will forever and always remember this moment.   Wonho commented that he and Shownu once discussed the far future. They naturally wondered what they would be doing further down the line, had they never debuted as MONSTA X and ended up the ... more
  • 4 days Kang Daniel’s New Cover Photos For “Cosmopolitan Korea” Proves Why He’s A Visual King Koreaboo
  • 4 days X1’s Kang Minhee Looked Like A Total English Gentleman With His Classy Outfit Koreaboo
    X1‘s Kang Minhee turned his fans’ hearts to mush when he showed up in a brand new look!   He donned a classic nude suit with a ribbon blouse and glasses to match!   With his newly bleach blonde hair, he looked like an Englishman straight out of an British magazine! Your browser does not support video.   Minhee also took the stage at The Show Champion in the same outfit and he took his visual power to a whole new level! Your browser does not support video.   As Minhee greet the fans after their win, ... more
  • 4 days Here Are The Differences In Camera Angles On American vs. Korean Shows, Featuring BTS’s “I’m Fine” Koreaboo
    Thanks to the rise of K-Pop, more idol groups are appearing on American TV shows to promote their music and bless the set with their talent. For many avid K-Pop fans, watching these features has made one thing clear: the camera angles in the US and the camera angles in Korea are doing completely different things when covering these performances! Take BTS‘s “I’m Fine” performances, for example.   While Korean music shows, like Music Bank, focus on the individual member whose in the middle of their parts… Your browser does not support video.   … American TV shows, like the Tonight ... more
  • 4 days Park Jihoon Joined His Fanclub Chatroom But Kept Getting Kicked Out Because No One Believed Him Koreaboo
    Park Jihoon caused a scene at one of the open KakaoTalk chatrooms dedicated for his fans. He first joined the chatroom with the username “Park Jihoon”.   But he was quickly kicked out from the chatroom as the fans believed he was a troll pretending to be Jihoon. In order for them to believe him, he began posting photos of his dog Max, but his fans further claimed him a fraud because the photos of Max were high quality when Jihoon is famous for taking low quality photos.   Tired of getting reported and kicked out, Jihoon posted ... more
  • 4 days MONSTA X’s Kihyun Reveals SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s True Personality With These Text Messages Koreaboo
    SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X have been friends for a long time, so Kihyun decided to share some funny text messages between him and Mingyu, showing another side of the latter’s personality.   Kihyun had originally contacted Mingyu to simply ask for Seungkwan‘s phone number. This made Mingyu instantly ask, “Why Seungkwan’s number, why!” Then, he followed it by pointing out that it had been a while since Kihyun had contacted him and he hadn’t even been concerned about how he was doing. So, Kihyun assuaged Mingyu by asking if he’d been doing well but still maintained that he’d had ... more
  • 4 days Kim Heechul Nearly Cries When He Reunites With Kim Kibum After 10 Years Koreaboo
    Kim Heechul and Kim Kibum reunited for the first time in a decade during the latest episode of Some Vival, a dating variety show where Heechul is an MC and Kibum appeared as a contestant!   Heechul and Kibum trained and debuted together as Super Junior members, but Kibum left the group to pursue a different career. The two were known as the top visuals of the group.   Due to each other’s busy schedules, the duo never reunited until a decade later, they met on this fated show!   As soon as the filming began, Heechul nearly ... more
  • 4 days NCT Would Choose Jaehyun, Johnny, And Yuta As Their Boyfriends If They Were Girls, Here’s Why Koreaboo
    For CREA Magazine, NCT 127 were asked which of the members they would choose to be their boyfriend if they were girls. So, they ultimately selected three based on their own reasons.   #3. Jaehyun Jaehyun captured the hearts of fans and non-NCTzens alike for being boyfriend material. So, it’s only fitting that NCT chose him themselves for the role, and it was for a heart-warming reason. Haechan said that Jaehyun is so affectionate that Haechan would always feel loved if they were dating, which is extremely important in any relationship. #2. Johnny Johnny has the visuals, charisma, and ... more
