8 months Top streamers converging at the Grand Finals Opening of the First Zodiac Cup Charity Tournament MB |Tech
ZOTAC has announced that the Grand Finals of ZOTAC CUP Fight For Charity League of Legends (LOL) Tournament kicks off today at COMPUTEX Taipei with a grand opening ceremony converging all the finalists, including top streamers like CooLifeGame from Spain, Guan Zong and Hao Kai from China, Voyboy and Kaypea from North America. The final showdown features a charity prize pool of $100,000 USD, which will be donated towards charity organizations worldwide, and will be live-streamed via ZOTAC CUP’s Twitch channel, Huya and official Microsite with multiple languages available. Amazing talents and casters including Jake ‘Spawn’ Tiberi, Matthew ‘Fish’ Stewart ... more