4 weeks BTS’s New Song “IONIQ: I’m On it” And The Touching Stories Behind It Koreaboo
On August 31, global brand ambassadors BTS released a new song called “IONIQ: I’m On it” for Hyundai. Hyundai’s IONIQ is a new electric vehicle line-up brand that focuses on economy and “catering to individual and sustainable lifestyles”. | Hyundai/Hyundai.com While shooting the music video for “IONIQ: I’m On it”, RM explained the meaning behind their project. “For this special project, we have all focused on individual moments that are important to us,” he said. “For me, time for inner self is extremely important, I believe we all need time for reflection to be able to grow.” | Hyundai/Hyundai.com Each member’s lyrics are about ... more