10 months Matteo Guidicelli ‘shouts’ his love for Sarah Geronimo MB |Ent
Matteo Guidicelli shouted his love for girlfriend Sarah Geronimo when he went skydiving for the first time at the WCC Aviation Binalonan Airfield in Pangasinan. (INSTAGRAM/ MANILA BULLETIN) Professional skydiver and instructor Snooky Cruz posted a video on Facebook where Guidicelli could be heard screaming “I love you, love! I love you, Sarah,” referring to his girlfriend, Sarah Geronimo, just minutes before his landing. After his successful landing, Guidicelli then posted a photo with a caption: “My love, I flew today. Thank you Mama, Papa, @giorgiafguidicelli, @pguidicelli and my Sarah for letting me jump out of a plane by myself’.” “Sorry for ... more