4 months Kang Daniel Brings Back His “Samoyed Aegyo” That We’ve Missed For So Long Koreaboo
At his fan meeting on July 31, 2019, Kang Daniel and his fans spent the time of their lives getting to meet and greet, interact, and celebrate his return.   It was at this very fan meeting, Kang Daniel also returned to showing off his usual aegyo-filled personality – and fans are realizing how much they’ve missed him, the big fluffy samoyed of a K-Pop star.
뭐해 힛/ 힛/확신의 깅 20190731 강다니엘 광주팬싸인회#강다니엘 pic.twitter.com/alAtv15Rt1 — 녤씨⁷²⁵ (@openuppeach) July 31, 2019   Kang Daniel was spotted charming his fans one by one throughout the fan meeting ... more