  • 4 days Nobody Trolls BTS Harder Than The Big Hit Entertainment Staff Koreaboo
    BTS‘s members trick and troll each other constantly, but sometimes their staff likes to get involved too!   ARMYs often see Big Hit Entertainment‘s clowns in action while watching Run BTS!. The post-production staff has way too much fun adding captions…   …slow motion… Your browser does not support video.   …and special effects!   The staff also likes to mess with BTS in person. At rehearsal, a staff member told BTS that their ARMY bombs could use voice recognition to change color. Your browser does not support video.   The excited members called out color after color… ... more
  • 4 days Im Si Wan Is Surely A Strong Actor, But Never Forget He Is Also A Fantastic Idol Koreaboo
    During his recent fan meeting, one of K-Pop’s most successful idol-turned-actor Im Si Wan boasted he still has his charms from his prime ZE:A days.   Fans were thoroughly captivated by Im Si Wan’s visual, talent, and charms!   Im Si Wan put on the best show of his fans’ lives…   …. each minute of the fan meeting filled with his singing, dancing, and talking.   His fans got a good throwback to when Im Si Wan was the cutest, softest member of ZE:A… Your browser does not support video.   … and the realization that he ... more
  • 4 days RM’s Birthday Might Crash Twitter, William Shatner Warns Locals Koreaboo
    BTS fans around the globe are celebrating RM‘s birthday, and you know what that means. It’s time to flood social media with birthday wishes!   On September 12, RM turned 25. He’s the second BTS member to celebrate his birthday this month. On September 1, Jungkook crashed Weverse and caused Twitter delays when he turned 22.   Canadian actor William Shatner, famous for playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek, wanted to know what was happening when he saw this error message on Jungkook’s birthday.
    Over capacity? Where’s the whale graphic? Haven’t seen this error for a very long time. — William ... more
  • 4 days Let Stray Kids’s Felix Guide You To Your K-Pop Debut, With These JYP-Certified Moves Koreaboo
    On Pops in Seoul, Stray Kids‘s Felix stepped up to be K-Pop fans’ daily dance instructor! Your browser does not support video.   He shared some basic-but-important dance moves that all of JYP Entertainment‘s trainees must hone to perfection before moving on to further training and ultimately debuting as idols. Your browser does not support video. At JYP, you’ve got to master these moves in order to actually make your debut in the music industry. So you could say they are very basic but important. — Felix   He also pointed out that these foundational moves are on which all of ... more
  • 4 days BTS’s RM Blesses Fans With New Birthday Photos Koreaboo
    It’s RM‘s 25th birthday, but ARMYs are the ones receiving presents!   In celebration of the big day, RM logged into Twitter and Weverse to thank fans with two different sets of photos.   The first Twitter photo shows RM looking bright as sunshine in a yellow sweater.   In the second one, life imitates art!   There’s also photos of RM waiting to embark on a new adventure…   …and admiring an abstract painting.   On Weverse, RM posted the same thank you message, plus four more photos.   In this one, ... more
  • 4 days Face Reader Evaluates Kang Daniel And TWICE Jihyo’s Compatibility, Here’s The Result Koreaboo
    On TMI News, a face reader analyzed the facial features of TWICE‘s Jihyo and Kang Daniel and evaluated their compatibility as a couple, as per some of the points based on their face readings.   The analyst first commented that Jihyo has a round-shaped face with “mandarin duck eyes”. In the world of face reading, this means she is amiable – bound to be well received and liked by everyone around her. Your browser does not support video. People with the mandarin duck eyes are simply beloved by their surroundings. They are often friendly, gentle, and warm-hearted. — Face Reader   In ... more
  • 4 days NCT 127’s Yuta Gives The Best Advice For Dealing With Being Homesick Koreaboo
