11 months Fans Believe That Produce X 101 Is Scripted After This Incident Koreaboo
During the last episode of Produce X 101, quick-eyed viewers how Mnet had edited a scene to look like it was being replayed, but were actually two seperate clips.
이상해 컷이 두번나오는데 한번은 놀라서 점프하고 한번은 점프안해 설마 저걸 두번찍어?? 대본이야?? pic.twitter.com/qJVaL5EFUt — 모내기 (@heuengg) June 28, 2019 It’s so weird that this cut appeared twice, but the first time he got shocked and jumped and the second time, he didn’t jump at all. Don’t tell me they filmed this twice?? Is it scripted?? The scene shows Honyi Entertainment trainee Tony trying to scare Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Kim ... more