2 weeks 15 Idols Who Shower Their Their Dogs With More Love Than Their Members Koreaboo
People are great, but let’s be honest: dogs are better. Way better. These idols love their members like family but, as dog parents, they can’t help loving their fur kids just a little bit more! 1. Tzuyu (TWICE) – Gucci Tzuyu adores all her canine friends, but no dog makes her light up as much as her Pomeranian, Gucci. Your browser does not support video. These two have been friends since Tzuyu’a pre-debut days. Sadly, Gucci recently passed away after spending over a decade with Tzuyu and her family. 2. V (BTS) –  Soonshim and Ssyongssyong V is a huge puppy lover! He has three ... more