    Since the members of NCT 127 had to manage being away from home in order to debut and still deal with it during their promotions, they were asked how they handle being homesick.   As the only Japanese member, though not the only foreign member, Yuta decided to share his advice. The most important thing to Yuta in tackling homesickness is to think about your goals and the reason why you’re away. Without keeping your objectives in mind, it can be hard to focus on accomplishing them and easy to lose sight of. Your browser does not support video. And, he ... more
  • 4 days NCT’s Taeyong And NU’EST’s JR Are Totally Whipped For Each Other And We Can Relate Koreaboo
    In a newly uploaded video on Dispatch’s live broadcast channel, NCT‘s Taeyong and NU’EST‘s JR were spotted reviewing their latest Dicon Photobooks. Taeyong and JR were completely enchanted by each other’s visuals…   … and their cute fanboying moment has all the fans relating hard! Your browser does not support video.   When Taeyong took NU’EST’s Dicon Photobook into his hands, he immediately noticed the cover featuring JR’s breathtaking beauty. Taeyong blurted out compliments as soon as he got a good look at the picture: Your browser does not support video. Oh whoa, what the heck? Why do you ... more
  • 4 days Face Analyst Claims BTS’s RM Was Destined For Tremendous Success That He Would Even Do Well As BigHit’s CEO Koreaboo
    Mnet‘s TMI News ranked the faces of male idols to see who had the “best” face that brings in all the luck and fortune! And BTS‘s RM was the ultimate winner as he topped the list with his handsome face!   The analyst first explained that RM would have been successful no matter what industry he chose because it was destined by his facial features. Your browser does not support video. Eyebrow bone usually form a straight line, but RM’s forms a curved line. People with this feature tend to end up making their name known in their industry. And ... more
  • 4 days BTS’s Jungkook Checked In At A Guesthouse On Geoje Island And ARMYs Are UWUing Koreaboo
    When BTS said they’re going on vacation to “enjoy the ordinary lives of young people in their 20s”, they meant it. The members have been spotted all over Korea and around the globe traveling, refreshing, and living lives outside the spotlight.   So when some fans heard about Jungkook staying at a guesthouse on the beautiful island of Geoje-do in the South Gyeongsang province of Korea, they were thrilled!   According to another guest who stayed at the accommodation, more often known for its casual ambiance and affordability, Jungkook did in fact bless the guesthouse with his appearance. Picture of ... more
  • 4 days NCT’s Haechan And Jeno Almost Kissed, And Haechan’s Reaction Was Priceless Koreaboo
    During a live broadcast, NCT Dream‘s Haechan and Renjun were adjusting the camera to make sure all the members were in the shot.   But, things got a little awkward for Haechan when Jeno decided to mess with him. After Renjun got the angle just about right, Jeno rested his head on Haechan’s shoulder and turned his head to stare at him. Your browser does not support video. So, Haechan thought he would get him back by turning his head. Since Jeno had stayed in position, they ended up bumping their noses together and coming quite close to kissing. And, it ... more
  • 4 days Lee Honey Responds To Rumors That She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang Koreaboo
  • 4 days 25 Reasons Why “RM” Should Stand For “Role Model” Koreaboo
    BTS‘s wise and patient leader, RM, is the kind of person fans can’t help but admire. In honor of his 25th birthday, here are 25 reasons why he’s a fantastic role model!   1. He leads by example.   2. He spreads positivity, hope, and love, instead of hate.   3. He acknowledges his shortcomings and constantly works to improve them.   4. He stands by his beliefs.   5. He builds others up instead of breaking them down.   6. He hasn’t let fame and fortune change him.   7. He puts the well-being ... more
  • 4 days These Are The TOP 25 Most Viewed 2019 Fancams From Verified YouTube Channels So Far Koreaboo
    With more than half of 2019 done, here are the top 25 most viewed fancams from official YouTube channels. This list does not include fan-taken fan cams and mostly compromise of music show fan cams. 25. V (BTS) – “Dionysus” What channel is it from?: MBC K-POP Total views: 1.4M 24. Peak (Former Produce X 101 Contestant) – “X1-MA” What channel is it from?: Mnet Total views: 1.4M 23. Yuna (ITZY) – “ICY” What channel is it from?: M2 Total views: 1.5M 22. Lisa (BLACKPINK) – “KILL THIS LOVE” What channel is it from?: MBC K-POP ... more
