7 months This Is How Many Time X1’s Kim Yohan and Kim Wooseok’s Names Get Searched In A Month Koreaboo
Recently, data has been released that shows how often X1‘s Kim Yohan and Kim Wooseok‘s name gets searched in a month (averaged). Kim Yohan, who is originally from OUI Entertainment and ranked #1 on Produce X 101, gets… … 453,700 searches a month! Kim Yohan received lots of love from the National Producers and is now the center of X1. During the finale of Produce X 101, he got 1,334,001 votes. Kim Wooseok, who ranked 2nd place on Produce X 101 and was previously active as Wooshin in UP10TION, gets… … 683,400 searches a month! Fun fact: in ... more