1 week Hyundai Reveals Why They Chose To Work With BTS And What Kind Of Future They Hope To Make Together Koreaboo
On July 31, Hyundai Motor Group posted an interview through their official Twitter revealing the company’s experience working with global K-Pop group BTS. Let’s take a look at what the process was like for Hyundai.
[#HMG저널] #현대자동차#방탄소년단 의 특별한 만남. 이들이 함께 그리는 미래는 어떤 모습일까요? #BTS https://t.co/nfwH4jH1yp pic.twitter.com/Ij0IKhMVKq — 현대자동차그룹 (@hmg_talk) July 31, 2020 Please explain the global campaign that Hyundai is working on with BTS. We first released a video titled Presents for the Earth on April 22. This was a part of the global campaign that we were working on ... more