7 months 10+ BTS Music Video Heroines, And The Actresses Who Played Them Koreaboo
Fans are often curious about the actresses who appear in BTS‘s music videos. Here are 10+ beautiful women who have made guest appearances so far!   1. J-Hope’s love interest/Jimin’s crush – “Highlight Reel” MV Predebut Ryujin danced with J-Hope in this MV, and she is now a member of ITZY.   2. Jungkook’s love interest – “Highlight Reel” MV Yuna played the girl Jungkook met in the hospital. She is now a member of ITZY.   3. V’s love interest – “Highlight Reel” MV Predebut Bora played the beautiful but troubled thief in V‘s scene. She is now a member of Cherry Bullet.   4. Suga’s ... more