3 weeks These Are The Sales Numbers For Groups That Made A Comeback In June, Including TWICE, Cosmic Girls’ and SEVENTEEN Koreaboo
June was a flurry of comebacks from the most popular groups out there, including TWICE, Cosmic Girls, SEVENTEEN and Stray Kids. The highly competitive month saw sales that shot through the roof, with TWICE’s 9th mini album MORE & MORE hitting a new record for themselves, totaling 330,000 copies, while Cosmic Girls’ mini album, Neverland, hit 52,000 copies in just two days of sales. SEVENTEEN’s Heng:garae bested their own past record, selling 1,060,000 copies in pre-sales. Stray Kids first full-length album, GO生, similarly overtook their own best, with pre-sales of 200,000 copies. The new records that are cropping up have ... more