4 months Heize Shares The Touching Reason Why Ong Seongwu Cries Everytime He Talks About His Fans Koreaboo
Heize, one of South Korea’s most popular soloists, sat down for an interview with Billboard last year to discuss her latest music and future plans. During the interview, fans were able to record footage of her answering a question about WANNA ONE with a heartwarming response. Heize was one of the artists who collaborated with WANNA ONE members on their album 1÷x=1 (Undivided) where the members were split into different units, each featuring another artist. Heize was part of “The Heal” subunit, along with members Ong Seongwu and Lee Daehwi who would go on to debut with AB6IX. The trio collaborated to write the lyrics ... more