11 months A BLINK Promposes to Rosé, Her Reply Will Make Every Other BLINK Jealous Koreaboo
During a BLACKPINK concert, a fan made a banner inviting Rosé to his prom. To his surprise, the idol actually noticed it during their soundcheck! During the Send Off, the BLINK asked Rosé if he remembered her, and she did! I’ll see you at the prom!
OP’s friend prepared a banner inviting Rosé to Prom and got noticed during the concert. At Send Off, he asked Rosie if she remembers it and Rosie said yeah~ You’re my prom date!! and also replied “I’ll see you at the prom” LUCKIEST!!!!! pic.twitter.com/Y4skl97BLk — ًRéy (@rosiechords) April 28, 2019 ... more