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  • 4 months BTS Show Off Their Charms In These New “Visit Seoul” CFs Koreaboo
    BTS is inviting travelers to choose Seoul as their vacation destination!   On September 12, VisitSeoul TV released a series of new tourism CFs, featuring BTS. In addition to an OT7 commercial, each member has his own video that highlights what activities and tourist stops Seoul has to offer. Your browser does not support video.   RM‘s video takes travelers into an “old but new” country with plenty of historical and modern attractions.   Need a “city break”Jin‘s video will take you on a tour through markets and restaurants where a variety of delicious foods await.   If you’re looking to ... more
  • 4 months ITZY’s Yeji Claims the MVP Title with the Most Powerful Fastballs at the ISAC Koreaboo
    MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships recently aired for the Chuseok holidays, and ITZY‘s Yeji stole the show with her powerful pitches. Yeji started off the games by stepping onto the mound with a determined look in her eyes. She then made her pitch at 68 kilometers per hour and set the record for the fastest pitch. Even the commentator praised her pitch my commenting, “If I was the coach and the bases were loaded, I’d definitely put Yeji in the game.” In the end, Yeji proved to be a skilled pitcher by accumulating 50 out of 50 ... more
  • 4 months Jungkook’s Boyfriend Look Will Make You Forget What This Ad Is For Koreaboo
    When Jungkook is on screen, it’s hard for fans to focus on anything else.   On September 12, VisitSeoul TV released a series of new tourism CFs, featuring BTS. Jungkook’s video starts with him using with a vintage camera, as if he’s filming his next Golden Closet Film.  Your browser does not support video.   Dressed casually in a white T-shirt and denim, he strolls toward the viewer, looking like the boyfriend of everybody’s dreams. Your browser does not support video.   Try as it might, this enormous text can’t outshine Jungkook’s smile… Your browser does not support video.   …and ... more
  • 4 months BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Stuns With This Simple Yet Elegant Airport Look Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was spotted at the airport on her way to London for her individual schedules.   And, the look she wore was absolutely stunning. Wearing a solid colored shirt with a patterned, pleated skirt of similar color, the look was stunning in its simplicity. Because of that, it made Jisoo’s beauty shine. The look was complete with black shoes and socks, an understated designer handbag, and a small “J” necklace for her name. And, the simple hairstyle and bold lip just complimented the look even more. The airport is where a lot of idols showcase their flashy ... more
  • 4 months 18 Bizarre Habits Idols Have That Most People Still Haven’t Noticed, Until Now Koreaboo
    Some idols have the most bizarre habits that you wouldn’t believe! From sleep-stripping, to shower-dancing, this list of our favorite K-Pop stars’ strangest behaviors may be surprising, and adorable.   1. EXO’s Baekhyun EXO‘s Baekhyun has a funny habit of biting his finger. Could it be a nervous reflex? Either way, fans think it’s adorable!   2. TWICE’s Dahyun Your browser does not support video. The thing about TWICE‘s Dahyun is, she’ll hide behind her hair when something is embarrassing. In fact, it doesn’t have to be her own hair – she’ll hide behind whoever’s hair is ... more
  • 4 months 50+ Female Idols Who Bared Their Bodies In These Sexy Bikini Photoshoots Koreaboo
    1. Nam Gyuri   2. Gaeun (Formerly of Dal Shabet)   3. Subin (formerly of Dal Shabet)   4. Euaerin (formerly of 9MUSES)   5. Min (formerly of missA)   6. Lee Hyori   7. Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain   8. Kim Yoon Ji (formerly known as NS Yoon-G)   9. Clara   10. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny   11. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany   12. Yoon Bora (formerly of SISTAR)   13. Minhee (formely of ... more
  • 4 months Ryan Reynolds May Be Best Known As Deadpool, But He Proved To Korea He Can Sing Too Koreaboo
    Ryan Reynolds pranked the entire nation when he performed on Korean singing show King of Masked Singers! He was in South Korea for two days to promote Deadpool 2 but no-one expected him to appear on a Korean variety show, or belt out an iconic musical hit!   He wore a unicorn mask while singing Annie‘s “Tomorrow”…. and had everyone completely fooled until he revealed his face.   His heartfelt rendition of the famous musical number had one judge guessing he was Donald Trump… Your browser does not support video.   But when he revealed his identity, the audience and judging ... more
  • 4 months This Male Streamer Physically Assaulted An Actress During His Live Broadcast Koreaboo
    Broadcast jockey named Chulgoo invited actress Kang Eun Bi to feature on his latest live broadcast, where they decided to reenact a situation of a girlfriend confronting her physically abusive boyfriend. Your browser does not support video. Kang Eun Bi’s expression didn’t seem positive from the start, where they explained the scenario to her.   Chulgoo and Kang Eun Bi began acting out a scene where the couple begins fighting, and tells Chulgoo’s character to stop cursing because his breath smells. Your browser does not support video. Stop cursing. Your breath smells right now so shut your mouth and ... more
  • 4 months Idols Reveal 7 Secret Methods To How They Date Without Getting Caught Koreaboo
    One of the first things given up by K-Pop idols in exchange for the spotlight is dating. Some agencies micro-manage their rookies by making a “no dating” rule, yet star couples are born all the time. So what’s the secret? Current and former idols share seven important secret-dating tips for celebrities.   1. Hyeri (Girl’s Day) Your browser does not support video. Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri also tipped that using the facilities that idols use can be quite helpful to landing a date. By going to the same hair stylist or hair salon, and delivering messages through the staff there, idols ... more
