2 weeks Controversial Korean Webtoon Faces Intense Criticism For Its Characters Based On K-Pop Idols Like RM, Mino, And IU Koreaboo
Korean netizens are voicing outrage at some of the characters featured in the popular but controversial Korean webtoon Hellper. “Hellper Season 2” on Naver’s webtoon platform. | NamuWiki Here are the characters “Japmon” and “Myno” reading a vulgar comic book and getting aroused… “Japmon” (far left) and “Myno” (far right) in a scene. | Naver Japmon: Woooow, the male lead must feel really good right now… MynoHyung… Hurry, flip the page. … and the 14-year-old character “Lee Ji Geum” being sexually exploited. “Lee Ji Geum” on her knees, saying “I will answer my phone on time from now on…!”. ... more