8 months 10 Times BTS’s J-Hope’s Outfits Took Fashion To The Next Level Koreaboo
BTS’s J-Hope constantly captures everyone’s attention with his fearless and experimental fashion choices.   1. The Fun, Baggy And Colorful Look He looks extremely hip with a dark beanie, black & white sunglasses, baggy clothes, BALENCIAGA sneakers and his clear A-COLD-WALL bag.   2. The Hip And Modern ‘Matrix’ Look Hoseok greeted the press while sporting an all-black outfit. With Chanel Vintage shades, a BALENCIAGA T-shirt, a DIESEL denim waistcoat and futuristic LOUIS VUITTON sneakers and a $990 VETEMENTS leather belt he never looked cooler.   3. The Casual But Matching Look Even when he’s not going ... more