  • 4 months 20+ GIFs Of BTS Rehearsing Their Sexiest Performance In Their Group’s History Koreaboo
    1. Jimin starting the song with his gentle walk and piercing stare. Your browser does not support video.   2. Then Jungkook comes in, wearing a seemingly innocent and casual outfit. Your browser does not support video.   3. The rest of the vocal line comes in, dressed in various boyfriend-looks. Your browser does not support video.   4. Of course, V looks handsome as he sings “The something we’re sharing, and you can’t make it nothing.”  Your browser does not support video.   5. All 7 boys dance while grabbing their belts, then the beat drops. Your browser does ... more
  • 4 months Momo Went Through Extreme Lengths To Lose 15 Pounds Before Her Debut With TWICE Koreaboo
    TWICE‘s Momo confessed during a live broadcast that she went to extreme methods to lose weight when she was a trainee. During Jihyo Candy Nights, Jihyo cooked chicken feet, kimchi and fried rice. Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Momo joined her to eat and discuss viewer questions.   Momo revealed that she was told to lose 7kg (15 pounds) before debut no matter what, so she lost the weight in one week. Momo’s “Cheer Up” teaser image. When I was a trainee… I was told I had to lose 7kg no matter what. That was the only way to be in the ... more
  • 4 months 9 Idols Who Made Life-Changing Announcements That Left Their Fans Stunned Speechless Koreaboo
    Idols have a thing about surprising their fans by dropping huge news like it’s no big deal. So when these super stars announced the most life-changing things about themselves, fans were completely shocked out of the blue.   Enlistments 1. INFINITE’s Sunggyu INFINITE‘s Sunggyu dropped his military enlistment announcement at his concert just one week before the enlistment date, surprising and saddening Inspirits.   2. 2PM’s Jun.K 2PM‘s Jun.K secretly enlisted in the military and left behind a letter for Hottests, who found out about his enlistment the exact same day he enlisted.   Weddings 3. Sunga (Formerly of ... more
  • 4 months Kang Daniel Chooses His Harry Potter House, Fans Believe It’s A Perfect Fit Koreaboo
    In celebration of the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) week, Kang Daniel has turned into a radio show host, interacting with his listeners all throughout the holidays!   During his first segment ever, Kang Daniel discussed his “Harry Potter” house and why he thought he’d be a good fit for that particular house. If I were to enter Hogwarts and live in one of the houses, where would I be sorted into? — Kang Daniel   On the “Kang Daniel Show”, Kang Daniel read aloud for his listeners the four houses in the Harry Potter series and their characteristics described in ... more
  • 4 months Here’s Why MONSTA X’s Wonho Thinks They Became So Big Outside Korea Koreaboo
    While continuing on their tour in Indonesia, MONSTA X sat down with OSEN to do an interview. In this interview, members shared their thoughts on what fueled their success around the world and their transformation into a globally beloved group.   To highlight the fact that MONSTA X’s popularity in and outside Korea has been thriving, the interviewer asked, “What makes MONSTA X so popular overseas?” Your browser does not support video.   At first, the members hesitated to answer – but Wonho knew exactly how to handle this question! He immediately came to the rescue and told the truth ... more
  • 4 months BTS’s V’s Dog Tannie Is More Popular Than Many Idols Koreaboo
    BTS‘s V‘s beloved dog Tannie is making waves on social media again! On September 13, V posted a message on BTS’s official Twitter wishing fans a happy Chuseok.
    모두 즐거운 추석 보내세요~ (탄이 기다려 훈련중 기다림의 침 한방울) — 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) September 12, 2019 Have a happy Chuseok~ (a drop of saliva while I train Tannie to wait) – V The tweet included a picture of his dog, Tannie. ARMYs trended “Tannie” and “Taehyung” in different countries, which is more than many idols have experienced for themselves. Fans couldn’t help gushing over how adorable Tannie is. ... more
  • 4 months SEVENTEEN Reveal Their Top 5 Music Videos And Why Each One Is Special To Them Koreaboo
    MTV NEWS tweeted, in celebration of the countdown starting for SEVENTEEN‘s new song “Fear” about to drop, an interview the group did at KCON LA 2019. In this interview, SEVENTEEN members discussed their top 5 music videos and shared what makes their content unique and worth watching!   1. “Clap” The video itself, we just love the effects and the whole video is a pretty dope video. — Vernon The song is catchy so it’s easy for our fans to follow and sing along. And the music video captures a cool storyline and some of our special sides, so ... more
  • 4 months BLACKPINK Is The Top K-Pop Group With Consecutive Youtube Records Koreaboo
    BLACKPINK is no stranger to breaking records. What makes them stand out, perhaps, is that they continue to do so month after month. Their most recent comeback, “Kill This Love”, will soon gain 600 million views. Your browser does not support video. Their song “BOOMBAYAH” reached 700 million views on September 11, making it the first K-Pop debut music video to do so. Your browser does not support video. It now joins the coveted rank of the only other two K-Pop Group MVs to reach 700 million: BTS’s “DNA” and BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU-DDU-DU.” Your browser does not support video. “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” is ... more
  • 4 months MOMOLAND Pledges Concert Earnings To Impoverished Filipino Children Koreaboo
