2 weeks 26 Leaders Of K-Pop Groups Who Are Also Main Vocalists Koreaboo
It isn’t often that the leaders of a group are also the main vocalists, but it isn’t unheard of in the industry. It goes without saying that these people are brimming with skills and talent, and the group wouldn’t be the same without them. Check them out below! 1.  Bada (S.E.S.) 2. Hwangbo (Chakra) | Kim Min Kyu 3. Park Jung Ah (Jewelry) 4. Ayumi (Sugar) | BONBOOENT 5. Sunye (Wonder Girls) | Polaris Entertainment 6. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) 7. Soohyun (U-KISS) | @shinsoohyun89/Instagram 8. Yonghwa (CNBLUE) 9. Sungkyu (Infinite) 10. ... more