1 week EXCLUSIVE: Songwriter of ‘Helicopter’ lauds CLC: ‘Amazing,’ MV ‘is perfection’ MB |Ent
One of the songwriters of K-pop girl group CLC’s comeback single “Helicopter” has praised the girls for their efforts and work in bringing out their best in the song. Melanie Joy Fontana (left) and CLC (Instagram, Cube Entertainment) Melanie Joy Fontana is one of the composers of “Helicopter” along with Hyuk Shin and Park Jisoo of 153/Joombas, and her husband Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, who also arranged the track. The lyrics are by Yoon Kyung Jo, CLC member Yeeun and BreadBeat while Fontana is also credited for the lyrics of the song’s English version. “Helicopter” was released on Sept. 2, ... more