    MOMOLAND will donate all of their concert earnings to Filipino children, MLD Entertainment revealed in a statement. MOMOLAND is set to perform in the “Good Friends in Manila” concert to be held in the Smart Araneta Colluseum on October 5. They will be performing alongside former WANNA ONE members Ha Sungwoon and Kim Jaehwan. Their payment will be donated to the impoverished children from San Jose and Calawis in Antipolo City. The children will receive clothes and other necessities from this on October 25. MOMOLAND had their Philippine breakthrough with their song “Bboom Bboom” which went viral around ... more
  • 4 months Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals The Emotionally Stirring Way She Will Be Spending Her Chuseok Holidays Koreaboo
    Chuseok has just started, and many idols are celebrating by spending time with their families. Known as the “Korean Thanksgiving,” Chuseok has been a time where family members can reunite and celebrate the year’s successes while praying for the coming year. This traditional holiday has also been an excellent opportunity for idols to take a much-needed break and recharge by spending time at home. It has been announced that Red Velvet will be taking a vacation during Chuseok and the members would be spending time with their families. Fans have been delighted that most of the members will be commemorating with ... more
  • 4 months This Young Model Is Being Called a Hybrid Between Sulli and BLACKPINK’s Jennie Koreaboo
    Han Sung Min, who also made an appearance on the web drama, At Eighteen, is a model who has recently been trending online for looking like a hybrid between Sulli and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. Despite only being 19 years old in Korean age, she shows off stunning visuals that appear to have fully matured. Regarding the photos that have been circulating in various online communities, fans are comparing her cat-like eyes to that of Jennie while comparing her smile to that of Sulli. Not only does Han Sung Min show off a unique and charming ... more
  • 4 months EXO’s Baekhyun Confesses He Once Didn’t Drink Water for 3 Whole Days Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Baekhyun recently made an appearance on JTBC’s Bad-Tempered 5 Brothers where he shocked viewers with the lengths he took in maintaining his physique. On the show, cast members, Park Joon Hyung, Seo Jang Hoon, Kim Jong Kook, Joo Woo Jae, and Baekhyun talked about all sorts of topics.   In particular, in an activity where they had to place various elements that they have the hardest time withstanding, Baekhyun ordered them as “the cold”, “washroom”, “sleepiness”, “thirst”, and “hunger” being the easiest to withstand. Baekhyun explained, “I actually don’t have a hard time withstanding thirst. When I got ... more
  • 4 months 8 Successful Idols That Originally Trained to Become Athletes Koreaboo
    Some of the biggest Korean celebrities have become so well-known in the entertainment business that not many fans know about their past as aspiring athletes. Here are 8 singers and actors that originally trained to become athletes before they changed their paths and debuted as celebrities: 1. Kim Yohan – Taekwondo Before Kim Yohan became an idol that steals the hearts of many fans, he was a Taekwondo athlete. His father was a Taekwondo instructor, and as a result of his influence, Kim Yohan won the youth nationals two times and even entered college as a Taekwondo talent. 2. ... more
  • 4 months Fans Think Red Velvet Joy Looks Like Yeri In This Picture Koreaboo
    When Red Velvet‘s Joy posted to her Instagram account on September 13 (KST) fans were quick to note how closely she resembled groupmate Yeri. This isn’t the first time Red Velvet members have been mistaken for each other—even by hardcore ReVeluvs! In the past, Wendy and Irene were mistakenly thought to have been sisters. Below is the picture in question from Joy’s Instagram post: And, for those who may not be aware, this is Yeri: Do you agree that Joy looks like Yeri in her latest Instagram photos? They do say that friends begin to look alike through ... more
  • 4 months WayV’s Ten Conquers Winwin’s Fear Of Heights With This Effective Yet Easy Method Koreaboo
    Ten is one idol who is known for his savage roasts, at the expense of his fellow members. On more than one occasion, several members of WayV have been at the mercy of his teasing and sharp wit. Your browser does not support video. Still, fans know that Ten is like that friend who roasts you to your face but always has your back at the end of the day. In the most recent episode of Dream Plan, one of WayV’s mission was that each member had to complete ten pushups on one of China’s glass sky bridges. These glass bridges have gone ... more
  • 4 months Red Velvet’s Joy Keeps Proving She’s a Visual Queen Koreaboo
    In a series of posts to her Instagram account on September 13 (KST), Red Velvet‘s Joy proved once again that she’s a visual queen.  The photos, which were taken in what looks like the grassy area of a parking lot, have an ethereal quality to them.
    View this post on Instagram 추석 A post shared by Joy (@_imyour_joy) on Sep 12, 2019 ... more
  • 4 months Kang Daniel Reveals He’s Embarrassed By Fanchants, Fans Are Disappointed Koreaboo
    Kang Daniel is receiving criticism from his own fans for a remark he made during his fansign event. He revealed to his fans that he gets embarrassed when hearing fanchants. “Is this What Are You Up To?’s fanchant? I seriously don’t know what to think about fanchants…How can I say this? Even during my group promotion, I felt like this when I hear them: I get embarrassed. There was reportedly a pregnant pause before he continued his speech. You know what I mean? I get embarrassed and to be honest during the pre-recording, there were a lot of ... more
  • 4 months CL Shows Off Her Fun Personality With Quirky Chuseok Post Koreaboo
    CL, formerly of the group 2NE1, posted a Chuseok greeting on September 13 (KST). The post, simply captioned “happy chuseok #krthanksgiving”, was a reflection of her fun and unique personality, which easily makes her stand out among her peers.
