10 months BLACKPINK, BTS, And 2NE1 Top Forbes Korea’s Top 10 SNS Power Celebrities List Koreaboo
Along with their annual Power Celebrity Top 40 list, Forbes Korea also releases Top 10 lists in various categories, such as CF, Best Domestic (Korean) songs, etc. BLACKPINK (left), BTS BLACKPINK and BTS took the first and second places on the Top 40 list as well as the SNS Top 10 list. Their Top 40 3rd place winner, Wanna One, however, got booted down to 9th place in the SNS Top 10 list. Taking their place at number 3 was 2NE1. The cover of the Japanese version of 2NE1’s final album “Crush” It’s remarkable that 2NE1 was able to garner ... more