10 months NCTzens Are Calling NCT’s Taeyong “Dispatch’s Son” And Here’s Why Koreaboo
NCTzens are having a laugh thanks to a Korean media outlet, Dispatch. K-pop star and Dispatch usually have love and hate relationship, but it seems like Dispatch only has the love for NCT127‘s Taeyong. Only a few days ago Dispatch updated their Instagram profile with Taeyong’s photo. Dispatch updated their Instagram profile again, on January 29 KST and introduced their new profile on Twitter as well.  
디스패치 인스타그램 새로운 프로필을 소개합니다! (TY ver)https://t.co/bpnNjMgX9n#NCT127 #엔시티127 #엔시티 #태용 #TAEYONG #TY #디스패치 pic.twitter.com/HR8NqsWRTI — korea dispatch (@dispatchsns) January 29, 2019 The new profile photo is Taeyong at the ... more