8 months 10 Idols With the Strongest “Man Tiddies” in the Game Koreaboo
In a V Live broadcast on March 25, KARD’s BM told fans that he thinks that a man keeping up his pecs is a must.
He was literally bonkers tonight dbjdjjjd pic.twitter.com/iEXWw1XGWQ — bm activist (@armandh0e) March 25, 2019  “You could lack in arms a little bit [but] you gotta keep the man titties up,” he said before acknowledging a fan who suggested Monsta X’s Wonho.
“He keeps his man tiddes big” I CHOKED SKKSKSSK — seeing nct ! // D-36 (@Nctzen_stayy) March 25, 2019 BM is an idol well known for ... more