4 months EXO Xiumin’s 100 Days Of Service Perfectly Matched Up With Another Special Day For EXO-Ls Koreaboo
Ever since EXO‘s Xiumin began his military service, fans have been keeping up with all his enlistment details through an app that allows someone to register a soldier and keep track of all kinds of information including discharge dates and how many days they’ve served.   Which is how EXO-Ls discovered that Xiumin had officially hit another major military milestone, 100 days of service! On August 13, Xiumin officially hit 100 days of his military service!   With that news, EXO-Ls began celebrating! They created a few new hashtags in celebration, #SaluteToXiumin and #시우민_나라지킨지_백일 (#Xiumin_ProtectTheCountry_100Days), which quickly began ... more