7 months NCT’s Yuta Is Afraid Of Two Things, One Is Super Relatable & The Other Might Be Shocking Koreaboo
NCT 127 did an an Answer Time with Tumblr, and Yuta revealed his top two fears: bugs (especially cockroaches), and… Mark.
https://kpop.tumblr.com/post/186655734597/jaes-bread-what-is-your-biggest-fearphobia Most of the population on the planet can agree that cockroaches are terrifying creatures of the night, but Mark doesn’t seem that scary… Your browser does not support video. Yuta has said in the past that Mark isn’t as innocent as he seems, so maybe Mark has some super scary side to him that NCTzens haven’t seen (we doubt it). Your browser does not support video. All we know is Mark is a scary-talented performer, ... more