2 weeks These 20 Most-Watched K-Pop Dance Covers By Talented Cover Artists Will Make You Want To Get Up And Move Too Koreaboo
As K-Pop gets more popular, more and more dancers, both professionally trained and hobbyists, have jumped on the dance cover bandwagon. There are so many crews and individuals now that cover K-Pop dances, and so many of them are incredibly talented, some of them might as well be actual idols themselves! Here are the 20 most-watched K-Pop dance covers on YouTube. 20. BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”, covered by BKAV Dance Team (5.1 million views) 19. BLACKPINK’s “Don’t Know What To Do”, covered by CAC Official (5.1 million views) 18. BTS’s “Idol”, covered by ABK Crew (5.1 million views) ... more