10 months NU’EST Officially Begin Promotions With Hwang Minhyun After Wanna One Koreaboo
After two years, Hwang Minhyun is officially back to promoting with his original group, NU’EST!   NU’EST began uploading a series of members’ photos with the word “NU’EST WEEK” and hashtag #NU_WEEK (New Week). JR was the first to upload to their Twitter account.
NU'EST WEEK #JR#NU_WEEK pic.twitter.com/3KxdHfJ2G9 — NU'EST (@NUESTNEWS) January 26, 2019   Baekho soon followed with his stunning selfie.
NU'EST WEEK #BAEKHO#NU_WEEK pic.twitter.com/HhO2pApe0E — NU'EST (@NUESTNEWS) January 27, 2019   And Aron gifted fans with the cutest heart!
NU'EST WEEK #ARON#NU_WEEK pic.twitter.com/hjt5zIeevy — NU'EST (@NUESTNEWS) ... more