4 months This is Why WINNER’s Jinu Wants to Drop His “Pretty Face” Nickname Koreaboo
WINNER‘s Kim Jinu has always been know for his stunning visuals. With his doe-like eyes and small face, it is no surprise that multiple people have praised his looks throughout his career.
The Face Genius! #TBWORLD2018 #SOUTHKOREA #WINNER #JINU pic.twitter.com/zGX97p3vgU — Witch Hazel (@BbFate421) August 4, 2018
Another wonderful title for an article about Jinu's recent selfiehttps://t.co/fqFSvllwv5#김진우 #JINU #WINNER #위너 pic.twitter.com/M8lzkylTrx — anne (@cursedeggplant) July 4, 2019 He even ranked fifth in the “Most Handsome” category of Ilgan Sport’s 2018 survey among idols. Although he’s had his fair share of compliments, ... more