5 days 10 Pairs Of Idols You Never Knew Were Related Koreaboo
Sometimes the K-Pop industry is smaller than you think. These 10 pairs prove that talent runs in the family. 1. Taeha (formerly of MOMOLAND) and Junsu (formerly of JYJ) Taeha and Junsu are cousins! 2. Yuna (AOA) and Seoyul (Berry Good) Yuna is Seoyul’s older sister. 3. Way (Crayon Pop) and Choa (Crayon Pop) Way and Choa are twin sisters. The resemblance is uncanny. 4. ZICO (Block B) and Woo Taewoon (formerly of SPEED) Zico and Taewoon are brothers. 5. Sungyeol (Infinite) and Daeyeol (Golden Child) Sungyeol is the older brother of Daeyeol and they are also label mates. 6. Chanhyuk (Akdong Musician) and Suhyun (Akdong Musician) ... more