6 days Koreans Grow Furious About The Judge Assigned To The New 16-Year-Old Operator’s “Nth Room Sex Abuse” Case Koreaboo
Following the arrest of the “Nth Room Sex Abuse” case’s main perpetrator Cho Joo Bin, who operated a child pornography group chat on the app Telegram under the nickname Baksa, more “operators” of similar chatrooms have been tracked down as well. One in particular, by the nickname of Taepyungyang (Pacific), has been revealed to be 16 years old. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency‘s cyber safety department reported they located Taepyungyang on February 20, 2020 then arrested him on March 5, 2020 for sharing sexual content involving children and teenagers. Usually, when the perpetrator is a minor, the case is tried under juvenile law. Taepyungyang‘s case, however, has ... more