1 week SM Entertainment Teases NCT’s Future Plans, Including Potentially More Members And An Expansion Into Africa Koreaboo
During a business conference titled Meet the Future – Post Pandemic, one of SM Entertainment‘s head honchos, Lee Sung Soo, addressed the public. He advised on future plans for the company and their artists. In particular, he revealed details about NCT‘s future plans, sending fans into a frenzy. "저희는 일본, 동남아시아, 미국, 유럽, 호주, 그리고 아프리카까지 NCT를 확장할 계획입니다. 이미 많은 저희와 계약한 연습생들이 열심히 연습하고 있습니다. 바로 다음해에도 꽤나 큰 NCT의 팀이 데뷔를 할 예정이니까, 기대해주시기 바랍니다." pic.twitter.com/1wZ4idivHR — 렷 (@I_Demeanor) November 21, 2020 He revealed that they have plans on expanding NCT even further, ... more