1 month Oil firms hike gasoline prices Manilatimes
OIL companies again raised the cost of gasoline by 10 centavos per liter, but lowered the price of diesel by 5 to 10 centavos per liter and kerosene by 10 centavos per liter. Chevron Philippines, Cleanfuel, Petro Gazz, Pilipinas Shell, PTT Philippines, Seaoiland Unioil adjusted their pump prices today, September 1. This is the fourth consecutive time that oil firms hiked the cost of gasoline. Last week, the price of gasoline went up by 15 centavos per liter, but the cost of diesel and kerosene dropped by 15 to 20 centavos per liter and 20 to 25 centavos per liter, respectively. ... more