7 months BM & Wonho’s Big Man Tiddie Brotherhood Has Finally Come Full Circle Koreaboo
Back in March, KARD‘s BM announced on V LIVE that he thought pecs (or, “man tiddies”) were the most important part of a man’s body. You can’t talk about pecs without talking about MONSTA X‘s Wonho, who BM acknowledged as “keep[ing] his man tiddies big”.
BM TALKIKG ABOUT WONHO’S TIDDIES I CANT BREATHE pic.twitter.com/nkXpaHT6wH — 준희 ♡ (@junheessmile) March 25, 2019 BM’s live broadcast went viral, and “big man tiddies” sort of became his catchphrase; he even got Somin in on it! But it didn’t stop there; BM finally met the “true big man tiddie” Wonho while ... more