11 months Special licensure exam for geodetic engineers, environmental planners results revealed MB
By Patrick Garcia 4 out of 20 passed the special professional licensure exam for geodetic engineers, while 46 out of 140 passed the special licensure exam for environmental planners given in this August 2019 in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Bahrain; Qatar and Kuwait. Ricardo Caballero Abestano (1st), Romarick Jef Salvador Leaño (2nd), Ramir Bacus Siega (3rd) and King Patrick Jimenez Siuagan (4th) passed the geodetic engineer licensure examination while the top 5 passers of the environmental planner exam are Ibrahim Edding Alani (1st), Rondee Maniling Aquino (2nd), Arecles Aycardo Balde (3rd), Reinerio Acasio Bongato (4th), and Henry  ... more