9 months 8 Times BTS Totally Ignored BigHit Entertainment’s Rules Koreaboo
BTS‘s agency, BigHit Entertainment, has certain rules in place, but every once in a while the mischievous members can’t getting into trouble. Here are 8 times BTS totally ignored the rules and made their own!   1. When RM may have broken the “no drunk tweeting” rule
Remember how BTS said they have a rule where they don't tweet if they're drunk but then Namjoon drunk tweeted this crackhead video HSHSJSJSK pic.twitter.com/0hw2rB2rV9 — ig• bts_memes__ (@bts_memes__twt) November 16, 2018   2. When Jungkook and V definitely did break the “no drunk tweeting” rule   3. When J-Hope ... more