3 weeks 4 Times Celebrities Faced Backlash For Comments Made About K-Pop Idols Koreaboo
There have been many moments when fans got upset at celebrities due to their comments about K-Pop idols. Here are four moments when celebrities faced backlash for comments made about K-Pop idols. 1. Pink Panda’s Natya receiving backlash for calling BLACKPINK’s Jennie “lazy” Pink Panda’s Natya | @natyashina/Instagram BLACKPINK’s Jennie Natya Shina is a member of Pink Panda, a dance crew that covers BLACKPINK’s choreographies. However, she received some backlash when she made comments on how she thinks that Jennie dances “lazily”. BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fandom) were upset about this, as it was recently revealed that Jennie dances “lazily” ... more