    View this post on Instagram +해피 추석+#thanksgiving A post shared by CL (@chaelincl) on Sep 12, 2019 at 7:52pm PDT ... more
  • 4 months BTS Proves They’re Kings Of K-Pop With Old Albums Still Topping Charts Koreaboo
    BTS is definitely one of the top selling artists in K-Pop, topping both digital and physical charts with each comeback. As Gaon released August’s results for the most sold physical albums, ARMYS were quick to point out that BTS continued to dominate the chart. Fourteen of their albums ranked in the Top 45, and even their debut album from 2013 “Dark & Wild” gained over 48,000 new sales. Netizens were definitely impressed. BTS is legendary. Each album last year sold over 200,000 copies. – Korean Netizen BTS is so freaking awesome. They sold a lot of old ... more
  • 4 months This Clip Makes It Feel Like You’re On A Date With ASTRO’s Eunwoo Koreaboo
    In a video posted to ASTRO‘s official YouTube channel, Eunwoo goes to a cafe with staff members in between filming his latest drama, but it actually feels like you’re there on a date with him! Imagine sitting across of him as he pushes his hair out of his face while laughing at one of your amazingly funny jokes. Your browser does not support video. Now imagine he was checking his social media accounts, but he noticed you pouting so he decided to give you his undivided attention. Your browser does not support video. Look at all this food just for ... more
  • 4 months Park Bom Honors 2NE1 In Queendom Performance Koreaboo
    Park Bom may be a solo artist in Mnet’s “Queendom”, but that didn’t stop her from bringing 2NE1 onto the stage with her. She was tasked with covering a song from fellow contestants, (G)I-DLE. Park Bom lit the stage with her incredible vocals and stage presence during “Hann.” What really touched fans was when Park Bom added a small gesture in honor of 2NE1 at the end of her performance. She was seen making the four-finger sign of her original group as her last pose. BLACKJACKs were incredibly touched with the act.
    This Park ... more
  • 4 months Bowen Yang Announced As The First Full-Time Asian American Cast Member On Saturday Night Live Koreaboo
    In a Tweet posted to their official account on September 12, Saturday Night Live announced that Asian American comedian Bowen Yang would be joining the cast as a full-time member for Season 45!
    Season 45 Alert Welcome to the cast, @chloefineman, @Shanemgillis, and @bowenyang! — Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) September 12, 2019 Bowen, who was previously a writer for Saturday Night Live before being announced as a cast member, is the first-ever Asian American and only the third openly gay man, after Terry Sweeney and John Milhiser, to become a cast member He ... more
  • 4 months Popular Channel Ryan ToysReview Under Fire After Being Accused Of Violating FTC Law Koreaboo
    Popular YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview is under fire after being accused of misleading young viewers about which videos actually feature paid advertisements. The channel, which features a mashup of unboxings, toy reviews, and family-friend adventures was reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by watchdog group Truth In Advertising (TINA) for deceptive practices targeting children. The complaint against Ryan’s channel, which was filed on August 28, 2019, alleged that they “deceptively promotes a multitude of products to millions of preschool-aged children in violation of FTC law.” The channel is run by seven-year-old Ryan and his parents, Shion Guan, 31, and ... more
  • 4 months NCT’s Jaehyun Blows Jaemin Out Of The Water With How Much Coffee He Drinks A Day Koreaboo
    NCT‘s Jaemin is known for having extreme preferences when it comes to how much coffee he drinks.   But, Jaehyun recently shared a TMI during a live broadcast that had everyone raising their eyebrows regarding his coffee consumption. After stalling for a few moments as he thought about what he was going to say, Jaehyun revealed that he was on his fifth iced Americano of the day.
    JAEHYUN DRANK 5 CUPS OF AMERICANO TODAY !!!! Stay healthyyy — zara (@yoonohzen) September 11, 2019 With Jaemin now drinking two and a half shots in ... more
  • 4 months GOT7’s BamBam Bought A Tattoo Sweater For His Cat And It’s Honestly The Greatest Thing Ever Koreaboo
    When it comes to giving his purr babies all the love, GOT7‘s BamBam is definitely doing it right. Not only do his four cats, Latte, Pudding, Cupcake, and King, have their own dedicated section on BamBam’s Instagram page but whenever GOT7 go on tour BamBam always shares extra clips of them and says just how much he misses them!   So when BamBam got the opportunity to go live at home, he didn’t hesitate one second to bring some of the focus to his feline friends! Throughout the live, he spent plenty of time giving out kitty kisses… Your browser ... more
  • 4 months VIXX Tease First Korean Comeback In More Than 1.5 Years Koreaboo
    Starlights rejoice! After more than a year and a half waiting for new music, VIXX has announced the upcoming release of new music! A post to their official Instagram account on September 12 (KST) left fans of VIXX jumping for joy. The picture they posted, a time-lapse of a starry sky with colorful bokeh and overlaid text, isn’t particularly remarkable on its own, instead, it was the caption that caught fans eyes, causing them to freak out. The caption informed fans that they would be releasing a digital single called “Parallel” at 6:00 pm on September 19 (KST). Because it doesn’t ... more
  • 4 months This Simple Trick Will Help You Maintain A Flawless Hairline Like K-Pop Idols Do Koreaboo
