2 weeks K-Pop Fans Shower BLACKPINK’s Jennie With Positivity After Her Interview Attracts Haters Koreaboo
BLACKPINK’s interview with Hits 97.3 radio program SOFLO Morning Show gained much attention from K-Pop fans due to Jennie’s statement about “opening the doors for other artists to spread their music.” Jennie: "We wish to be the group who opens up the doors for other artist to spread their music, bc music is not just for your own country", they're so humble pls @BLACKPINK pic.twitter.com/236BvIpiiK — rafy⁷ (@jentlemoni) September 11, 2020 Some fans felt that there were already other K-Pop artists that “paved the way” for K-Pop to the world and that was how BLACKPINK had ... more