1 week Liza Soberano gets emotional on women’s struggles: ‘So unfair that we have to go out every day in fear’ Inquirer
Liza Soberano stressed the importance of taking a stand, especially when it comes to the issue of violence against women and children, citing her own experience of defending herself. The actress took the time to address an online audience at the Gabriela Youth webinar "Mga Tinig ni Nene: Reclaiming Our Voices on the International Day of the Girl Child" on Tuesday, Oct. 13, while she is in the United States caring for her grandmother. Soberano's statements begin at the 57:00 mark. https://www.facebook.com/104814469597088/videos/871894973342774/ The "Alone/Together" star became emotional as she recalled women she knew who faced gender-based struggles. "I find it ... more