11 months Truck falls into ravine, 2 killed, 11 hurt Manilatimes
PARACELIS, Mountain Province: Two people died while 11 others were injured when a dump truck carrying passengers had a mechanical trouble and plunged into a three-meter deep ravine along the Bacarri-Tabauk Road, Sitio Casag, Bacarri on Wednesday night. Police identified the fatalities as Lorrea Bocco and Lolita Vinoray, and those injured as Cresencia Gubia-on Puyao, Jethro Calayo Vinoray, Dimple Bakilan Vinoray, Rea Mae Balcanao Boccao, Janivine Sangdaan Batoy, Santiago Calwat, Joseph Batoy, Hitler Talawec, Arcenio Wailan, Illen Ventura and Delia Balacanao Boccao. All were residents of Bunot, Paracelis, Mountain Province. Initial police investigation showed the truck driven by Robinson Baguiwan ... more