    On her YouTube channel “WayLand”, Crayon Pop‘s Way shared how K-Pop idols always seem to have the most perfect hairlines to complement their faces. Way pointed out, while idols go through a lot of hairstyles and risk hair loss like receding hairlines, they have this one simple trick that will cover them for photoshoots and performances!   To demonstrate, Way actually nonchalantly showed the viewers her hairline. She had some spots that had less hair than desirable, changing her hairline and ultimately changing her image. Your browser does not support video.   Way shared that the best way to ... more
  • 4 months SEVENTEEN’s DK Will Get Emotional Over Just About Anything And Everything Koreaboo
    SEVENTEEN‘s DK has been affectionately nicknamed the “Crybaby” by Carats. That is because he will get emotional about just about anything and everything. Fans have seen him tear up over the smallest things at the most random times – and have gotten so used to seeing him be the big softie he is!   Here are some of the things that make DK emotional. The most obvious is his love for the fans. More often than not at concerts, DK will thank the fans for their endless love and support, then casually burst into tears. In fact, DK’s fan-loving ... more
  • 4 months NCT Dream Pick These Songs To Create The Perfect Chuseok Playlist Koreaboo
    Each member of NCT Dream selected a song they thought would be perfect to listen to during Chuseok and together it’s the perfect playlist to get you into the holiday mood.   1. Jaemin — Crush’s “Nappa” I recommend this song because the lyrics might comfort you if you’re alone this Chuseok. It will make you feel better. Everyone may not be celebrating the holiday with others, so Jaemin kept that in mind when choosing this song to make sure everyone would be able to feel joy. 2. Renjun — Ariana Grande’s “Moonlight” Chuseok is all about the ... more
  • 4 months EXO Chanyeol Is Getting The Meme King Treatment Thanks To His Photo Escapades In Milan Koreaboo
    EXO‘s Chanyeol just took the world of fashion by storm at the Acqua di Parma Boutique Opening Gala Dinner in Milan. Dressed in a tailored black suit and with his dimples on full display, Chanyeol immediately had everyone’s heart.   But thanks to a few other moments from the event, Chanyeol’s visuals weren’t the only thing that had everyone talking. In fact, there was one moment in particular that fans simply couldn’t help giving the royal meme treatment!   Around the time of the event, Chanyeol was walking along with staff and paused to snap a few photos of them. ... more
  • 4 months The BTS Universe: Here’s Everything You Need To Know Koreaboo
    The BTS Universe. This complex web of ARMY lore and theories can seem intimidating, especially for new fans who are trying to catch up. So, here’s a helpful beginner’s guide to help you figure it out!   1. What is the difference between the BTS Universe and the HYYH era? The BTS Universe (BU) began as a series of music videos and fan theories from 2015 that expanded over time. The BU is ongoing, but its backbone is The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era, or “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” (HYYH). The official name “BTS Universe” wasn’t given until 2017.   2. Which music videos are part ... more
  • 4 months Yoon Jisung, AB6IX’s Daehwi, And NU’EST’s Minhyun Reunited For The Most Supportive Reason Koreaboo
    Former Wanna One members Yoon Jisung and AB6IX‘s Daehwi reunited on their short Chuseok break.   They were spotted walking around together by fans, and the reason why will keep Wannables’ spirits high. They were on their way to support NU’EST‘s Minhyun‘s musical Marie Antoinette. And, they were so excited about it that they were spotted rushing inside so they wouldn’t miss a thing.
    AHH there’s a video of daehwi and jisung rushing to go in to watch minhyun’s musical ㅠㅠ sooo cute — j #meaningful (@7x7cms) September 12, 2019 Afterward, they met ... more
  • 4 months Top 6 Celebrities Who Rock Hanbok The Best As Voted By Hundreds Of Korean Students Koreaboo
    In celebration for Chuseok, 840 students from Seoul Arts College took a poll to decide which celebrities look the best in hanbok. Here are the top 3 categorized into male and female idols.   Best Female Celebrities 3rd. Ryujin (ITZY)   2nd. Shin Se Kyung   1st. IU   Best Male Celebrity 3rd. Yeo Jin Goo   2nd. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)   1st. Jungkook (BTS) ... more
  • 4 months NCT’s Jaemin Has No Mercy While Playing ISAC PUBG, Even For His Favorite Jisung Koreaboo
    While NCT Dream were participating in the PUBG portion of the Idol Star Athletics Championship, something happened that Jisung hadn’t been prepared for at all.   And, it was all thanks to Jaemin who had no pity about it whatsoever. During the game, both Jaemin and Jisung had been in the same area, scouting it for loot. Instead of helping his teammate stay alive, Jaemin killed Jisung’s character. Jisung was so taken aback by the betrayal that he froze immediately afterward, then covered his open mouth with his hand. Then, he balled up his fist in anger, all while Jaemin just ... more
  • 4 months 10+ Times BTS’s Members Weren’t In The Mood To Be Touchy-Feely Koreaboo
    BTS‘s members love giving and receiving affection from each other…except when they don’t. Here are 10+ hilarious times when they were absolutely not in the mood to be touchy-feely!   1. That time Suga refused to hug V Usually, Suga lets the maknae line do whatever they want, but this time he refused.   When V tried to hug him, Suga pushed and swiped until it looked like V had given up. Your browser does not support video.   After all this fighting…   V sneaked a back hug instead! Your browser does not support video.   2. ... more
