10 months The Laos own D&L Industries Manilatimes |Biz
EMETERIO SD. PEREZA public ownership report (POR) as of June 30, 2019 listed seven principal stockholders with combined holdings of 4,509,655,050 common shares in D&L Industries Inc. (DNL). Jadel Holdings Co. Inc. is the company’s largest stockholder with 4,250,363,786 DNL common shares, which were then equivalent to 59.505 percent of 7,142,857,990 outstanding common shares. The six other stockholders and their direct holdings are as follows: Allvee United Inc., 89,793,091 DNL common shares, or 1.26 percent; Prime Spin Inc., 75,961,142 DNL common shares, or 1.06 percent; CEE Industries Inc., 48,087,779 DNL common shares, or 0.67 percent; Jadana Inc., 44,697,252 DNL ... more