3 weeks Stray Kids’ Felix Asks Fans To Keep Believing In OT8 Koreaboo
Stray Kids began their career as a nine-member group, but now Felix is asking STAY to believe in OT8. | @Stray_Kids/Twitter In October 2019, soloist Kim Woojin withdrew from Stray Kids due to undisclosed personal reasons that have recently come under scrutiny. He has been accused of sexual assaultdrugging and impregnating a fansite, and creating a false company. Kim Woojin’s selfie taken on March 10. | @10x_ent/Twitter Kim Woojin and his agency, 10x Entertainment, denied the initial sexual assault accusations and provided photographic evidence, but they have not yet responded to netizens’ latest claims. 10x Entertainment would like to announce our plans to take legal actions ... more