  • 4 days Lee Naeun Raises Speculation Among Fans by Immediately Deleting a Photo Following Its Upload Koreaboo
    April‘s Lee Naeun recently shared three photos on her official Instagram account, which showed her smiling after enjoying a meal. The photos clearly portrayed Lee Naeun feeling full and satisfied, but one of the photos drew particular attention for another reason. This photo showed Lee Naeun’s hand next to another while wearing what appeared to be matching friendship bracelets. As soon as the photo was shared, fans responded with comments such as “Is this a lovestagram?” and “She must have taken a photo with her friend“. Lee Naeun deleted it shortly afterward, but that only led to ... more
  • 4 days “Produce 101 Japan” Trainees Shock Viewers with Never-Before-Seen Ending Poses Koreaboo
    Produce 101 Japan‘s Takeru Gutierez has recently been gaining attention for his unique ending pose during the trainees’ very first performance, but it wasn’t just him that shocked viewers with something unexpected. Your browser does not support video. Quite a few of the trainees showed off unexpected ending poses that is drawing significant attention in online communities. Following their performance of “TSUKAME~It’s Coming~”, some trainees winked… Your browser does not support video.  Your browser does not support video. Some trainees made gestures with their hands… Your browser does not support video.  Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not ... more
  • 4 days BTS Being BTS In Their “Happy Chuseok” Message Is What We’re Grateful For This Year Koreaboo
    In celebration of the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holidays in Korea, BTS shared a special message for the fans. While at first they seemed composed, the members were soon exposed by the last few seconds of the video, capturing them playing the “Full Moon” game!   This game, in which Jungkook started off with a small imaginary full moon in his hands and tossed it to J-Hope who then increased the size… Your browser does not support video.   … immediately became a whole body workout for BTS members. When J-Hope passed the medium-sized moon to Suga, he really blew it up. ... more
  • 4 days Here Is How Much Revenue These 3 Superstar Groups Made From Their US Tours Koreaboo
    Did you ever wonder how much your favorite group made during the American leg of their tours? Here’s how much these three groups made during their time in the States. 1. BTS For BTS‘s “Love/Speak Yourself Tour,” they made a whopping $65.9 USD in tour revenue! They made most of their tour revenue from their stops in the States. 2. BLACKPINK For BLACKPINK‘s American leg of their “In Your Area” tour, they made $3.33M USD. This is the second-highest tour revenue from all the locations they had. Their highest income came from their Thailand concerts, which earned them ... more
  • 4 days MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reacts like a True Friend When Wheein Attempts to Act Cutesy Koreaboo
    MAMAMOO recently appeared on Mnet’s Queendom where Hwasa and Wheein showed off their chemistry as real friends. On the show, Oh My Girl performed “Secret Garden” to which MAMAMOO complimented, “They’re all so pretty. They make you happy.” Wheein then copied one of the “killing parts” by singing, “Secret garden” and adding a wink and exact hand movements. In response to Wheein’s attempt at acting cute, Hwasa was startled and immediately put on a serious face. In addition, three question marks were added right below Hwasa’s straight face, making viewers laugh even harder at their very real ... more
  • 5 days BTS May Be The First Beneficiary Of The Revised Military Service Law Koreaboo
    As the year draws to an end, BTS members are expected to start enlisting one by one. Since the time for their eldest member, Jin, draws closer, the possibility of the members being exempt from their military service is being questioned. People wonder if the boys can benefit from the government and their new military service law amendment. Sources have stated that since BTS is a group that doesn’t focus much on solo activities, many are hoping that the group will be exempt from military service to continue promoting Korean culture in the West. Jin, the eldest member, ... more
