7 months Jungkook Sneak Attacked Jin And RM Did Absolutely Nothing About It Koreaboo
Being the leader of a chaotic K-Pop group isn’t easy. After six years of shenanigans, leader RM has learned how to pick his battles.   Earlier this month, BTS held their 5th Muster “Magic Shop” in Busan and Seoul. This global fan event gave fans many new memories, such as flustering JinRM accidentally soaking Suga, and Jimin throwing the cutest punches ever.   As usual, the Golden Maknae was up to no good. If he saw an opportunity to be a pesky, little sneak, he seized it.   Jin was no better. He instigated many on-stage water fights, but even so, we’re not sure he deserved what Jungkook did to ... more