9 months HuskyFox Shares In-Depth Details About BTS’s “LOVE YOURSELF” Designs Koreaboo
HuskyFox has shared in-depth details about BTS‘s LOVE YOURSELF album designs, including how all the albums are connected.   HuskyFox is a Grammy-nominated branding company that takes its name from the nicknames of its two founding members: ‘Siberian husky’ and ‘Fox’. They are the designers behind BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF: Wonder, LOVE YOURSELF: Her, LOVE YOURSELF: Tear, and LOVE YOURSELF: Answer. On their official website, HuskyFox calls the LOVE YOURSELF series a 4-step story that documents “the process of love and youth completed by self-love”. Step 1 is “Crush”, the “curious and surprising step before love begins”. LOVE YOURSELF: Wonder is gray ... more