  • 4 months AOA Ripped The Stage Apart With Their Bold Retake On MAMAMOO’s “Egotistic” Koreaboo
    In the latest episode of Queendom, AOA showcased a remix of MAMAMOO‘s “Egotistic” and viewers are madly in love. From their retake on the song, to their overall performance – AOA really ripped the stage apart with this sassy version!   Jimin kicked off the performance with her unique color of voice. As soon as she took the mic, viewers knew they were about to witness the stage of true queens. Your browser does not support video.   Members, dressed in suits, looked gorgeous as ever – but their visuals weren’t the only thing captivating the viewers. On top of ... more
  • 4 months TWICE’s ISAC Entrance Was So Powerful, Even Dahyun Was Amazed Koreaboo
    The Idol Star Athletics Championship recently aired for Chuseok, and TWICE‘s Dahyun had tuned in to watch. She also made sure to share a clip of her reacting to it with ONCEs.   And, it showed another side of her that everyone could relate to, especially fans. As soon as Dahyun saw herself on screen sitting with the other hosts, she got excited and pointed out that she was seeing herself. When TWICE came out for the archery portion in their Hunger Game-esque outfits, she couldn’t hold back her amazement. She instantly said, “Wow,” and exclaimed how cool ... more
  • 4 months An IGOT7 Wore Some Creative Costumes To GOT7’s Event And Now Everyone’s Declaring Her Their New Hero Koreaboo
    With 7 loud and energetic members who love to do the unexpected, it’s no surprise that GOT7 have lovingly earned the nickname “Extra7” from fans. But Ahgase themselves can be pretty extra too, and one fan’s unexpected costumes have stolen the hearts of her fellow Ahgase.   GOT7 recently finished up their Seven Secrets Fan Festival in Bangkok where they spent four days having a blast with fans. With fans still uploading plenty of content from the four-day-long fan festival, Ahgase have recently been falling in love with a fellow fan’s particular photos because they’re so unexpected and extra! ... more
  • 4 months Here Are 13 Bits Of TMI About Each And Every SEVENTEEN Member Koreaboo
    SEVENTEEN is a large group of 13 members; this means there are 13 different colors blending in together to create the beautiful shade of rose quartz and serenity that we love. Here are some bits of information about the members – perhaps TMI, but nonetheless invaluable – that will help you see their uniqueness – which, in the end, help make SEVENTEEN as interesting as they are.   1. Seungkwan Your browser does not support video. I actually have a cute side. — Seungkwan   2. S.Coups Your browser does not support video. I prefer chicken breasts over drumsticks. — ... more
  • 4 months EXO’s Chanyeol And Ji Chang Wook Engaged In A Compliment Battle And Fans Are The Real Winners Koreaboo
    When actor Ji Chang Wook posted a clip from his upcoming drama he probably wasn’t expecting to start an all-out compliment battle with EXO‘s Chanyeol but that’s exactly what happened.   It all started when Ji Chang Wook posted this clip from his new drama, Melting Me Softly, taking fans into his first drama since completing his military service earlier this year.
    View this post on Instagram ... more
  • 4 months BTS’s RM Took ARMY’s “President Namjoon” Joke To The Next Level Koreaboo
    BTS‘s RM isn’t just in on ARMY‘s jokes, he’s taking them one step further!   Over the years, RM has proven himself to be a wise and capable leader. From his late teen years until now, he has guided his members with a maturity beyond his years, to the best of his abilities.   ARMYs admire RM so much that they’ve nicknamed him “president”. The nickname has become so widespread that RM even referenced it in BTS’s comeback trailer track, “Intro: Persona”.   On his birthday, RM posted a special birthday greeting to ARMY on Weverse. He ... more
  • 4 months Jang Sung Kyu Shares Shockingly Attractive Photos of Himself as a Chuseok Gift for Fans Koreaboo
    TV personality, Jang Sung Kyu just wished his fans a happy Chuseok but did it in the most unexpected way. Jang Sung Kyu shared photos of himself on his official Instagram account along with the caption, “I won’t wish you a happy Chuseok with just words alone. Let me show you my ‘boyfriend shots’. I hope they bless your eyes and make you happy.” His exaggerated confidence made many fans laugh, but what they didn’t expect was for him to actually look very attractive in the photos that he shared. He shared photos of himself without glasses ... more
  • 4 months Block B’s P.O Took the Most Gorgeous Shots of IU on Vacation Koreaboo
    IU recently shared photos of herself enjoying her vacation in Bangkok, Thailand, and it has been reported that the gorgeous shots were taken by Block B‘s P.O. Following the ending of tvN’s drama Hotel Del Luna, the cast set out to go on a vacation together to celebrate. And in addition to IU showing off her more innocent visuals, P.O proved to be a talented photographer by capturing IU through his lens. The photos show IU looking natural as she held her hair up, laughed with Kang Mina, and sat on a boat with drinks all around. ... more
  • 4 months BTS’s Maknae Line Sent RM 3 Very Different Birthday Greetings Koreaboo
    BTS‘s leader is now 25 years old, and his members are honoring the big day in their own unique ways.   On Twitter, the hyung liners were the first members to wish RM happy birthday. J-Hope tweeted this cute message with ARMY‘s hashtags…
    내 폰에 꾸준히 자리잡고 있는 울 남주니 생일 추카한다 #HAPPYRMDAY #남준_내힘_내빛_내별#남준은_아미의_사랑_사람_자랑 #RMGalaxyDay 태그많다 남주나 ㅎㅎ 아미의 힘이야 #남준친구호비 — 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) September 11, 2019   …followed by Suga and Jin.
