2 weeks Meet The K-Pop Trainee Who Was Supposed To Debut With Some Of The TWICE Members, But Ended Up Disappearing From The K-Pop Industry Koreaboo
Song Minyoung has one of the most unique and heartbreaking stories in K-Pop. Minyoung was once a trainee at JYP Entertainment and was supposed to debut as a member of 6MIX. Originally, TWICE was going to be a 6 member group called 6MIX. TWICE The members of 6MIX consisted of Jihyo (whose name was Jisoo at the time), SanaJeongyeonNayeon, Minyoung, and Lena. The supposed members of 6MIX However, 6MIX went through constant lineup changes due to various trainees leaving JYP Entertainment, and it eventually led to 6MIX’s debut getting canceled. After this, JYP Entertainment produced the show SIXTEEN, which is the show ... more