  • 5 days TWICE’s Nayeon Looks Unbelievably GORGEOUS While Getting Her Makeup Done Koreaboo
    Fans couldn’t get over how beautiful TWICE‘s Nayeon looked in an Instagram story that showed her getting her makeup done. Donning statement jewelry and deep lipstick, she was getting ready to film their “Feel Special” comeback. Fans didn’t hold back in expressing their awe at her beauty. She looks like a princess. I can’t guess what kind of concept they’ll have this time. – Korean Netizen Freaking pretty. I’m looking forward to it~ – Korean Netizen Are you looking forward to TWICE’s comeback? ... more
  • 5 days This Ending Pose In ‘Produce 101 Japan’ Is Making People Cringe Koreaboo
    Trainees in Produce 101 can easily gain attention from fans with their ending pose in performances. Some examples include: Park Jihoon Your browser does not support video. Jung Chaeyeon Your browser does not support video. Miyawaki Sakura Your browser does not support video. For the first performance in Produce 101 Japan entitled “TSUKAME~It’s Coming~”, netizens zeroed in on one trainee’s ending pose. The trainee’s name is Takeru Gutierez, a Filipino-Japanese contestant. In the song, Takeru is seen doing multiple different expressions and poses in one go. Your browser does not support video. Netizens were vocal in expressing their confusion. Can he just ... more
  • 5 days Here Are 17 Male Idol Songs That Have Over 100 Million Streams Koreaboo
    From all the male idol songs that hit big, here are 17 songs that were able to hit the 100 million streams milestone. 1. “Boys and Girls” – Zico (2015) 2. “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” – TAEYANG (2014) 3. “All I Wanna Do” – Jay Park 4. “Stay With Me” – Chanyeol 5. “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” – HIGH4 (2014) 6. “Missing You” – BTOB (2017) 7. “Really Really” – WINNER (2017) 8. “Love Scenario” – iKON (2018) 9. “Energetic” – Wana One (2017) 10. “Beautiful” – Wanna One (2017) ... more
  • 5 days Ryan Seacrest Explains Just How Much Of A Global Phenomenon BTS Is Koreaboo
    Ryan Seacrest was asked to explain why BTS is so popular internationally, and he did his best by saying, “it’s a true global phenomenon, I can’t explain it!” Ryan was asked as a “media superstar” by ABC7‘s George Pennacchio after A.R.M.Ys rallied together to support the #RoarForChange campaign, helping to hit their target of $1 million!   Ryan Seacrest first realized the power of BTS when the boys came to his station, KIIS-FM, for an interview in November 2017. He said A.R.M.Ys were the most dedicated fans he had ever seen.
    So, #BTSARMY – after the overwhelming support ... more
  • 5 days Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s Marriage Would’ve Been Illegal 14 Years Ago Koreaboo
    12 years ago, the Korean government repealed a law that would have prevented the Song-Song couple from getting married.   The law banned any Korean person from marrying someone from the same clan with the same last name.   People with the last name “Kim” are from 282 clans, most of whom are from the Gyeongsang and Gyeongju provinces.   Under Article 809, Gimhae Kim’s could marry any Gyeongju Kim’s but would be prohibited from marrying any of the 4 million other Gimhae Kim’s.   This might not have been such a big problem in the past, but ... more
  • 5 days American Clothing Store Employee Sees Yoona In His Shop, Here’s What He Did Koreaboo
    Girls’ Generation’s Yoona was in New York to attend the Prada Resort 19 Fashion Show. Meanwhile, it seems like she managed to squeeze in some shopping and had an encounter with a fan! One SONE was working at a clothing store when he happened upon Yoona! He recounted his experience on Instagram which immediately became viral. Your browser does not support video. So I’m walking around at my store, where I work, and I see a girl. As soon as I see this girl – when I really looked at this girl – my whole body gets hot. ... more
  • 5 days 9 Classic Boyfriend Types You Can Find In Literally Every K-Drama Created Koreaboo