    울 리다 생일 축하쓰!! #남준아윤기형이야 #남준생일ㅊㅋ #리더남준의생일축하축하 — 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) September 11, 2019
    남쥬니 생일 축하해 – 석진형아(어제 두시쯤 일등으로 축하해줌) ... more
  • 4 months Seo Ye Ji’s past Remarks About Her Weight Resurface in Light of Her Recent Press Conference Appearance Koreaboo
    Actress Seo Ye Ji recently made an appearance at a press conference for her movie, Quantum Physics, and her name quickly started trending on the internet due to how thin she looked. On the day of the press conference, Seo Ye Ji even revealed, “When I was getting my outfit ready for the press conference, I had to get it altered because I was too thin for it.” Following this confession, past remarks Seo Ye Ji made regarding her weight have resurfaced online. Seo Ye Ji, who is 169 centimeters tall with a weight of 43 kilograms, ... more
  • 4 months BLACKPINK’s Lisa Receives This Gift From A BLINK And Immediately Bursts Into Laughter Koreaboo
    When BLACKPINK‘s Lisa attended a special event for Moonshot, a fan presented her with a gift she hadn’t been expecting.   In fact, it had instantly made her smile and laugh upon seeing it. As Lisa was preparing to sign an item, the fan had pulled out a long strip of packaged nasal spray. After the initial shock, she just laughed and wasn’t the only one.
    I need to see the other members reaction The YADOM #BLACKPINK #lisa #lalalalisa_m #rose #roses_are_rosie #chaelisa — CHAELISA (@bp_maknaes) September 2, 2019 After being amazed, Lisa’s security ... more
  • 4 months EXO’s Baekhyun Is The First SM Entertainment Solo Artist To Reach This Gaon Chart Achievement Koreaboo
    From the moment EXO Baekhyun‘s solo album was released, it set record after record and although it’s been a few months since then, Baekhyun and City Lights haven’t slowed down one bit!   On September 12, Gaon Chart made some announcements in regards to platinum certifications. Last year, Gaon implemented a new certification system for album sales, song downloads, and online streaming with a platinum certification being awarded to an album with over 250,000 sales and 2.5 million downloads or 100 million streams.   Earning a platinum certification is not an easy task but when Gaon released their list of ... more
  • 4 months NCT Dream’s Renjun Reveals The Unexpected Reason Why He Loves Electrical Outrages Koreaboo
    Recently, on his solo radio show, NCT Dream’s Renjun wanted to bring up the subject of family considering how close it has been getting to the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally celebrated in China and Vietnam which celebrates three fundamental concepts of Gathering, Thanksgiving and Praying. The festival centres on the Gathering of the family, to give Thanks for their blessings and to Pray for good luck for the future. Renjun highlighted that it is important to appreciate the memories spent with family during this time. In particular, it made him think of the affection and tenderness he felt ... more
  • 4 months MAMAMOO’s Solar Recommends Rinsing Your Mouth with Kimchi Stew After Having In-N-Out Burger Koreaboo
    MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently shared a YouTube video of her eating In-N-Out Burger in LA. Solar explained, “I’m in LA for K-CON. Since I’m in LA, I’m going to do an eating show with In-N-Out Burger.” Once she started her eating show, Solar shared, “The milkshake is too sweet. But the roasted onion fries are good. It might give you onion breath though.” She then proceeded to eat the burger as she confessed, “This burger is thick. Good thing I have a big mouth. But the flavor’s too strong. It’s really sweet and salty.” For that reason, Solar pulled ... more
  • 4 months These Are The 7 Male Idols With The Best Fortune According To Mnet’s Official Face Reader Koreaboo
    Recently, Mnet broadcasted a program sharing the evaluations of male idols with the best fortunes based on physiognomy. Physiognomy means the judgement of a person’s character, based purely on their outer appearance. Yet, a lot of these assessments have turned out to be accurate! 7. Yohan (X1) Yohan definitely deserves to be on this list, having ranked 1st out of 101 trainees, in Produce X 101. As the centre of X1, the group has already taken six music show wins with their debut title track “Flash”, showing that Yohan’s fortunes will continue to expand. 6. Bomin (Golden Child) Golden Child’s visual has ... more
  • 4 months MONSTA X’s Shownu Wants Monbebes To Forget This Performance But That’s Not Happening Koreaboo
    Monbebes know that MONSTA X initially came together as a group through a TV program called No Mercy which aired back in 2014-2015. It was during this show that MONSTA X members, who were trainees at the time, showcased their talent and potential. While Monbebes remember the show as inspiring…   … Shownu thinks it’s somewhat of an embarrassing history. Of all the stages that he had put on as a contestant on the show, Shownu would like Monbebes to forget about this particular one:   It was the second round of missions which aired in the third episode. ... more
  • 4 months This Is How Some TV Producers Take Sexual Advantage Of Under Aged Idol Trainees In The K-Pop World Koreaboo
    The world of K-Pop, while it may seem all glitz and glam, can be a dark place for trainees who endure all kinds of exploitation and abuse in hopes of getting closer to their debuts. A current K-Pop idol trainer In Ji Woong revealed shocking stories behind how some trainees – even the underaged ones – end up in such dangerous situations. This picture is not related to the article.   He started off by mentioning that investments and sponsorships are inevitable, especially for small to mid-sized talent management agencies. Since these agencies often do not have the large sums of ... more
  • 4 months NCT Dream’s Jaemin Probably Could Have Made Big Money As A Talented Photographer Too Koreaboo
    NCT Dream‘s official Twitter account has a beloved hashtag that is “ by #Jaemin“. For uploads that feature Jaemin’s photography, the account adds this tags to share that bit of fact with the fans.   And over the past several posts featuring this “ by #Jaemin” tag, NCTzens have realized that Jaemin is actually quite a talented portrait photographer!   He knows exactly how to capture the moment when photographing his teammates… Renjun by Jaemin   … which results in these breathtaking pictures that seem like they were taken professionally. Jisung by Jaemin   Jaemin has mentioned before that ... more
  • 4 months “Euphoria” Actress Barbie Ferreira Talks About BTS’s Jungkook’s Solo Song Being Used On The Show Koreaboo
    It was only a month ago when the HBO show Euphoria used BTS Jungkook‘s “Euphoria” for the season finale. Now, actress Barbie Ferreira has commented on the use of the song on the show.
