12 months IZ*ONE’s Sakura Celebrates Her Fellow HKT48 Member’s Birthday While In Japan Koreaboo
IZ*ONE is currently in Japan after appearing at the FNS Music Festival, and while there they were able to spend time with some AKB48 members. After Wonyoung and Miru posed together on Instagram, Sakura was pictured with her fellow HKT48 member Mirashige Anna on Anna’s Twitter.
ぁーーんシゲのお誕生日会今年も開催ぴーや シゲはお酒飲む気満々で来たのにさしさんしじみ汁とお茶飲んでてまじおばあちゃん そして久しぶりのさくにゃ pic.twitter.com/7T3ebg0T52 — 村重杏奈 (@HKT48anna072948) July 29, 2019 The girls reunited for Anna’s birthday, and the fact that Sakura was able to attend definitely made the celebration all the more special for Anna and HKT48 fans; comments about Saku-chan flooded the replies for the tweet.
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