8 months gugudan’s Sejeong Bashes “Rude Hoobae” on Knowing Bros, Netizens Busy Figuring Out Who Koreaboo
On Knowing Bros, gugudan‘s Sejeong shared how re-debuting after the popular auditioning program Produce 101 has made things “awkward” between her and another K-Pop idol in the industry.   When the show host Lee Sang Min, who would be considered a former industry senior for his part in the first generation group Roo’ra, asked about how current K-Pop groups approach the sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior) relationships, Sejeong explained that it depends on when the idol debuted. Your browser does not support video.   However, she added, this became a bit confusing because of TV shows like Produce 101 that allows debuted idols to return to training ... more