    Euphoria was played as BG music in the season finale of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’! We are so happy and so proud of #Jungkook, listening to his beautiful voice on the TV is so heartwarming!@BTS_twt #JK — Golden Union (@TheGoldenUnion) August 5, 2019 In an interview for them., Barbie spoke about how she thought it was only perfect that they used “Euphoria” for ... more
  • 4 months 8 Times BTS’s Jungkook and V Were The Visual Combo We Didn’t Deserve Koreaboo
    ARMYs would all agree that BTS‘s Jungkook and V are drop dead gorgeous human beings. But what would happen if you were to put these two top visuals of KPOP in one frame? Hotness overload of course, no matter what they’re doing. Read on to see for yourself! 1. Walking the runway Your browser does not support video. 2. Gazing at the camera Your browser does not support video. 3. Shooting (at our hearts?) Your browser does not support video. 4. Modelling Your browser does not support video. 5. Receiving an award Your browser does not support video. 6. Getting their pictures taken ... more
  • 4 months This Female Idol’s UWU Baby Pictures Will Prove Visual Stars Are Born, Not Made Koreaboo
    Cosmic Girls‘s Seola has been wowing her fans for a while now, since her debut with the group. Her looks, combined with her talent and personality, can’t be resisted for many K-Pop lovers around the world.   And her past pictures, from her baby days and school girl years, only prove that she was blessed with her beauty since birth! She was brought into the world as the cutest little baby girl…   … who grew up to become the most precious kindergartner in town…   … then turned into the prettiest elementary school student in Seoul ... more
  • 4 months TWICE’s Tzuyu Is Refreshingly Gorgeous In New Airport Stills Koreaboo
    TWICE’s Tzuyu is on her way home to Taiwan for the Chuseok holidays! She graced the airport in a simple sheer blouse and white culottes. She greeted fans happily, creating a warm atmosphere in the airport. ONCEs hearts further melted because of the sweet way her manager fixed her hair before greeting the photographers. We wish her a restful break! ... more
  • 4 months TWICE’s Tzuyu Is An Archery Goddess At ISAC 2019 Chuseok Koreaboo
    TWICE‘s Tzuyu has always been an archery princess ever since her iconic archery GIF went viral. Ever since then, Tzuyu has participated in the archery segment of ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Competition) every year. Your browser does not support video. Tzuyu verified her archery goddess status in this years ISAC as well. Sporting a black and red outfit and her gorgeous blonde hair, Tzuyu blew everyone with her princess-like visuals. Many are saying that she looks like a video game character, with some comparing her to an elf of a fairy. Her visuals as so out of this world, ... more
  • 4 months X1’s Son Dongpyo Criticized For Allegedly Disrespectful Attitude Koreaboo
    X1’s Son Dongpyo is currently receiving criticism from Korean netizens for his allegedly disrespectful attitude. A number of instances were cited, such as his actions in the “Flash” Behind the Scenes and his overly-familiar treatment of the Idol Room MC’s. The first instance was when Dongpyo roughly pushed away Cho Seungyoun when the latter tried to hug him. This was deemed rude because of their significant age difference. Your browser does not support video. He further avoided the touch of Han Seungwoo whom he is usually close to. Your browser does not support video. Another instance was seen on Idol ... more
  • 4 months Here Are Six Idols Who Pulled Off Gray Hair Effortlessly Koreaboo
    Many agree that gray hair is hard to pull-off, but those who do show off their bright atmosphere and their beautiful facial features. Here are six idols who pulled off gray hair effortlessly. 1. Sana (TWICE) With fair skin like Snoe White, TWICE’s Sana truly shone with her gray hair. The hair was a short-lived hairdo in 2016 but it definitely refreshed all the ONCEs. Even her eyebrows were dyed ash gray! 2. Baekhyun (EXO) Baekhyun who has a cool and sexy visual totally rocked the gray hair! When Baekhyun dyed his hair ash gray, he would sometimes ... more
  • 4 months BTS’s RM Could Be The Next CEO Of Big Hit Entertainment, According To His Physiognomy Koreaboo
    BTS‘s RM was chosen as the idol with the best physiognomy fortunes During a recent episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, a physiognomy expert pointed out the features that showed he would have good fortune. First, he mentioned RM’s eyebrows, saying, Usually, people have straight brow bones, but RM’s are curved. This means that he’ll achieve the peak of fame in his current field. The points on his forehead also tell us that he has definite likes and dislikes. This is why he’s able to lead the group well. But the physiognomy exper mentioned that his future is so bright, ... more
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