7 months Itchyworms releases re-imagined Chinese version of ‘Ayokong Tumanda’ MB |Ent
Itchyworms has just released an “old new track.” It’s old in the sense that it’s their 2013 hit song “Ayokong Tumanda,” and new because it’s been translated to Mandarin. The song title’s translation is “Wǒ Zhēn Bùxiǎng Biàn Lǎo.” SCENE from ‘Ayokong Tumanda’ Chinese music video Its original music video was reposted with Mandarin lyrics, along with subtitles in Chinese characters and pinyin. A certain Filbert Uy is said to have done the translation. Itchyworms has yet to give an explanation for the translated re-release of the “Ayokong Tumanda” as of press time. ... more