    Korean dramas are known for their strong and handsome leading men, but not all leading men are made the same. Viewers can always count on a good romance story that has hearts melting and keeps them coming back for more. We’ve looked at our favorite dramas and found the most adorable, manly, and perfect men that kept us on our toes.   1. The Quiet & Reliable Type This type uses his resources and abilities only for good and will do anything for the one he loves. Do Min Joon in My Love From Another Star is the perfect example ... more
  • 5 days 5 Reasons Why Every K-Pop Idol Wants To Work With EXO’s Baekhyun Koreaboo
    1. His All-Kill Generating Ability Baekhyun released his collaboration track titled “Rain” together with SISTAR’s Soyou. The song immediately topped the charts and was considered a “perfect all-kill” following its release. Baekhyun was the first artist from SM Entertainment to achieve such status with his collaborations including “Dream” with Suzy last year. “Dream” in particular was named the “Best Collaboration” at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards and also won awards at the Melon Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards.   2. His Genuine Variety Show Talent Baekhyun was also praised for his talent on SBS variety show Master Key. While picking out the players, I ... more
  • 5 days 14 Times TWICE’s Nayeon Made You Forget She’s Actually The Group’s Oldest Member Koreaboo
    TWICE‘s Nayeon has a brand new nickname, “Mat-nae (맏내)”, which turns out to be exactly what she is. A combination of Korean words “Mat-unnie (맏언니, oldest sister)” and “Maknae (막내, youngest sibling)”, a “matnae” is someone who has all the traits of a youngest baby member, but is actually the oldest. What better word to describe Nayeon than this?   1. When Nayeon turned into a Dahyun’s puppy. Your browser does not support video.   2. When Nayeon was over powered by Jeongyeon… Your browser does not support video.   3. … and even by the real maknae, Tzuyu. Your ... more
  • 5 days 9 Times Idol Groups Shamed Their Maknaes For Their “Crimes”, And Brought Tears To Our Eyes Koreaboo
    1. BTS’ Jungkook – “I like to beat up my hyungs and then laugh about it.”  Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video.   2. TWICE’s Tzuyu – “I terrified my Unnies by shaking a bridge.”  Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video.   3. EXO’s Sehun – “Soaking Suho on stage? That was my idea.”  Your browser does not support video. Your browser does not support video.   4. Red Velvet’s Yeri – “I ... more
  • 5 days Insiders Claim All Female Idols Are In Love With These 4 Boys Koreaboo
    According to multiple female idol agency representatives and news reporters that have frequent contact with female idols, these male idols are the most popular at the moment for their lovable personalities and overall winning charms.   1. Park Bo Gum Park Bo Gum has been a major heartthrob since his days as a music show MC.   His handsome looks incite maternal affections and he has a heart-fluttering smile.   While at the same time he’s incredibly masculine and his gaze can make anyone swoon.   2. EXO’s Baekhyun His various charms on stage and his adorable yet simultaneous ... more
  • 5 days Fans Were Once Convinced VIXX’s Ravi And HyunA Were Dating, Here’s All Their “Evidence” Koreaboo
    After fans snooped around HyunA‘s and VIXX‘s Ravi‘s social media accounts, they became convinced that the stars were more than just friends. Your browser does not support video.   This sleuthing went down in 2016, when fans analyzed Ravi and HyunA’s Instagram accounts. K-Pop fans are notoriously skilled being able to find out big secrets with even the tiniest shreds of information. These amateur detectives put Sherlock to shame!   During the “investigation” fans uncovered multiple similarities between the Instagram accounts.   Ravi and HyunA can be seen posing with the same friends at the same venues…   …and ... more
  • 5 days This Is Why TWICE’s Momo Is More Popular Than Apple, Fans Can’t Stop Laughing Koreaboo
    TWICE’s latest teaser for their upcoming comeback “Feel Special” features none other than Momo! Not only were her visuals stunning, but she also sported no bangs for the first time in a while. What surprised fans and non-fans alike was that Momo trended even higher than Apple, who is releasing their highly-anticipated Iphone today. ONCEs could not help laughing at how powerful her bangs were.
