5 months Taklobo, world’s largest clam, hatches over 9 million eggs in Palawan MB
By Carmela Martinez Under the “String-of-Pearls Project”, the Malampaya Foundation, Inc. (MFI) was able to produce more than 9 million eggs of the world’s largest clam in the West Philippine University (WPU) Hatchery in Puerto Princesa City Saturday. First spawning activity of the Malampaya Foundation Inc. (MFI) taken last June 1 at Das Palmas, Palawan (Malampaya Foundation Inc. Photo / MANILA BULLETIN Tridacna gigas, more commonly known in the Philippines as Taklobo, is the largest living immobile bivalve mollusk in the world and also one of the most endangered species with a survival rate of .01 percent. A Philippine-native species ... more