2 weeks BTS’s RM Reveals He Knows About The ‘Personal Trainer’ Meme And Clarifies The Story Behind It Koreaboo
BTS’s RM held a live stream in light of his birthday on September 12 and thanked fans for all the birthday wishes. | Most Requested Live/YouTube During this short live stream, he gave updates on the upcoming album, what books and shows he’s been watching lately, and even admitted he knew about the memes going around about him. 선생니임~쩌 다 참구~ 회원님,,,식단먹구 이써욥! 셀카 말고 식단을 찍어주세요 pic.twitter.com/zmILU5dv6s — 세찌 (@3zziBear_bts) September 7, 2020 Recently during an interview, RM wore a tight-fitting black shirt that accentuated his buff physical. This screen shot became a hot issue ... more