    Now everybody will know how powerful of Momo's forehead is lol#MOMO — 水香_ThuyHuongNM (@RuanCiang1610_) September 10, 2019 It’s definitely Momo’s world we’re living in.
    this ... more
  • 5 days These Are SuperM’s Most Popular Members Koreaboo
    On September 7, the sales of SuperM‘s individual albums were shared on Twitter. NCT‘s Ten garnered the most sales, followed by NCT’s Taeyong, Shinee‘s Taemin, NCT’s Mark, EXO‘s Kai, NCT’s Lucas, and finally, EXO’s Baekhyun. Netizens commented their own guesses for as to why the EXO members ranked low. There are a lot of Exo-Ls who are boycotting this. Also, Kai and Beakhyun’s fans haven’t even started their group purchase yet. – Korean Netizen Exo really aren’t popular overseas… – Korean Netizen Are you surprised with the rankings? ... more
  • 5 days Divorce Lawyer Predicts Ahn Jae Hyun Won’t Be Able To Legally Divorce Goo Hye Sun Koreaboo
    As Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun‘s controversial divorce continues to unfold, a divorce lawyer was questioned about how likely it was for Ahn Jae Hyun to win the divorce case. Ahn Jae Hyun has been adamant on getting a divorce, while Goo Hye Sun claimed that she didn’t want a divorce. Another lawyer previously claimed that Goo Hye Sun was revealing all of the shocking details about their marriage despite her wishes to stay married because it would give her the upper hand in court.   A divorce lawyer was recently interviewed if that was correct and ... more
  • 5 days Lee Honey’s Latest Instagram Post Sparks Breakup Rumors With Her Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang Koreaboo
  • 5 days IZ*ONE Under Fire For Lip-syncing In Recent Concert Koreaboo
    IZ*ONE is recently promoting their “EYES ON ME” concert in Asia. They held their Fukuoka concert on September 9 where issues regarding their lip-syncing were brought to light. Seemingly only members Ahn Yujin and Choi Yena were not relying on the backtrack for the entire concert. Fans were upset that even the main and lead vocalists lip-synced. Even the main vocal is lip-syncing? – Korean Netizen Give all their money to Ahn Yujin and Choi Yena. How are the rest of the kids earning money while being like this? – Korean Netizen Some, on the other hand, saw ... more
  • 5 days IGOT7’s Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry Over JB’s Unlucky Love Confession Stories Koreaboo
    As the talented, sweet, sexy, cute, and chic leader of GOT7, JB has had plenty of opportunities to steal everyone’s heart and he’s certainly taken them. With JB holding the hearts of millions it’s hard to imagine anyone would be able to resist his charms but apparently, during his school days, JB just wasn’t that lucky in matters of the heart.   When JB and Jinyoung sat down to talk about everything and anything during their GOT2DAY episode, JB brought up the subject of love confessions gone wrong. During his middle school days, JB admitted he’d been rejected many times… ... more
  • 5 days Sunmi Revealed Her Favorite Part Of “LALALAY” And She’s Never Been More Relatable Koreaboo
    With every new comeback, Sunmi not only delivers with her powerhouse vocals but she also blows everyone away with her intense choreography. Her latest comeback, meanwhile, delivered once again not only showcasing Sunmi’s strong charms and stage presence but her powerful moves too!   With so many stunning moves though, it would seem impossible to choose a favorite among them but Sunmi recently did just that and proved she’s beyond relatable!   A few days ago, Sunmi gave yet another flawless performance of “LALALAY” on Inkigayo that left everyone breathless. Your browser does not support video.   And soon ... more
  • 5 days RM Discusses The Importance Of Constructive Criticism For BTS Koreaboo
    If there’s one person who is always searching for ways to grow, it’s BTS‘s leader, RM.   RM often speaks about bettering himself, not just as a performer, but as a person. This kind of growth, however, is impossible without change, and change begins with knowing what needs to be improved.   In episode 3 of Bring The Soul, “Relationship”, RM shares his thoughts on constructive criticism. “When I’m asked what motivated BTS to get to where we’re at now,” he said. “I feel a bit frustrated.”   “There’s so much room for improvement, but we’re only given positive ... more
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