7 months AB6IX’s Park Woojin Spotted Sprinting Away From Sasaeng Fans Koreaboo
A video recently uploaded showed AB6IX‘s Park Woojin sprinting at top speed away from a horde of sasaeng fans following him at Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport after the completion of filming for SBS‘s Law of the Jungle. The video showed Park Woojin walking at the airport terminal, before quickly turning his head to look behind him. After doing so, he broke into a full sprint, trying to get away from the many sasaeng fans following him in the airport.
아니 우진이 좀 냅둬 가만히 pic.twitter.com/s9bdMJgNuB — 주디¹¹ (@OoOo_nAblE) March 31, 2019 When he returned to Korea, he could be ... more